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"This is an amazing resource for anyone looking to take not only their surfing to the next level, but to also improve the movement skills and physical attributes that underpin health and wellbeing, and to provide a lifestyle filled with stoke!
It starts with inspiration, and Michelle truly inspires and guides you through the progressive strategies to becoming ‘fluid’ in your movement.
Its not just about inspiration however, these training programmes and injury prevention methods are underpinned by experience working with some of the worlds top professional surfers, but also solid foundations in performance science. This online programme will guarantee the development you need to take you to the next level, whatever your goal is."
- Duncan French, Director of Performance Sciences and the Director of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning at University of Notre Dame, USA.

Surf Training Options

Want to be a better surfer and a strong, natural athlete? This subscription site is packed with clear videos designed to help with surf performance outcomes or sports rehabilitation. Michelle's personal approach to strength and movement has supported numerous world class athletes. Check out the following unique components that will help you achieve your own training goals:

Free-Weight Training

Free-weight training includes the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, barbells, cable machines, medicine balls, sandbags, sleds, prowlers, ropes and any other object which increases the loading your body is required to overcome. Read More..
Some free-weight exercises (such as dumbbell overhead pressing) can help you achieve the strength requirements for bodyweight movements (such as a cartwheel or handstand). The reverse can also be true in that bodyweight movements can help you achieve the strength requirements for free-weight exercises. Free-weight exercises can also be used for sports rehabilitation (such as single arm pulling and pushing with the cable machine to strengthen the shoulders) and to assist the main lifts (such as pull-throughs to strengthen the hamstrings for a deadlift). I find that free-weight training is an essential component to a comprehensive and effective training program.

Traditional Lifting

Learn how to do the squat, deadlift, bench press, military press, pull-up and their varations. Michelle is qualified to teach powerlifting and olympic lifting / weightlifting techniques and understands the principles behind getting stronger. Read More..
Michelle teaches traditional lifting techniques such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, military press and pull-up. You can also visit the workouts section to learn what exercises can be performed to assist the main lift of your workout. An example of this would be a deadlift (main lift), followed by a handful of exercises to target your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, lats and core (assistance exercises). This is another specialised service that a standard personal training site does not offer. Michelle is qualified to teach powerlifting and olympic lifting / weightlifting techniques and understands the principles behind getting stronger.


This section will cover when and why you may need a greater amount of mobility / flexibility and how to achieve it. You will learn targeted soft tissue techniques, gentle mobilisations and active stretches in preparation for full-range strengthening. Read More..
When tissues (such as muscles) become tight around their insertions, injury follows since there is little room for error. Tissue strains and tautness affects your ability to generate force and causes some funky movement adaptations, further compromising your ability to generate force and power. Often stretching isn't enough. Often stretching can destabilise you if you are already hypermobile or have too much laxity within your joints. Learn why and how to gain more freedom of movement. In this section you will learn targeted soft tissue techniques, gentle mobilisations and active stretches in preparation for full-range strengthening.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is increasingly recognised as a beginner to highly advanced strength stimulus, suitable for all levels of ability and which can exceed the mobility and strength requirements of loaded lifting. Read More..
The word calisthenics is derived from the ancient Greek words kálos (κάλλος), which means "beauty", and sthénos (σθένος), meaning "strength". This form of exercise is the art of using one's body weight as a means to develop one's physique and physical aptitude, whilst creating movement shapes which look admirable and inspiring to many. Movements such as the planche, one-arm handstands, muscle-ups and levers are examples of advanced strength movements.

Sports Rehabilitation

This section is not only for those who have had specific injuries. It is also for those who want to stabilise and strengthen their bodies with specifically targeted exercises. In effect, to expand their injury-buffer zones for life's inevitable curveballs. Read More..
This is not an online personal training site. Michelle is a qualified Exercise Physiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach. Having a thorough level of experience within her own Sydney Strength & Conditioning business, Michelle has gained wisdom of how a variety of clients learn and respond and what they need to achieve their goals. Michelle receives referrals from physical therapists for sports rehabilitation and progression to functional strength and conditioning. This site, although educational and not prescriptive, will offer insights into potential weaknesses you have and how to erase them from your physical vocabulary. This section involves strength and conditioning exercises for common injury areas to help reduce injury risks, before an injury actually occurs (prehabilitation) or for strengthening a weak or previously injured area (rehabilitation). Permission to start sports rehabilitation by your physical therapist is essential if you have had a serious injury or chronic joint pain of which the cause is not clear. This Sports Rehabilitation section cannot prescribe coaching advice which is specialised for a particular injury and includes Michelle's most commonly prescribed exercises for typical issues seen amongst clients. The aim is to restore optimal posture and function. This section will focus on full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned joints.

Posture Correction

Good posture is paramount for optimal joint stacking and efficient force production. The exercises in this section are essential to master before progressing on to highly complex, intense movements. Read More..
If you've got a desk or a repetitive physical job, have noticed that your posture is deteriorating and can't seem to be able to correct your posture anymore, this section is for you. Poor posture doesn't only look poor and crappy, it displaces natural joint stacking, puts unnecessary stress on X areas and tightens Y areas, leads to leaky force production and potential joint pain and damage. To revamp your skeletal alignment you need to look at what perfect posture is and how to get there.

"Michelle's programs and new online training site combine to make a fantastic training resource. Her step by step progressions and balanced approach to movement makes them suitable for those just starting out with their training or recovering from injury, all the way to elite athletes wanting that extra edge. Could not recommend Michelle and her training methods highly enough to anyone wanting to get the most out of their body."
- Jess Cunningham, APA Sports Physiotherapist, Olympic Winter Institute of Australia and 2014 Australian Olympic Team Physio for snowboarding Half Pipe and Ski Slopestyle, GWS Giants Movement Specialist, Director of Surf to Summit Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy.


AU 129 1 Year Subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[USE MY BODY ]A simple, easy way to get stronger, fitter and more athletic using your bodyweight. Perfect for travel nomads and gym haters!Learn how to use your body in the most mechanically efficient waysCreate your own workouts based on your needsBeginner, Intermediate and Advanced levelsImmediately access over 115 exercises in a structured libraryBonus Nutrition and Health sectionBonus Workouts section when combined with the Free-Weight and Traditional Lifts memberships

Most Popular!
AU 119 1 Year Subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[GET FLUID ]Learn effective soft tissue techniques, active stretching, full-range strengthening and self-mobilisationsImprove your tissue health, flexibility, mobility, prevent injury and perform betterCreate your own mobility programs or follow the weekly techniques providedGain immediate access to over 100 mobility techniques, categorised into different body areasSuitable for all levels of mobility. You can do this no matter how stiff or supple you areBonus Nutrition and Health section

AU 49 1 Year Subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[LEARN HOW TO LIFT ]Learn how to safely Squat, Deadlift, Pull-Up, Chin-Up, Press and Bench with good formLearn complex, compound lifts for improving your strength and power, gain muscle and reduce body fatRegress and progress each main lift with exercise variations to help you in getting strongerSurf with more athleticism, strength and powerImmediate access to over 40 techniquesBonus Nutrition and Health sectionBonus Workouts section when combined with the Bodyweight and Free-Weight memberships

AU 99 1 Year Subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[REHAB ME ]For injury prevention (prehabilitation) as well as injury rehabilitationStabilise and strengthen your bodies with specifically targeted exercises for the neck, shoulder, back, hip and kneeRestore optimal posture and function with full-range, pain-free movement, stability and optimally aligned jointsImmediate access to over 95 sports rehab techniquesBonus Nutrition and Health section

AU 89 1 Year subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[MOVE WEIGHTS ]Learn how to use dumbbells, kettlebells, weight plates, barbells, cable machines, medicine balls, sandbags and moreImprove your movement efficiency, stability, endurance, strength and powerGain immediate access to over 80 techniquesBonus Nutrition and Health sectionBonus Workouts section when combined with the Bodyweight and Traditional Lifts memberships

AU 59 1 Year Subscription
One payment to have one year access.
[CORRECT YOURSELF ]For desk workers, tradies, mums, drivers, smart phone users and all modern day humansImprove your skeletal alignment to support a stronger and more mechanically efficient bodyStand taller, breathe better, move better, surf betterEssential techniques to master before progressing on to highly complex, intense movementsImmediate access to over 55 posture correction techniquesBonus Nutrition and Health section


Michelle Drielsma is an Exercise Physiologist and Level 2 Strength & Conditioning Coach from the Northern Beaches. Michelle is a graduate of Sydney University with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science. She has gained clinical experience at various hospitals and medical centres as well as sports performance experience with the NSW Institute of Sport, Australian Rugby Union, Basketball NSW and several Surfing and Mixed Martial Arts athletes. Michelle has also studied with the CHEK Institute, Australian Strength and Conditioning Association, FMA Strength Institute and is a Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) mobility specialist.

Michelle has an extensive history of writing for several health and fitness publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, The Inertia, Exercise & Sports Science Australia, Nine MSN, GQ Magazine, Fitness First, Ultra-FIT Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Surfer Today, Girl Surf Network, Australian MMA and three children’s books (Lesson Zone). Michelle published her first book "[Fluid Surfer - The Surfer's Bible to Endless Performance & Injury Prevention]" in 2016.


Wow Michelle, Your site is killer. Loads of material to work with!
Tom Carroll, 2 Times Surfing World Champion

Thanks for your awesome training and guidance, I am using the stuff I've learned from you continuously and have never felt better."
Paul, Engineer

"My first year training and working with Michelle was also the year I qualified for the World Tour. This was no coincidence."
Davey Cathels, Professional Surfer

"My body has never felt more balanced and strong. The extra muscle tone and leanness is a huge bonus!
Heidi, Lawyer

Thanks for your support and expertise in getting me not only fitter and stronger, but for opening my eyes to life outside an office and 14 hour days, better nutrition and a more positive view of life!
James, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Hey Michelle, I am getting ripped doing your awesome moves. You are the only coach I can recommend. I didn't realise how bad my shoulders were - years of cricket, surfing up to 5 hours and landscaping. All getting fixed up slowly now. Thanks for your dedication, it has helped me heaps!
Pete, Health Coach

All training images by [Wade Adams Photography].

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