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URGENT: He gained 40 Ibs of muscle and an athletic silhouette, and now he helps others gain some muscle mass

New proprietary training program helps sculpt your abdominal muscles and the muscles of your back, arms and legs really fast and be in good shape. Its author, Richard Gilliam, discovered an effective combination of exercise and diet on his own – by trial and error. In this way he has gained 36 lbs of muscle mass. On the basis of his own experience have developed a training program which has already helped other men:
strengthen and sculpt muscles. improve overall condition and physical fitness, reduce fat tissue to a healthy level (approx. 10-19% of bodyweight).

From a weakling to a professional body builder - learn the story of Rick


My name is Richard Gilliam, and I'm here to help you build your dream body in an effective way. I'll show you how to do it fast (or even very fast), while avoiding the pitfalls that can discourage even the most determined from continuing to exercise.

If you are at the beginning of your path in the world of body building, or you've experienced unsuccessful attempts and exercise, you should know that I understand you perfectly.

I know that you've had enough of: lifting weights and exhausting training sessions leading to nothing, not even the slightest increase in muscle definition.

You're frustrated, still not muscular enough, and just one step away from giving up on exercise entirely.

And I know why this is happening: You were just... misinformed. The Internet is full of nonsensical advice, tips, and even worse, it's all propagated by so-called "experts”, who themselves have rudimentary knowledge of proper muscle building and sculpting techniques.

But let’s stop talking about what is wrong. The good news is that you've come across this website, and it is the first step to transforming your body , making it strong, muscled and perfectly sculpted. Thanks to my experience I’ve already helped other people like you achieve the perfect body shape, so I know that you too have a chance to be successful.

You must know that I once was a weakling, unable to lift a weight heavier than 20 Ibs. I could even have wound up with broken bones, so I know what you're going through.

My first steps inbody-building were practically useless. I'll spare you all the embarrassing details, but let me just say that I put a lot of effort and because of some stupid mistakes I achieved nothing. I just wasted all that time and effort. I was very frustrated with the lack of results, but thanks to this I realized that in order to make progress I must first learn more about how to build muscle mass in an appropriate way.

Lifting even the heaviest weights, without knowing of what and how works in my body was simply useless. I had to understand the mechanism of muscle growth – nutrition principles, the most effective exercises, the functions of skeletal muscles... all the practical fundamentals behind the muscle building process.

100% of my time was subjected to obtaining information about the proper structure of muscle mass. I knew that turning into a muscle-building machine requires trials and errors, but I was adamant - I aspired towards to goal and implemented everything I had learnt.

I'm not afraid of hard work and neither are you. What I want is to spare you disappointment and wasting time on ineffective exercises. I made every possible mistake on my way to a masculine body shape, so you won't have to repeat them.

Every day I see people in the gym who aimlessly wander from one piece of equipment to another, performing a few reps here and there, but mostly going round the gym, seeming lost and looking for someone to help them.

It's obvious that most people are not experts on muscle mass building techniques; even those who do exercises correctly often don't achieve results due to a poor diet.

Even a small mistake in technique can ruin the effects of even the most effective exercises

You don't have to worry about this any more...

Because I decided to create a comprehensive exercise and diet program, designed so that everyone can use it. I called it simply the Richard Gilliam’s Formula, because I've (successfully) tested all the exercises, recipes and tips on myself. It is how the handbook entitled “The Muscles Formula” has been created – it’s the result of my experience and my desire to spread the knowledge about the best workout programs and diets to maximize muscle growth.

What exactly can you find in the
"The Muscles Formula by Richard Gilliam” guidebook?

First of all, a comprehensive plan to build and sculpt the male body, which includes:

3-phase training

that covers: body fat reduction, muscle building and body shaping

a complete exercise program tailored to each phase

Each exercise is complemented with a photo and a description of how to do it properly.

3 x menu for 7 subsequent days, adapted to each exercise phase (i.e. a menu for 3 weeks in total)

Every day includes 5 meals + recipes for preparing them (don't worry, it's not complicated - I included dishes that I can cook in no more than 30 minutes on my own, and believe me, I'm not a master chef).

Plus several secrets that I discovered during my 10-year experience with body-building:
How to increase exercise performance and gain an advantage right from the start of training – p. 8 Is two weeks enough to reduce body fat? - p. 14 What to drink before the first meal in order to still have strength for the evening workout - p. 15 3 things you need to remember while doing bodybuilding exercises – p. 30 One trick that will multiply the effects of regular push-ups – p. 31 Snacking between meals? YES, but only in this one case – p. 42 The truth about carbohydrates in your muscle-supporting diet - When should you eat more or less of them? – p. 67

The effectiveness of the formula is confirmed not only by the results achieved by myself, but also the opinions of the people*, who achieved their training goals thanks to using it:

“I love working out with Richard's formula. Following all the Richard’s advice on nutrition, exercise and workout techniques, I could gain strength, which I had previously only dreamt of.”

Peter Bennett

“I'm in the best shape ever and the formula of Richard Gilliam has helped me a lot. My goals before I started using the formula: gain more visible and well-built muscles, increase the load with which I was able to work out and improve my overall condition. I’ve managed to achieve all of that thanks to Richard’s formula”

David Hughes

"I really thought I knew a lot about muscle building and sculpting. I read information on specialized forums and tried out the training routines recommended there, but the achieved results were below expectations. When I started to doubt that someday I would be able to gain decently muscled body, a friend told me to try out Ricks's system. I have to admit that training in accordance with Rick's plan turned out to be much more effective than on my own - the results, which you can see in the pictures, speak for themselves.”

Logan Price

Richard Gilliam’s Formula
can change your life...
and it will certainly help you change your body

No more frantic searching, web browsing and wondering whether what you read is true or just some boasting from an "expert”.

No more doubts about how to choose the exercises, weight and number of repetitions to get the best results.

No more dilemmas about what to eat, when to eat and how much. If anyone has ever told you: "In order to gain a lot of weight you need to eat a lot”, well, they were right and very wrong at the same time. Stuffing yourself with food day after day may only result in an increase in your waist circumference. Muscle building requires a smart nutritional program adapted to the different phases of training.

Now all these pieces of information are gathered in one place - the "The Muscles Formula by Richard Gilliam” e-guide book. This comprehensive approach to the process of building muscle mass and shaping a masculine body gives proven and fast results. Because of this the publisher of the "The Muscles Formula” guidebook can afford to give you such a guarantee:

A unique guarantee

100% customer satisfaction is important to us, therefore „The Muscles Fomula” is covered by a 60-day quality guarantee. This means that you have two months to read the content of the guide and try to practice the full training program. If with this guidebook your muscle mass doesn't increase or if you simply decide that this guidebook doesn't meet your expectations, you will get a refund. All you need to do is to inform us by e-mail about it and the company will return the entire amount you paid with no questions asked.

How to get the "The Muscles Fomula” guidebook in a cost-effective way?

Publishing the "The Muscles Fomula” guidebook is the result of 10 years of hard work. This means that it can't be cheap.

But, Richard wanted as many people as possible to get to know his formula, and therefore, he decided to issue a handbook in the form of an e-book. Therefore, you can get it at an affordable price.

If you order the “The Muscles Fomula” handbook, you will get, at no extra charge, an electronic publication “The Muscles Fomula” in the form of an 82-page PDF file – for only$19.95

Order TODAY and get a satisfaction guarantee.

Important information:

You won’t find this handbook at a shop. It is only available on this website! Just click “Order Now” and fill out the form on the next page. You will be able to download the full, 82-page handbook... without waiting any longer and with no additional shipping costs.

Instant access to downloading the “The Muscles Fomula” handbook in the form of a PDF file

Order now
Order now
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*In order to guarantee security and provide top-quality services, the website owner reserves the right to introduce changes to the privacy policy. This is aimed at maintaining full anonymity of the clients and the staff, therefore, to care about their satisfaction with the services provided the names and surnames of the people who have decided to reveal their image on the website (including the author of the formula) have been changed. At the same time, the website owner points out that any resemblance to real persons is random and has not been used intentionally.

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