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ATTENTION: All parents who dread bedtimes and want a full night’s sleep...

Discover the Proven Five Minute Sleep Secret  That Allows You to QUICKLY and 
EFFORTLESSLY Get Your Baby To Fall Asleep On Their Own, And STAY Asleep All Night Long (Without Leaving Them To Cry For Long Periods)... 
...EVEN if you honestly believe you've tried everything!

NOTE: This simple method works extremely FAST... in as little as 3 days you can expect your baby to be falling asleep quickly AND sleeping through the night! 
PLUS you can use it on toddlers and older children too!

Hi, my name is Alice...

And I’m about to reveal my secret “Five Minute Sleep Method” to get your baby to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and to sleep all night long... all in as little as three days.  

I’m talking about a method so powerful it literally reprograms your baby’s “internal clock” to sleep on schedule every night...

Without leaving your baby to cry for long periods, and without having to rock or feed them to sleep.

This easy-to-follow method effortlessly trains your baby to resettle themselves and quickly fall back to sleep if they wake (without your intervention)...

And the best part is your baby will now wake up well rested, happy and healthy (and YOU will be, too!)...

It truly doesn't matter if right now your baby will only get to sleep by rocking or feeding, or you honestly feel you've tried absolutely EVERYTHING...

This simple solution works no matter how many bad sleep habits have been created... and no matter how dire your situation has become.

Imagine how amazing it will feel to put your baby down to nap and have them instantly drift off into a deep peaceful sleep...

Imagine being able to take all the lost hours back so you can finally enjoy quality time with your partner without the nagging stress that your baby will wake all night...

I realize it may sound almost unbelievable that in as little as three days you can have your baby sleeping the moment their head hits the pillow, yet I promise you this all possible...

How do I know this Five Minute Sleep Method works so well?

Because I used it myself to get my baby to fall asleep on cue each and every night... 

And listen, I understand it is easy to blame yourself for your baby's sleep issues, but you must realize, it’s NOT your fault...

And it is actually easier than you could ever imagine to get YOUR baby to quickly fall asleep, and sleep soundly through the night... (I’ll tell you the shocking reason WHY in just a moment)...

So who am I, and why should you even listen
to what I'm saying?...

My name is Alice, and I’m not a paediatrician or a doctor with a fancy PHD.

In fact I am just a regular mom who hit breaking point struggling to get my baby boy to sleep...

...Until I discovered the Five Minute Sleep Secret which changed EVERYTHING for me and my family.

And in order to show you just how powerful and effective this method really is, I need you to share with you my short, personal story...

Here’s what happened...

When I had my first baby I was filled with joy, love and pride. The first couple of weeks were tiresome, but I enjoyed it all the same.

I had always imagined how fantastic being a parent would be, and so far it was living up to my every expectation...

However, after the first few weeks of having a baby who often fell asleep in my arms, and was easily transferred to his bassinette, my world came crashing down...  

...My precious little boy would NOT sleep!  

I used to dread the nap and evening routine, knowing what was to come.  

I would spend HOURS trying to get my baby to sleep, as my own fatigue grew...

I was in constant pain from rocking him to sleep, and I was spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractor and osteopath appointments in an attempt to fix my back... which was so sore from bending over the crib and all the constant bouncing, rocking, and swaying.  

After I would finally get him to fall asleep I too would crawl into bed, my head would hit the pillow, and then he would wake again!  

My marriage was suffering.

My husband and I were bickering. Arguing over the methods we were using to try to get him to sleep, and fighting over little things simply because we were so tired and frustrated and we were taking it out on each other.

Our relationship was at breaking point.  

And to make things even worse, it seemed as though many of my close friends who had babies didn’t seem to have any problems with getting their little ones to sleep.

Their babies appeared to be sleeping through the night already without any trouble.  

I felt like a failure, like a bad mom... as if I wasn’t
cut out for this parenting gig. I wanted to give up.  

I spent more money visiting doctors, thinking there must be something they could do to help me with my baby's 'sleep problem’... only to be told that it would just take time and eventually he would sleep on his own.

This was of no help. I was at my rock bottom and couldn’t just wait for the problem to fix itself!

So, that's when I took matters in to my own hands...

I had 3 options:
Leave my baby to cry alone, for long periods of time...

Co-sleep with my baby, never having a break, feeding & rocking...


Conduct my own research, and finally find a solution to the problem that actually WORKS.

So, that's what I did.

I read countless books, online blogs and studies, and began scouring the piles of confusing information for anything I hadn't already tried.

The problem I found with the so called ‘baby sleep gurus’ is that they suggested that I leave my baby for long periods of time, alone, crying. This didn’t sit well with me.

I wanted my baby to know that I was there for him, not abandoning him.

I even read one technique that tells parents to place their baby down and not return until the morning no matter how much screaming they do – which I am sure you’ll agree is horrible for both parent and baby.  

And then there were the specialists... I found that often paediatricians, psychologists and other medical professions have a tunnel vision view in their approach to sleep training methods and ideas - and many don’t even have children!

In frustration, I started interviewing as many mothers as I could find... some of whom were in my predicament, and others who were blessed with ‘good’ sleepers from the start.

I drilled them about everything they did (and didn't do) when putting their babies down to sleep...

And soon, one thing became clear from my research...

I discovered that babies don’t just fall asleep;
they actually need to be taught how to sleep.

But, what was the best way to teach them something that we as adults do so naturally? It seemed that none of the research had a clear answer...

And it wasn't until several more frustrating, tearful, and back-breaking weeks later, that suddenly an IDEA came to me...

I had a fantastic feeling about it, and couldn’t wait until the evening to try it out with my son...

The first night was my practice run, and it went better than expected...

The second night I was blown away – was this too good to be true?

The third night my baby fell asleep within minutes - and slept through the night!

The joy I felt was overwhelming! I actually felt my life falling back into place literally overnight.

Everything was changing for the better. I was happier; and my baby boy was a joy to be around.

My husband looked forward to coming home after work each evening...

My husband and I had more energy and enthusiasm to put into parenting... my back pain was greatly reduced... and our house was once again filled with happiness and laughter...

And instead of fighting about sleep training, now my husband would pull me close and almost smother me with gratitude every night for finally finding a solution to our never-ending problem.

Because much to our delight, this secret method was working automatically each and every night for our little boy, without fail...

Yet, even though all of these changes were so amazing, a little voice in my head couldn't head but think...

...Was this just a fluke?

I decided to share this little known secret method with a couple of other struggling mothers from my antenatal classes, to see if it would help... And to my amazement, it worked like a charm for them, too!

And it was so simple.

I couldn’t have imagined it would be this easy to fix my baby’s sleep problems.

So after my own success and the wonderful success of a few of my close friends, I decided to share this incredible solution with others.  

First, I shared it with a tired and struggling mom named Dawn...  

Dawn had been struggling for 6 months with lack of sleep.  

Her baby girl would drift off to sleep after around 30 minutes of help from Dawn, but then would wake suddenly after only 15 minutes of sleep. This would happen over and over again throughout the night, leaving her exhausted and drained.  

But once she used my Five Minute Sleep Method, her baby immediately began falling asleep on her own, and slept all night long. Dawn and her baby were finally getting the sleep they craved and needed.  

Now Dawn had her evenings back to spend with her husband, and her days had so much more structure and enjoyment. Their entire family was benefiting from these amazing results.

And I couldn’t have been happier to know that I had helped another struggling mom.  

Next, I shared my Five Minute Sleep Method with Angie.  

Angie had a nine month old girl who relied on a pacifier to fall asleep.

She could be placed in her crib, with pacifier in mouth and would close her eyes - only to have them pop again after about 10 minutes when the pacifier fell out!  

So Angie would have to race back in to the bedroom and place the pacifier back in her mouth, over and over again.  

And this wasn’t only happening at the beginning of the evening when her daughter was first getting to sleep... This was happening multiple times throughout the night. Back and forth and back and forth, placing the pacifier in again and again.  

It got so bad that Angie pulled a mattress into her baby’s room and lay next to the crib so that it wasn’t as far to go in the night when she was tending to her baby's pacifier.  

But when Angie tried out my Five Minute Sleep Method, the results absolutely blew her mind. She too was seeing fast results, and her baby was now falling asleep on her own and resettling herself during the night, without the pacifier!

It was literally life-changing for Angie and her family.  

After these truly outstanding results, I knew I had to get this method to more parents.  

I decided that the best way to share this method with as many parents as possible who were experiencing the same frustration and suffering I went through, was to put together all of the techniques and tips I discovered into a unique one-of-a-kind system...

A system I called...

The Five Minute Sleep Method:

The Fast & Easy Solution To All Your
Baby & Toddler Sleep Issues

I have done all the hard work so you don’t have to....  

In this exclusive and eye-opening program, I will show you how to teach your baby how to fall asleep on their own, giving them the ability to then resettle themselves during the night...

This step by step program will enable you to sleep better, feel better, and cope better with parenting demands... and you will have a healthy, happy, rested baby!

You will disover my unique sleep method which, unlike many other ‘sleep training’ manuals out there, doesn’t require you to leave your baby upset and unnattended for extended periods of time.

And as well as learning how to teach your little one how to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and all night long, you’ll also learn so many other crucial sleep related tricks that I have tried and tested with the most amazing results!

Here's just a glimpse of what you are going to discover in my program...

I’ll share with you a hugely important discovery that affects all sleep timing issues called the Gap Effect.

Now, you’ll never have to worry about whether you are putting your little one to bed too early or too late... premanently eliminating the confusion of guessing if your baby is under-tired or over-tired.

Now, you’ll always be on the mark for timing each and every nap and night sleep.

Next, do you suspect that wind or gas is a problem for your little one, causing them to become upset and unsettled?

Then worry no more, because my unique Merry-Go-Round Technique will leaving your baby smiling and much more comfortable.

Next you will learn how to gradually ease your baby out of sleeping in a swaddle using my Ladder Technique...

Knowing when the right time to stop swaddling can be confusing, but my technique ensures that your baby isn’t unswaddled too soon, and that after you do stop swaddling they continue to feel safe and secure drifting off to sleep.

Next, are you constantly trying to figure out why your baby is crying and how to settle them?

I will give you an incredible 'sixth sense' guide that will allow you to know why your baby is crying and exactly what to do to settle them within minutes.

This will give you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you are doing right by your baby every time.

Next, you will learn all of the cutting-edge scientific research you need to know about how babies sleep, how much sleep they need, and why we need to TEACH them to sleep (you will be AMAZED at what you find out!)

Next, do you wish that your baby or toddler would ditch their pacifier? But are you worried about making their sleeping habits even worse?

Well, you’ll love my Haircut Method, which makes the pacifier weaning process simple and fuss-free, and you’ll never have to get up in the night to replace a lost pacifier ever again!

Next, are you exhausted from the constant early wake ups and late bedtimes?

Do you want to learn the secret to getting your baby or toddler to sleep on time, no matter the season or changes to Daylight Saving?

Simply open to page 82 and I will guide you through it!

Next, White Noise is a great tool to help in the process of teaching your little one to fall asleep, but are you tired of running the batteries dead on your phone or iPod to play it?

I have the simple solution - with my no-fuss Dimmer Technique.

Next, are you struggling to know when your little one needs to drop a naptime and how to make this transition?

The answer is actually very simple and I will reveal the secret inside this program, so that your baby stays well-rested during the day, while sleeping effortlessly throughout the night.

Next you will learn how to easily transition your toddler from a crib to a bed using my Staircase Method.

There comes a time when your toddler needs to move on from their crib to make way for a younger sibling, or because they are simply getting too big to be lifted in and out (and I know how much back pain this can cause!)...

I’ll show you how to make this transition seamless and they will be happily staying in their big new bed all night long.

You will get all of this and so much MORE in my Five Minute Sleep Method program... giving you ALL the tools, tips and tricks you need to survive the tricky early years of parenthood!

My mission is to ensure that:

You will have more time to spend with your partner in the evenings while your little ones are quickly and QUIETLY drifting off to sleep...You will have more energy and will be the envy of all other parents who are struggling with bedtime...You will be so happy and proud of your little one and of your abilities as a confident parent...You will never have to listen to the advice of in-laws and other parents again (no matter how well-meaning it is)...

Can you imagine how your life is going to change when you don’t have the hassle, stress and worry of getting your little one to sleep anymore?

You are going to feel like a Super-Mom, getting your confidence back by being able to tell your friends and family that your baby is sleeping through the night.

Now you and your family can reap the benefits of quickly teaching your baby a crucial life skill – how to fall asleep peacefully and rest all night to wake up happy and healthy.

So, let me ask you...

What is it worth to you to have your baby sleeping easily and peacefully all night long?

What is it worth to you to have a happier relationship with your partner?

What is it WORTH to you to feel human again after getting a restful night's sleep?

I think that the professionally valued price of $89.99 is extremely fair for this comprehensive program...

In fact, I'm sure as a Mom you'd agree this is a total bargain as you truly can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep...

But, I also know that $89.99 could be a little out of reach for some parents...

After all, I understand what it is like to be struggling financially after going from two household incomes to one...

So I have done everything in my power to keep the costs as low as possible for this amazing program and make it even more affordable and risk free for every parent out there...

Which means TODAY, you’re not going to have to pay the very reasonable price of $89.99...

You’re not even going to have to pay $49.99...

Order TODAY and you can access my very low special discount price of just $89.99 $29.99!!

Simply click the 'Add to Cart' button below to take advantage of this incredible deal and get IMMEDIATE access to The 5 Minute Sleep Method!

(You will be guided through the 100% secure check out process, where you can review your order and pay by credit card, debit card, or even PayPal).

YES! I want to join The Five Minute Sleep Method Program right now!

Special Offer - Only $29.99
Regular Price $89.99, Today $29.99


Members Download Access provided by fiveminutesleep.com. Sold by Clickbank, one of the World's Most Trusted Online Retailers.

You’re probably thinking 'this is all too good to be true', but don’t think about it for too long as I’m not sure that my accountant will allow me to keep this low price forever!

And you can be assured that there is literally NO RISK for you in trying this program with my 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Yup, that's right - you are 100% covered and have nothing to lose.

You can place your order, try this program and see for yourself how life-changing it can be.

If you don’t agree that it is the most simple, fast and effective solution to your baby and toddler sleep issues then send me a quick email and I will give you a full refund - no questions asked.

I want to help change your life for the better and I’m so confident in The Five Minute Sleep Method Program that I'm sure you’ll never want to send it back.

Rest Assured That You Have My 100% Money Back Guarantee... So You Are Completely Covered, No Matter What

Certificate of Guarantee

60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try The Five Minute Sleep Method

for yourself for 60 days.

If for ANY reason you are not satisfied,

simply email me for a no-hassle 100% refund

Alice Kennedy

Author & Co Founder of
Five Minute Sleep Solution

I want you to feel confident about purchasing The Five Minute Sleep Method today, so I have put in a 60 day money back guarantee to ease your mind.

You will get the system for a full 60 days with absolutely no risk to yourself.

You can take it home, test it out, go through the kick-start workbook, listen to the audio files... and see for yourself the effect it has had on your life... two months down the track. Once you have started using my methods, I'm confident that you'll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if for some reaons you're not totally ecstatic with The Five Minute Sleep Method and the results you're getting, rest assured that you won't be out one cent. Just send me one quick email and I will refund your payment... Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Still not convinced?

Let me make your decision even easier...

If you sign up today you will also receive THREE FREE BONUSES!!

FREE Bonuses include:


Before and After Baby

Retail Value of $29.99... TODAY, yours FREE!

Your first bonus is a video interview with a professional Personal Trainer specialising in pre and post natal care, fitness and nutrition. Jo will give you helpful and practical advice on how to stay happy and healthy to be the best parent you can be.

Access to this interview is usually an additional $29.99, but today it is yours completely FREE!


Stress Relief - A Guide For Parents of Young Children

Retail Value of $36.99... TODAY, yours FREE!

We all want to be calm, positive parents for our little ones, but it can be hard with all of the challenges that parenting brings. This comprehensive guide will give you the tools you need to deal with day-to-day stresses you face.

Usually you would pay an additional $36.99 for this guide, but it is completely free with your Five Minute Sleep Method Program!


Potty Training Secrets

Retail Value of $39.99... TODAY, yours FREE!

Potty training is hard work, but it doesn't have to be torture! In this potty training handbook, you'll get handy hints and expert tips on how to toilet and night train your little one in no time at all.

This comprehensive guide is usually $39.99, but if you order The Five Minute Sleep Method today it is yours completely free!

Add it all up... And that's $106.97 worth of bonuses ALONE!

What You Get

Retail Price

Your Special Price

Five Minute Sleep Method



Before & After Baby Audio Interview


Today FREE

Stress Relief for Parents


Today FREE

Potty Training Secrets


Today FREE



Today just $29.99
(Save $166.97!)

So let’s do the simple math and add this all up so you can see for yourself what a great deal you’re getting:

First you get the Five Minute Sleep Method Program worth $89.99 for just $29.99… which I'm sure you'll agree is already a pretty amazing deal…

But if you act right now, you also get full access to my three incredible bonuses with a total value of $106.97 alone...

So that brings your total value to a whopping $196.96!!!

All yours today for one simple payment of just $29.99.

That’s a saving of $166.97!!!!!

This is truly an amazing deal for such a comprehensive package.

YES Alice!
I want to join The Five Minute Sleep Method program right now!

I understand that by saying YES, I'll get the Five Minute Sleep Method, PLUS your THREE added special bonuses

 I am thankful for your generous 60-day guarantee which makes my decision to start the Five Minute Sleep Method that much easier!

 I also understand that as I am acting fast and I'm fully committed to the health of my baby and my family, if I order now, I will get the Five Minute Sleep Method Instant Downlad for just $89.99 $29.99!

Please note that the package image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Special Offer - Only $29.99
Regular Price $89.99, Today $29.99


Members Download Access provided by fiveminutesleep.com. Sold by Clickbank, one of the World's Most Trusted Online Retailers.

Like me, you now have a choice to make...
Close this page, keep doing what you're doing, and suffer from the effects of lack of sleep

Choose to follow another program, letting your baby cry for extended periods of time and feeling abandoned 


Join me now, download THE FIVE MINUTE SLEEP METHOD program and begin your no-fuss, fast solution to all of your baby sleep issues

Yes! I want to order my copy of the Five Minute Sleep Method for just $29.99 right now!

Simply click on the link above and you’ll get instant access to the full program and your 3 exclusive bonuses.

Us parents are all super busy, so to make it super simple to go through the program when you have the time, you can simply download the files on to your phone, laptop, or iPad and then read on the go.

Once all of your baby and toddler sleep issues are resolved, just imagine how on top of the world you are going to feel getting your life back on track.

But you must take action now…

5 Reasons Why You Should Order My FIVE MINUTE SLEEP METHOD Right Now:

You can instantly download the program and start learning the secrets to teaching your baby to fall asleep quickly, on their own, and to sleep through the nightYou will learn the TRUTH about why your baby hasn’t been sleeping well and how to fix it FASTYou can join the other parents who have used this secret technique to get your baby’s sleep back on track and easily break any bad sleeping habits you may have fallen into
You will receive this crazy low price of only $89.99 $29.99, with limited edition BONUSES included for FREEThere is NO RISK with my 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
I think you know how life-changing this is going to be for you...

I've been through all of the sleepless nights, constant fatigue and back pain, and horrible feelings of failure as a mother, too...

But this is your one chance to turn that all around... so please, please let me do that for you.

Take advantage of this incredible offer right now and you will NEVER look back!

I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me about your amazing baby sleeping success :-)

From your friend,

Alice Kennedy

Founder of "The Five Minute Sleep Method".

P.S. This course is an electronic download so you can get started straight away! No shipping, no waiting! And remember, this extra special discount price of $89.99 $29.99 isn't going to be around for long, so if you want to get my Five Minute Sleep Method system PLUS the added bonuses, you need to act NOW! Don't wait another second to help your baby and your family to get the restful all-night sleep they need.

P.P.S. If you don't order The Five Minute Sleep Method to solve your baby's sleep issues right now, how will you get back the sleep, health, and time with your partner you NEED... not to mention the enormous benefits for your baby?

P.P.P.S. You have nothing to lose by ordering The Five Minute Sleep Method, no matter what country you're in. Remember you are backed by my 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with the course, send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I'll issue you a full refund.

YES! I want to order my copy of
The Five Minute Sleep Method right now!

I understand that by saying YES, I'll get the Five Minute Sleep Method, PLUS your THREE added special bonuses

 I am thankful for your generous 60-day guarantee which makes my decision to start the Five Minute Sleep Method that much easier!

 I also understand that as I am acting fast and I'm fully committed to the health of my baby and my family, if I order now, I will get the Five Minute Sleep Method Instant Downlad for just $89.99 $29.99!

Please note that the package image is for visualization purposes only and that the actual product is digital.

Special Offer - Only $29.99
Regular Price $89.99, Today $29.99


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