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Uncover the Psychological Performance Enhancer That Turbocharges Your Workouts and Catapults Your Fat Burning Engine to the Limit….and Beyond


A one of a kind program that escalates fat loss and builds more lean muscle in half the time.


Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for over 100 years. And what they’ve found, may be the key to burning more calories, building more muscle, and looking like a rockstar naked.


What they’ve studied is one of the most popular performance enhancers in the world. And it’s one humans have used for thousands of years.


One that, I guarantee, you’ve used while you’re in the gym. Except, you’ve been using it WRONG.


And it’s derailing your efforts to destroy belly fat and build more lean muscle.


But you keep plugging away, only to find that you’re less motivated to go to the gym. And when get to the gym, you’re unfocused, easily distracted by the phone in your hand, and you end up wasting precious time without breaking a sweat which is the chief reason you've seen ZERO results in the last few weeks.

The powerful and explosive performance enhancer that scientists have studied for decades, when properly utilized, provides an intense boost of motivation.

More important for you, is its ability to block your brain’s sense of fatigue

The less you feel fatigued, the more reps you can do, the more calories you burn, and that translates to you getting leaner, faster.


Are you wondering what in the hell this performance enhancer could be?

It’s the one most often used by star athletes from Olympic Gold Medalists to NBA Champions, NFL MVPs, all the way down to your everyday Joes like painters, postal workers, janitors, computer programmers, gamers, hell, I bet even your mom has used this powerful psychological phenomenon.

Before you ask, no, it’s NOT a drug.

And it’s not a disgusting energy drink you slurp down minutes before you head to the gym.

It’s also not some weird ass household spice or herb your crazy aunt keeps around for whatever hippie cure she swears by.

This enhancer has been studied for decades. The first study, performed over 100 years ago by researcher, Leonard Ayres, found that when cyclists were stimulated by this enhancer, not only did they pedal faster but they pedaled longer. [[1]]


Numerous studies have found that this item increases athletic performance[[2]], improves endurance[[3]], and has the ability to boost positive psychological states[[4]]. For you, that means you’ll be able to push yourself harder and longer in the gym, shifting your metabolic engine into another gear.

Increasing your metabolic engine and unlocking the hidden power of this performance enhancer is a surefire formula for achieving astonishing fat loss.

PLUS, you’ll be in and out of the gym in less than half an hour, because let’s be honest, you’re there to get super shredded so you can look great naked and who’s gonna see your chiseled physique if you live in the gym?


I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.


You’re not the only person to get dragged into their phone during a workout, trying to decide what the next track should be.

I’m as guilty of this as you.

What makes it even worse, is for months my workouts were worse than a Creed cover band, which, in turn, led to a nose dive in motivation that caused me to half ass or completely skip the gym altogether.

And you know what that means?  

I stopped burning fat.

My metabolism began heading in the other direction, all because I neglected to use the true power hidden in this scientifically studied psychological performance enhancer.

Even as a fitness professional who's helped numerous clients ignite their metabolic engines, like the ones you see here. 

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I still made gigantic fat loss mistakes in my own training.


After struggling for months, I decided to create a solution, a one of a kind program that escalates fat loss and adds more lean muscle to your body in half the time.

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But, first, you need to understand why you’ve gotten in your own way and stalled your fat loss efforts and it all starts with your brain.


Your brain is a computer. And according to researchers at the University of California-San Diego, our brains are loaded every day with around 34GB of information.[[5]]

That’s more memory than the baseline iPhone.

At any one point in the day, your brain is processing thousands of points of data while you sit and stare off into space at your desk job.


That doesn’t even count all the information your brain is sending to organs to operate while you sit and beg the clock to reach 5 o’clock.


Your brain is constantly monitoring every thing going on in your body.

Information your brain takes in includes:


Signs of extreme exertion.The smile the cute girl at Starbucks gives you everyday.

Your increased heart rate from the cute girl’s smile. It even processes the amount of sweat you start producing when the cute barista says your name, hands you your coffee, and grazes her hand against yours.

(Yes, it also processes that funny feeling in your pants from the above encounter.)

Direction and brightness of light.Temperature changes.

Leaving the barista aside, your brain is processing a shit ton of information every single day.


To make matter worse, when you’re at the gym, you find that you have the attention span of a kitten in a yarn factory.


What the hell are you doing going to the gym in the first place when all you do is stand around checking social media, taking a few selfies, and scrolling through your Spotify playlist like it’s a musical version of Tinder.


Instead of crushing your workout and building lean muscle, you’re tanking your metabolism like a lead zeppelin because you can’t decide what song is perfect for your next set.

And you keep wondering why you’re not able to lose that unwanted body fat.

Remember the study on the cyclists, who pedaled longer and faster when they consumed this fatigue blocking performance enhancing stimulant?

Well, my friend, I’ve already mentioned this enhancer above, but your brain wasn’t focused enough to notice.


THIS is the reason why your workouts have suffered which led to your metabolism declining, and why your goals are moving further away from you.


You’ve been using music completely wrong in the gym.


That’s right, the secret performance enhancing stimulant that science has been studying for a century, the one that can distract your brain from pain, ignore fatigue, and push you harder and longer in the gym, is music.

Introducing Rock n Roll Fat Loss

The sensational fat loss program that delivers the most kickass adrenaline pumping, mind focusing, music of the last 40 years designed to distract your brain from pain and fatigue while you undergo the transformative power of Metabolic Resistance Training.

No one should tank their fat loss goals due to shitty music.


That’s why I’ve combed through the most adrenaline pumping, legendary rock tracks of the last 40 years, broken them down one by one, and then crafted custom playlists that deliver nothing but raw psychological power right into your skull.


On top of the adrenaline laced tracks that will flow through your veins, I created 38 incredible heart pumping, fat blasting, muscle building Metabolic Resistance Training workouts designed to melt the fat off your bones in half the time.

You’re about to shred body fat like never before.

Don’t believe me?


Here’s what studies have found about the power hidden in music's ability to occupy your brain with sounds that block pain and fatigue, allowing you to go harder and longer, which ignites your metabolic furnace.


One medical study by W.W. Sears of Music Therapy. Book of proceedings of The National Association for Music Therapy found that sedative music decreased strength in participants. While stimulating music increased the muscle tension of participants which allowed them to lift heavier weight.[[6]]


A review of multiple studies found that warming up with music that characterized the intensity of the upcoming workout helped participants slowly increase their respiration and heart rate during the warm-up.[[7]]


One of the most respected researchers in the field of sports psychology at the University of Brunel in London has spent the last two decades uncovering the fascinating links between music and exercise. And he's found that, not only can music reduce your brains perception of pain, stress, and tension. But when engaging in high-intensity exercise, he discovered that music has the ability to change the way our bodies respond to fatigue.[[8]]


Why is this important?


Because when you combine the pulse-pounding heart throbbing beats of the best Rock n Roll over the last 40 years with the insane fat-shredding power of Metabolic Resistance Training, you’ll shred fat like a mind-blowing Eddie Van Halen guitar solo.


What is Metabolic Resistance Training?


Metabolic Resistance Training, or MRT for short, is fast-paced weight training that allows you to burn more fat and rev up your metabolic furnace in a shorter period of time. It’s weightlifting and cardio combined that devastates your stored body fat and leaves you burning additional calories hours after you leave the gym.

All thanks to a phenomenon known as EPOC.


EPOC stands for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.


In non-sciency sounding terms, all that means is the harder you push yourself, the harder your body has to work to return to its normal, resting state of oxygen consumption.


Because EPOC forces your body to burn more calories to repair your muscles post-workout, you get the benefit of an afterburn effect that lasts hours after you leave the gym.


Simply put:


Perform exercises that consume more oxygen and you burn more calories.


During an MRT workout, because you’re moving weight faster, your body is forced to work harder. When you stack multi-joint movements like squats, push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, overhead presses, and deadlifts back-to-back, you force your body to expend colossal amounts of energy.


The more energy your body uses to move your muscles, the more calories you burn, and the higher your metabolism stays post-workout.

Because MRT keeps your body performing at a higher intensity, you’ll have a higher EPOC than someone who performed a heavy resistance training session with longer rest periods.

Amp up your fat loss while injecting heart pumping, fat blasting, muscle building tunes straight to your veins.

Here’s what you get in Rock n Roll Fat Loss:

38 Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts

Designed to rev up your metabolism and shred fat without huge time commitments

38 Unique and Custom Playlists

Featuring some of your favorite rock songs from the last 40 years, designed specifically to slowly increase your heart rate and focus while distracting your brain from fatigue

Workout Anywhere You Travel

Included are a dozen workouts that require zero equipment and are the perfect way to stay fit for the busy traveler

Complete Customization

Each routine can be done alone or you can stack multiple workouts together. Unlocking 1,000’s of incredible time saving routines that kickstart your heart and turbocharge your metabolism.


With Rock n Roll Fat Loss’s exercise versatility, no matter where you are in the world, or what equipment you have around, you’ll have the ability to burn an insane amount of fat, stimulate more lean muscle growth, and increase your endurance without wasting hours in the gym.




Here’s what I’m going to do for you right now.

When you click BUY NOW, I’ll slash 27% OFF the standard price of $37.


Get Rock n Roll Fat Loss for:


Are YOU ready to rock body fat like a hurricane?


Rock n Roll Fat Loss will not only save you time in the gym but when you buy it, right now, it’s going to save you cold hard cash.

Money that you can spend on the new pants you’ve already imagine yourself wearing after you shred an epic amount of body fat on Rock n Roll Fat Loss.


Look, I know what you’re thinking, this can’t possibly work, can it?

I asked myself the same question. Can music really make that big of a difference in my training? Can a playlist that’s designed to increase with the intensity of your workout keep me focused while keeping fatigue at bay?

Yes it can. And it did.

It can work for you too, but you’ll never see results if you keep sitting there and debating whether it'll work or not.

What will work is hitting the button below, downloading Rock n Roll Fat Loss, letting the music consume your mind and riding the electrifying lightning that your metabolism turns into post-workout, thanks to EPOC.


[ ]

You've Got Nothing to Lose

If you're not satisfied, challenged enough, or you prefer listening to Kidz Bop albums while you workout, Rock n Roll Fat Loss comes with a 100% risk-free 60-day money back guarantee.

Should you decide that I didn’t absolutely deliver on value, let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

Music provides a psychological enhancement to your workout that blunts your brain's sense of fatigue while injecting pure unadulterated power straight into the motivation center of your brain, so you can bring armageddon to your excess body fat.


If you don’t want to rip a bear's arms off after reading that, please go back to listening to Kenny G.

Here’s why music is the best performance enhancer on Earth:

It provides a boost mentally allowing you to surf the waves of exhaustion, pushing your athletic performance and endurance to the next level.Distracts your brain from pain that would normally make you throw in the towel so you can work longer and harder, sending your metabolic engine into overdrive.Music releases the pleasure chemical dopamine in the brain which keeps you focused and feeling good. You like feeling good, right?Assists in helping you reach a flow state that allows you to move efficiently and effortlessly with little conscious thought


The strategy behind Rock n Roll Fat Loss is simple:

All 38 workouts come with their own heart pumping, focus increasing designed playlists. Empowered by the badass power of Metabolic Resistance Training, you’ll burn more calories in less time and achieve an elevated level of EPOC unlike anyone else in the gym. You’ll burn calories and shred body fat well into the wee hours of the night while you sleep.

Playlists last anywhere from 6-22 minutes. Which means you can crush a shit ton of calories in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Silicon Valley on HBO. The best part is there are workouts included in Rock n Roll Fat Loss that you can demolish while you watch Silicon Valley.


With 38 fun and challenging workouts, encompassing all levels of fitness, you’ll have hundreds, no thousands, of combinations that you can create and push your fat loss and physical performance to the next level.

YOU have two options now


Buy Rock n Roll Fat Loss and feed your brain with a steady flow of music that’s designed to circumvent your brain's desire to throw in the towel while stimulating your metabolism with Metabolic Resistance Training and igniting an after burn inside that takes your fat loss to the next level.





You can keep listening to the same old boring songs over and over again while you continue to lose motivation and turn your metabolism in the opposite direction.

Stop Nickelbacking your fat loss. You’re better than that.

Amp up your fat loss with the sensational power of Metabolic Resistance Training while you inject the raw adrenaline created by the best Rock n Roll of the last 40 years.

It’s time to take the power back and transform your body. Hit the button below and pick up Rock n Roll Fat Loss and finally not only will you feel like a rock star, but you’ll look like one too.

Robbie Farlow [Side Quest Fitness]

[Buy Now For Only $27]

Rock n Roll Fat Loss will be available for instant download after payment

Rock n Roll Fat Loss comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you, you get your money back — no questions asked. You’ve nothing to lose, except body fat.

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