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Put That Hot Aquarius Man Under Your Spell

How To Win That Hot Aquarius Man's Love And Make Him Start Chasing You (Even If It Looks Like He's Been Pulling Away)

I have a crazy story to share with you today.

It's actually a bit embarrassing, but I hope my experience will prove as valuable to you as it has to other women dating and dealing with an Aquarius man.

As a psychology student I thought I "got" people quite well. But I never believed I would be able to truly understand the man I wanted. Because he was that type of guy —the confusing type that's never showing his real feelings. As if getting his attention wasn't hard enough.

I never thought I would know how he actually feels, especially after he had shut down when I asked him directly about what was going on in his heart. He became like a brick wall that didn't want to share how he felt about us.

I couldn't imagine things would ever change and I already gave up hope... just as I was about to delete his number in an attempt to push him out of my heart — everything changed. That's when I accidentally stumbled upon how to do this.

The answers I sought were there all along. Right before me. Or, to be more precise — above me. I was lucky to discover the magic hidden among the stars: Astrology.

This may sound crazy to some skeptics, but it is what helped me see where his deepest desires come from and see his true way of thinking, feeling and communicating. Astrology saved my relationship.

Astrology helped me get him back and rebuild what was lost when all hope was gone. It didn't just enable me to attract him, but also to connect on a spiritual level, bypassing his logical brain and thus talking directly to his heart.

I couldn't believe it and I imagine he couldn't either because we could have never experienced this deep connection before. Before, I just didn't know how to "Speak his language." But once we were on the same page? Wow. My mind was boggled.

Almost all miscommunication and misunderstandings disappeared.

Seeing the power of Astrology with my own eyes made everything in my life and our relationship transform. I could suddenly read a guy who was like the Da Vinci Code. I knew his real desires and how he really felt about me, himself and our relationship.

You may be thinking... Could Astrology really help me win an Aquarius man's love? Could understanding his nature get an Aquarian man to start chasing you, even if it feels like he's been pulling away? Maybe even help get him back?

Yes, it can. Even if your signs are not the perfect astrological match!

To be frank, I, too, had my doubts about astrology. But when I saw it work with my own eyes and in my own life? I was forever sold. When my relationship worries evaporated into thin air and it all fell into place? Simply because I learned to understand where he is coming from and how his mind and heart really worked.

It was as if I had my own personal guidebook to life and a way to connect with him on a spiritual and intensely passionate level.

Let me tell you how you too can start benefiting from the magic held in the stars. Because this same knowledge can help you win your Aquarius man's heart and make him fall madly in love with you. It can even make him commit to you and never want to breathe another moment without you by his side and within his heart (even if your situation seems hopeless).

Hi, my name is Anna Kovach. And I am an Astrologer.

It is no accident you are here. It is because you are interested in dating or are already in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man. If that's the case – I promise – you have just arrived at what is, without question, the most valuable website on the entire Internet!

Here's why: Aquarius men can seem very detached and unemotional when you don't know how to truly read them and interpret their code. And they won't openly admit how they feel or what bothers them – quite the opposite – they'll get cold before suddenly revealing their dark sides. He might ignore you, he'll be unpredictable in his behavior, he may even become confusing, cold, and push you away for no obvious reason.

Not knowing what really went wrong is often what hurts most. And do you know why this is happening with your Aquarian man? The reason is actually quite simple.

It's because he is not feeling understood. That's the #1 reason why Aquarius men end relationships. That's why they push us away and close their heart.

Not seeing where he's coming from and incompatible communication are what makes him feel misunderstood and like you are not the right woman for him. You are not speaking the same language and cannot pierce through his shield.

If your Aquarian man is not calling or texting you back and keeps ignoring you or pushing you away... with no obvious reason. If he isn't giving you the love and attention you want... even tough you have done your best to deserve it. If he's sending you mixed signals and you have no idea whether he really likes you or not (and what to do in case he doesn't) and you are left confused by his arrogance...

Or even if you're still just struggling to catch his eye and gain his attention, but can't seem to get things going. Or if just he refuses to take your relationship to that next level of commitment... or you simply can't get him to talk openly about his feelings — in these and all other difficulties in dealing with an Aquarius man — I have good news for you!

An Aquarian man doesn't have to be such a mystery anymore. Quite the opposite, actually.

In fact, you can learn the correct way to attract, seduce and keep an Aquarius man quite easily when you truly understand where he is coming from. I will teach you how to get and keep an Aquarian man's attention by making him fall head over heels in love with you.

It doesn't matter if he didn't even notice you yet or if you have already been together before and you now want to get your Aquarian man back. Even if you just want to bring the spark back into your relationship with the Aquarius man you love — The secrets I'm about to reveal here will help you achieve all of those, and more. That's one thing I know for sure.

You know, I understand if you may still be slightly skeptical... actually, now that I think of it... Not that long ago — the Zodiac, horoscopes, and Astrology all seemed like a bunch of new-age hippie stuff to me.

Until I met "The One."

You see, back in 2006 I started dating the love of my life, Frank, he's not an Aquarius, but a Taurus man. It's a funny story how we met actually, but I'll tell you about that some other time.

Before I fell totally in love with Frank, I was single-ish for quite some time, so I was really happy to finally be in a relationship that was going somewhere, especially with a hottie like Frank.

As a typical Taurus he was tenacious, hardworking, and very sensual. Successful and good-looking too. Strong. Stable. A real man. Not to mention how amazing he was in bed. With that piercing look that makes you feel so wanted.

He was the kind of guy you feel protected with and appreciated for being who you are. My heart said: "He's the One!"

And that's very much like what an Aquarius man is like once you get him to actually commit to you and your relationship.

And everything was going quite well for a few months. I felt like our relationship was making progress and was going in the best direction. But I had no idea what trouble I was in for just around the corner. I was so in love that I simply couldn't see it coming.

Out of a sudden he distanced himself from me. For no obvious reason. Of course I asked him what was wrong, but he just shrugged it off and said it's nothing. That I'm just imagining things. But I could tell there was something. Was it something I said or did or what? I couldn't know because he just refused to share.

I thought I'll give him some space and didn't want to be too needy or seem desperate. But that didn't turn out right. He quickly grew lazier about our relationship and just got closed up in his head. He was pushing me away and didn't want to talk about how he feels or why he's acting this way.

My girlfriends suggested that this is "typical" guy behavior when they start analysing a relationship or that it's normal and it may just be some phase or something. So I tried not to overthink it but of course I was shocked and confused and sad — all at the same time! I really hoped it was just a phase and that my girlfriends were right.

Then one day he called and just broke up with me. Just like that, over the phone!

He called me and said things were not working out between us anymore, and that was that. I think I lost my voice at that point. It was like my heart shattered into a million pieces. But I wasn't angry at him. I just felt confused. How did I not see this coming? Why is this happening to me?

It's actually quite embarrassing, but I crawled into bed, hugged my pillow and cried all night. What did I do wrong? Why did he do this to me?

Just a week before it seemed like the perfect love story. Passionate kisses, hugs, laughing. There was even a hint of romance. He looked at me as if he was in love. As if there was more coming. His sudden change of heart struck me like a deer in headlights.

I was thorn.

But it seems like everything happens for a reason.

A few weeks before Frank dumped me cold, my Mom wanted to treat me to a holiday in Romania. My family immigrated there to Boston when she was a little girl.

She felt this trip would be a good idea for me to get in touch with my heritage and meet some of my family there. But at the time, I didn't feel like going because I didn't want to leave Frank. Then he ended up leaving me.

The day after he broke up and I had to cry myself to sleep, I told my mother I changed my mind and I'd actually be happy to go to Romania after all. If the offer was still on the table? Thank God it was.

Turns out, she was right, a change of pace would do me so much good – and, it would change my life!

On the long trip there I kept going over in my head what had happened... so many times. I wanted to get over him already, but, his presence just stuck with me.

I knew that getting over breakups isn't always easy and can take some time, but at this point, it had already been a few months since he left me. I thought that at least by now I would stop crying when I’d think about him, but there I was, trying not to let people see me brush tears off on the plane.

After a few layovers and a seemingly endless trip, I finally landed in Romania. I first arrived by way of Otopeni, which is just slightly north of Bucharest. I had no idea how many stops this trip would take! But this was not the only big surprise I was in store for.

From there, I took a train, then a bus and finally, arrived in Vernesti. There, my aunt waited to pick me up. From there, we travelled to Soresti, where she lived. It’s a short drive, only about half an hour. Even as I enjoyed the scenery along the road, she could tell I was troubled.

She asked me what was wrong, and I told her all about my relationship with Frank, how it had ended. I was relieved I could tell someone all about it and just get it off my chest. She just nodded, and smiled. Why is she smiling, it's not funny!

“What his sign?”

When I told her, she just laughed out loud with an "I knew it" grin on her face. I couldn’t believe it, here I had poured out my soul about this breakup, and she’s almost mocking me. I must have looked shocked because she started to tell me things about him that I hadn’t even told her! Or anyone else!

It was as if she had been there all along.

What was going on?

At the time I had no idea, 'cause I had not seen my aunt since kindergarten, but astrology is actually super popular (and advanced) in Romania. Once we arrived to her house, after settling in, I’d turned on the TV to see ad after ad for astrologers. Late night television was basically full of various psychics, homeopathic remedies, and of course, astrologers.

My aunt was not one of those on televiosion, but, in the comfort of her home, I knew she must be doing very well. Because her house didn't even seem like a regular house, but more like a castle!

Still skeptical, I went to get a glass of water, to find my aunt sitting in the kitchen. That was when we had a talk that would change my life, forever.

As I discovered, she was a pretty famous astrologer there. My aunt had been practicing for decades, and she told me of the many clients she’d helped through tough times. She even had some famous folks on her roster! Many would fly in, from all over the globe, just to seek her counsel.

Of course, back then, I was still a bit skeptical but, that was when I began studying the craft, myself. After all, once she had his complete birth information, she drafted his chart and told me things that were spot on. She revealed things that would have never crossed my mind at the time, but made so much sense now and were so true about him and our relationship.

She then showed me how my chart interacted with his in what’s known as a synastry report and my mind was completely amazed! Of course, as a Gemini woman, well, on basic levels we are not all that compatible with Taurus men.

However, armed with this new knowledge and just a bit more hope, when I left to go home, I felt ready.

When I got back, I gave him a call. I couldn't believe the hour-long conversation we had! With my new understanding of his Zodiac sign – even just the little I had known at the time, I still felt like I understood more about him than ever. He was blown away at how well I “got him” now, when before, he’d felt I hadn’t truly understood him at all.

That was why he ended things... he had felt unsure about us and he just didn’t believe that we were a good match.

Now he suddenly changed his feelings about us – something that’s not easy to get any man to do, and after our long chat, he suggested we meet for a drink because he wanted to see me.

Now, this holiday of mine was special in many ways and it truly hit close to home. Because it didn't just lead to my learning Astrology — but, well, it transformed my life in other ways, too.

In the following years, I returned to visit and study under my aunt, countless times. I took advanced courses and seminars in the states, and I learned so much about astrology directly from a master mentor. At one of the world's forefront astrological circles. Women who have devoted their lives to studying the secrets between the stars.

This became a calling for me as well, and, well, it turned into a career helping others better understand not only each other, but themselves too.

So, what happened with Frank and me and how else has Astrology changed my life?

All those years, Frank was with me. Our love grew stronger and our connection became deeper than ever. Our sex life had always been fantastic, but now it was more intensely passionate and almost spiritual.

We had many months of long talks into the night, and after two years, Frank planned this super romantic holiday for us... and right there on a white sand beach, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Of course, it didn't happen overnight. We did the work to grow our love, but using astrology to better understand it all was what made it happen when it seemed there was no hope what so ever.

My aunt was my matron of honor and the wedding itself was all I could dream for – and, needless to say, our honeymoon was hotter than any other sex I’d ever experienced! Both our wedding and honeymoon were a truly unforgettable and bonding experience. I know this may sound a bit cheesy... but none of this would have happened had I not discovered the magic hidden between the stars.

Of course, our relationship still has its unique challenges, but, because we both understand and respected one another so much more: our love is stronger and more than I had ever dreamed Love could be!

Throughout my work, I received countless letters from troubled women (and men), who just could not figure out their partner. I have talked with people about how they can use astrology to help improve their love and relationship, and how to understand themselves better – and thus, connect and "click" with their loved one better (or simply attract him to start a new relationship).

You see... after rebuilding my relationship with Frank, all of my girlfriends kept seeking my advice.

Having had my heart once broken by a man myself, I felt a kind of obligation to make this knowledge available to other women, too. Knowing how much paid would have saved me over the years to know this sooner.

But among all other signs, I see it is especially challenging for those women dealing with the special personality traits of an Aquarius man.

I have to say, among all the other zodiac signs, being in love with an Aquarian man can be very very confusing, especially when you're not sure what to expect and can't read his behavior. I've seen this after helping dozens upon dozens of clients dating an Aquarius man.

Over the years I've had many clients dealing with an Aquarius man and I always felt a special connection with these clients, knowing that they're going through very similar troubles I had to with my Taurus, and on many levels.

Having gone through a similar path myself, I always felt I could connect with these women the most, and my counsel proved to be among the most effective for women interested in an Aquarian man.

Because let's face it – Aquarius men are not that easy to figure out or get to commit. They're hard to figure out, satisfy, and keep interested in you. Getting an Aquarian's attention is hard as it is, but holding his interest and dealing with his commitment phobia requires another level of seduction and skill!

Many women have experienced things going really well with an Aquarius man only to find a week later: he’s as cold as ice.

But it doesn't have to be like that. Not at all. Preventing all of this is actually simple once you know his code.

Personally, I was shocked what a few simple twists in their approach have done for women in love with an Aquarian man. How he suddenly became an open book to them.

That's the magic of Astrology!

Others might be suspicious, but I've seen with my own eyes those people's faces in awe when they realize the power of Astrology. Especially when they can suddenly get their Aquarius putty in their hands!

Still, not everybody had the means to hire me for private readings and personal consultations. And it's not like I can clone myself. But I was receiving countless emails with questions about seducing Aquarius men, questions that I knew the answers to, but I just couldn't help everyone and this made me feel bad.

I kept wondering how I could provide the same value I give to my 1 on 1 premium clients, but make it affordable and available to everyone.

Then I got an idea.

I decided to develop an easy-to-follow, step by step instruction manual for women, specifically about dating Aquarius men. Something that would reveal all you need to get that hot Aquarian man go completely crazy for you – and stay crazy in love with you – even if you're not the perfect zodiac match!

It had to be something that any woman can apply to make her love unbreakable. Something any woman that likes an Aquarian guy can put into practice immediately. And get quick results.

It had to be the truth about Aquarian men, so you get the complete picture and gain a full, deep understanding of him – as I have... so that you know, not wonder, but KNOW exactly what he's like, what he thinks, and how to attract him to you, and only you – emotionally, physically, and astrologically!

Now this is very valuable and powerful stuff. So powerful, in fact, that in the wrong hands, it can be outright dangerous!

Because once you really know your Aquarius man, on a cerebral and emotional level, in a way not even he understands himself – your influence has no boundaries.

A woman that knows these secrets can put him under her spell – just like that – she can seduce any man to doing whatever she wants.

Scary. I know.

Especially when that other woman approaches your Aquarian guy. That's when things can get dangerous – unless you are that other woman and you know, without doubt, what your Aquarius man really wants and how he actually thinks and feels. That's when you can protect your love.

That's why I have to ask you to keep these secrets for yourself. I want you to promise that what I share with you on Aquarius men, you will only use in an ethical way.

Promise never to use this on Aquarian men that are married or to manipulate men in any way.

The advice I give is only for saving your own relationship and keeping other women away from your Aquarius man. Or to catch an Aquarian man's interest (and keep it).

Use these secrets only to increase the love, intimacy, and emotional connection in your own relationship or pursuit of the man you want and deserve. I tell you this for a reason... because I know the power of Astrology.

Now that this out of our way...

Let me finally present you my Aquarius Man Secrets – the most advanced roadmap to capturing an Aquarius man's love (and keeping it):

DISCLAIMER: Aquarius Man Secrets is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

My Aquarius Man Secrets is a completely unique, do-this-do-that guide revealing all you need to know (and more) to put an Aquarius man under your spell. And it's the perfect mix of Psychology, Astrology and a term you might have heard of before: Sextrology.

What would it feel like to own the Secrets to his love? That's exactly what this is. You can't find this knowledge anywhere else. I have spent years studying Astrology, and very deeply the psychology of Aquarius men. There's nothing like this out there. You will learn about his world like never before! All you must know to attract, seduce, and keep that hot Aquarian man in love with you is within my manual: Aquarius Man Secrets.

Imagine that how he really feels is hidden from you in a tightly closed jar. A jar that seems impossible to open when you're turning it in the wrong direction. When all you think you know about Aquarian men is bad information, information that may hurt your relationship, even when you have the best intentions. I'm here to help you open that jar, in the right direction. And that's when you see all of his feelings clearly and easily. No more mysteries.

Here's a fraction of what you'll discover and get once you put my Aquarius Man Secrets into action:

Understand why your Aquarian man does what he does (or what he did) and learn how to handle what seems like a huge stumbling block for your relationship. Because only he feels that you understand him is he open to sharing his feelings (or starting to feeling something for you). The Essential ingredients to making your relationship work with an Aquarian guy. Without these BASICS, he'll never even consider you as a potential partner. How to tell if an Aquarius man actually likes you or not (all the signs you should look for) — and what you can do if you didn't seem to catch his eye yet (this will get him to finally notice you and make a move). What to do when he makes you feel like he genuinely doesn't care about you or your relationship (or does he?). His behavior can actually be pretty easily decoded if you know what you are looking for. See what has been missing from your connection the whole time and why following regular relationship advice can only backfire with an Aquarian man. Learn to understand his unusual ways of expressing his needs, desires and feelings so you can actually "speak his language" and talk directly to his heart. How to recognize when your Aquarian man is actually trying to be romantic (in his own crazy way) and why missing these moments can make him never wanting to be romantic again. How to handle an Aquarian man's commitment phobia in a way that reassures him that your relationship is heading in the right direction and that he has nothing to escape from (quite the opposite). Now you can finally make plans for the future with your Aquarian man and stop wondering whether he's serious about you or not. Exactly how an Aquarian man is compatible with every other sign of the zodiac and how you can improve your compatibility. Learn how your planets work together and see where you need to lay off and just let things happen. This is a game-changer for your relationship with an Aquarian guy. This is what makes love flow harmoniously instead of feeling like an uphill battle. The thing to do when an Aquarian man stops calling or texting, and how to know what actually went wrong (hint: just because he doesn't call or text doesn't mean he doesn't like you). How you can make him feel that you're the perfect match and that you are, in fact, totally compatible (because if he doesn't feel this and truly believe it — he'll won't take your relationship seriously and he'll never take your love to the next level). How to understand his inner workings like nobody else so that he finally appreciates you enough to truly commit to a relationship (and why this phase is the most important when dating an Aquarian). How to reach new heights of intimacy with your Aquarius man simply by stopping all misunderstandings — those painful ones that would normally make your love fizzle out. The key thing you must show interest in if you want an Aquarian man to notice you and like you already on the first date (this is what will make him feel like you're "relationship material"). What to do when your Aquarius man is testing you and how to pass those hoops without looking like you're trying to. This is what makes him respect you and see you as someone that's on his level (that's they only type he'll date!) How understanding his ego helps you see the world from his eyes — that's when you can "feed" his ego and become the center of his love and attention (it's simpler than you think!) The #1 thing you must do before an Aquarian man can ever truly love you. if this ingredient isn't part of your love, then he'll easily break up with you (for no big reason) whenever he doesn't feel like he loves you any more. Make sure you have this before you get serious with him! What love means to an Aquarian man and how thinking that he doesn't love you (when he actually does) can make him stop loving you and feel angry. It may seem confusing, at first, but, from his perspective, it's totally logical and pragmatic. How to get an Aquarius man to trust you. This is huge, and really important for building a solid relationship that will actually last. Without trust, an Aquarian guy will never consider your relationship as something serious. He'll quickly move on to someone he can actually settle down with. What are Aquarian men like in bed and what to expect so that you're not shocked when things get a bit crazy. What to do when you feel like your Aquarian guy is becoming emotionally detached and distant. How you can cut through confusing behavior and clarify what's going on in his headspace — without actually having to confront him head on. How you can get an Aquarian guy to forgive you and want you back (if you already broke up before). How to deal with his chaotic and often unexpected behavior when he messes up your plans, cancels, or behaves like you don't even know each other. How to start up a conversation with an Aquarian guy and how to always have something to talk about with him (especially on the first few dates!) How to boost your astrological compatibility simply by knowing what turns him on (both mentally and physically) and tapping into this knowledge. He'll immediately see you as "The One" he should commit to and have babies with. The foundations of building a relationship with an Aquarian man that can stand the test of time. And how to know what's he like when he is a father. How you can gain his total devotion and loyalty by relating to him on an intellectual level... these are the things that will make him treat you with the respect and love that you very much deserve. And much, much more!
And that's just the start. There's actually a lot more I have for you!

You see, I received a lot of letters and questions from my clients about Aquarian men... and, it seems that a big part of the problem is SEDUCING HIM in the first place. Catching his eye, so to speak.

And this is exactly where things can get both complicated and confusing with him... because even when you get an Aquarius man's attention, you still need to seduce him into falling in love with you. Yes, they do need seduction! Again, what's the use of getting his attention if you can't keep it? You see... few things work as well as understanding his sexual code. That's when he gets drawn to you and starts needing you — when you know how to decode his sexual energy and resonate with him on that primal level of desire.

That's exactly why I've created a special bonus for you: Aquarius Man Sextrology!

Aquarius Man Sextrology

These Sextrology secrets help you catch his eye and make him go CRAZY about you in bed. These are the exact buttons you need to push to make him want you, again and again — on a level where he wants to rip your clothes off!

It's probably the easiest and fastest way to put an Aquarius man under your spell and have him see you as "The One" woman he wants to be with. Forever. Other women have used this exact knowledge to get their Aquarius Man to get on one knee and finally propose!

The best part?

Well, once you order my Aquarius Man Secrets today, I'll give you Aquarius Man Sextrology at no extra charge. Yes — completely FREE, my gift to you.

I could easily charge extra for this and people would still pay, but I'm not doing this for the money. Not everything in life is about money. I know how hard it can be to struggle with any heartache or not receive love back... you deserve the relationship you want, and that's precisely why I am here. Nothing makes me happier that knowing another soul breathes happier. Because I know how Karma and Astrology work and I am here to share this with you. Still, I must charge you something for the original course, otherwise you won't value this information and put my advice into action.

The best part is that my Aquarius Man Sextrology book is just ONE of 4 FREE BONUSES that you get when you decide to order my Aquarius Man Secrets program today.

This way, no matter what stage or phase your relationship with that hot Aquarius man is now, you'll know exactly what to do and what your next "move" needs to be to get the results you want.

The secrets I share in Aquarius Man Sextrology is what'll get him chasing you down like a starving dog released from its leash. You won't just learn how to seduce him psychologically, but also on a sexual and emotional level... which creates a lasting, emotional connection that makes your bond so much stronger and harder to break.

So here's a sneak peak of what you'll learn in my Aquarius Man Sextrology bonus:
Uncover your Aquarius Man's secret desires by looking at some very specific points in his chart. Know a little more about what he likes, how he likes it, why he likes it... all from his favorite sex positions to the times of day he likes to go down and dirty. Everything you need to know to fully understand the sexual side of an Aquarius Man so that you can understand his actions (or lack of action) and the right moves you can make to sink into his role-playing fantasies... even when it's not something directly erotic, but more about playing along with his hidden desires. All the things you should AVOID in bed with an Aquarian man if you don't want to turn him off and push him away. Learn these so that you don't make the MISTAKES most women make in bed with Aquarian men. This is especially important in the beginning of your relationship while you're still just 'fooling around'. Simply avoiding these mistakes instantly puts you ON TOP and ABOVE all of his ex-girlfriends combined. TWO things that totally turn on an Aquarius man in bed (this doesn't work as well on other zodiac signs). Try these and see how he instantly starts looking at you as the woman of his dreams. He'll immediately view you as "relationship material." These are things that give you "leverage" in your relationship so he never wants to lose you. Why Aquarian men are usually shy in bed (initially) and how you can open him up to discovering a totally new world with you simply by allowing him to take control of his naughty thoughts. The Proven Way to SEDUCE an Aquarius Man. All the things you can do prior to sleeping with him, and when you just begin dating, that'll get him to want you more and more, again and again. The Personality traits Aquarius men love in a woman that make him fall for you and want to commit to a serious relationship with you, and only you. Use these in the beginning of your relationship when he's still judging and probing your every move. Seduction tricks, tips and ideas that he HAS NOT experienced before with any other woman. These are all things that'll make an Aquarius man view you as ONE OF A KIND — a woman that's hard to find in his eyes who he'll fight to keep. All of these make him want YOU and make him wonder how he can get you to like him. Reverse the game on him! How to discover what Mars and Venus can show you about your love and sexuality! Look a little deeper into the different Mars, Venus and Eros placements and what they can tell you about how to best approach him.
With all of this knowledge you are well on your way to discovering what your Aquarius man’s deepest desires are and how to be the best lover he’s ever had. You can use this to build a strong and satisfying relationship that works for both of you and brings happiness into your life on a whole new level. Seriously, if you apply all of the information in my Aquarius Man Sextrology book, you’re guaranteed to blow his mind!

But wait, there's more for you!

I've got a few more FREE BONUSES for you when you decide to order my Aquarius Man Secrets today. Here's what else you'll get at no extra charge:

25 Surprises To Delight Your Aquarius Man

You know, love is in the details! The #1 reason relationships fail is because people simply stop caring and take things for granted. Aquarian men love to feel SPECIAL and get attention from a woman they like. Few things work as well as praise, but simply saying it isn't enough. You must demonstrate through action, little acts of Love that have a MAJOR impact on your relationship with him. What you don't want is to BORE an Aquarian man, or, even worse, "surprise" him in all the wrong ways.

How do you make someone as cool and emotionally detached as an Aquarius man feel truly special? This is a question that I am of- ten asked by my clients who are trying their best to get an emotional reaction out of an Aquarian, yet have continually failed to succeed. The truth is, more often than not the Aquarian in your life feels special already, so topping his own sense of confidence and knowledge of how awesome he is can be hard to do. Notice that I said hard, not impossible.

That's exactly why I've prepared these ideas for you. All of them are "tailor-made" for an Aquarius man's special personality traits. That's exactly why he'll be delighted with these ideas. The reason these little surprises are so powerful is because they create EMOTIONS.

Emotions that stick and get carved into his memory... his subconscious mind. And this is usually not that easy to do with an Aquarius man. Emotions are what makes you unforgettable in his mind, heart and soul, so that he can't even imagine life without you by his side. Try any of these, and see for yourself. These are the things 25 things that will delight him!

Here's why you'll find these Ideas so beneficial to your relationship and why he'll enjoy them so much:
The absolute BEST presents to get an Aquarius man for any occasion. Once you know what he likes it'll be easy to choose something he won't just like and value, but actually use and think of you whenever he does! The ONE present (very affordable!) that you can always use to surprise an Aquarius man. It's so small, yet so refreshing for him and he'll see you as someone who's not just compatible, but "gets" him and his "type." The #1 Mistake women make when they try to "surprise" an Aquarius man — avoid this, and you'll be on his safe side. Simply understanding this personality trait helps you avoid a lot of trouble, arguments, and even breakups (let alone being a turn-off) with him. In fact, doing the OPPOSITE of what "logic" suggests will immediately make him view you as a match. Some of the ways you can connect with him on an intellectual level (the Aquarius man places a high level of importance on this type of connection). These are things you need to continually keep in the mix or you'll lose your appeal. The INDIRECT (almost sneaky) way to continually remind him of you (and the presents you got him) by getting him things he'll see and use often. This makes you kill two birds with one stone. And many, many more great ideas that will absolutely DELIGHT your Aquarius man, regardless of what stage your relationship is at right now.
How To Get an Aquarius Man Back

So your relationship with an Aquarius man has come to an end and you want him back. You may not even know what really caused this breakup and the odds are that things came to an abrupt end. Luckily, astrology can offer you valuable insight that can help you figure out how to win him back and this time you’ll know how to make it last, or at least you’ll have a better idea of how to make it work.

I’ve had countless clients come to me in tears, absolutely distraught and confused because of losing their Aquarian boyfriend. It can be very frustrating to the other party, especially when the Aquarian in this scenario is the one who decided it was time to end the relationship. That's why I've prepared this little guide for you, and, the best part — it won't just be useful for those looking to get an Aquarius man back, but also for learning more about PREVENTING a breakup with an Aquarius... strengthening your relationship and PROTECTING it from outside influences.

Our first step will be figuring out why he ended things in the first place or simply what went wrong. And, you'll see, this often isn't what it seems like at first. It can be something completely different than what you suppose. Let me tell you right now that you can get him to change his mind... it's just a matter of how you'll approach him! This worked for others and it can work for you, too!

Here's some of what you'll learn in How To Get An Aquarius Man Back:
The Top Reasons why Aquarius men end things, and how figuring out the real reasons why you split up is also the path to getting him back. The #1 Mistake women make when an Aquarius calls it quits (and this is what can shut him away forever), simply do the opposite of what he probably expects, and he soon might reconsider a romantic relationship with you (this time, you'll have the upper hand). This alone is the only way you can still stay in touch and communicate after your breakup. How to rebuild your emotional and intellectual connection that has been lost. Whether he lost trust in you or didn't see you as the perfect fir (at the moment), I'll tell you how you can build his love, respect and trust so that your relationship grows stronger than it ever was. How digging deeper than deep into your situation, as objectively as possible, helps you make all the smart moves and avoid all the common irrational, emotional mistakes that just further push Aquarians away. The #1 Secret to getting an Aquarius man back. It's so simple, yet can be hard to master: Patience. It works, but you'll have to be persistence. A sequence of small moves over a long period of time does the trick! Knowing that you're making progress will keep you motivated. And this can be a good thing, as he'll get more and more attached to you and your connection. How you can stay patient while waiting for his heart to heal and see you in a new light. Once this opportunity arises (and it will, when you are patient), you'll have to move quick and act smart to get his love back. A few simple mistakes here can easily push him away again, but you won't let that happen because you know his personality in these moments. Understanding your Aquarius man's nature is essential to getting him back. Without this, you've got no chance of rekindling your love. I'll teach you the 5 things to keep in mind in the process, this is the path to getting him back (and keeping him) for good.
How To Text an Aquarius Man

The Aquarian man can be something of an enigma when it comes to figuring out exactly how to communicate with him in a one-on-one kind of scenario.

Being an Air sign, the Aquarius man operates on a cerebral level and communication is kind of his thing. This, however, doesn’t always transfer over to those more intimate conversations that typically signal the initiation of a romantic relationship. That's why in this bonus book we'll go over how to accomplish getting him to open up to you and how to best catch his eye and keep him interested in conversations.

It doesn't matter if you're Texting, WhatsApping, Emailing, chatting on Facebook or any other medium... even writing letters by hand! In all of these scenarios, there are some things you need to know. A few flirting tactics and ways to engage him emotionally can score MAJOR points with him. And the thing is — even before, after, and in-between dates, when you just start dating an Aquarius, you'll be texting A LOT. Most of your conversations will probably be in text form, so it's very important that you know how to text an Aquarius so he gets to like you and wants to get more intimate!

Here are some of the Aquarius texting tips, tricks and ideas you'll discover in this BONUS book:
Who should send the first text message? Waiting for him to text first or being the initiation, what's better? I'll tell you all about it so you can text with confidence and never send the wrong message when texting an Aquarius. Why is an Aquarius man ignoring your text messages or simply never texting first? It helps when you understand his natural state of being. This isn't something you should usually worry about, but I'll help you figure him out. Also, should you text or should you call? Figure out if he's upset, why he seems cold and distant or how he simply might be confused with your message. He may also not respond back because he's not sure what to text and not necessarily because he's mad or anything like that. Either way, understanding your Aquarius guy's personality traits and thought processes helps you clear up any confusion and avoid misunderstandings. The secret is pushing the conversation in the direction you want it to go. The surest way to make him open up (and actually "talk" to you) and always return your texts (in a timely fashion). This may seem a bit tricky but it's absolutely necessary if you want to get to know him better (which you should, especially before a first date — and to figure out how he liked you after your first date). Exactly how to get an Aquarius man ask you out through text messages (simply by pushing the conversation in the right direction, without actually seeming desperate, needy or pushy). Texting Turn-Offs for Aquarius guys... these are the words (topics, conversations and behavior) you need to avoid, or he'll quickly feel like you're not such a good match. The "Secret Ingredient" to texting an Aquarius is giving it a bit of time and not seeming pushy or needy. If you can keep your cool and follow his energy levels, without expecting too much too soon, he'll easily start liking you more and more. But above all of that, you've got to gain his trust — and texting is a great way to work on exactly that. You'll learn how to accomplish both. Using text messages (to your advantage) in a relationship with an Aquarius man... you'll have some issues sooner or later, and I'll tell you all about how you can avoid common hurdles all while keeping him interested at the same time.
This is just some of what you'll learn in my Aquarius texting guide.

Believe it or not, I'm giving you these 4 BONUSES at no extra charge. They're yours completely free when you order Aquarius Man Secrets today.

So here's what you have when you order today:
Aquarius Man Secrets (the Original guide) Aquarius Man Sextrology (for an extra dose of Seduction) 25 Surprises To Delight Your Aquarius Man (he'll love these!) How To Get An Aquarius Man Back (and keep him) How To Text An Aquarius Man (before and during a relationship)
That's over 150 pages of the most complete guide to winning an Aquarius man's heart! It's all you need to know to make him start chasing you, even if it looks like he's been pulling away!

And I still have more for you!

Because I want you to be very happy with your purchase today, as a reader of my books, you're entitled to a special discount price on any private Astrology reading you decide to purchase in the future.

"So, Anna, how much does all of this cost?" I can already hear you asking.

I totally get your question and I'd be asking the same thing. But let me ask you something instead.

How much is it worth to you to finally "get" the man you want and have the relationship you know you deserve? It's hard to put a price on this!

The reason I created this program was to help as many women as possible, something I could never do with my 1 on 1 private clients. Still, I wanted to provide the same kind of value, that will truly help you understand the guy you are interested in on a deeper level. I know that not everyone can afford my private Astrology readings and consultations, and that's why I wanted to make this information affordable to everyone.

But I couldn't give out this information for free either, because then you wouldn't value it and put it into action. Also, I couldn't do that because of my private clients as it wouldn't be fair to them.

That's why I've decide to charge just a symbolic price: a one-time payment of just $47 for the whole package of books that you get — and you can get immediate access!

Think of this as an investment in your relationship's success, strength and longevity! I know for a fact that you'll never find such a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to capturing an Aquarius man's heart. You won't find this type of information anywhere else. I've dug deeper into the stars than anyone else when it comes to Aquarian men and these books are the result. It's as close to a 1 on 1 private reading as you can get, which can cost several hundred dollars and more, depending on the extent and type of reading.

But here's the best part — you've got nothing to lose by giving this a try!

I know you may still have some concerns and that's totally OK and understandable. The thing is, I'm so confident that you'll be BLOWN AWAY by the value you get in Aquarius Man Secrets, that I've decide to give you a FULL money-back guarantee for 60 days.

That's right. You can try it for free and see how it helps your relationship. So you've got nothing to lose. All I ask is that you give my advice a fair try for 2 FULL MONTHS and see how it works for you.

Here's my money-back guarantee when you decide to order Aquarius Man Secrets today.

Try Aquarius Man Secrets RISK-FREE with my 100% money-back guarantee!

If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase of Aquarius Man Secrets, simply send me an email within 60 days, and I'll refund all of your money. No questions asked! It's literally that simple.

If my advice doesn't help you better understand, attract and seduce the Aquarius man you are interested, if it doesn't improve your relationship and if it doesn't strengthen your connection... then I INSIST that you ask for your money back. That's how sure I am my advice and Astrology can help you get the relationship you deserve.

My books have helped SAVE hundreds upon hundreds of relationships and there's no reason they won't help you, too! What's important now is that you take action today, because time is always of the essence. Opportunity doesn't wait around. You need to take control of your relationship's destiny when the moment is right — and you are here today for a reason, not by chance. The universe brought you here and now it's your turn to make a move.

That's why I've made it EASY for you to start learning about your Aquarius man immediately. It's because your Aquarius Man Secrets order comes in PDF format and you can get instant access to the whole package. You can start discovering the truths about your Aquarius man in 5 minutes from now.

What you have to do now to get access is click the "ADD TO CART" button below. You’ll be taken to CLICKBANK’s secure checkout, once you complete your purchase, you’ll get directed to the Download Page with immediate access to the entire program. ClickBank is the retailer of my books and they handle payment processing and security, they're a leading platform for this and they also guarantee that this purchase it risk-free and that you have a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

So go ahead, click ADD TO CART below and I'll see you soon on the other side.
As I said, Aquarius Man Secrets comes in PDF format, so whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone, iPhone, iPad... whether you’re in Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Rio de Janeiro, whether it’s 5 am or 5 pm – you can start learning in 5 minutes from now, discreetly and conveniently. You get lifetime access to all of the bonuses and a lifetime access to any future updates as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I grab a few free minutes.

However you decide today, I truly wish you the best of luck with your Aquarius man. Either way, I hope that my advice proves as valuable to you as it has to hundreds of other women.

I hope to see you soon on the inside,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,
Anna Kovach

DISCLAIMER: Anna Kovach is a pen name and brand name of AquariusManSecrets.com

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