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Operation: Noble Flame

How to keep your wife wanting to have relations (and with you) for the rest of your marriage by being the man she personally needs.

Men – Bring sex back into your marriage and keep it there.

Operation: Noble Flame is a six-week course to rekindle physical intimacy in your relationship by developing the emotional leadership that guarantees you be the man your wife does not want to be without.

Many couples will drift apart and accept a sexless marriage as the automatic progression of a long term relationship. Perhaps the same has happened to you, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

While the others drift apart you can be busy bringing back - and keeping - physical love in your relationship.

After completing this course don’t be surprised when other men start asking you, “How do you do it?! How do you have such a great relationship with your wife? I can’t get mine to agree to so much as a date night!”

Operation: Noble Flame leads you through six weeks of clarification and action steps to take, to become the man you need to be in order for your wife to want to give herself to you. You will:

* understand her core needs,
* learn how to meet those needs, and
* increase your masculine presence within the relationship.

This is not about manipulating or tricking anyone into doing anything. It is not about getting sex in return for some implied payment. It is about becoming who you need to be for her to automatically want to be physically close with you. Think that is impossible? Accept the challenge and see for yourself.

Here is a square deal for you: Your satisfaction with this course is totally guaranteed. Try it for 30 days. With 5 days between assignments, you get to try all the course before you decide what it is worth. If you don't feel the training has made great strides to improve your position in your relationship, simply request a refund. But that isn’t likely.

The number one reason for a growing distance in a marriage is focus on the wrong objectives. Focus on the correct objectives, and emotional intimacy will follow. Achieve emotional intimacy and physical intimacy follows. It is as logical a progression as A to B to C. Simply complete the real world challenge for each lesson before moving on to the next, as they are linear and cumulative.

Don’t waste another day watching your relationship drift further and further apart. Accept the mission to begin bringing the fire back to your partnership. How much will it be worth to have a dynamic and satisfying relationship that includes the sexual component that is important to you? Surely worth $47 and some hustle!

The program is comprised of six modules hosted on a password restricted site. Each module contains the learning for that module, along with any multi-media files. Upon setting up your access you can begin the first week's objective.

Course Progression:

Section 1.
Newsflash - You Don't Understand Her.

Section 2.
Comprehending Basic Needs.

Section 3.
You Begin to Become an Intriguing Partner.

Section 4.
Get a Little Bit Closer.

Section 5.
It's All About You!

Section 6.
Staying The Man She Needs.

As Time Goes On.

You weren’t taught this is school...

... and it will take a few months to put it into practice now.

But, again - how worth it will it be to have a dynamic and satisfying relationship that includes the sexual component that you want so much?

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