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Do you suffer from "last sweet syndrome?"  When you "give in" to a sweet treat, do you eat it like it was the last one on earth? 

Just $37


Are you a slave to sugar? Got a crush on candy?
Can't get enough sweet treats like... chocolate, cookies, cupcakes, ice-cream, candy and on more?

Read on to discover how to kill your sugar cravings, break-free from your addiction, and learn the natural ways to re-set your body and regain control over your cravings.

Hiya Sugar Junkie!  I'm Erin...

Sugar was my “kryptonite” … I could eat clean, stick to a healthy diet and count my calories, but when it came to sugar… I was ADDICTED! I would abstain from sweet treats for weeks, maybe even months, but as soon as I got the smallest taste of something sweet, I couldn’t control myself.  

It didn’t matter what it was – candy, chocolate, baked goods, alcohol – once I’d had that first taste, there was no stopping me, and I went into full-on junkie mode.  

This led to several catastrophic effects … 
I couldn’t socialize with friends for fear of losing control and embarrassment.  I tried to deprive myself of sweets and junk food and be "good," but failed time and time again.   I behavior became more reckless and obsessive. I started to avoid food and replace it with alcohol.  I was letting my husband and family down.  I gained a TON of weight and didn't even notice.  I was ashamed.  Worst of all was the guilt. I couldn’t believe the lack of self-control I had, and thought there must be something wrong with me.

I dreaded this cycle would go on forever. Until I stumbled upon something in plain sight. But first...

How Courtney Love Helped Me Kick My Bad Habits

Back in 1997, I was personal assistant & estate manager to rock star Courtney Love.  

The job was stressful, chaotic, and at times, overwhelming, but Courtney taught me a lot. First off, you have to put yourself first.  And for me, that meant owning up to my patterns of emotional eating, stuffing my "not-good-enough" feelings, taking a stand for my own desires and pursuing my true passion – of helping other women to live a healthy, happy, invigorated lifestyle. 

But most importantly, she had some bad habits that reflected mine. And I needed a wake up call.  Because, the truth is, at the time, I was not the example of health. I smoked, didn't cook much or eat a healthy diet and rarely exercised. In fact, I was over-indulging in about every vice you could think of. Balance was not a word in my vocabulary. 

But even though I still had a lot to work on, I decided to embrace my roots and pursue my passion for the healing arts.  I grew up on a small farm where my Dad (who is a medical doctor with a focus on nutrition) was an avid gardener and taught us kids how to grow our own food and about the impact nutrition had on health and happiness. 

I went back to school. It wasn’t an easy ride, and I had to work my butt off to acquire the knowledge and experience that I have today, but I did it, and in 1999, I started my first health coaching practice, with a primary aim of HELPING WOMEN BREAK FREE FROM UNHEALTHY HABITS and to embrace fitness and healthy eating so they could regain their energy and power-up for their true life's purpose.  

Over the past 16 years, I’ve worked with thousands of women just like you. I supported them to:

Regain control over their nutrition and cravings.
Break-free from the sugar crutch.  Feel sexy, confident and attractive once again.  Enjoy what they're eating without feeling they could binge at any moment.  Drop pounds, inches and dress sizes. 

Let Me Ask You Some Questions... 

Do you struggle with cravings for sweets, junk and unhealthy food? Do you feel guilt and shame around your eating behaviors?  Do you struggle with dips in energy and blood sugar crashes?  Are there times during the day when you can't get your mind off food, especially sweets?  Are you constantly blaming yourself for lack of willpower and self-control?  Have you felt your body begin to bloat and pants getting tighter? 

I. Was. Just. Like. You.  
You can see the woman I was before compared to where I am now... 

While the physical difference may be huge, what’s even bigger is the mental transformation I went through in changing my relationship with food.

Now I am so much lighter in mind and body. I LOVE my body, flaws and all. (Truth is, I'm just not as obsessed with my body like I was before) I feel confident in who I am.  Am not "owned" by my sugar cravings.  I'm not obsessed with "clean" eating. I don't use sugar as a crutch. 

And this might surprise you, but during my studies, experience and personal journey, here's what I learned: 

I know, the way I’ve been talking about it so far, you’d think that I despise sugar, believe it to be the root cause of all ill-health, unhappiness and weight gain, but that isn’t true. I don’t even believe it’s truly “addictive.”  In the past I did though.

My embarrassing confession...

I was a preacher. An anti-sugar cult leader.

If a food contained sugar, I considered it to be "unclean," and bad. And in previous diet plans and programs, sweets were forbidden. No cakes, no donuts, no pastries. I’d even go so far as to recommend restricting fruit intake. 

I’m embarrassed to say all this, as it makes my skin crawl to think how restrictive I used to be, but I wanted to share my journey with you. 

Things are different now. I’ve realized a few important and yet very unpopular truths …

Sugar itself is NOT chemically addictive, but we do need to eat less added sugars.  Sugar may be a cause of weight gain in the Western diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut it completely and develop an irrational fear of it. By not allowing yourself to have any, you set yourself up for overeating, binge eating, even bigger cravings and a possible eating disorder. It’s actually metabolic issues, blood sugar imbalances, low-quality food choices and extreme dieting that causes you to crave sugar, not the sugar itself.

In fact, in the revamped, renewed, re-written “Sugar Cravings Smackdown” I DO NOT BAN SUGAR.  The course will show you how to  support your physiology and lesson cravings, while changing your attitude towards food, your nutrition, and your body.  Many people try to rid themselves of sugar cravings by eliminating every food they deem “bad” or unhealthy, but this is not what Sugar Cravings Smackdown is about, nor has that strategy proven to be effective in the long-term. 

Meet Janet, Sugar Cravings Smackdown Superstar

While in the midst of debilitating adrenal exhaustion, I participated in Erin Huggins' program. I lost 9lbs in 21 days but that’s not the highlight! The program was a huge "light bulb" moment.  I became very aware of what was causing my fatigue, inflammation and cravings. And learned that some of the foods I was eating and how I was eating, caused a lot of internal stress, which triggered cravings and more. Stress doesn’t always come from external sources!  I was so pleased with my results, yet still had much healing to do, so I hired Erin privately and continued to improve. My life force began to return! This life transition inspired my new business, Visible Transitions, helping people experience more ease and joy in difficult life transitions. Thank you, Erin for this life-changing program! Janet, http://janetcaliri.com/

How “Healthy Foods” Are Killing Your Progress

Do you obsessively check ingredient labels for "bad" ingredients?  Do you look for low sugar or sugar free options?  Have you switched out sugar for stevia because of fear of sugar, not because you prefer the taste?  Do you follow strict laws or rules about food?  Do you eat gluten free, soy free, gmo free, dairy free, fat free, sugar free, nitrate free, and other "healthy" alternatives in your constant quest for health and a cravings free palate?  Do you avoid certain ingredients even when no food allergy or intolerance is present?  Do you search the grocery store or health food shops for healthy sweetener alternatives to that scary white powder (granulated sugar)? 

Let me tell you … These foods could be the WORST kinds of foods you can eat. Especially when you're controlled by cravings.   

Fake "health" foods do nothing to ease your cravings, they make your body want sugar even more, and can contain just as many empty calories as their sugar-filled "regular" versions.  Don't be fooled. 

That’s why, when you join us for the “Sugar Cravings Smackdown” there’s no need to go and buy expensive "health" foods or diet foods.  You’ll be eating real foods … TASTY foods that the whole family can enjoy. 

This is not one of those diets where you have to eat apart from your kids. You don’t need to cook separate meals. I PROMISE you, you will never feel like you’re on a diet. And you’ll regain your health and body confidence, kick your sugar craving to the curb, drop pounds and losing excess body fat in the process.

What does a brain doctor says about sugar?

John Menzies is an extremely smart guy, based at Edinburgh University in Scotland, and here’s what he has to say about sugar – “Humans have a sweet tooth, but it’s the pleasure of eating, not the neurochemical action of sugar that drives this.”  

Dr. Menzies is saying that we can’t put all the blame on sugar, and need to address our relationship with food and our diet as a whole. This is where the Erin of the past was going wrong, and is probably where you’ve been mislead too – believing that sugar was a dietary devil, that HAD to be avoided at all costs.  

What does a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition says about sugar?

“There is no support from the human literature for the hypothesis that sucrose may be physically addictive or that addiction to sugar plays a role in eating disorders.”

Fear mongering, alarmism, hysteria, exaggeration, hyped-up marketing and emotionally-charged, sensational sound bytes...

Dangerous foods? Or Dangerous ideas about food? 

Is sugar really like crack only worse?  When was the last time you stole and pawned a valuable heirloom to feed your addiction? 

OR... exchanged sexual favors for a cupcake, or "totaled" your car because you were under the influence of ice-cream?  Yes, I went there. 

I don't want you to feel belittled or blown off. Trust me, I'm fully aware of how strong the lust for sweets can be. But, I do want you to gain some perspective. There's a difference between an addiction and a habit. I have a family member who was a bone-fide drug addict. And she did everything I described above (and more) because of her addiction. I'm ashamed I ever referred to myself as a "sugar junkie."

Here's What Happened.... 

You tried with all your power to forego your favorite foods and sweets. You stuck to a healthy whole-foods diet and ate simple, unprocessed meals like: chicken breast and veggies.  

You were a good, clean eater and avoided "trigger" foods. 

But then something had to give. Your deprived body was crying out.  What if it needed sugar?   What if your body was actually SMART and was trying to tell you something?  Those cravings grew and grew and grew. What if it was your body’s primal survival instinct that kicked in, gave you sweet cravings and made you crave it uncontrollably? 

It's not your fault. The diet made you do it. Food deprivation + flavor deprivation = food preoccupation.

What did a study published in the journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have to say about the consequences of restrictive dieting?

“A review of the literature and research on food restriction indicates that inhibiting food intake has consequences that may not have been anticipated by those attempting such restriction.  Starvation and self-imposed dieting appear to result in eating binges once food is available and in psychological manifestations such as preoccupation with food and eating, increased emotional responsiveness and dysphoria, and distractibility. Caution is thus advisable in counseling clients to restrict their eating and diet to lose weight, as the negative sequelae a condition that is the consequence of a previous disease or injury may outweigh the benefits of restraining one’s eating. Instead, healthful, balanced eating without specific food restrictions should be recommended as a long-term strategy to avoid the perils of restrictive dieting.”

Enough is enough. The "cure" is in the craving! As a Sugar Cravings Smackdown Student, You'll Discover...

The SCIENCE behind sugar cravings and why your body needs sugar. What sugars to increase and what sugars to reduce. (Not all sugars are equal).  Why it's the restriction itself that causes the addiction. Remember this: restriction=addiction The perfect way to balance your meal, to keep your blood sugar and belly happy.  Why it’s okay (and actually beneficial) to allow for the occasional "junk" foods in your diet. Oh snap! I just got booted off "holistic health coach island!"  A definitive breakdown of your “Go Foods” and your “Whoa Foods.” A primer to optimal hydration and why coffee is healthy and not to be avoided if you enjoy it. When (food timing 101) and how to eat to eliminate cravings.  A "golden rule" to live by to free up your food worry and obsession with "perfect eating." 

Do you want a do over?! 

Let’s get rid of your cravings for good. Let’s work together to create healthy habits that reinvigorate your body and turn up your energy levels.  Let’s forget detoxes, cleanses, fasts or other restrictive “diets” and focus on eating foods you love while ditching the guilt and enjoying life.  

Let’s help you gain the strength to walk past the candy bowl without needing to grab a huge handful (maybe just one, cool?). Let’s stop the vicious, debilitating restrict /crave cycle. I promise you that together, we can make a new you. 

NO! Not a “new you” … because you’re pretty damn awesome already. 

Let’s make a more empowered you... One that has control over their physiology, has food freedom, who loves every single day, who is confident in their own skin, and who feels unstoppable!   Join the thousands of women I've helped to reclaim their power around food and "smackdown" their cravings in a sustainable way. 

What's Included in the 
Sugar Cravings  Smackdown  Program...

Instruction Manual: 
$47 Value  

The instruction manual is more than just an introduction to the program. Instead it's a robust guide that discusses the science behind your cravings as well as what you absolutely must do to "smackdown" those cravings for good. 

Not only that, but the program manual thoroughly covers optimal eating and nutrition, food pairing and strategies to help you be ultra-successful in overcoming your sweet tooth, confusion (and obsession) about food, increase metabolic health and much, much more. 

Your "sneak peek" inside the Sugar Craving Smackdown Chapters...

Chapter One: Intro

What's it all about? Here's where you'll get the "big picture" about the Sugar Cravings Smackdown and a breakdown of what you can expect in the chapters to come... 

Chapter Two: What Is Sugar?

Sugar is everywhere! But, it's not always so easy to define. Some sugars are healthy, some... not-so-much. Discover what types of sugars you should eat more of and what types you should reduce. 

Chapter Three: Does Sugar Make You Fat?

Whoa, whoa, whoa... When was the last time you sat down to eat a big bowl of sugar, nothing else, just a bowl of plain refined granulated sugar? How much is it really to blame for weight gain?

Chapter Four: What Causes Sugar Cravings?

Eating sugar causes sugar cravings! The more you eat, the more you want... it's like crack or heroin or cocaine! Yeah, not so fast, smarty pants. Get ready for some truth bombs, yo! Scientifically-backed, of course. 

Chapter Five: Sugar Cravings Smackdown 101

You'll get the low-down on this easy-to-follow program that includes some common-sense structure, but without food-group fear, or elimination of sweets. 

Chapter Six: Go Foods, Whoa Foods. Healthy Eating 101

Fancy yourself a nutrition nut? In this chapter you'll realize you don't need to go to extremes to be healthy. Get a break-down of "go foods" and "whoa foods." Plus, discover the perfectly balanced plate.

Chapter Seven: Hydration 101

"If you have sugar cravings just drink more water!" Another misconception that needs to expire asap. Hyper-hydration can lead to worse cravings. I also go into the benefits of coffee! Love you latte? No need to give that up either. 

Chapter Eight: 
Program Prep

You ready to rock this, rock star? No need to throw all your food away, or buy special berries, or vitamins or order a box of lemons or any other such shenanigans... but this program does have some structure that will help you create life-long healthy habits. 

Chapter Nine: Restaurant Rescue 

There's no question that cooking your own food is healthier than eating out. But that doesn't mean you have to say no to a night out with friends. 

Chapter 10 & 11: Final Word and FAQ

That's a wrap! In these last two chapters you'll get my final morsels of goodness that will nail home my counter-intuitive, against-the-guru method to shatter your sweet tooth for good! 

Also included in the Sugar Cravings Smackdown....

What "triggers" your cravings? 
Take the assessment. $27 Value 

Is your blood sugar balanced? - this quiz will help you find the answer. Are you getting enough protein? - Maybe you need more or less? Are you getting enough carbohydrates - maybe you need a tweak here? Are you too focused on food? - Are you living a "sweet life?" 

30 Day Sweet and Simple Meal Plan. $27 Value

Perfectly paired meals  Simple and tasty Sweet-tooth slaying recipes  Every-day ingredients  Family-style meals  Bonus: Simple (2-3 ingredient), side-dish recipes!

30 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan. $27 Value

Perfectly paired vegetarian meals  Simple and tasty veggie meal plan Sweet-tooth slaying recipes  Every-day ingredients No need to order special veggie-friendly exotic foods

Fat Loss Accelerator Manual. $27 Value

Discover.....  The simple rules for slicing calories  The restriction-free fat-loss method  Measure your ideal calorie requirement for fat loss (great resources) Sample fat-loss meal plan And more!

Blood Sugar Balancing Video Tutorial and PDF: $27 Value

Discover.....  Meal timing methods to keep blood sugar steady  Meal timing methods to keep sugar cravings at bay How long you should wait to eat after waking up And more!

Super Awesome 
Free Bonuses Alert!  

Meal planning video tutorial. $37 Value

Great meal planning visual aid to help you understand how to better pair your meals  Get a meal planning video  Get a meal planning PDF visual aid How to create simple, healthy meals  Better understand macro-nutrient ratios  How to keep it simple and delicious! 

Make It Happen Goal-Getting-Guide. $19 Value

Trouble reaching your goals in the past? It's time to VAK to the future!

In this free goal getting guide, you'll learn a technique used by the worlds top performers, athletes, professionals and students to overcome learning blocks and reach their goals. 

Truth is, simply writing down a goal is completely worthless. 

You must....
See it: Visual
Hear it: Auditory
Feel it: Kinesthetic 
If you ever expect to have it. Discover this VAK to the future exercise and use it now and for any goal you hope to achieve in the future!

Energy Guided Meditation. $19 Value 

Tap into your internal power generating system through guided meditation. 

Did you know meditation is a great way to increase your energy? It's true. This guided meditation teaches you how to "turn on" your energy portals (I don't really like this "woo-woo" word, but it's really the best way to describe what this does). 

Members-Only-Club For Support.  Value? Priceless.

I'm here for you. 

I know it's not easy. 
I've been in your shoes. 
Hope is not lost. 
Your support tribe is waiting for you! 

Creating change alone can be daunting, draining and make it difficult to achieve your goals. That's why I've created this private Facebook group for support. When you've got buddies on your side, who have  been in your shoes and are cheering you on?  Success!!! 

How much is it worth to free your taste buds from sweet-tooth slavery?! 

What would you pay to stop this pre-occupation with sugar and have the freedom to do what you're really meant for? How much is never worrying about sugar cravings and the restrict/crave cycle ever again, worth to you?

How does $97 sound?  Good? 

I really don’t want you to pay that to get your hands on this core material. 

Instead, I want you to pay just $37.   

At that price, you get the backbone of my "against the guru" Sugar Cravings Smackdown program with the all the fundamental tools you need to banish cravings and beat your sugar obsession once and for all. 

But, I really want you to feel like it's a holiday ;) 
So, I'm also including some TOP SECRET, super awesome bonuses that you'll discover once you're in the members area. Who loves, ya?! I do! 

Curb your cravings or it's FREE! 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

In all the years I've been teaching on sugar cravings and coaching people through their cravings... I have never had a student who went through the program ask for a refund. NEVER. Not one refund. Zero. Zip. Nada. 

But... I want to take all the risk out of buying this program so I'm thrilled to let you take it for a test drive for 90 days. 

If you aren't 100% happy, just shoot me an email at hello @sugarcravingssmackdown.com and you'll get a refund asap. 

Beating your sugar cravings forever is literally just a click 
and download away.

This is easy. The minute you download Sugar Cravings Smackdown, the manual and all the bonus materials will be delivered directly to your email inbox.

There’s no need to wait around … you can start straight away.

It doesn’t require you to put your life on hold, take a 3-hour trip to the health food store, or tell your family you’re going on yet another doomed-to-fail diet, cleanse, fast, or "challenge." 

It’s as simple as... Making a few healthy switches.
Making time for YOU … to love yourself.
Get a handle on your cravings. Rebalance your body and your mind to be healthier, happier and more confident.  (If you’re still not too sure, and hesitant about investing in yourself, check out more feedback from women just like you and who felt exactly the same as you, below.)

Just $37


Success Stories

Seirra S. Women's Empowerment Coach

“I’ve done many cleanses and detoxes, but The Sugar Cravings Smackdown was the most eye opening. I lost 10 pounds and managed to keep it off even during the holidays because of what I learned…”

Melanie K., Women's Studies Professor

“As a body image educator, mother and former yo-yo dieter, I highly recommend Erin’s Sugar Cravings Smackdown. I struggled for almost two years with low energy, excess body weight, and anxiety after the birth of my son. Her program was the tool that allowed me to recalibrate my body and my mind and re-establish healthy eating patterns by making informed choices and eating whole foods. Within days my moods leveled out, my stress level and anxiety decreased substantially. I love this program because it isn’t a diet or useless gimmick. It’s practical and chock full of information, sample meal plans and a supportive community that spans the globe, all joined by the quest for health”


I’d love you to join me, and the thousands of women I've helped over the years change their lives, beat their sugar cravings and focus their energy on what they truly crave.

Learn how to regain your confidence and break free from crave cycles and finally feel happy about food again.

With a full 90-day money back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose … except cravings, bad habits, body fat and you’re food restrictions.


Diana’s Story:

I was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to the US three years ago when I got married. I’ve never been skinny, but that first year living here I gained so much weight I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I don’t know if it was the differences in lifestyle, culture shock or just plain and new found love for pasta, but it was clear that whatever I had going on, had to stop! I was somewhere to be found under those 170 lbs. So, I spent almost all of my second year eating better and exercising and lost 45 lbs. I felt more empowered than ever, strong and very proud. I couldn’t believe the way my body responded as soon as I started treating it right. I learned to really appreciate it as the wonderful and wise system that it is. That we are.It must have been that I got “fixed” too, because after years of believing I could never have kids (doctors had agreed on that too), I got pregnant. I have no other answer than the weight loss for that one. It was the easiest, smoothest and happiest pregnancy, and though I was thrilled, I couldn’t forget what the nurse told us on our first prenatal class: “Your jeans will NEVER fit again, but hey, you’ll have your baby, who cares about that, right?”. I hope not to sound too selfish here, as any mom, I’d do anything for my baby… but it had been hard work to get those jeans to fit in the first place!
Anyway, I went back to 134 lbs after the baby, but got stuck there. UNTIL these last three weeks, which have been great for many reasons. In your first calls you talked about loving our cravings (which I really learned to honor during pregnancy, so it made a lot of sense to me), eating real food, stop the “counting” nonsense and in general, focus in our long term health. That was the key for me, because after being in “weight loss” mode for a while, I realized I was too focused on achieving whatever short term goal I set, without really thinking about what my body needs in the long run. So, these past days have been extremely nourishing in every level. In the most evident one, I’ve been eating very well. But also, I’ve got confidence, knowing that I’m doing what’s best for my body, sometimes in the form of actual cooked food and that I can enjoy every part of it. I’ve understood some emotional patterns that I wasn’t aware of before through listening to the other girls during the calls. And, in general, it’s been a great learning experience. As far as vanity goes: I was 129 lbs as of this morning, and THOSE jeans do fit again!

Jessica’s Story
I absolutely loved the Erin's program. I went into the program looking to make a change in my life, reduce reliance on sugar to get me through the day. The amount of changes I made in three weeks astounded me. I no longer eat processed foods, eat many more vegetables and fruits, and have started listening to my own body’s wisdom of what is right for me. I also enjoyed the transition from the Smackdown to a lifelong eating plan. My skin is better, my energy is much higher than before, and I have finally started losing weight. I would highly recommend working with Erin. She is supportive, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. What I appreciate the most about her is that she does not try to force one specific style of eating on you, but rather encourages you to listen to your body and find the best eating plan for yourself, while giving you great meal plans and support.

Karena’s Story:
The Sugar Cravings Smackdown is honestly life changing. I can’t even count the number of previous attempts I’ve made at finally eating “right” and ended up disappointed, cranky, unsatisfied and ultimately unchanged. I admit I was hesitant about taking the plunge. I honestly thought- what is this going to do that all of the other diets or programs failed to do? I took a chance and I am so glad I did. I went into the Smackdown wanting to shed a few pounds and to kick my junk food cravings — and I got that plus so much more out of it. Erin will challenge you to rethink everything you thought you knew about “good nutrition” and will be there for you every step of the way. Through Erin, I learned that some of the very things I was eating to be healthy were the very things that were getting in the way of weight loss and nutritional healing. It’s been nearly 6 months since I did the Smackdown and not only have the results stuck with me, I am still eating the SSD way! I have completely changed the way I view and taste food. I can honestly say that my cravings and consumption of processed, junky foods has decreased to the point that I feel absolutely in control of what I eat. It is a very freeing feeling.
By eating this new way, I have experienced not only the weight loss I wanted, but also an incredible mood boost. For years I have suffered from mild depression, mood swings, and anxiety, and in the last 6 months, have experienced a remarkable difference in how I feel emotionally. I have also started to resolve some of the digestive problems I had been suffering from since my teenage years. I had just accepted the fact that I had a sensitive stomach/IBS and that I’d just have to “deal” with it. No so. Cutting out the junk and eating more healing, nurturing foods has helped to heal my gut. By eating this new way, I have experienced not only the weight loss I wanted, but also an incredible mood boost. For years I have suffered from mild depression, mood swings, and anxiety, and in the last 6 months, have experienced a remarkable difference in how I feel emotionally. I have also started to resolve some of the digestive problems I had been suffering from since my teenage years. I had just accepted the fact that I had a sensitive stomach/IBS and that I’d just have to “deal” with it. No so. Cutting out the junk and eating more healing, nurturing foods has helped to heal my gut. – Karena

Payson’s Story:
Erin Huggins’ Sugar Smackdown is an amazing program. I’m one of those people who has pretty much tried everything – from high protein diets to eating 100% vegan raw for a couple of years. That kind of bouncing around and challenging my body and digestive system seems to have set me up for some significant issues, not the least of which was a very significant weight gain during a challenging time in my life. Following the plan Erin lays out is easy, very (VERY!) satisfying and feels really good. My energy levels have sky-rocketed, my skin has cleared up, I’m sleeping better, have the energy to exercise, I WANT to get out more, and, yes, I’ve lost some weight. It’s a huge shift. I still have quite a bit of weight to release, but I know I am feeding my body in a healthy, balanced and real way – it shows in my skin and my demeanor, and people keep telling me how great I look. This is the way our bodies are supposed to be treated, and while I’ve had my slips, I feel so incredibly good when I follow the guidelines, I’ve gotten back to it easily and consistently over time. If you are struggling with issues around energy levels, sleeping poorly, appetite problems, cravings and you feel pretty much like you’ve tried everything else, this could be the last stop for you, like I believe it is for me. It’s a REAL solution, not just another fad. I highly recommend you try it out – the support is tremendous, both from Erin and from your fellow SSD participants – you’ll get answers to all your questions, and within just a few days, you’ll feel a huge difference. I know I did.” Payson Cooper New York, NY

Catherine’s Story:
The Sugar Smackdown was a profound experience for me. Although at first I was nervous, it was doable, and because it was doable, it gave me the impetus to stick with it. I couldn’t believe how delicious some of my meals were and how much better I could taste things. I had an experience where I ate an apple and to me it seemed as sweet as candy! There is something empowering about eating this way. And Erin is so encouraging and supportive, I wanted to keep going for her as well! I feel like this could be a life change for me, something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time but was never able to. Thank you Erin, for showing me the way! - Catherine Choi

Nancy’s Story
Thanks for a great class Erin. It was a very new way of eating (and thinking) for me, and I was surprised by the results. I’ve been counting calories for a few years and it’s now very liberating to focus on balancing, rather than measuring and restricting, my food. I’m glad I started as a calorie counter because I learned about nutrition and my body’s needs during that phase, but now I feel like I’ve graduated to a new level. During the course of three weeks, I lost my daily sugar cravings along with five pounds. My energy level is much more consistent and I don’t find myself inventing ‘necessary’ trips to the grocery store at 10pm… really just to grab some chocolate at the checkout line. I feel like I’ve discovered something great here, and my body is responding with enthusiasm! – Nancy Rudel

Ande’s Story
After years of dieting and battling with my fluctuating weight, I was at my wits end. Through doing the sugar smackdown, I have learned so much about how certain foods affect my body. I realized that I don’t just want to lose weight; I want to be healthy and feel better. That is exactly what the SSD has set me up to do. I haven’t looked or felt so good in a long time. I’ve already lost weight, my energy is up and I am so much more in tune with what my body needs. On top of teaching you how to better feed your body, the program provides so much incredible support. Between Erin’s weekly support calls and the facebook group, I never felt alone in my journey and always had a place to go for help when I needed it. That was so key for me in keeping myself on track. Knowing that I wasn’t alone made all the difference in the world. The SSD may seem extreme at first (Seriously? NO sugar? gah!) but it truly has transformed what my body craves and has made healthy choices seem so easy that I’ve wondered why I always thought it would be so hard. This program will change your life! It certainly changed mine! Thanks, Erin! -Ande
And more….
I love this and have recruited two friends to start this week! It was the perfect way to start the new year and heighten my awareness again for how much sugar is in our diets, even those of us who are more focused on health than the average person. And, like Erin, I lost 6 pounds! Woot! It wasn’t hard. Thank you Erin for being such a motivating force! I love your approach. You’re one bad-ass chick and I like that. Rock on!” -Andrea

“I feel better and I lost about 10 pounds. Thank you Erin for doing the challenge and putting it out there for everyone. I have become more aware of how much sugar is out there in our foods. I hope to stay away from the processed foods that are loaded down with sugar.” -Michael

“Believe me this is such a huge change for me and I could not have done it without the support from all of you. I feel I have really made the transition to a healthier lifestyle now and what a wonderful feeling of empowerment.  Just so you know – I wrote the reason why I was doing the program was for health reasons – I have an 80 to 90% blockage in my right carotid artery and my doctor wanted me to start on a statin, which I do not want to do. I have been working with a nutritionist since October. Since I started the 21-day Sugar Smackdown I lost 5 lbs. and almost 1.5 inches in my waist, hips, thighs, chest and upper abdomen. I had my blood drawn last week and since my last testing in September, my cholesterol dropped 31 points, triglycerides dropped 28 points, HDL went from 53 to 56 and my HDL Ratio dropped from 3.6 to 3.0. My LDL Cholesterol, Calc. dropped from 112 to 91. So needless to say I feel I am on the right path to getting healthier. Hope all of you are too!” -Judy

“I lost 15 pounds in 21 days!” -Tim

“I feel 1000 times better!” -Rachel

Curb your cravings or it's FREE! 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

In all the years I've been teaching on sugar cravings and coaching people through their cravings... I have never had a student who went through the program ask for a refund. NEVER. Not one refund. Zero. Zip. Nada. 

But... I want to take all the risk out of buying this program so I'm thrilled to let you take it for a test drive for 90 days. 

If you aren't 100% happy, just shoot me an email at hello @sugarcravingssmackdown.com and you'll get a refund asap. 

Beating your sugar cravings forever is literally just a click and download away.

Just $37


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