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Free Yourself from Back Pain

Watch this video to see how...

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I believe Barbara’s programs can help golfers of any age and any skill level …
Will Coleman Professional Golfer


I’m Barbara Depta, founder and CEO of Beyond Stretch and Certified High Performance Coach. This may be the most important message you’ve ever read.

I’ve coached many professional athletes through their back pain—superstars in every major sport from football to gymnastics.  Golfers are special to me because I’m married to a professional golfer. I’ve helped all of my clients bring an end to back pain, and I can help YOU!

Back Pain — The Challenge

You LOVE playing golf, and odds are also high to almost certain that you’re dealing with back pain right now.  

You’ve tried everything:

heaticepainkillerschiropracticphysical therapyacupuncturemaybe even surgery

You may have felt better for a while, but relief was only temporary. Some treatments may even have made it worse.

Eric Gioia, Client “…Surgery’s always an option, … I tried that and got foot drop…”

The bottom line is that your back still hurts.

It affects your game. You might be afraid the pain will eventually stop you from playing at all.

I Know Your Pain

I haven’t always had the excellent strength, mobility, and flexibility I enjoy now. I know your pain from my own experience.  As a four-year-old I excelled in gymnastics and showed great promise.  But that all changed when I broke my left elbow, at the age of eight.

The wrong diagnosis and treatment ended my career in gymnastics, and started years of pain—first in my elbow, later my shoulder, my neck, my knee.  

And of course, my back....

It didn’t end my passion for athletics. I devoured I could learn in my native Poland about the human body and athletic performance. But I knew there was more, and that led me to America. Here I earned a university degree in Health Sciences and launched my performance coaching business.

All of this time, I pursued every treatment I could find to deal with my own pain.

But I still hurt...

A New System that Works!

While developing my business and digging deep into the research, no treatment I found actually addressed the root causes of back pain. So I created my own method. It worked naturally, in harmony with the human body, leaving the entire system completely balanced.  

As I applied my new method to myself, I became pain free for the first time since childhood.

Coach to Superstars

One of my clients was a fabulous professional golfer named Will. We got married, and I wanted to help him, so I taught him my new movements and breathing patterns. His results were immediate and astounding, even to me!  

Soon other professional golfers were asking me teach them my new system. It worked for them all, and requests began to pour in from professionals in other sports. Before long, my coaching business consisted mostly of top, professional athletes. I became a trainer of superstars.


Not Just for Superstar Professional Athletes!

Not all superstars are professional athletes... The world is FILLED with superstars!  You are one of them.  I want to help EVERYONE. And you CAN be free from back pain—on the golf course and everywhere else in life.

My unique system—developed from extensive personal training, university education, and years of intense, exhaustive research, has delivered great results for everyone who’s used it.  

I really CAN help you. You can keep playing golf—this game you love—whatever your age.

And you can play with remarkable strength, great range of motion motion, clarity of mind, and profound joy.

I Can Be YOUR Coach

Just as I have coached professional athletes, especially top golfers, I can coach you.

You can have the same freedom from pain that I have delivered for high-profile athletes.

Coaching You Can Afford

What would you pay for freedom to play the game you love passionately, to play golf free from back pain?

Back surgery could easily be more than $10,000, and it carries no guarantee to solve the problem.

A full course of chiropractic treatment may be $3000-$5000, and will not provide the foundational balances that my training provides.

My personal clients pay me several thousand dollars for what I’m offering you.

But I’m completely committed that you have freedom from back pain at a price you can afford.

Act today and the program won’t cost you several thousand dollars....


 It won’t even cost you several hundred dollars....


That’s right. It will cost you less than ½ of one percent of the cost of back surgery, and it may very well save you from that surgery!


After Purchase You Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Freedom from Golfers’ Back Pain (BackPainFreedom.Golf members-only streaming video content)

The moment your purchase is complete, you will have immediate, lifetime access to the entire program. This is available online to stream instantly, for members only:
A special introduction -- Barbara tells you how to get the VERY MOST out of your program. A warm up routine you can perform standing up at the golf course -- or at home, in the gym, at the airport waiting for your flight, or ANYWHERE!
BackPainFreedom routines -- Barbara coaches you as Will demonstrates the movements
BackPainFreedom Routines -- Video #1, first set of movements, coached by Barbara and demonstrated by Will, first part of freedom from back pain! BackPainFreedom Routines -- Video #2, first set of movements for freedom from back pain!
Use these routines as they are explained and demonstrated, and you will be on your way to a true freedom from back pain.  Results with clients have been 100% success!

Bonus Gift for Taking Action TODAY

As a thank-you for purchasing my program TODAY, I’m going to give you a very special BONUS GIFT -- immediate access to my book Beat Back Pain Part 1.

This very special bonus is an online book, a perfect companion to my video coaching in the main program.  In this exceptional book, I give you advanced instructions to assess various kinds of back pain. Then I explain very specific exercises to build strength on the freedom you find from the BackPainFreedom program. And each of those exercises is illustrated with photographs of me performing the exercises.

This bonus is a key part of a program that sells very well, and my marketing team has advised me to offer it separately.  So I reserve the right to take remove this bonus from my at any time.

The Time to Act is NOW!

If you are tired of letting pain control your game, if you live in constant agony after your round, or if you can’t even finish the entire round, this is your next step. This is the program for you. We can do this together, I am here to help. The time to free yourself from back pain is NOW!!!

Just click the BUY NOW button below and let me start coaching you today!



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