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Fear No More...

You're In Control


No longer will the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you  notice threatening-looking strangers lurking in secluded areas.

Your first reaction might have been to  reach for your cell phone to call for help. Now you'll know exactly how to use your stun gun to promptly take control. It's your life -- Learn how to protect it NOW!!


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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Stun Guns

Learn how to immediately take control of your personal safety. You will never ... EVER... have to live in fear that you will not be able to protect yourself.

Over 100 Pages of Pure Content

Over 100 pages of compelling reading about stun guns, where they are legal, what models are available, how to get one, and how to use one.

Stun Gun vs.Taser

Ever wondered what about the difference between a stun gun and a Taser, and the pros and cons of each? Well, now you will know, in full detail.

Learn Exactly How to Defend Yourself

We give you easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions and illustrations on exactly how to defend  yourself with your stun gun.

Are Stun Guns Legal Where I Live?

We will tell you exactly where you can legally own a stun gun and give you resources where you can buy one.

Tom Swift...?! What's He Got To Do With Stun Guns & Tasers?

You’ll be amazed at the connection, as you learn about the fascinating background on the development of stun guns and Tasers. Great reading!

Awesome Future Stun Guns

Some pretty amazing stun guns are under development for the future. Some details have already been released and you can learn all about them!

Bonus Product #1: Illustrated Guidebook

Easy-to-Understand, Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Learn the Best Way to Use Your Stun Gun to Defend Against an Attack


Bonus Product #2: Types of Stun Devices Available Today

Take A Close Look At All The Various Stun Gun Devices Available On The Market (and links to where you can buy them right away!)

We've Made Reading As Easy As Possible

Take Stun And Run and the Guidebook wherever you go.

View on all of your favorite devices

Whether you are on the run with your eBook reader, at the office in front of your desktop, or relaxing at home with your laptop, you can read our eBook on any device that can open a PDF file.



Take A FREE Look At What the eBook Is All About

We have written Stun And Run and the accompanying guides to be as comprehensive as possible. You can easily skim through them and get to the interesting sections on the different types of stun guns, or the informative sections on using a stun gun... Or hunker down and really get into the history and legalities of owning a stun gun.


Find Out What Others Are Saying...

[]I can say with confidence if you’re worried about personal safety, this book is a must read. Everything you ever wanted to know about stun guns is covered very precisely. Stun guns are small, light and relatively simple to use, while being very effective. We do have the right to protect ourselves and this book presents an effective non-lethal means to do that. There are always pitfalls with buying stun guns and this book lays them out in a practical and effective manner.

- Robert George, [Sacramento, USA]

[]This is a modern book about stun guns and tasers, from their history to owning one and much more. I find it interesting and educational to read. The whole book is well written and the flow of the topics is smooth. The portion on the future of stun guns and tasers is especially fascinating. Overall, I would recommend the book not only for entertainment reading but to have the “know hows” of defending yourself with a stun gun if needed.

- Ryan Lowe, Singapore

[]I stay for extended periods in various countries for work. I have thought about stun guns for personal safety, but am worried where they are legal. This ebook gives me a clear idea where they can and cannot be used, and where to buy one. The entire book is filled with useful info and I highly recommend it.

- George Ivan, [Hamburg, Germany]


The ebook contains all the details stun gun types, legalities in different countries, anatomy of a stun gun, and how to use one properly.

I found the history of stun guns really interesting. I didn't know the idea of creating a modern stun gun today started way back to mid-1700's and it was because of an accident. The stun gun has been developed and improved from over time. The authors of this ebook really have studied the history very well.

- Izrul Fizal, Kuwala Lumpur, Malaysia

[]This book takes a close look at a type of self-defense device which comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and cost. It can be a confusing subject, but the prime purpose of this book is to help you answer questions about availability, reliability, cost, training, and legal issues. Finally it will help you answer the central question: Is this right for me?

- Tom j Dolan, former US Military Counter-intelligence Agent, [Los Angeles, USA]

[]I am really worried about personal safety and I was relieved to find Stun and Run. I was reassured to learn from the book that they are legal where I live. The chapters on the history and future of stun guns were very interesting, but I needed easy to understand info on how to use a stun gun, maintain it and where to buy one. That is exactly what the product delivers. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in stun guns.

- Carrie Young, Seattle, USA

Don't Live Another Moment In Fear....

Learn everything there is to know about owning your own stun gun and using it to defend yourself. Download your digital copy today.


Never again will you ever have to live in fear of threatening strangers leering at you or approaching you in secluded places. You will have all the confidence and skill you need to defend yourself.

Arm yourself with all the information you'll ever need to purchase, own and use a stun gun. Get back your self confidence and peace of mind TODAY!!


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If You Are Not Absolutely Stunned By Our eBook Set,  You Can Ask For A Refund Within 60 Days

Question? Concerns? Please feel free to contact us at our Support Center by clicking [here].

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