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Are you a Beginner or have Intermediate Knowledge of Hand Balancing?

What if You were Handed the Instructions to take a Bunch of Simple Tasks which Lead You Inevitably Down the Road to Hand Balancing Success?

Wouldn’t you listen and follow these steps? How much would they be worth to you?

Let me introduce you to The Orlick Method of Hand Balancing and the main who invented it.

Professor E.M. Orlick is one of the most highly qualified handbalancing authorities of all time. Over the years he has taught handbalancing to thousands of students in person and to countless thousands more through his courses, booklets, magazine articles, and via correspondence. His pupils can be found in every country in the world. Many of them have become instructors themselves and are now teaching the same effective Orlick Methods to their pupils. It is doubtful if anyone anywhere, in the entire history of gymnastics, has done so much to spread the "Art of Handbalancing" as Prof. E.M. Orlick.Anyone who is interested in handbalancing, for any reason whatever, whether amateur or professional, gymnast, acrobat, dancer, bodybuilder, weight-lifter, strength athlete, physical culturist, stunt man, diver, coach, teacher, physical instructor, or anything else, will benefit from Prof. E.M. Orlick's outstanding Handbalancing Courses. They are packed full of valuable information, are easy to understand, easy to follow, and more complete than anything else ever written about the exciting sport of HANDBALANCING.-Dr. R.J. Douglas

One Problem with Hand Balancing is Most People Don’t Know Where to Start...and It's Never the Obvious Answer!

Follow these misleading perceptions like I did early on and you are doomed to the long slow road in hand balancing if you even ever have any success at all.

The Orlick Method involves not ignorantly going after one stunt way beyond your abilities, but instead building up to it with a series of easier, lead-up stunts.

You'll find even more on why this is essential near the end of this page.

These lead-up stunts allow you to progress faster and further then you would otherwise.

Other books and courses, even coaches, may help you by showing you the moves but the real magic (and how you’ll actually progress to doing the moves) is in the system you follow in order to reach those hand balancing skills.

Everything you need to know to get started (and quickly) on learning hand balancing including how and when to train is covered.

Hand balancing will build great strength but there are certain exercises that can’t be beat in results and functionality. Whether you need to build the strength for a Tiger-Stand Press-up, the core strength to hold a difficult position, or fingers capable of clawing the ground to prevent any chance of overbalancing, everything you need is covered including:

    -17 Exercises for the Fingers, Wrists, and Forearms
    -10 Exercises for the Arms
    -5 Exercises for the Shoulders
    -18 Exercises for the Abdominals and Low Back
    -6 Exercises for the Legs

This is a complete course on getting into great shape but it is just the launching pad for what's coming next. Now that you are strong and prepared, discover:

    -The 7 Exercises to Develop the Muscular Control you Absolutely
      Must Have to Hold yourself Upside-Down
    -10 Headstand Variations that will build your Ability to
      Balance from any position
    -14 other Lead-Up stunts to prepare your mind and body for the
      handstand ahead, as well as being great tricks in and of themselves

Follow these steps and when you get started with the handstand you'll find you're already over half way there. Learn how to master the kick-up and some lesser known variations.

But the handstand is only the beginning. There is so much more:

-20 Different ways to position your Legs
-25 Different ways to position your Hands
-12 Different ways to position your Body and Head
-10 Different ways to change your Finger positions
-Add more variety with Body Twisting and Combination Moves
-9 Presses to Build the most Powerful Arms and Shoulders

I love this book because it is a very easy read. Professor Orlick breaks the info down into basic steps which are easy to follow and understand. The results I've seen from applying this information are incredible. At times a little slow, but once you break through a plateau it is incredible.
    -Sam Tito


And almost every single exercise is illustrated to show you the proper way to do it.
Once you have mastered the moves above you are in the big leagues and can go after even more exciting moves.

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