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Do you understand Revelation?

 Listen as God explains what will happen to the Earth until it is replaced by the new Earth and new Jerusalem

 Can you keep the side events separate from the prophecy?

Understand Revelation!

“Explore Revelation” is an exploration and exegesis of the book of Revelation. It is a complete verse-by-verse compilation of the Revelation that God gave to Jesus Christ. The Apostle John received Revelation from Jesus Christ. John was instructed to reveal some things for the benefit of mankind. John recorded Revelation in the latter part of the first century. This is a 150 page, 8 1/2 X 11, color, document in the form of an eBook.

 But, why should you listen to me? About the Author.

 Julius M. (Scotty) Scott is a retired Electronics Engineer. I worked for Sperry Gyroscope Company for 17 years. Sperry was a defense contractor and nearly everything was classified. My first electronic designs there were with vacuum tubes. We later converted to transistors then to integrated circuits and finally to computers. I was a Research and Development Engineer for Sperry. I did a lot of work there with Ships Inertial Navigation Systems.

In 1969 I joined Ford Aerospace at the Johnson Manned Space Center in Houston. I was with Ford Aerospace for 21 years. Most projects at Ford Aerospace were public domain and open to the public. One of my projects there was the Color Scan Converter. The first Video back from the Moon the Broadcast Industry accepted and converted to broadcast video. The Broadcast Industry found the Video had so many problems that they demanded NASA provide broadcast standard video or they would not broadcast NASA’s video. I was the lead Engineer on the project that provided the equipment that converted the space video to Broadcast Standard Video. Guess you can blame me for all that NASA video you had to watch. I was a Senior Engineering Specialist for Ford Aerospace.

At Ford Aerospace I did not go to work I went to play. Being in the middle of so many fascinating things made my days go fast. My best days were spent chasing electrons around a printed circuit board. 

I have earned a BSEE from Hofstra University (GPA 3/4) on Long Island, New York and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the University to Houston (GPA 3.85/4) in Houston, Texas. I was part of the honors program in both of these Universities. I am currently part of the doctoral program at Liberty University.

Since retirement I have been fascinated with Bible Study and the book of Revelation. I have attended every Revelation class that has been presented in my vicinity for the past 24 years. I have led the study of Revelation in three different churches.

I have found much conflicting opinions in what is being taught about Revelation. I have prepared for you all the best of what I have learned about Revelation. My desire is that you receive as much joy from our loving God, as presented in Revelation, as I have. I have published “Explore the Book of Revelation,” “Explore the Book of James,” and “Explore the Gospel According to John.” I have written but not published “Explore the Book of Romans,” “Explore the Book of Malachi,” and “Explore the Gospel According to Matthew” and am currently writing “Explore the Book of Acts.” My mission now is to put the existing books on sale with ClickBank; and work toward completing Bible Study books for the other Books of the Bible.

In His Love

Julius M. (Scotty) Scott


The problem with Revelation

When I first started studying Revelation I had trouble keeping the time periods straight. There were so many side activities that I would get them mixed up with the prophecy. After a few readings of Revelation they began to take an organized place in God’s Love story to humanity. Have you ever became confused while reading Revelation? Have you ever lost your place, chronological, as you are reading Revelation? I believe most people have to put more effort into Revelation, to obtain a reasonable understanding, than any other book of the Bible.

Revelation is God’s love story about what will happen to the Earth in the future. The Prophecy contained in Revelation details what will happen to the Earth until it is replaced by a New Earth and New Jerusalem. This is God’s invitation to His Sons and Daughters to join Him in Heaven at the place He has prepared for us for eternity. God desires a relationship with each of His Sons and Daughters. 

Within Revelation there are major information events that help explain God’s love for mankind and His desire to have a relationship with all people. He is now preparing a place for all who will believe. He has removed all obstacles for you, and only requires that you believe. He will take care of all the steps of purification that will be required to be in the presence of God. 

One gains insight into the reason for Satan and why he must be on Earth from Revelation. Reading “Explore Revelation” clarifies the purpose and necessity for the existence of  Satan. God could have put Satan anyplace He desired, and He chose Earth. That is also where God put His favorite creation, Mankind. 

The understanding of Revelation is extremely important to understanding the remainder of the Bible. The relationship God desires with His creation (mankind) is not expressed in any other book of the Bible as completely as it is in the book of Revelation.


Most studies of Revelation use other than Biblical information to help explain this marvelous book. Explore Revelation uses only the Truth from God’s holy word to explain Revelation.

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What other people are saying.

My Pastor
What an amazing work and labor of love. I commend you on your diligence and desire to be both a student and teacher of God’s Revelation. I intend to keep your work as a resource for my future exploration and exegesis of Revelation. Thank You!
Dr. Brain K Whitney

My Publisher
I highly refer and recommend to you this Outstanding work by Mr. Julius Scott as a MUST read and study for all Bible Scholars and researchers. Mr. Scott has completed a verse-by-verse compilation of the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ that compares favorably with all completed works to date by other authors.
Marvin Forehand, Scholar and Educator

My Daughter
Hi dad, keep up the good work in your bible study! Love you Nancy
Nancy Scott-Biggs

My Customers
I am really enjoying your book on “Explore Revelations” – WOW! 
What a goldmine.
Thank you for sharing with us.
We love you and Isabelle!

WOW! I have read through chapter six of your Book and am being blessed.
I am not a scholar like you and cannot comprehend it all, but it is challenging and such a blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What you can learn from “Explore Revelation”

Would you like to know what caused John to write Revelation?

     * What does John say about the risen Jesus Christ?

     * What is the relationship between Pastors and Jesus Christ?

     * What is the relationship between Teachers and Jesus Christ?

     * Does Christ have instructions for the Universal Church of today?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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Would you like to visit God?

Would you like to have a glimpse of God’s throne?

     * What is contained in the scroll that God has in His right hand?

     * Who is qualified to open the seals of the scroll in God’s hand?

     * Do you want to know what will happen to the Earth in the future?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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Would you like to know the future of Earth?

Would you like to know what has happened and is continuing to happen to our Earth?

     * What about those that have been martyred for their belief in Jesus Christ?

     * Where are they?

     * What will happen to them?

     * Are these judgments or revelations from God?

     * Will one quarter of Earth’s population be killed?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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Will mankind crucify the earth as it did God’s Son?

Is mankind capable of destroying the Earth we live on?

     * Will mankind destroy God’s Earth?

     * When Earth is destroyed who will save mankind and restore the Earth?

     * Will there be a harvest of believers from the Earth?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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When mankind crucifies Earth what will happen to the restored Earth?

What happens after the seal revelations are complete?

     * Will the Jews ever believe in Jesus Christ?

     * Will the Jews become messengers for Jesus Christ?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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How intense are the next set of God’s revelations?

What will happen to the restored Earth in the next set of God’s revelation?

     * Will God mark His followers?

     * Will Satan mark his followers?

     * Will some revelations be directed only to Satan’s followers?

     * Will one third of the earth’s population be killed?

     * Will there be a final battle between good and evil?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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Is Christ Victorious?

Is Christ victorious over the non-believers?

     * What is the “Great Prostitute?”

     * What is the “Scarlet Beast?”

     * What is the “Great Red Dragon?”

     * Is Satan confined for 1,000 years?

     * Is Satan released after the 1,000 years confinement?

     * Why is Satan released after the 1,000 years?

     * Why is Satan necessary?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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Are you ready for the Final Judgment?

Will there be a final judgment?

     * Who will be the Judge at the final judgment?

     * Will everyone be individually judged?

     * Will you be judged on your beliefs?

     * Will you be judged on your deeds?

     * Will this judgment determine if you go to heaven or hell?

     * Will there be a new much larger Earth?

     * Did John receive instructions on what to do with some revelations?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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What is mankind’s most significant event?


Is Christ’s birth, death and resurrection the most significant event in mankind’s existence?

     * Is the cosmic importance of Christ’s birth revealed?

     * Will all evil ever be destroyed?

     * Is Christ victorious in his fight against evil?

     * Does Revelation have a warning about its use?

     * Find out in “Explore Revelation.”

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What Professional Book Reviewers say

 Richard R. Blake 

Explore the Book of Revelation

Julius M. Scott

Infinity Publishing (2009)

ISBN 9780741456465

Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/09)  

Julius M. Scott’s “Explore the Book of Revelation” is a chapter-by-chapter exposition of the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ as revealed to John the Apostle on the Isle of Patmos. Scott shows how the book of Revelation reveals Christ’s identity and God’s plan for the end of the world as we know it today. His book is an excellent resource for the exegesis of the apostle John’s Apocalypse. It is a good introductory study and guide for all Bible scholars and researchers, a well-rounded handbook for the study of the book of Revelation. 

Scott discusses in some detail the main themes of Revelation, for example: The message to the seven churches, God’s throne room, the opening of the seven seals, the seven part judgment, the temple of God and the altar, the great conflict between God and Satan, the birth and life of Jesus, his death and resurrection, the new heaven and the new earth, and the New Jerusalem. He talks about the poetic approach, the symbolic language which the apostle John used, and the imagery through which he revealed a victorious Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  

Scott does not attempt to fix the date for the time of the Last Judgment and the establishment of God’s Kingdom. He does point out many of the events that we can watch for which are revealed through the study of the book of Revelation.  

Scott’s writing will be helpful to scholars. He uses an easy to understand layman’s language which provides a wealth of insight and information, easily adaptable for individual or small group Bible study, for incorporating in church Bible classes, or as curriculum or recommended reading for Bible School and Seminary study.  

Because the book of Revelation is often misunderstood with conflicting opinions and a divergence of interpretations there will be those who will disagree with some of Scott’s conclusions; however, all will acknowledge that it brings “the message of infinite love, power, and justice of the Lord Jesus Christ.” It is written to bring encouragement, inspiration, and practical teaching on Christian living to all who read and study its’ contents.  

It is Scott’s prayer that his readers will get to know God better and learn to trust him more completely through the reading of “Explore the Book of Revelation.”


 Monique Burkes

Revelation teaches about who God is and what He will do for us. The prophecies are important principles about Gods character. Revelation allows you to know God better and trust him completely.

 Obviously, Mr. Scott is super smart, and extremely passionate about the Bible. You cannot read a single page without realizing this. He believes wholeheartedly in the subject he’s teaching, and his passion is contagious!

But when we place our lives in Christ’s hands, He restores us now and resurrects us later to an eternal, peaceful relationship with him. (p 24)

This isn’t a cheat sheet of Revelation. It is an in-depth study about last book in the Bible. The author takes the chapters in Revelation and breaks them down into more manageable chunks. He supports his statements using other verses in the Bible, and explains every verse in an easy-to-read manner. While the book isn’t readable in just a few short settings, it is a very good book to reference as you’re reading through Revelation in your bible study journey.

The author has a really good, really concise summary of the book at the very end. This could actually be a starting point for a quick reference – and then go back to the individual chapter for additional information.

The Bible starts with the creating of the universe and ends with the creation of a New Heaven and New Earth. (p 156)

This is a keeper Bible reference book for your bookshelf.

Reviewed on 06/17/2010 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Monique Burkes

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“Explore Revelation’s” Rock Solid Satisfaction Guarantee

Buy Explore Revelation and if you do not understand Revelation

I will refund your $97 without hesitation.

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In His Love

Julius M. (Scotty) Scott


P.S. Revelation is the only source of true information about the future of Earth.


P.P.S. The Lord God Almighty (Father) is the information source for Revelation.


P.P.P.S. When you understand Revelation you can have enlightening conversations about Revelation.

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