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The most OVERLOOKED population in “competitive” fitness is hands down the Masters Division. Without a shadow of doubt, MASTERS are continuously treated like second class citizens at some of the BIGGEST events in the sport, and I’m sitting back here scratching my head wondering:  Why?

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Mike Casavant and I am 32-year-old Strength & Conditioning coach based out of Boston, Massachusetts.  I have been in this racket for the last 6 years, and solely working with Masters athletes over the last 2 years.

The reason I started focusing on the Masters division is pretty simple.

There was NOTHING for MASTERS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve trained a ton of younger maniacs that still, to this day, blow my mind with their abilities.  But, it’s a different drive that I see in Masters athletes that gets me up in the morning.

Just about everywhere I looked for “Masters Specific” training brought me to one dead end after another and I vowed that I would lead, mold, and create a platform for the Masters division that was unlike anything seen before.

Which brings us — and you — to this page.

Welcome to the Iron Force Athletics Online Masters Coaching Program

[Click HERE to try the Iron Force Inner Circle for a BUCK for Two Weeks, then $37/mo if you decide to keep the subscription.]

For you, the first two weeks of the program are JUST ONE DOLLAR! If you like what you are getting from us and are seeing yourself get stronger, you don’t have to do anything, you will start getting billed $37 a month to the info you provided and you will keep crushing it with us every single day! Product will show up as “Clickbank” on your statement!

“How would you like an expert coach for EVERY facet of your training?”

Step into The Iron Force Inner Circle:

Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Mobilization, Nutrition, Strongman and Conditioning experts at your disposal

Upon registration:
You will be introduced to the other athletes around the world that have been running our programs and are just as eager as you to continue evolving and reaching your goals You will have DIRECT communication with each of our coaches for daily video critiques, guidance, program questions, motivation, and a TON of laughs You will have EXCLUSIVE discounts on several companies that we work closely with You will also have access to our video vault of tutorials breaking down each movement so you KNOW how WE want you to train ACCESS to multiple levels of programming perfect for everyone from the BUSY Masters athlete who wants to get in and out of the gym in an hour to the elite competitor looking DOMINATE the opens, regionals, and games. 
The Program

Iron Force Athletics 4-Horse Philosophy


The programs like the triangle above will dictate how you’ll move through the program depending on the goal of the actual program. Each phase will have a more focused approach but will always hover around these four training protocols.

The key here is to find the magical balance where you’re getting stronger while increasing your work capacity AND moving proficiently through skills and gymnastic work.  

Even though we are running a progressive strength protocol, we’ve found a way to combine everything you’d need to continue the evolution of your competitive endeavors, without having to be in the gym for endless hours.

Get Mobilized-Increase Strength-Build Your Engine

Power SubMax Loads At INSANE Speeds

Do it all in a well thought out program


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