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Need pipe size quickly for a design?

Get the 10 Second Pipe Guide!

Simple to get the right diameterAll you need is the flow rateWill pay for itself in your time after use on one projectNo guess work for estimators, pipe designers, project engineers in early project stageHandy reference for the engineerDownload in pdf formatSATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY BACK!

The 10 second pipe guide is simple to use for obtaining the correct pipe diameter when the flow rate is known.  For years, engineers who design pipe systems use a handy guide based on one schedule of pipe thickness for a quick read on velocity.  The velocity is then used to establish a pipe size.  The guide comes from a few different sources, but usually same principle.  Other ways of obtaining the same information are spreadsheets and custom computer programs.  While both of those are necessary for the engineer, he still picks up the guide when away from his computer or in a meeting or in some other hurried situation for a quick size estimate based on a target velocity.

This guide is simply a configuration of standard velocities to suit pipe sizes.  The engineer, designer or estimator can quickly size pipe for many situations with ease.  Imagine a contract design where the estimated pipe actually matches the final tested installation… where the estimate is what actually gets purchased.  Engineers know many factors keep that from happening in the real world, but this guide will empower the estimator/ engineer to narrow the gap quickly and move on to more pressing matters.

The time saved will pay for the initial up front cost and provide handy use for years to come.  Sure, a crafty engineer can duplicate it, but he will spend more time crafting it than the cost.  Time is money.



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