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What If You Could Reprogram Your Mind For More Happiness, Fun, Success and Freedom? Introducing An Eight Week Guided Transformative Meditation Course.

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Are you OVER feeling stressed out, disheartened with life, overwhelmed with challenges and confused about your life direction?

What If You Could View Life Differently?


What if the stresses of your job no longer bothered you?What if you saw your relationships and your family in new light?What if you woke up to each day feeling calm and peaceful?What if you looked towards your future with certainty?


You're about to discover the keys to unlocking ongoing happiness, contentment, joy & bliss in your life.

Each week, you'll receive new insights into understanding the links between your mind and body, allowing you to remove negative thoughts and associations which link you to states of continual unhappiness.

Following on from your learnings, you'll be guided on a meditation which will help you easily and effortlessly install new insights, patterns and beliefs like a monk!

Life Is About To Get A Lot More Awesome!

Gain a Greater Awareness of Your Body

Do you find yourself fidgeting when you meditate? Do you struggle to unwind when you try to relax? You'll explore some simple techniques getting you back in touch with your body and allowing you to enter a meditative state with ease.

Make Peace With Your Mind

Is your mind always switched on? Do you find yourself always thinking, always playing out scenarios in your head? Are you constantly at war with your mind to be able to switch off? You'll discover some simple techniques to help you get in control of your thoughts, and have a greater awareness of how your most active thoughts rule your life.

Renew Confidence In Yourself

Do you struggle with valuing yourself; your mind, your body and your abilities? You'll switch the love back on, practising gratitude for your life and your accomplishments. You'll feel a renewed sense of confidence in yourself and become unstoppable!

Invite Happiness & Fun

Do you find yourself being a little too serious? It's time for this to change! When you get back in sync with your future path and all your awesomeness, you'll naturally start trusting life, smiling more, laughing more and having more fun!

This Course Contains

Course Introduction Weekly Learnings Audio Weekly Meditation Learning Workbook PDF


About The Authors

Anthony and Joel are a father and son team. With over 30 years practising  as a wellness coach and natural health practitioner, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge in meditation, alternative health and wellness to help you regain and maintain your health and support you on your journey towards fulfilment. Anthony has many years experience in practising and teaching meditation and natural healing, having run regular workshops and healing groups.

Joel is a transformative mindset coach, who brings great insight into tapping into the power of your mind and unlocking your full power and potential. He has reached thousands of people with his online meditations.

See what others have said about Joel's online meditations*:

'oh my goodness. I've never been one to meditate but this has changed me!...' - Sarah J

'your voice is filled with joy! thank you for sharing this and helping me start my day with positivity! love and light xoxo' - zoexuberant

'the best meditation I've tried so far. I will use it daily thank you' - lesley100431

'Really beautiful and very helpful. Thank you for sharing this. My blessings to the light in you !!!' - analia pereyra

* comments made are in reference to one of Joel's YouTube meditations available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nLJOeZ4uaI

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Part One: Identify & Remove Old Programming

In the first four weeks, the focus is to understand how your body and mind work. You’ll get a greater awareness of how your mind and body contribute to your overall happiness, and have a look at where you are now.

Week #1 - Body And Breath Awareness Meditation

Discover how to relax your body to enter a meditative state. Practise a simple secret to enhance your body rhythm using your breath.

Week #2 - Mind Awareness Meditation

Master how to relax and calm your mind when things are a little crazy inside your head. Increase awareness of your mind, improving emotional and mental intelligence. Break instinctive thought patterns before they become negative habits.

Week #3 - Emotional Triggers Meditation

Explore how to become the observer which will free you from the intensity of stress. Discover how to let go of unwanted emotions. Understand the chemistry and hormones of stress. Uncover thoughts which trigger negative emotions and know what to do about them.

Week #4 - Embracing The Shadow Meditation

Practise actively removing negative, repetitive emotions thought patterns. Explore your preferred learning mode as you install new positive impressions. Expose your subconscious hidden beliefs or shadow aspect of your personality, allowing you to make beneficial changes. Replace old memories with new perspectives which make life much lighter and more enjoyable.

Part Two: The Transformation Begins!

From week five to eight, the real transformation begins!

Week #5 - The Inner Smile Meditation

Understand the two sides of meditation and how important they are to achieve balance. Gain the physical benefits of meditation as well as mental awareness and connection. Master an ancient, simple meditation technique to rapidly switch on feelings of happiness and gratitude.

Week #6 - Loving Kindness Meditation

Achieve deeper levels of calmness quickly. Discover how to increase your overall energy. Open your heart and bring more happiness into your life.

Week #7 -Time Travel Creative Visualization

Master a simple technique to start your day feeling calm and confident. Uncover resistance and what's happening to your mind when you get distracted. Take a glimpse into your future, feeling calm and confident about your path ahead. Explore your life purpose.

Week #8 - The Inner Orbit Meditation

Master advanced techniques on relaxing and de-stressing. Discover a traditional technique to build up internal energy which creates the life of your dreams. Develop a skill which enhances states of peace, joy and love in your life.


Xmas Launch Special


Promotional offer expires 31 December 2015 and will retail at $197.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are the meditations?

A: Most meditations are between 15 - 30 minutes length. 

Q: How often do I need to listen to the meditations?

A: Each week, you'll have a new meditation to listen to. We recommend you listen to the meditation twice daily.

Q: I've been meditating for years and meditate quite often. Will I still get benefit from this course?

A: Yes, however this course is designed for beginner meditators. Some of the content will not be relevant for you. 

Q: I've tried meditation before and it hasn't worked. Why would this be any difference?

A:  I'll be honest with you, meditation does take time and practise and many give up before they truly start to see results. However, the outcome is worth it! We are here to share with you how to make meditation easier through our weekly learnings and then guide you into a deep, relaxing meditation. A guided meditation makes a huge difference.

Q: How will this product be delivered, and in what format?

A: Once your payment is finalised, you'll be directed to the digital downloads page enabling you to download the entire course to your computer. The audio files are delivered in .mp3 format, allowing you to easily transfer to your media player. You'll also receive a PDF document with a transcript of the weekly learnings.

Q: I have other questions not mentioned above. How can I get in contact with you?

A: For any sales enquiries or product support, please email us at contact@8happinesssecrets.com. 

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