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Discover How You Can Make Money Even
In Your Sleep By Becoming A Real
Affiliate Marketing Ninja

The best part is that you don’t even need any experience,
because you’ll be shown how to start from scratch!

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of having to wake up every morning to go to a job you you’re not particularly enthusiastic about and get back way less than you give?

Or are you tired of your life basically repeating itself, over and over again, with no drastic changes, but hey, it’s in your comfort zone, so you don’t give it much thought, right?

Most of all, I know I was tired of people quoting “You gotta to risk it to get the biscuit.” What does that even mean?

But then you hear all those stories of people that left everything they knew and started some wild online business or something, and suddenly they had both the time and money to go on a trip around the world and there they were, posting pictures with an elephant in a jungle.

I always wondered “How do you people manage this?” I’d look at my life and how hard I worked to maintain a normal life, basically, and I’d think to myself “Life is just so unfair.”

It would seem that people that are doing no work at all somehow get lucky and get to live this adventurous lifestyle, while my idea of an adventure is going on a weekend trip to visit my folks.

After a while, you have all these questions popping into your head, like “What am I doing wrong here? Why can’t I afford this kind of life? What do I have to do to live the way I want to live?”

It’s not about all that hard work, you know you work just as hard as anybody, I know I do. I also know that all I had to show for, after all that hard work, was more money, in my boss’ wallet, that is.

But I continued feeling like this, up until the point where I decided that enough is enough.

This is where I decided to…

Stop Wondering “What If” And Risk It

Hi, my name is Andreas and the reason I’m talking to you about these things is because I’ve been where you've been, and have felt as you might be feeling now.

You see, I’ve had to make some major decisions and risk in life to get where I am today. I can’t say my path was easy, but I managed to dig my way out of this dull ‘hole’ I used to call ‘life.’

Let me elaborate.

I grew up in a wealthy family, which lead to me being pretty much delusional about how the world works and how hard life could be sometimes. I had my own little protected bubble, in which I had anything I would want, without a care in the world or any real ambition to make something out of myself and my future. I grew up pretty arrogant and snotty, just as you would imagine a typical “rich kid” to be.

Well, let me tell you this - the phrase “the bigger they are, the harder they fall ” is as accurate as they get. You see, my cosy, hibernated lifestyle didn’t last or go according to my selfish plans, since my family hit financial rock bottom at one point and went completely bankrupt.

We had to leave our home, move to Australia and start this brand new life, in which we were starting from scratch. I was completely and utterly horrified at the fact that we were broke. But that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part was that I had to make this huge contribution to the family to help out.

So there I was, struggling to balance my studies and the multiple jobs I had to juggle in order to have enough to help our family live in the shadow of what we used to be. It was pretty rough and I took it pretty hard, too.

I eventually became exhausted, and gave into this vicious cycle of working for someone else, and barely having enough for basic needs. The life of luxury I was used to was pretty much behind me, and I had no intention nor ambition to try and achieve this on my own.

The worst part was that…

No Matter How Hard I Worked,
Things Never Seemed To Be Changing

You see, I came a long way from a spoiled rich kid to the man I am today. In some cases, it’s not your family that teaches you some valuable life lessons, or even school or society, but those difficult circumstances in life that force you to grow up before your time.

From a lazy, good-for-nothing, I became a diligent and hard worker. I worked 9 to 5, and sometimes even extra hours. It was a job, nothing special, just a job, like any other. The pay was ok, again, nothing special, definitely not enough to maintain an interesting life.

And so, my life became boring, filled with rituals and routines. The worst thing that can happen to a person is to watch themselves become unrecognizable. This happened to me. I became a person I didn’t recognize - a boring, working man, with no ambitions or enthusiasm. I started listening to other people’s stories about their lives and how interesting they all seemed.

“This year, we’re going to go swim with the dolphins in Hawaii.”

I started wondering how were these people capable of maintaining such a fabulous lifestyle without having to worry about work, missing deadlines, because they were too busy swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii.

I became intrigued, and this was something that hasn’t happened to me in a long, long time. So I started asking around. I wanted to know how. Basically, I wanted to know how I could live a completely different life.

This Is Where I First Heard The Term “Affiliate
Marketing” And Immediately Decided I Had
To Look Further Into It

It was a phrase people have been throwing around, whenever I’d ask them about the money they were making and the free time I thought they were wasting.

People started telling me about online business and their success and how it helped them get to the place they are at. Once again, I was intrigued, but those pieces of information they provided me with were not enough.

I started doing my own research on the side. I must admit, I kind of felt guilty, since I felt like I was entertaining this idea of an online business while still maintaining my regular job. It was almost as If was having an affair with this new and secret concept of an online business, that was building up more and more in my head.

It seemed like the safest risk I could take, and so I decided that this is one journey I simply must take. I decided that this was my chance at happiness, and that if it worked for others, it has to work for me.

It started as a massive Internet and book search. There were all these ‘gurus’ telling me what I should or shouldn’t do, when talking about affiliate marketing, and I was just overall confused. I suddenly had all this information bundled up and I had no clue what in the world I was supposed to do now. They say you’re never more lost than when you’re just beginning with something. That couldn’t be more true.

However, after a while, I decided to take my research to the next level and check out some courses. This is when I had an eye-opening and mind-blowing revelation and experience. I attended a seminar held by Anthony Robbins, that inspired me and shook me to my core.

This is where I made a decision that maybe I’m just not the follower type. This is where a leader was woken up inside of me and a shift happened, from being someone wishing for a change, to someone being the change itself.

I Decided To Create My Own Formula For Success And Take The Biggest Yet Best Risk I Ever Took In My Life

I was definitely done feeling like a failure and a misfit. I was done with barely surviving. I wanted to start living.

I took all the advice I could find, I used all the tricks I’ve learnt and started piling up all the useful information I had on affiliate marketing, in order to create something unique, something different, something that could do me proud.

Sure, there were some ups and downs, and certain mistakes were made, but I was determined. I quit my job and put all of my hopes and faith into this one shot. Yes, that might have been silly of me, not to have a back up plan or anything. But I finally knew what “You gotta to risk it, to get the biscuit” meant.

This is when I decided to direct all of my focus and attention to finding the absolute best way of promotion.

Some tips I would found online were simply inadequate, so I started coming up with my own tricks. I decided to put this method to the test and it brought me amazing results.

But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to make sure I was hitting the right target audience, and so I developed certain methods for traffic segmentation.

I included quizzes, surveys and it started bringing me subscribers. I couldn’t believe my eyes at the attention I was receiving.

The truth is that I had the right attitude and people started noticing that. They noticed that I have created something legit. This is how I started getting subscribers. My work was finally noticed and it certainly payed off.

The longer I was in this world, the more it gave back. My formula was spot on. It gave more than I put into it. All the investments I’ve made, all the courses I’ve paid, it all came back doubled... no - tripled.

My business started booming, I was getting more than what I was earning back in the day, and the best part of all - I had time.

I had the means and the time to do what I wanted. I finally knew how it felt to be making money, with the least amount of effort possible, even in your sleep, all by making the right choices and the right investments.

My choice to start my online business and join the world of affiliate marketing was great, but my choice to create my own version and formula of it was even better, because it made all the difference in the world, between surviving and living.

I want to show you something extraordinary...

Ninja Affiliate System

Discover How To Join In On The Affiliate Marketing System And Earn Money Without Having To Sacrifice A Thing By Using My Proven Formula

This is a step-by-step video course, that reveals everything I have worked on and that has brought me success. It is a result of both my research and my actual experience.

This course is designed in a way that is easy to follow, yet it is also thorough because I don’t intend to keeping anything from you. I want you to know all of my secrets, because I firmly believe that if it worked out for me, it will definitely work out for you, because you have something I didn’t - a heads up and a jump start.

It will also show you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and both creating, or boosting your online business to unimaginable heights, even if you don’t have any experience or even if you don’t have an idea what is it that you want to do exactly.

But don’t worry, you’ll learn everything. Here’s exactly what you’ll discover in my course:

How to use my “sell without selling” technique and find the best campaigns that will allow you to emerge as a true affiliate ninja How to minimize advertising costs by sorting your prospects based on their interests What are the right products to promote and specifically how to choose them like a champ My list of top websites to use to promote your products with instant results How to use autoresponder e-mails as your secret weapon closing more sales than any of your competitors How to increase your success rate and efficiently boost your conversions by using my state-of-the-art traffic segmentation technique How to use “soft-selling” emails to set up your new business for major long-term success Specifically how to build your very own email list using my simple list building methods How to use surveys as a special ninja trick when promoting affiliate products How to create Facebook ads that will drive massive traffic to any site or page you desire
Once you start getting into the system, you’ll start feeling like a true ninja affiliate!

And much, much more!

Click On The Button Bellow To Get The “Ninja Affiliate System” Course

Only $27

My Formula Revolves Around A Strategy
That Could Ensure You Earn More Than
You’ve Invested My List Of Successful
And Satisfied Clients To Back Me Up

The methods I’m going to show you in this course are a result of all of my tedious research and the very last of my finances invested into the purchase of resources. However, I always start from my own example. I was once in your shoes, so why not give something back to someone who has had so much taken from them already?

This is why I am offering a course that can ensure you earn way more than you have ever invested into any course.

But see, this is not just something I’m making up.

Having done some research, I’ve come to certain statistics that show that almost 1 billion people, has turned to online businesses as their source of income. And this was calculated by the end of 2014. Could you imagine what the numbers will be in a couple of years?

This is where you have a choice to make. Do you want to go back to your boring old life, where you work to live, and live to work, OR, do you want to take the ultimate risk and take a leap of faith, in which there is a possibility of a whole new world opening up for you?

The choice is yours.

Well, this is just a roughly estimated number I got, when I sat down and calculated all of the money I’ve invested into coming up with all that I’m offering. I know my family was pushing me to sell it for a bigger price. But honestly, I’ve learnt my lesson in life, and I decided to cherish humility and humble beginnings.

I understand that not everyone is in the position to afford such a price. Hey, a few years ago $300 was quite the luxury for me, as well.

This is why I want to make it easy and accessible for anyone willing to take the risk I took a couple of years ago.

However, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, since that’s not all I have to offer you today.

Beside the course itself, I'm offering a nice little cherry on top - a special bonus for anyone who decides to take action and join me on this journey, by purchasing the Ninja Affiliate System course.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #1:
Done For You Segmentation Quiz

I have previously mentioned that one of the things you will be covering in the course is the importance of traffic segmentation and the role quizzes play in this process. This is why I am going to include a pre-made quiz designed to segment your traffic and subscribers based on the answers they give.

It took me a while to really figure out what certain people and groups want, and so trust me when I say that things will simply be faster and way more simple for you than they were for me, because I didn’t have anyone to give out these pre-made goodies, so make sure you make the best of them!

Simply click the button below to get immediate access to the Ninja Affiliate System members area and become a powerful ninja in the affiliate marketing world in just a few hours from now.
Value $324
Only $27

Your 100% 60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

I invite you to use my Ninja Affiliate System and get started on your journey of creating your own online business and becoming an affiliate, as much as you want in the next 60 days. And if for whatever reason you’re not absolutely amazed by the results you’re getting, just send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Whatever reason you may have, I believe it’s a legitimate one. Maybe you didn’t like the sound of my voice, who knows. Or maybe you just didn’t see the results you thought you would see.

Let me know and I will issue a refund, absolutely no questions asked.

You see, what I am doing here is taking all the risk on my back, so you have nothing to worry about. I’m not in it for the money, trust me, I have more than enough thanks to my own system, but I want you to experience this as well.

To start getting the kind of results I just described, all you need to do is click on the button below and get instant access to my course.
Value $324
Only $27

I sincerely look forward to hearing all about your future success and achievement, because I have become a convert and a firm believer in that biscuit phrase. This is why I am encouraging you to risk it and seize the day, in order to make your life into what you’ve always imagined it to be, as well as be the change that you want to see in the world!
Andreas Wijaya
P.S. I really hope you don’t miss out on an opportunity like this. You are being given a chance to learn from someone who has been in your shoes and has been through what you have. Take the opportunity and learn how to create your very own legacy, without having to think about things like experience, skill or talent. All you need is pure will-power, and there is no doubt in my mind that you can do it!

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