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Learn How To Feel TOTALLY Confident Talking In Front Of A Video Camera...

I can help you to become the confident, engaging speaker on video that you naturally are. You will very quickly notice yourself developing and becoming connected to your innate confidence. You will realise YOU can speak without an autocue, you will trust yourself when structuring your content and you will be able to film and edit your own video, without spending a fortune! You will soon love speaking on camera and notice the huge business benefits of using video to market what you do and to the right people. You will learn exactly how to feel TOTALLY confident talking in front of a video camera

Anyone, at any level can connect with their natural ability to be a successful and fearless speaker on video. Someone starting from scratch has just as much potential as someone that considers themselves to be an experienced expert. Whether you have planned, structured and filmed videos before or not, you have the potential to become a master of video for your business.

How To Look & Feel COMPLETELY Natural With NO Autocue Or Prompts...Learn How To Plan & Structure Your Presentation Or Talk For Camera...How To Shoot & Edit Your Own PROFESSIONAL Videos WITHOUT SPENDING A PENNY!Find Out How You Can Use Online Video To MAXIMISE Your Business Marketing...

Ready to get started? If you already know you want to enrol and want to jump right to the enrolment page, [click here to pay monthly in UK Pounds]. If you would like to benefit from my annual offer, [click here to pay annually in UK Pounds.] If you aren’t liable for UK Tax (for example you are from Ireland, or the United States, simply [click here to pay monthly in Dollars] or you can[ click here to pay annually in Dollars ]without paying tax. Of course please don’t use this option if you are in the UK).  If you have a question before you enrol, just click here to send an email and we’ll get back to you straight away.

This programme is worth £5000!

You are going to get £5000 worth of online training from me for a fraction of that! That’s what it would cost were I to coach you one-to-one. I wanted to create an online learning platform so that my ideas can be accessed by as many people as possible. You will have UNLIMITED access to over 20 hours of video training during the course, plus other great bonuses that are not included in my regular one-to-one trainings:
A weekly live call with me personally Constant, direct support via email Support via our monitored VCM PRIVATE Facebook Group.
Your monthly membership support continues way on after the course, including Facebook Group membership plus you’ll be benefiting from consistent new and exclusive content monthly, over and above your access to all the existing trainings. 

This comprehensive training programme is the product of over 30 years’ experience teaching, training, living and learning. Much of what I teach comes from my years as a trained, professional actor, and equally from my time training to become a certified and licensed Miracle's Coach for Dr Joe Vitale of The Secret movie fame (I was trained by Joe himself). The invaluable knowledge I have gained from the real life challenges only a business owner can pass on contributes hugely to the success of my methodology. And there really is so much more I will share from my, some say, extraordinary experience. I want to share my methodology with you so that you can join the many other people that have benefitted from my training.

You need to be COACHABLE

Invest in yourself. And I don’t mean spending huge amounts of money. Sure it will cost you a little. It takes commitment, commitment to transform your confidence. Investing in your commitment means you are investing in you. You also need to be ‘coachable’. Being coachable means you are willing to ‘try on’ my ideas. You’ve got to want to explore and ‘find out’ and your commitment to yourself to do this is paramount to your success, to your ‘winning’. If you are not fully dedicated to improving your confidence then a transformation will not be possible. Becoming a master of video confidence involves challenges you more than likely will not have faced before and questions that have never as yet been asked of you. My methodology is in itself unusual and requires you to be open to possibility.

If you can be open, then Video Confidence Mastery is for you.

"...if you get the chance to coach with (Geoff) or work with him, it's a treat because there aren't many people that can really allow you to emerge as 'you' and bring out the best in people...I cant say enough about how powerful he is as a support..."

- Tori Hartman, [World Renowned Psychic, Author & Spiritual Healer]


This comprehensive course, and I mean ‘comprehensive’, requires you to bring 100% commitment with you. What I mean by this is that you must have a willingness within you to do whatever is asked of you and to the highest of your capabilities. You need to WANT to improve the way you view presenting and speaking on video by transforming your confidence. If you cannot approach Video Confidence Mastery with this level of dedication then to transform your relationship with what it means to communicate using video will be impossible. I have made VCM as accessible as possible.  All you need to do is show up and ‘try on’ my ideas and experience the accomplishments. It works and will work for you if you want it badly enough. Show up, commit and try...that’s your part. My part is to be there for you by guiding and supporting you along your path.

YOUR transformation IS possible!

You can transform your confidence, you can. In fact, anyone can. Your innate confidence resides in you. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or if you just want a little more ‘skill’ or support being in front of the video camera. No matter what ‘level’ you deem yourself to be at, my methodology works for any level. You might be a total pro, presenting all the time and filming your own videos or a total newbie whose first experience of being on video will be during this course. The point here is that anybody can transform their confidence to give fearless video presentations using this training. You are one of the many making up this ‘anyone’ bracket and you can make this transformation.

"If you really want to speak up, be free to express yourself and share what you want to share, then get in touch with Geoffrey Owen...he really knows what he is doing...I've been through a lot of trainings (and courses) and this is the best one...study from him, he is amazing!"

- Owen Gusman, Couples Coach

What is my inspiration?

Ever since I became an actor I have been intrigued with ‘presence’ and what makes one actor more ‘watchable’ than another. I came to see that it all boils down to confidence. Confidence for me means the ability for an individual to ‘self’ reference, be able able to confide in oneself internally in the face of uncertainty rather than look for that confidence externally. Being externally referenced means seeking approval from others, being in the right place or having the right stuff. When I depended on the external to feel good about myself I was lost to the insecurity that being dependent brings. My own struggles with self confidence as an actor performing to literally thousands of people and the anxiety and discomfort I used to have in front of a video camera urged me to find a solution. For the most part confidence is seen as something you have to acquire or instill in oneself. My journey has proven to me that this is not necessarily the case. It soon became clear to me that having a lack of confidence and resultant low self-esteem was at the heart of so much needless pain and suffering in the lives of so many. And so, over time, a long time, I have created Video Confidence Mastery, a comprehensive programme using video as a physical metaphor for fear that gets individuals to reconnect with their innate confidence and natural self-expression so they can be, do and therefore have, a life worth living.

8 Weeks To Video Confidence Mastery

It is the meaning we give to past and future uncertainty that often prevents us from accessing, in the present, the innate confidence that most of us experienced as children. In order to Master Your Video Confidence and to shoot a video that gets your audience more likely to take action, there are four key areas that you will need to be seriously certain about:

Technical knowhow, Knowing who you are talking to, Being on video and Marketing your video.

The more certainty you garner, the more your natural self-expression and therefore confidence will rise up in you. Rather like a sleepy benevolent giant that finally wakes up! Video Confidence Mastery is designed to improve your certainty, so that you can access your innate confidence and natural self-expression to give fearless video presentations. The programme:

8 Weeks To Feeling TOTALLY Confident on Video Between 6 and 10 Modules Per Week Record 9 Videos, Starting In Week 1 8 FREE Downloads 8 Weekly Homework Exercises Instant Support and Feedback From VCM Private Facebook Group Revisit ALL Videos To Recap + Refresh

How much SUPPORT will you get?

This will very much be a step-by-step process for you. You will be supported via a number of channels as you progress through each module; our private Facebook Group will enable you to ask both me and your fellow course mates questions and for advice. Here, you will benefit from other people’s questions and things that they choose to share with the group. It is made up of people at all stages of the course which adds the benefit of hearing about other’s experiences of where you might now be at. In addition to this, Ryan, Elsie and I monitor the group to answer questions personally and I host a live phone call every week for direct conversation with me. I am also available via direct Facebook message and email.

You'll get personal support from me, as well as my team


Elsie is here to help you and answer any of your questions! She's been part of my team since November 2014 after she left her job working for a digital startup. She will be your point of contact for quick answers to all the questions you have and will point you in the right direction for finding a simple and easy solution. Elsie is also my eldest daughter!


Ryan has been my go-to guy for all things video since June 2014 and works with me on all my filming insights. His background is in video production - he's directed and produced some awesome music videos and is a whizz behind the camera! He's here to support you with all things technical and shoots all my [One-to-One] video sessions.

"...I'm a video-phobe...I'm talking to you now (on video) which is testament to the power of his training...when I arrived this morning, that was not possible...it has been the best training that I have ever had."

- Janet Swift, Author & Entrepreneur

Module Breakdown

[Pre-Programme][Week 1][Week 2][Week 3][Week 4][Week 5][Week 6][Week 7][Week 8]

– Welcome

– Meet Geoff

– Promise of the programme

– The importance of being coachable

Orientation – Accepting where you are right now

– Two vital coordinates for your journey

– Your ‘NOW’ video

– How to upload a video to a Facebook group

– Record your ‘NOW’ video (take 1)

– Submit your ‘NOW’ video (take 1) to the VCM Private Facebook group

– Week 1 download + homework

Technical Knowhow – How to MAKE a professional video without spending a penny

– How to use equipment you ALREADY own

– How to create the best light + video composition

– How to record your sound

– Create a YouTube channel

– How to edit your professional video

– Week 2 download + homework

Getting clear on your purpose – What have you got, and who for?

– Make a video about week 2 + post to Facebook group

– Who are you?

– What do you do?

– Who do you do it for?

– How do you do it?

– How does what you do transform who you do it for?

– Knowing your purpose in a sentence

– Week 3 download + homework

Being Fearless Part 1 – Getting clear about fear

– Make a video about week 3  + post to Facebook group

– Where Fear comes from

– Confidence decoded

– How it manifests itself in your behaviour

– Context – Already always knowing

– The Truth, your truth and nothing but your truth – Meaning – Belief – emotion

– Fear of public speaking

– Eliminating negative beliefs

– Week 4 download + homework

Being Fearless Part 2 – Discover your natural self-expression

– Make a video about week 4 + post to Facebook group

– Presence

– Authenticity

– Spontaneity

– Building rapport with self and other

– Speaking to the listening

– A new context – Insulated from fear

– Week 5 download + homework

Being Fearless Part 3 – Creating fearless presentations

– Make a video about week 5 + post to Facebook group

– 3 video styles and structures to use

– Empathetic communication – What you think, feel and know

– The language of survival

– And, But, If…

– Your ‘NOW’ video (take 2)

– Record your ‘NOW’ video (take 2)

– Submit your ‘NOW’ video (take 2) to the VCM Private Facebook group

– Week 6 download + homework

Call to Action Targeted Video – How to incorporate Call to Action in your video

– Make a video about week 6 + post to Facebook group

– Creating a call to action

– What action do you want your viewer to take?

– Choose your presentation style and structure

– How to grab your audience’s attention QUICKLY!

– The language of survival

– Timing

– Putting it together

– How to practice without getting it wrong!

– Week 7 download + homework

The Video Marketing Process – How to utilise the power of video in your marketing

– Make a video about week 7 + post to Facebook group

– Important statistics to know

– How to optimise a youtube channel

– How to Make your content ‘searchable’

– Install a logo in your video

– Inserting a call to action link in your video

– Getting your video seen

– Sharing your content via social media

– Make a video about week 8 + post to Facebook group

– Week 8 download + ongoing homework

"...it's been very supportive, very engaging, very loving, very positive...the whole (training) is based on positive affirmation; that it is completely ok for you to be exactly as you are...to me, that's a bigger gift than you can ever imagine and bigger than learning how to give a presentation."

- Angela Spink, Therapist & Meditator

Video Confidence Mastery is easy and straightforward to follow. You will get immediate access and the course is simply accessed online, via a unique login and password

The learning process:
Weekly videos released to watch at your own convenience Absorb information, re-watch videos and complete exercises Post in the Facebook Group for assistance and support Call into Geoff’s weekly support call Gain access to the next video once you have watched the previous one Watch any of the videos you have watched so far as many times as you like and treat as ‘individual’ lessons

This COMPREHENSIVE course is for you if:

You are a business owner  who WANTS to improve their relationship with using video to market their business. You have a desire to invest in yourself and an honest commitment within you to creating a transformation in your confidence.
Video Confidence Mastery is not for people who ‘might’ want to improve their confidence and use of video. Equally it is not for ‘dabblers’; those who spend money on a course because they are able to, who watch one or two of the videos and ‘dip’ in and out. I need your commitment and you need it, too.

I will teach you:

How to Look + feel completely natural with no autocue or prompts... How to plan and structure your presentation or talk for camera... How to shoot and edit your own professional video WITHOUT SPENDING A PENNY! How YOU can use online video to maximise your business marketing...

It is a programme that is equally successful for those starting from scratch as those who have years of experience speaking on video. As a Video Confidence Mastery member you will embark on an 8 week programme to transform your relationship with video. You will receive access to 4 modules and an excess of 20 hours of video content that is always available to revisit as many times as you’d like. A support call with Geoff once a week will be a key point of support for you throughout the course and you will also become part of our VCM private Facebook Group for exclusive additional support from Geoff and your fellow members. You will be eligible for huge savings on One-to-One sessions with Geoff and the rest of his fantastic confidence training products. After you have completed your 8 week programme you will receive new content, support offers and remain part of the VCM Private Facebook Group so you can continue on your confidence journey with Geoff’s support the whole way.

Video Confidence Mastery content alone, without all the support, bonuses and additional content is worth in excess of £5,000. If you decide to join the programme you will not only be able to speak on video with confidence but you will find your relationships, interactions and daily life are improved as a result. That’s what can happen when you rediscover your innate confidence. You get to access your natural self-expression in your everyday life!  Video Confidence Mastery is a £5000 programme and available to you now for under £200. This programme changes lives and it can change yours too! 


1 hour weekly support call with Geoff Private VCM Facebook Group - monitored and responded to by Geoff Direct contact with Geoff via email for exclusive personal support Lifetime content: revisit modules after you have completed them Huge savings on One-to-One coaching with Geoff - RRP £197/hour Continued support: monthly members get consistently new content, input and trainings FREE downloads, templates and written content FREE BONUS: 'Five Fatal Fear Factors' Public Speaking Course from Geoff


A few years back, a time came when I found myself in front of a video camera similar to most of my clients and workshop participants today. So I know what it’s like to learn your words and try to be natural whilst baring the fear and anxiety about making a mistake and looking a fool. I just couldn’t talk to the camera in a confident ‘free’ way. Notwithstanding 12 years as a professional Actor even. I became so frustrated and vexed that I began looking at what was going on. Using the video camera as a physical metaphor for fear and uncertainty (we all have that don’t we?) I discovered a way of ‘being’ that provided access to my natural self-expression where I could allow myself to simply ‘be’ and then do what was needed to really enjoy being on video. And if I can do it so can you! That’s a promise!


This is an opportunity not to be missed; you will be making a huge investment in yourself that will give you fantastic, long term results for an amazing price. There is no time like the present and I have a limited amount of space on this course. I suggest you get your place now - I would love for you to be one of the lucky people to get a place and I would love for you to join us!

Reserve your Video Confidence Mastery place below to begin your journey to mastering YOUR video confidence!

We can only offer a number of places on the course and so to avoid disappointment, we suggest you get your place now. We would love for you to be one of the lucky people to get a place, we’d love for you to join us!

20+ Hours of Exclusive Video Training8 Module ProgrammeOngoing MembershipAccess to V.I.P Facebook GroupLive Weekly Coaching Call With VCM Founder


$197 for the 1st month then $39 per month thereafter


Not Convinced? Here Are Some More Testimonials:

Geoff doesn’t try to fix you; he simply uses wisdom, grace and generosity to guide you back to the source of all your untapped potential. I came to Geoff with what I thought was a ‘video skills’ problem and got much more than I bargained for. Geoff’s intervention has transformed my life. Within minutes I started feeling better about talking to an audience or camera...Within a couple of days I had the opportunity to speak to an audience of almost 60 entrepreneurs – and felt completely at ease for the first time in my life. I’m able to walk confidently in any situation and I’m attracting opportunities from potential investors, partners and clients much more easily.  Now he’s helped me reconnect with my true voice I’m finally free to be my best self on screen or stage – imperfections and all.
Joe Gregory, [Bookshaker]

After attending my ‘Fear to Flow’ workshop, Rachel Elnaugh (BBC's Dragon's Den) had this to say:

"I wish I had known Geoff Owen before I gave my Ted Talk..."

I wasn’t at the time aware that Rachel had given a Ted Talk that wasn’t as successful as it could have been...this was largely down to fear and nervousness generated by the old brain’s response to the uncertainty that giving a talk creates (Will they like you? Is what I have to say of interest? Will I forget and freeze?) coupled with making the common decision to write out her talk and use it as a script. Using a script is one way of achieving momentary certainty to quell the foreboding uncertainty. However, the tendency to remember what has been written often evokes a secondary uncertainty due to the fear of forgetting or losing your place. And this was Rachel’s experience. Following her commitment to the training she now enjoys making training videos and giving talks more than ever and believes video to be a powerful tool in her business at [www.source.tv ]

Joanne* is a high profile Barrister and very used to being in front of a Judge and generally seldom troubled with confidence issues. Until, that is, she felt she lacked confidence to make a video about the services her chambers offers...Having spent a few hours together and revealing to her a very simple way of ‘being’, that I will show you in Video Confidence Mastery, our time together concluded with a one take, spontaneous and natural video about Mediation. Here’s Joanne’s message to me…

“Hi Geoff, Many thanks indeed...I know I have learned an awful lot of useful techniques which make sense. I cannot help but think it was all meant to be! Your almost uncanny perceptiveness, wisdom and superb teaching skills are much appreciated. Thank you so very much. All good wishes and a big hug from your grateful pupil, Joanne”

*we have used a different name for this client to maintain confidentiality.


20+ Hours of Exclusive Video Training8 Module ProgrammeOngoing MembershipAccess to V.I.P Facebook GroupLive Weekly Coaching Call With VCM Founder


$197 for the 1st month then $39 per month thereafter


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