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ATTENTION: All Computer Users: Are you looking for a way to spend way less time on a computer, but still get the same done?

"How to Quickly Learn One Skill That Will Save YOU Massive Amounts Of Time Whenever You Use Computers"

If you want to live a life with amounts of free time that before today you couldn't have dreamt of, then lock the door, turn off your phone, shut down the Facebook tab, and STUDY this letter - it WILL change your life.

But there's more to it than just more free time. It's going to be better quality too.

Not just better free time, better work time too. No longer will it be a tense, stressful day at that workstation. Oh no.

From today onwards, it's going to be a calm Buddhist kind of work day.

Both your home and work life are about to get changed forever. I hope you're ready.

Forget Burglary, You're Being Robbed EVERY DAY.

Right now, computers are on a huge mission to conquer the world. Aren't they? You type documents, you send emails, you work on spreadsheets.

We're on computers all the time.

There's no escape. They're irreplaceable and part of our lives, and we're more addicted to them than we'll admit.

They're the most powerful productive tools in the history of man, and this is great. But there are problems. You know it and I know it.

The media just say they're killing us. They might even make you panic. But they give you NO detail and they give you NO answers.

So let's sort that out. The BIGGEST problem is they are stealing all of your time.

This time, outside of work, WAS MEANT to be for you. For your family. For your freedom. Well right now, this idea is DEAD.

Instead, you've got a boss breathing down your neck. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. All thanks to a little thing called email.

Thanks to email you're restless, you're stressed and you're under pressure at work AND at home!

It's scandalous that anyone can be expected to put up with this. It wasn't always like this so why is it now?

It's scandalous that you have no time, AND it's unhealthy. But NOBODY thought to tell you this. They just expect you to "get on with it"!

Ridiculous Bosses Have Ridiculous Expectations.

Bosses want to squeeze more and more out of you every single day. It's the big trend of the age. And it's not going away. 

Deadlines have become so tight that really they should be called wishful thinking. Emails and phones make you so available that you can't get away from it all when you should be totally able to shut it out, if you want.

I'm sorry, but this is just going to get WORSE.

You know how these ridiculous bosses work. They just WALTZ into your life and demand miracles from you. Almost like you're Jesus.

What'[s worst is, you'll get no advanced warning, no time and no help. It's just NOT good enough.

And the boss couldn't do what they ask you to do anyway. It's that unrealistic. So it's completely STUPID that they ask you!

You complain. But it happens over and over again. Nothing can stop these insane workloads it seems.

But getting stressed and work don't have to go together. It can all be made very easy. Sweet and easy. Like eating chocolate cake.

Even in "normal" times though those awful people are STILL screwing you over. The pressure to get things done just never goes away. It's that intense.

You've done really well not to crack. Many others have. Oh, they might look sane on the outside, but on the inside they've broken. You can be happy that you've survived up until now.

No matter what, these demands are just going to keep growing. If only wages grew as fast. The world would be a much better place then wouldn't it?

You could be an investment banker doing presentations for clients. Maybe you're a writer with a manuscript to finish for the publisher. Or a computer programmer. 

It doesn't matter. Deadlines are getting brutally tight. Because of this we now spend more time slaving away than actually being people. Having fun is a thing of the past. In fact, it's almost gone vintage.

But there IS a different way. A better way.

People say that this is the way it is. Work means stress. But actually, they're wrong. Completely wrong.

It's possible to do more in less time. Not just a little more in a little less time. But A LOT more in A LOT less time.

This is incredibly powerful. Let that sink in. What does this mean for you?

It means something to everyone.

You could be the kind of person who wants to get the essentials done. Then, you want to kick back and do something you love to do.

This doesn't ever happen though. The pace at work is so frantic, that you're completely SAPPED of energy after you've finished.

You might think you're alone. You're not. It's the greatest scam of our time that EVERYONE is being worked to emotional death.

They'd be quite happy if you were an actual slave. But we're NOT going to let that happen. Not ever.

You are losing SIX hours a day RIGHT NOW!

The way it should be is you getting to relax. Without worrying about anything. You should be able to live in the moment and enjoy it to the full.

Next time the workload EXPLODE the panic, stress, and tension won't be there. Instead, you'll be that Buddhist, calmly getting things done.

You'll keep your mind while everyone else loses theirs. They'll be going crazy while you walk out of the office. Early.

Yes. Instead of being the person who has to work a horrific kind of late to get everything done. Instead of being stuck inside that cold, that dark, that soulless office. You could leave early.

You could leave early, without being guilty of leaving something half done.

This is a HUGE REWARD of something you're going to learn. The reward of a free evening.

Free evenings are rarer than gold these days. But you could get them just like you get water from a tap.

Whoever you are it's guaranteed that you could be losing 45 minutes in every hour that you use a computer. You're donating it to a charity that doesn't even exist...at YOUR expense.

Say you work 9 to 5. You are losing SIX hours a day. SIX. Out of eight. Seventy five percent. Three quarters. Whichever way you slice it, this is TERRIBLE.

Someone could have taught you this a long time ago. They didn't. And you've paid the price. It's horrific.

Are you okay with this? Do you want more for yourself?

You Should NOT Be Okay With This...

We're well aware that too much time at a computer is unhealthy. Everyone reminds you literally all the time.

Your health. Your wellbeing. Your happiness. They all mean the same. Without them the idea of enjoying free time is just a fantasy.

There's NO POINT in having free time if you feel so awful you can't enjoy it. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Computers are actually putting a bullet through two heads in one go. They're stealing YOUR time, and DESTROYING any that you have left.

Coasting along as you probably are, you're asking for lots of trouble. Repetitive strain injury for one. Accelerated ageing. And the ones we all know about, eye strain and back pain.

I don't think these are anybody's friends. Not yours. Not mine.

Repetitive strain injury happens when you repeat the same movement over and over again. You'll get pain and tenderness in the joint. You can get it by typing in a bad way.

Bizarrely I got it once from overusing my smartphone. I find this hilarious, but with a bit of rest it got better.

Smartphones can be done away with for a bit. But it's not easy to get away from work because your finger hurts.

Sure, there are laws. But you'll probably get laughed at. Without stopping it gets worse. The pain can become unbearable. This isn't good.

This doesn't matter though, why should your work hurt you any more in the first place.

Now this is my FAVORITE part. Do you ever feel tired and unmotivated at your desk? Well it is ALL down to how you're sitting.

It's true. It's Harvard Research.

If you sit great, you get to feel confident, alert, and motivated. This is fantastic news. It's like the holidays just came early.

How you feel is entirely within your control.

Say you slouched like everyone else though. This is when you get accelerated ageing. You get to feel tired for no reason. You get to feel stressed and you get to put on weight.

It's an absolute no-brainer that we avoid this. Unless you're okay with it. If you are, you should definitely stop reading this right now.

In fact you're going to get a free tip right now. Just bolt upright like you heard something loud. A clap of thunder, or someone yelling with anger.

By just doing this you'll at least feel more energetic and alert. And there's more to come too.

The Incredible Story That Made Me Realize How Lucky I Am...

There's a great story I need to tell you. See I had the skills to get these benefits aged just eight. It is now a habit, as easy as talking. 

For a very long time I didn't realise the value. For more than ten years I didn't. But then this story happened one day and it made me realize once and for all.

So the value? There isn't one. These skills are absolutely PRICELESS.

It was the first year of University. It was one of those times you're TOTALLY panicking for no reason at all.

You think you have LOADS to do. The workload scares you like a hungry grizzly bear. But by work's standards it's actually as tame, safe, and unthreatening as a declawed kitten.

So anyway, I was talking to my friend in this completely stressful time. We shared our panic. Were we going to finish in time? How would we know when we were done?

I'm sure you know how it goes...

Then we got on to checking our deadlines. Again.

But you can NEVER check these things enough times. This is when this know-it-all that everyone hates invades our conversation.

You know the type. They're always right. You're always wrong. They think they're important when actually they're just not.

This time they were important. But as usual he was going to COMPLETELY RUIN our day.

So he interrupts with his "Oh by the way THAT deadline is ACTUALLY due in three day's time, NOT two weeks."

Of course his smug voice wound me up. I shouted at him, but checked if he was right anyway because it wasn't worth the risk to me.

He was right.

Me and my friend made a run for it. I probably ran faster than Usain Bolt that day. True story. 


Conquering This Situation Was Difficult. Not Impossible.

First I hated on myself for terrible time management. Then I worked like a machine.

The research. The note-taking. The referencing. The proof-reading. And FINALLY the editing and handing it in.

It was stressful. It was difficult. It was painful. But it wasn't impossible. Most importantly, I didn't breakdown.

Meanwhile My Friend Went Into A Flat Spin

My friend had it WAY worse. He worked at a miserable pace and he got much more stressed.

He got that kind of stress where you feel sick to your stomach. You can't settle down. You feel restless. You can't focus on anything or anyone.

Yes. It's a HORRIBLE feeling. But it just gets worse. Think, you can't do anything properly when you feel like this, but wasn't that what caused feeling stressed in the first place?

So it was a vicious circle. The more stressed he got, the slower he worked. And the slower he worked. The more stressed he got.

On and on this went and it was stealing his sleep. Of course, this is ok if you HAVE to pull an all-nighter anyway. As you can imagine, his quality of work was terrible. Even he said so.

He told me all this in a conversation, and he asked how I found it. Now, I told the truth because I don't tell lies to make people happy. Ever.

So I told him. I told him that after I got over the first spike of panic, everything came easy. I got into a kind of flow state.

You know that state of work where you just coast along where you can just work for hours straight. Fully productive. Fully focused. And TOTALLY calm.

I didn't even have to rush for time. I finished EARLY. To celebrate, I actually went to the beach.

It was wonderful. These were truly beautiful surroundings. Just imagine the relaxing wound of waves splashing nearby, with a crisp wind blowing. Bliss.

Yep, I think I came off better than the stressed friend. 

When I told him, his face was a mixture of shock, confusion and awe. He thought I had some magic power.

"HOW could you even do that?!" he begged.

Honestly at the time, I didn't know. By now the reason had become so easy and natural that I forgot about it altogether. 

I thought long and hard to find the answer though, and then it hit me like a lightning bolt.

My friends, this is the skill of touch-typing.

Introducing The Keyboard Warrior Touch-typing Course

And you know what? WAY more people need this skill. Schools teach kids how to use Microsoft Word and Google fifty times over. And nobody else seems bothered to teach it.

This is VERY stupid. It's as if they want you to be stressed. It's as if they want you to be all work and no play.

This is disgusting. Are you angry because of this?!

Well it's time to start the fightback. It's time to take action and it's time to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE.

That's why I made the Keyboard Warrior Touch-Typing Course. You're going to MASTER this skill and take back more of your life than you EVER thought you even had.

Up to now a "Keyboard Warrior" has been someone we all hate on the Internet. But today we're going to change the meaning COMPLETELY.

From today, a Keyboard Warrior is one of the elite and BEST computer users on the planet. The ones who do more in less time. The ones who are just better.

If you're looking for one of those "courses" that people sell that claim you can shortcut any effort using "tricks and secrets" then there's one thing to say. Just one.

Please click away right now. But just remember that there's no such thing as something for nothing. EVER.

But if you're okay, or even excited by the idea of investing to get guaranteed, HUGE benefits, then welcome to the fold.

The other thing is as you start off you'll have few words to practice with. You'll probably find this tedious at first.

You've simply GOT to walk before you can run. 

Do you know what happens when you get past these first letters though? The repetitiveness gets blasted away. Learning becomes fun. It becomes rewarding. This is the way learning is supposed to be. In fact, your skill will grow so fast not even you’ll believe it. Everyone around you will think you are some kind of magician. It’s going to be great.

I type at 90 words per minute now and have been for years. There's no reason that you can't do this either.

These GREAT Features Mean BIG Benefits. Just For You.

Apart from this though, what does this home study course mean for you? Take a look:

Posture gets covered in good detail, preventing back pain, and boosting your mood so you use computers better, and happier.

Recommended extra office equipment so that you can make life even more comfortable, if you want.

A guide to keep yourself motivated, so you finish what you start.

A varied exercise for each for every letter, number and symbol. You get no limits touch-typing.

Optimized Letter Introduction System (OLIS) introduces letters in the order where you can type more words sooner.

Clear explanations of everything, you’ll never feel lost as to what to do on something.

You get to learn touch-typing

But that's just the course. Just learning the skill itself has its benefits, take a look:

You get to type at a ridiculous speed and accuracy.

You won't need to look at the keyboard when you're typing.

Three quarters more time to get things done.

So how much is all this worth?

Remember what it means. Free time. Less stress. Better health. These are the deepest desires of every single person.

And the time that has gone into this...it's my pride and joy. And it's the best course bar none, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

For example, there's been careful research of posture. The why, the what, and the how. It's not just preaching from someone saying "Oh you look sloppy".

(This by the way is a very selfish reason).

No, you're going to learn what to do when you sit specifically. But most important why it's good for YOU. Not someone else. You.

But there's another thing. I made a beautiful color coded keyboard diagram in Microsoft Paint because nothing else was good enough. Not even close.

The exercises and words were picked scientifically so you learn letters in order, so you progress as fast as possible.

Then finally, the course was revised. Again and again and again. All to get everything just right.

This was a lot of work, but if you act right now you can buy back control of your life for just $147.

It's very easy to spend $147 on something and then have NOTHING to show for it. Like dinners out. Takeaway coffees, or random electronic gadgets.

You're getting an immortal skill here, something very special. It's a steal.

Just know that when you order, it's completely secure. The payment site is an impenetrable fortress of encryption. Your details are completely safe.

It's Only An Investment. With Never Ending Returns. 

Really though, this is free.

You're going to save time by touch-typing. There's no doubt about it, and you will have heard the phrase "time is money".

Well it is. By saving time, you can be able to save money or make more money, depending on what you do. It will pay off for the rest of your life.

You'll also be able to make money back if you decide to type things up for other people, and charge them for it.

This part is very important though. This page is a test. It WILL be taken down sooner or later. At any time I could decide enough is enough.

Once that happens, it's gone for good.

So your decision is required. Right now.

But it's going to take a very special person to get just how VALUABLE this course and skill are.

And if you get the value, then congratulations. You are a very special person. One of the best. The top dog.

If you are one of these very special people. You must make a promise BEFORE you buy.

I want you to commit to TOTAL MASTERY of everything you learn in here. Do it in your head now.

Can't make that promise. Please don't buy. It's that simple.

But if you have made that promise. You're ready.

You're ready to take back what should ALWAYS have been yours from those crazy bosses.

Click the "Add to Cart" button below to get yourself started on this adventure for that fine price of $147.


When you order you'll be directed to a page where you can provide your email address, once you've confirmed this as your own, you will receive the product in a PDF format sent by email immediately.

Just In Case: A Sixty Day No Questions Asked Guarantee

You know it probably won’t come to this at all. I have a lot of confidence in the quality of this offer. But, if you aren't completely thrilled with what you get, then you have a full sixty days to get yourself a refund. In full and no questions asked.

In those sixty days you could learn everything inside. And still have an extra twenty days to decide if it was worth it.

I'm absolutely certain you won’t need the guarantee. In a way, it’s the most useless guarantee ever, but it’s there if you want it and you won’t need to persuade some pushy salesman on the phone why you want the refund.

Anyone can learn this. It's a fact. You don't need an IQ of a hundred billion. If you learnt anything before in your life...ever, then you can do this.

I learnt it all when I was just eight. So you can too.

Maybe you're saying right now "I won't have time."

Yes you will.

Included is a free bonus tip that will CREATE time for you. Once you've learned this you won't have the "I don't have time" problem ever again.

It'll help you in the rest of your life too, if you use it. You're welcome.

The Catch Is That Only COURAGEOUS People Are Allowed...

The only question left is are you courageous? Are you courageous enough to take an opportunity when it hits you in the face? Are you courageous enough to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE?

I think you're the courageous type. If you are, the day you control your work instead of your work controlling you starts HERE.

Get going for $147 by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below.


Ryan Orchard

P.S. Time is going to pass you by anyway. But are you going to spend your life being at the mercy of your work? Or are you going to CHOOSE how you live your life? Are you going to control your work, or is your work going to control you? You have a choice to make. Do you carry on as you are, or make something happen today?


Contact us by emailing [support@keyboard-warrior.net].

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