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WARNING: The information within the Bet-Science System Guide is so effective it could get you banned or arouse suspicion from your betting establishment.

Welcome to the home of Bet-Science, the professional online or offline betting system that utilizes the power of little known bookmaking mathematics and formulas to make calculated, planned, professional bets. For anyone looking to turn around their current betting, make backing horses and sports events far more profitable or to get in on the secret world of bookmaker like bets, please read on to find out more about the innovative and powerful Bet-Science System.

Betting Systems

For many people, betting 'systems' usually revolve around some form of information. Typically this information tends to be unreliable and is often delivered through expensive premium rate services - that ultimately add to the losses of losing bets.

Other systems are based on related form such as past scores, races won, matches won or other information depending on the sporting event. In fairness some of the computerized systems are successful for the most part, but as we all know players, horses or teams can get unexpected results which can make the best bet in the world become a disaster.

The key to avoiding the above scenario is contingency, where several bets are planned and calculated in relation to each other. Thus if an unexpected outcome occurs then the losing bet is covered and a profit may still exist - of course the more expected results that occur the more profit achieved. Bookmakers and top level professional gamblers use little known formulas for this form of calculated betting, where pro's make calculated risks over days, weeks or even months and bookmakers make counter bets to limit their exposure from incoming bets. It is this very maths that keeps bookmakers in business and the professionals in profit!

So what is the Bet-Science System?

The Bet-Science System is comprised of 3 Main Elements:

1. The Betting Formulas

The system is fundamentally based on sophisticated sets of well guarded bookmaking and betting formulas. The tried and tested mathematics work on a full range of sports and events anywhere on the planet. As mentioned in the above section on contingency - the principle ideas behind the bet formulas are based on techniques employed by bookmakers to take many bets over a range of sports and still generate profit. Within the Bet-Science Guide all the formulas are clearly explained with illustrated examples.

All the maths and equations are broken down into easy to use formats for those who wish to compose staking plans with a calculator. Special maths skills are not required to use and apply the formulas and we have also devised a special formula assistant spreadsheet that can rapidly compute all the formulas. This makes for extremely easy and effective formulation of profitable and professional betting plans.

2. Formula Application & Bet Planning

The second element of the Bet-Science System is concerned with applying the formulas to real life betting scenarios. It can be used to make bets in betting offices or using online facilities - the formulas and methods become very advantageous when using an online betting exchange. Dedicated sections present numerous methods for making spread bets that can be used in single events (such as a horse race or a football match) or in the case of multi events - across a range of outcomes, say a horse race, a football match and a tennis final. The possibilities with international sports betting are almost limitless.

The methodology contained in the guide explains how to utilize the special bookmaking formulas to maximize profit in all your betting selections. It shows you how to make up smart betting plans that capitalize on winning selections. A whole different approach is taken to bet making with some fascinating examples of the system in action. Techniques are presented for setting specific profit targets and devising innovative betting plans where free bets are generated. Everything is explained in a clear jargon free fashion. Within hours you can put the system to work in any country on any type of sports bet. Your bet making will change over night...

3. Using the Formula Assistant Workbook to devise bet plans

The Formula Assistant Workbook has been developed to make the computation of formulas and generation of betting plans quick and easy for Bet-Science users. It is a powerful yet easy to use set of spreadsheets that provides not only a convenient way to use the system but also a test bed for creating interesting new bets and optimizing value from odds on offer.

Anyone with a simple working knowledge of computers can use the spreadsheet (see our FAQ section for software requirements) and the guide contains a section on using it. Betting plans can be saved for reference or printed out for use in the betting office. It will become an invaluable tool that you will find yourself using over and over again.

Professional Betting

The emphasis behind the Bet-Science System is making bets professionally and accurately. Rather than placing 'punter' bets like the masses or spending countless losing hours in the betting office - you can start your betting day, week, month or year with a profitable and professional bet portfolio based on one or a combination of betting plans produced by the Bet-Science betting formulas.

Exploit the Revolution...

Take advantage of the online betting revolution! Use Bet-Science to capitalize on the new era of online bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Online Betting

The digital age presents many betting advantages and opportunities for finding better value sporting odds. Elements of the Bet-Science System have been designed to maximize on these new avenues of profit potential. A special section on online betting shows you how to use online bookmakers to your own advantage. A pleasing side effect of the system is how well suited it is to making bets over the internet as well as in the local betting office.

The versatility of the system allows bets to made on any number of sports all over the world and is not dependent on point systems, handicaps or currencies. By combining Bet-Science with the global betting market a whole new world of lucrative bet making becomes open to you. Some of our own portfolios have involved linked bets between american hockey and british snooker! There really is a massive dynamic market waiting to be explored.

Online Betting Exchanges

The great alternative to using the online bookmaker is the revolutionary betting exchange. The main benefit is that the traditional bookmaker is replaced by individuals who offer better odds on all kinds of sporting events. In one single place you have a wide range of betting opportunities (including financial markets) with more rewarding returns. The Bet-Science System takes full advantage of the automation and valuable nature of the betting options available to give you an edge over others who use the exchange.

Betting plans can be entered into the exchanges where the laying pools will absorb the bets at more attractive odds for enhanced profitability. Entire betting portfolios can be setup and left to run whilst you go about your daily business. This is most definitely the way forward, with many professionals choosing to use exchanges to place and lay bets. For anyone serious about bet making, using sites such as Betfair and Sporting Options is a must for long term success.

Be sure to take a look at our resource center for reputable online bookmakers and betting exchanges.

Global application across a multitude of sports and events

Whatever your betting specialism or interest, Bet-Science can be applied to bets on the following:
Asian Horse Racing Australian Football Baseball Basketball Boxing Cricket Cycling Darts Domestic Sports & Events Eurovision Song Contest European Football Entertainment Extreme Sports Gaelic Football Golf Greyhounds Horse Racing Hurling Hockey Ice Hockey Motor Cycling Motor Racing Olympics Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Soccer (Football) Special Events Speedway Tennis Top 10 Lists The Weather TV Events US Horse Racing US College Sports Winter Sports
An investment in your betting future...

This is not just another 'betting system' - more so it is a mechanism for successful bet making. A lot of experience, hard work and profound bet thinking went into devising it and we wholeheartedly see it as a reasonable, wise and quite frankly the best investment in your betting future you could make that will pay for itself over and over. Our results from using it have been hugely successful - even the sceptical publishing managers at EK Media are hooked on using the formula assistant to make bets as we are sure you will be too!

The First Edition of the Bet-Science System

EK Media Systems are proud to electronically publish a new, unique and innovative betting product. Written by a professional team with assistance from insiders and ex-bookmakers - this is an indispensable guide to making professional sports bets.

If your reading about the Bet-Science System, then the chances are that your looking for an effective method to improve your bet making and profitability. Fortunately you have come to the right place and found a superior product amongst the masses of systems and pseudo information sites that saturate the world wide web.

The prime motives of other products are to profit from the best efforts of decent bet makers looking to find ways to the beat the system. The truth of the matter is that there are no 100% guaranteed real ways to win all of the time with betting or to beat any casino game for that matter. The only certainty is that the bookmakers and casinos have been in business a long time and will continue to do so whilst the masses continue to bet the way they do.

However, one can play bookmakers at their own game by using the very techniques they use to make and lay bets. The philosophy behind the Bet-Science System is to pass on information, little known techniques and increased power for those interested in betting and making calculated risks. Rather than betting like the rest of the general public you will be thinking and betting like a professional or a bookmaker.

The unique aspect of this product is it's ability to make you think differently about your bet making whilst giving you the incredible formulas, tools and bet planning techniques to actually make the difference to your betting. Furthermore, the guide contains in-depth explanations on how to use your new found betting skills in the real world of sports betting. We strongly believe that once you have studied the Bet-Science System and learned how to apply it - you will never return to the ways in which you used to bet. We've seen nothing like this before.

The creators of Bet-Science have devised such a powerful set of features to make up the system we have been advised by our legal people to state the warnings you see on this web site. All the techniques and methodology are perfectly legal, but perhaps a little too effective as far as bookmakers are concerned. After all they want to take your money, rather than pay you money. Still if one follows the guide closely and is discreet there should not be any problems with most bookmakers.

The Product
The Bet-Science System has been devised as a high quality electronic book to be delivered as a download (1.1MB) in the PDF format. It is a professionally designed and typeset book, containing 55 pages that explain and illustrate the system. FREE software is available to use this book.

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A powerful Betting Formula Assistant has been devised in the form of a spreadsheet workbook (.XLS). It is delivered as a download (0.4MB). FREE software is available to view and use the workbook.


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The nature of secure electronic delivery will allow you to gain instant access to the product if you decide to invest £39.99 in purchasing it (ordering and downloading the product to your computer takes just 10 minutes*) In just a little time you will be learning and applying the system to your own sports betting and using the formula assistant workbook to compose innovative and profitable bet plans.

Thank you for taking your time to visit this site. We look forward to having you as a satisfied customer.

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