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  26 Keys To Business

Have you ever wanted to become your own boss?

Learn the 26 Keys to starting a business with LESS than $200. 
(Even if you have no idea where or how to start)

The secrets given in The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started are worth more than $1500 in total first year savings. 
(Save $500 in startup cost and $1000 annually)

During my consulting days I frequently attended networking functions where I encountered aspiring entrepreneurs looking for ways to start businesses on tight budgets.  At the time I attributed the lack of funding to bad business planning or lack of drive.   However, my perception surrounding this topic quickly changed, once I started mentoring a graduate from my alma mater.  Much like the people I met while networking, Fredrick was young and ambitious with a mind full of ideas and looking to start his own business.  The thing I didn't quite realize was the root cause behind so many people wanting to start a business.  He graduated from college 3 years ago and was overburdened with student loan debt and was barely making ends meet working an "undesirable job", (as he used to put it) outside of his major.  Fredrick essentially viewed entrepreneurship as his ticket out of his current situation.  As his mentor I urged him to research ways to raise capital or turn to family and friends for the initial monies he needed.   He returned to my office the following week in even worse spirits than the previous week.  He told me that his family didn't support his entrepreneurial aspirations and they thought he should keep working at his current job while, continuing to look for something in his field.  He went on to tell me how a number of his friends were in similar situations and that no one was willing or able to help.  Prior to him departing my office I told him to keep his head up and that I would look into his problem over the next week.

After he departed from my office I had an epiphany while looking over a few client files sitting on my desk.  I realized that some of the cost saving strategies I was using for my smaller clients might be able to serve as the foundation for a start-up.  From that point, I started by compiling a list of resources that had little to NO upfront cost then, sought out the most cost effective ways to handle the other essential elements of putting together a business.  When Fredrick arrived at the office the following week, I told him that I may have a solution to his problem.  I walked him through the list of resources and explained the purpose of each and how they should work together.  After a couple of weeks of trial and error we figured out the right combination of resources to set up his business.  

Once everything was complete and his business was legitimate and ready for customers, I became his first customer.   I also introduced him to a few other business owners in the area.  In less than 5  years he has 30 customers, no longer works at the dead end job and has a staff of 6. 
- Fredrick Johnson
Spotless Cleaning Service 

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"This must-read book takes you step-by step from planning through actualization of your business. The framework presented in this book can be used for anyone wanting to start a new business.  This is the key to making things happen and getting results."
- Edward Nguyen
EWN Consulting

"The tools and insights Carl shares in his book were instrumental in turning my passion for baking into the business I always wanted.  This book is required reading for anyone who has a hobby that they've been thinking about turning into an income source."
- Harriette Fairbanks
The Cake Lady

"Carl Murray has a remarkably ‘simple’ way of conveying information that leaves you with an accomplished feeling after every chapter.  This book is a strategic weapon for anyone looking for an inexpensive way to get a business started quickly." 
- Michael Robertson
R&S Design

"After graduating from college I looked for a job in my major for a year and a half with no luck.  Working part time I came up with the idea to start my own business to supplement my income.  I didn't know where to start until a friend recommended this book."
- Christine Smith 
eTraffic Consulting


The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started
Learn the 26 Keys to starting a business with less than $200

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As I go about my daily routine I tend to see the same people doing the same job day in and day out, like Vicki at the coffee shop, Tanisha at the information desk in my office building, Charlie the evening shift janitor, and Michael at the restaurant downstairs.  As I encounter people with frequency, a simple "hello" eventually turns into a daily conversation about life.  Being an entrepreneur, I always like to talk to people about their dreams and goals, and that type of information sticks with me.   For example Vicki is a college student studying journalism, she wants to write for the times, Tanisha has a passion for makeup and does tutorial videos,  Charlie  has a passion for grilling (his jerk chicken is second to none) and Michael loves photography.  One thing I've learned is that no matter what a person is doing for a living there is always an underlying desire to live their dream.  The problem is that most people think their dream is unattainable or requires too much money to get started, when that is typically far from the case.   This is another reason I decided to write The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started.   

With my methodology and a little guidance Charles opened a catering business specializing in BBQ and smoked meats. Tanisha turned her love for makeup into a business being a makeup artist with an accompanying "how to and review" blog for beauty products.  Michael turned his love for photography into a business filming weddings and special occasions, and Vicki started a public relations firm and business blog.  No matter what your passion, hobby, or talent you can easily build a business around that skill or ability.  This book is designed to help you do just that.

How This Book Will Benefit You?

The strategies, resources and best practices contained in this book have helped countless entrepreneurs over the years and have helped people like you make additional income, exit the corporate world completely and have created jobs for others.  The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started is essentially an entrepreneurial crash course designed to take your business idea and turn it into a fully operational business by the time you are finished reading the last page.   This book was strategically written as a series of actionable steps accompanied by the necessary tools, resources and, best practices needed to turn your business idea into a reality.   

In this book I will take you step by step in creating the following:
Chapter 1:  IntroductionChapter 2:  Business Planning
Chapter 3:  Business NamingChapter 4:  Business RegistrationChapter 5:  Business Registration (pt. 2)Chapter 6:  BankingChapter 7:  Your DomainChapter 8:  Business EmailChapter 9:  Business TelephoneChapter 10:  Website DevelopmentChapter 11:  Business CardsChapter 12:  Marketing Chapter 13:  Marketing (pt. 2)Chapter 14: Record KeepingChapter 15: Bonus Material (Mentors, Funding, Office Space, Etc.)

This book's promise: Complete business setup with less than $200 and ZERO monthly operational cost.

"Carl offers practical solutions that are immediately actionable – solutions that are so clear and easy to follow you'll wonder why it took so long for a book like this to be wrote.  The magic behind The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started is the books actionable simplicity.

- Trista Campbell 
T. Campbell Public Relations

“I have been an entrepreneur for a long time and strongly recommend The New Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Started.  When used properly the book doesn’t just show you how to get started, it guides you through each step in the process of building a business from scratch.  I would also urge entrepreneurs new and old to consider this book no matter if you're just beginning or if it's time to refresh your business's image, cut cost operational, or simply need new ideas." 

- Robert G. Price 
Serial Entrepreneur

"Carl’s book is very well done. The minute I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  I previously looked into setting up my business and the estimated cost were more than $1000.  This book is clear and concise and offers more information than I expected." 

- Jennifer Gibson
TMG Personal Training

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Why spend the best years of your life confined to an office?  
Unlock the ability to work when and where ever your heart desires!
Learn how to unlock your full potential through business ownership!

Pursue your passion

See the world

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Get your copy today for only $17.97

Look at what others have to say!

"The business planning chapter of this book helped me develop a full understanding of what was required for me to start my business."   - Rita Orwell 
"You have no idea how much you have helped me and how much time you have saved me. Your book made this process a breeze.  Thank you very much"  - Kelly Jordan
“Thank you for filling a niche at an affordable price. Your book was just what I was looking for."  - Damon Anderson
"It was almost as if I had Carl right next to me helping me through the process. Because of his book, I was able to knock out the setup of by business and start finding customers quicker."  - Joseph Marsh

"This book is strictly about getting things done so you can be up and running quickly and inexpensively with a highly professional projection of your business."   -Thomas Matthews  
"I highly recommend this book to anyone who aspires to get out of the rat race. Anyone at any age should read it!"    -Amir Mohammed
"This book told me a lot of stuff that I needed to know, it has really good advice and tells you exactly how to get things done."  - Malcolm Hodges
"This book is a great book to read, it's informative and interesting because the author uses real life examples."  -Melia Perry

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The New Entrepreneur's Guide
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But I'm confident you'll be successful in implementing my systems, and I look forward to your testimonials, updates and hearing about how much you've accomplished using the system.


Get your copy today for only $17.97

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Order today because a pathway to owning your own business is only a few clicks away!

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