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Master Personal trainer and fat loss expert reveals the 3 unique, little-known secrets his clients use for

TWICE the fat loss
in HALF the time…

“The 3 Unique, Little Known Fat Loss Secrets Over 1,221 Men and Women Have Used to Lose Pounds of Ugly, Unwanted Fat and Get a Slim, Slender, and, Attractive Figure For Life”

Give me just 20 minutes a day… 3 days a week… and I’ll show you the little-known unique secrets NO OTHER TRAINER is using to help clients melt off 20 to 30 pounds of unwanted fat in less time.

These 3 little-known secrets will turn your body into a fat-burning furnace and help you melt off POUNDS of unwanted fat in the fastest and easiest way possible… without long boring hours of exercise or restrictive diets

If you’re ready to get the sexy beach-ready body that boosts your confidence… even if you’ve tried and failed dozens of times before… just read below…

From The Desk of: Seth Thurston
Master Personal Trainer

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered if it’s REALLY possible to lose unwanted body fat in less time… and do it without restrictive diets or hours of exercise?

Well, the answer is “Yes”… and even if you’ve tried and failed many times in the past… that ENDS today.

I am going to show you how to lose body fat and get a fit and “photo-ready” body… in the fastest and easiest way possible

Better yet… I’ll show you how to do it WITHOUT hours of cardio or suffering from starvation diets. In fact, if you give me ONE total hour a week… I’ll give you the powerful secrets you can use to…
Get that flat, toned stomach you’ve always wanted Fit into the old clothes you want to wear! Feel confident when wearing your swimsuit Stop worrying about ugly stomach flab that has you feeling down Look and feel more attractive than you’ve EVER felt

And that’s just a tiny fraction of the benefits you’ll feel when you transform your AND your life in a short time.

Look, if you’re like most of the women I talk to here at my personal training business… I’m sure you’ve tried just about everything you can to lose fat.

And has any of it worked? If you’re reading this page… probably not.

Why is that? Well, it’s as simple, really.

The truth is, if you’ve EVER struggled with your weight and have unwanted fat you want to get rid of from your belly, waist, arms, or thighs…

You’ve Been Lied to, Over and Over Again, by Slick Weight loss Marketers with Big Wallets!

You’ve NEVER been given the truth about what it REALLY takes to lose fat because it’s much more profitable for the weight loss industry to keep you FAT.

The big fitness corporations keep feeding you fat-loss B.S. with the sole purpose of getting you to buy their supplements, shakes, pills, or diets… over and over again.

If they actually gave you the truth and helped you lose weight, you’d stop buying their stuff and they’d lose the millions they’re making with their bogus cures.

And to keep profits rolling in, they’re NOT going to give you the truth about losing fat.

That’s why money-hungry marketers constantly “bomb” you with all sorts of “break-through” weight-loss gimmicks. They know you’re desperate to lose weight so they promise you ultra fast results.

Want examples? Remember this:

“Give us a Week and We’ll Take off the Weight!”

As you can see… they’ll say and do anything they can to keep the truth from you… so they can keep selling you their latest and greatest “gimmick” that puts of cash in their pockets.

But unfortunately… it doesn’t take any fat away from your hips, buns, or thighs.

The bottom line is… what works? What doesn’t? It’s all so confusing!

Because of all the lies… you try everything you can THINK of. You start dropping your calories and starve yourself. You do hours of cardio on the treadmill.

But is Any of that Working?

Well, if you do some exercise and limit your calories… you MAY lose a few pounds. But what happens a short time later?

Yep… you guessed it. It becomes restrictive and difficult to keep doing it. You get fed up with spending hours working out and starving yourself…never allowing yourself a treat.

So, you reach your breaking point and soon find yourself eating MORE of what you’re weren’t supposed to. And the weight you lost soon comes back. And often times MORE.

It’s a constant yo-yo of losing and gaining weight. And in a short time, it starts to make you feel like you’ll never lose weight.

Trying to Lose Weight Can Be an Uphill Battle If You’re Being Constantly LIED to…

The sad thing is, this bad information is the real reason you’re overweight and don’t have the body you want. It makes me sick how these companies sell products they know won’t work.

So please, don’t keep beating yourself up. You’ve never been able to learn the truth about losing fat… because NO ONE WILL SHOW YOU. That is, until now. Honestly, it’s at this point where most of my clients come to me… because they’ve tried everything and haven’t gotten results.

They’re unhappy with the way they look and feel and they’ve reached their breaking point.

But within a few days of using the 3 little-known, unique fat loss secrets I show them.. they they finally SEE the fat loss happen faster then ever before. They also enjoy more energy, more confidence, and they do it in less time. All from using the same cutting edge techniques and proven science I’m going to show you.

Who Am I And I Why Did I Put This Presentation Together…

My Name Is Seth Thurston and I’ve been a Master Certified Personal Trainer for 10 years.

I’ve helped over 1,221 men and women to lose fat faster and easier using my 3 tried and true fat loss secrets. With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry, I’m different than any other personal trainer or weight loss guru.

That’s because I’ve gotten more fat loss results than just about any trainer. Thousands of men and women… who couldn’t lose any fat before…are literally able to “burn fat around the clock” and replace ugly flab with lean, fit and toned bodies after they work with me.

Because my fat loss methods work fast, they’re perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly… or for busy people who don’t have hours to spend in the gym.

As a Master Trainer, I use 3 cutting-edge scientific methods and proven body-sculpting techniques to help both men and women to melt off fat and transform their bodies from flabby… to lean, toned, and fit.

Through personal experience as an award-winning physique competitor, I’ve helped many men and women get the kind of incredible bodies they want… because I’ve done it myself and have learned 3 shortcut secrets that helped me lose fat in less time.

I know the exact nutritional and workout techniques needed for any bodybuilding, and bikini competitors to blow away their competition.

More importantly… I’ve helped 1,221 regular, average men and women lose fat and get in shape so they can just life a happier, better life!

Whether it’s through the little-known nutrition secrets I’ve learned or the workout techniques that help you lose fat in less time…you’ve found the one personal trainer who will give you 3 things I KNOW you’re not doing. But once you do… fat loss happens quick.

Why I’m Different and Why My Methods Actually Work for Losing fat in less time

As owner of Thurston Personal Training, iCardio Fitness, and Lifestyle Health Food… I’ve spent 10 years studying fitness, nutrition, weight loss, muscle building, motivation, and more.

More importantly, I’ve spent 10 years helping clients get in shape and lose fat in the fastest time possible. I’ve worked with athletes… helping them to get faster, bigger, stronger, and better for their sport. I show them sport-specific skills so that they can dominate their competition.

I’ve worked with models and Miss Arizona winner, Rachel Kasang to get in the best shape of her life in the shortest time. As official Trainer of Miss Maricopa, Miss Phoenix, and Miss Scottsdale Beauty Pageants not limited to but including Miss Arizona 2013… I know what I’m doing.

And as a NPC Men’s Physique Competitor who has placed 1st, 2nd, 5th, 4th, 3rd in competitions… I not only walk the walk, I talk the talk.

In the industry… I’m known as Trainer of the Trainers (Master Trainer). I’ve been working with men and women for over 10 years as a trainer, gym owner and fat loss consultant. Plus I’ve been featured on several local TV shows as a fitness and fat loss expert.

But it was my own personal trial and error with fat loss techniques I had been researching and putting into practice… that led me to discover 3 of the most unique, and quickest ways to lose unwanted fat. If you’d like to lose fat and get a lean, sexy body in the fastest way possible…

I Can Help You Shortcut the Process

I’ve been able to help clients lose pounds of unwanted fat and drop dress sizes without starving themselves and without spending hours doing boring exercises.

My female clients are able to get the sexy, toned bodies they want in just 20 to 30 minutes a day…3 to 4 days a week.

Not only do they lose pounds of unwanted fat… they’re able to keep it off without depriving themselves of delicious foods or doing hours of exercise. I’ll show you how to put the same fat loss secrets to work for you.

You don’t have to count calories, spend hours exercising, or starve yourself. You can stay thin, sexy, and lean for good by focusing on doing 3 simple things.

And even though I have an extensive fitness background – it wasn’t until I discovered these 3 unique fat loss methods that I’ve been able to help my female clients burn off fat like crazy.

The thing is… they burn off all that fat using pretty unusual techniques that most women don’t know about… and that almost NO women use.

But They Burn off fat fast!

In fact, what finally helped my female clients lose all the fat they want is stuff you won’t see on TV infomercials or in fitness magazines.

And like I mentioned, I show them 3 unique fat loss secrets that most women don’t know. But when they use these 3 weird fat loss tricks… they finally start melting off the unwanted weight.

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes a day, just 3 to 4 days a week. You don’t have to spend hours on a treadmill or do hours of exercise. And you definitely don’t have to starve yourself.

This fat loss system is based on 10 years of secrets discovered through hours of personal trial and error with my workouts as well as one-on-one sessions with women like you.
And some of my clients’ friends, family, and co-workers can verify my successful track record. They’ve seen the pounds melt off, their clothes get baggy, and waist sizes drop in just weeks.
And Their Hubbies or Significant Others?

Well, many of my clients mention that their husbands or significant others show them more love and affection.

It makes me feel good to know I have such a positive effect on clients and it makes me feel even better that it’s not a struggle for them to lose fat like it was in the past.

In fact, almost all of my clients tell me this was the easiest way they EVER lost fat since they didn’t have to do hours of exercise, spend money on gyms, or do hours of cardio.

I’ll show you a ton of real world “before and after” pictures of women who have used these same unique fat loss secrets to get the slim and slender bodies they’ve always wanted.

You’ll not only lose unwanted body fat a lot faster and easier…

You’ll Keep it off Permanently

Your hubby will keep asking “Honey, what are you doing… you look great.” He won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

Believe me, I train mostly women and one of the things I hear most is how clients love the extra attention and affection they get from their spouses when they’re melting off fat.

The boost in confidence helps them feel so much better about themselves. No more feeling embarrassed or insecure. No more feeling worried about how your hubby may see you when you’re not wearing clothes. No more feeling anxious about what anyone will think about you… no more wearing baggy clothes to hide your weight.

You can put all the insecurity, worry, and embarrassment behind you.

As the owner of a personal training studio, I can’t just sit by and keep watching you get lied to, over and over again. And that’s why I’ve finally reach my boiling point with these marketers who keep selling lies.

I’m here to “blow the whistle” on all the false promises they’ve been feeding you. I built this website so I could share REAL, honest to goodness truth about burning all the fat you want.

Why You’re Current Weight Loss Efforts May Be Causing You To GAIN Pounds of Unwanted Fat!

Stuff like dieting or doing long, slow, boring cardio, or hours of weight lifting. Sure, those things may work for a short time, but it’s a continuous never-ending cycle of losing weight and gaining it back. All you ever seem to lose in the long run is money.

If ANY of those things ACTUALLY worked permanently.. you’d already have the slim and slender body you want. Since they don’t… you keep trying anything you can find.

Since many women aren’t sure what they need to do… the first thing they do is try a diet.

The problem with dieting is… if you lower your calories too much… it’s impossible to resist hunger. Sure, you can hold out from eating bad foods for a few weeks. But once the urges and cravings hit… once you feel deprived willpower goes out the window.

As a result, you give up in a week or two

Not only that, but did you know dieting is actually the WORST way to lose fat.

It’s true. When you lower your calories too much… your body holds onto stored fat as a defense mechanism. So diets don’t BURN FAT… they force your body to hang onto it!

That happens because your body senses starvation when you diet… so it holds onto stored body fat in case of future calorie needs.

When you lower calories too much, you also lower your metabolism. When that happens, calorie burning and fat loss comes to a screeching halt.

So not only is sticking to a diet hard, it doesn’t work. After all, most women who come to see me have already tried the hours of exercise on a treadmill. They’ve tried restrictive diets.

Sure, some women lose a few pounds by running on a treadmill for hours or by starving themselves with a restrictive diet. And since they lose 5 to 7 pounds or so…

They Keep Doing this Crazy, Tiring Routine

But once it becomes overwhelming and a burden to their every day life… they stop.

And once they stop, the weight comes back and often times MORE. Losing 7 pounds… only to gain 12 to 15 pounds back can drive you crazy.

But after meeting with my clients and showing them why dieting or over-exercising never works, they feel better. So let me show you the ONLY way you can actually lose fat permanently. The simple weight loss tricks you’re about to learn actually force your body to burn fat and calories all day long… even while you sleep!

Before you know it, you can start wearing tight, revealing dress instead of baggie sweats you wear now to cover up your weight. You’ll go from overweight and out of shape…to slim and slender without restrictive dieting and without exercising for hours.

So what DOES actually work to burn off fat quickly and permanently?

Secret #1 that Makes me Different…

First things first, you need to make sure you set your exercises up so they don’t HURT you.

It’s true, you can’t exercise or lose weight if your muscles, bones, joints, and ligaments are sore from too much pounding on pavement or doing unsafe exercises.

You see, too many trainers make their clients use high impact exercises that can damage your knees, joints, and ligaments. Things like running and jogging on a treadmill can cause knee damage over time.

What’s the point of losing fat and being in shape if you’re in pain and can hardly walk. My techniques are unique because they’re Low Impact Workouts designed to keep you SAFE while burning fat.

Unlike those other CRAZY intense workouts that put a ton of impact on your joints and could lead to injury… my workouts are designed to be safe and effective. So I have my clients do low impact exercises that melt fat, but don’t cause damage to your body.

Again, many women have no idea what they need to do to lose fat because they’ve been lied to for so long.

Unique Fat Loss Secret #2 That Makes me Different

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat from anywhere on the body in the shortest time… you need to speed up your metabolism.

Getting your metabolism sped up will help you burn off calories and fat around the clock… whether you’re working, going to school, or sleeping!

Long, slow cardio like jogging ARE NOT intense enough to speed up your metabolism and get your body into fat-burning mode to burn calories 24/7. If you keep doing long, boring cardio sessions, you’re not going to raise your metabolism as much as you need to.

As a result, VERY little fat loss occurs. But want to know what DOES raise your metabolism and fat-burning in the fastest way?

Intense, Short Bursts of Low-impact Exercises!

Think of long distance marathon runners. They use long, slow cardio and they’re lanky, stringy and almost unhealthy looking?

Now picture SPRINTERS. They do short, intense cardio sessions… and they look lean, fit, toned, strong, athletic, and very fit. This is why you MUST do short, intense cardio sessions if you’re going to lose fat permanently and get the lean, sexy, toned body you’ve been dying to get.

When it comes to losing fat and getting that flat stomach…the secret is high intensity training. Another way to think of it is “short-bursts of intense workouts” that raise your metabolism AND burn calories and fat! But instead of using the typical high impact cardio methods that most trainers put you through…like running or Crossfit… I use low-impact, high intensity exercises that strip away stubborn body fat from your belly, hips, thighs, back, arms, and everywhere in between.

These low-impact, intense, fat-blasting workouts take just 20 to 30 minutes and will FINALLY melt away ugly fat like a blowtorch on a wax candle and keep it off forever.

20 to 30 Minutes a day… 3 to 4 Days a Week TOTAL!

When you start using short-burst intense sessions… you’ll start losing fat faster and easier than anything you’ve EVER tried.

It’s true! These high intensity exercises actually work more of your muscles at one time… which burns more calories than long cardio.

The end result is MORE FAT LOSS!

And remember what I said earlier about raising your metabolism? Well, high intensity training creates an “After burn effect” that causes your metabolism to skyrocket.

This Means You Burn Fat ALL Day Long!

After you do these low-impact, high intensity workouts… your metabolism increases so you’re burning calories and fat ALL DAY LONG… even while you’re resting.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT to use these more intense exercises instead of the long, boring cardio sessions that most women use.

These short-burst intense workouts can melt away stubborn body fat from ANYWHERE you want to lose it… without more exercise.

It doesn’t matter, whether it’s your buns, belly, hips, thighs, waist, or arms… once you start using what I’m not going to hand you… it’s GONE!

And you’ll be doing low-impact exercises that don’t put a ton of strain or pressure on your joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

So the low impact is much safer and will allow you to keep sticking with your workout plan! That’s why my plan is something that works long term. No more high impact exercises that do a number on your joints and body.

Let me just tell you… running for an hour on the treadmill is BORING. Not only that, but the impact on your knees can cause you to have problems in the near future.

With these low-impact, high intensity exercises… you’ll burn more calories and fat in less time. And soon you’ll have the lean, toned, sexy body you want. And you’ll keep it off for GOOD. You’re using a method that actually melts away body fat like a torch to a candle, so you soon have the lean, toned, attractive body you want!

No Diets, No Hours At The Gym…

This is the same way my model clients and pageant winners keep in “photo ready” shape.

I have them doing THESE short, intense interval training workouts proven to skyrocket your metabolism… which in turn torches the fat off your body so fast you’ll transform in weeks!

This is the same way that you’re going to get lean, fit, and toned as well.

Now, maybe you don’t have to worry about being photographed all the time or entering competitions like the models do… but I’m sure you still want to look your best, right?

Well, these short-burst fat-burning workouts are more effective and efficient at burning fat than long, slow cardio because they raise your metabolism and as well as EPOC.

I’ll explain what EPOC is in a moment. All you need to know is… this is the same unique fat loss method I use with clients to strip away unwanted fat using low-impact, intense exercises.

When you use these effective fat-burning exercises instead of long, slow cardio… you’ll melt off stubborn body fat from your belly, hips, thighs, back, arms, and you’ll do it in DAYS.

Why these exercises burn fat a lot faster…

The exercises I use with clients are typically full-body workouts that work your entire body.

Because these workouts work your entire body… they burn more calories because they’re more intense. This means more fat loss because the intensity raises your metabolism.

This discovery is scientifically proven to allow women to shed fat nearly twice as fast as long cardio, weight training, jogging, or any kind of diet. Also, I keep it low impact so you’re safe and able to work out again when scheduled. No one likes to be in pain.

If you’re looking to drop 10, 20, even 50 or more pounds… but you don’t want to go on some weird fad diet or spend hours in a gym…

You Need To Raise your Metabolism so it BURNS CALORIES 24/7

If you’ve tried cardio, jogging, yoga, or any exercise and didn’t get the results you wanted… it’s because it wasn’t intense enough to raise your metabolism and calorie burning.

You’re not doing the type of intense workouts needed to increase metabolism and burn fat 24/7. And because most workouts aren’t intense, they don’t increase your metabolism much.

So you eat WAY more calories than you burn off during the long, slow, boring exercises. Because of that, you never see the fat loss they want.

But here’s where this unique fat loss secret comes in. This new discovery raises your metabolism enough so that your body KEEPS burning off calories and fat 24/7. That means after your workouts are done, your body burns fat at an increased rate all day long.

These Exercises Speed up Your Metabolism so you
Keep Burning Fat Long After You Work Out!

Yes, you heard that right: Your workout is OVER… but the calorie burning keeps going!

This is known as “Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption”, or EPOC.

Now, what EPOC means, is a way of working out that triggers an “Afterburn Effect” that cranks your body’s fat-burning ability into overdrive.

The way it works is by speeding up your metabolism… or what’s known as your “Resting Metabolic Rate” or the speed your body burns off calories when you’re just living day to day.

The more intense you work out, the more your metabolism will increase and the more your EPOC rises… helping you burn off fat 24/7.

So after these short-burst workouts… your body burns fat at an increased rate all day long… even while you’re sitting on the couch! If your metabolism is slow… you burn calories and fat SLOW. But if your metabolism is fast… you burn calories and fat all day long.

That’s exactly what an EPOC Workout does to your body!

It Speeds Up Your Metabolism to Burn Calories & Fat 24/7!

It burns off all of your unwanted fat after your workouts are done… and that’s when you see the unwanted body fat really start to fall off! You see results in weeks… not months.

Some clients tell me they drop sizes so fast… they have to buy new clothes the first weeks! EPOC is based on real science. It’s not another gimmick made up by a weight loss marketer. EPOC is so powerful because it keeps your body in a fat-burning state!

Check out this graph showing the results of EPOC exercises and the calories it burns AFTER.

One Session Burns More Fat than Jogging 4 Miles!

As you can see… EPOC Training is by far the most effective way to burn calories… almost twice as effective as everything else.

Certain exercises burn as many calories AFTER your workout as they do WHILE you’re doing them. And trust me on this, if you want to slim down, you must burn calories 24/7.

If you give me 20 to 3 minutes a day… just 3 to 4 days a week, I’ll show you high intensity low impact exercises that cause your EPOC to skyrocket… so you melt away fat and get the slim, slender, fit body you’ve wanted.

Even while you’re out enjoying yourself with your family… your body is constantly burning fat.

Without Hours of Exercise or Starving Yourself!

This fat loss secret forces you to engage more of your muscles at once… which means your intensity increases, your metabolism increases, and so does fat-burning.

And since you’re raising your metabolism so it’s working fast even faster you work out…. you’re also burning calories 24/7. You get more fat loss happening when you’re just resting.

These workouts are 10 times more effective for fat loss than jogging on the treadmill.

So if you just want to get a great body without torturing yourself or starving yourself… just use the same high intensity, low impact exercises that have helped over 1,221 men and women replace their unwanted fat with lean, toned, sexy body.

You see, at my gym I have clients come to me wanting to lose weight. They tell me their previous attempts didn’t work. Well, after hearing what they were doing… I knew exactly WHY they weren’t getting results.

So over time, as more and more clients came to me… discouraged because they hadn’t had success… I came up with certain exercises specifically made for women…intense workouts to trigger EPOC that weren’t high impact.

These low impact, high intensity force you to engage more MUSCLE GROUPS at one time, so the intensity, EPOC and calorie burning increases… so you burn fat around the clock.

The workouts in my system are specifically designed to help you burn the most fat… with the least amount of effort.

But unlike many trainers who try to “kill you” during workouts with tough exercises, my methods are safe, beginner-friendly, and actually fun!

I also continued to find new ways to improve my clients results… so while I was reading every study on EPOC I could get my hands on… I also came across another fat loss tip.

Unique Fat Loss Secret #3 That Makes me Different

I discovered another thing most trainers in America have NO IDEA about.

That’s why my 3 little-known, unique fat loss secrets are so powerful. No other trainers know about them, so they don’t use them. I’ve designed my workouts to be low impact, so they’re safer and cause less damage to your body so you can continue to get results.

Also, the exercises I use increases EPOC… which increases your metabolism longer after your workouts. This allows you to keep burning calories and fat 24/7… even while sleeping.

But there was a 3rd fat loss secret I learned… one that no other trainer ever talks about.

And that is how Nitric Oxide Training Workouts help you increase blood flow and increase energy, libido, and your aerobic capacity to burn more calories and fat.

Nitric oxide has been shown to increase endurance and strength as well as increase the fat burning process. Nitric oxide can also help the removal of lactic acid build-up caused by exercise. So, I learned certain exercises that allow for faster recovery from workouts.

Nitric oxide

Using these 3 proven fat loss secrets… my clients were able to lose fat even faster.

Over the last few years, I figured out several more secrets to maximizing the EPOC effect… and eventually combined everything together in my own system for rapid body change.

I put them into video format, so you have all the steps needed to lose fat in the shortest time.

Introducing The Fat Loss Video Workout System

Now that I’ve put my system into a video program and made it available… I get letters every day from women who’ve told me this is the fastest way they were able to lose weight.

Use all three of my little-known, unique fat loss secrets and you’ll get the lean, toned, sculpted body in just minutes a day.

And if you’re short on time due to your busy schedule and still want to lose fat… you can do these efficient and effective exercises in the comfort of home.

Now, just because this doesn’t take long and doesn’t put you through the ringer with crazy, high impact exercises like some trainers will make you do… don’t let that fool you.

And finally, I incorporate several exercises shown to increase nitric oxide, which can help you recover faster and also burn fat quicker.

These workouts are not only very effective… they’re proven to help you lose more fat in less time. That’s because you’re doing the most important things when it comes to burning fat:

Increasing your Metabolism and Resting Heart Rate!

The workouts are easy to follow because you get my help on video, to learn proper form.

From start to finish, most of the workouts are around 20 to 30 minutes each… which is perfect for women with busy schedules or stay at home moms who only have a few minutes free.

And each one uses cutting edge techniques and proven science designed to maximize the EPOC Effect! So you can drop up to 20 pounds and multiple dress sizes without using restrictive diets or doing a ton of exercise.

And since they’re fun to do and not high impact and don’t hurt and most importantly… they WORK… you’ll want to stick with this!

It’s Perfect for Anyone who is Just Getting started

Once you learn these 3 tricks to losing fat… you’ll change your body in less time. This discovery is scientifically proven to help women shed fat twice as fast as any other method.

So if you’re looking to drop 10, 20, 30 or more pounds… but don’t want to go on some weird diet or spend hours working out… this will do it.

These videos have already helped hundreds of clients burn off the flab that can make you HATE when you see when you look in the mirror. You’ll love getting 10 times the fat loss results in a fraction of the time.

The bottom line is… these videos will show you exercises intense enough to kick your metabolism into high gear…so you lose the fat and get the lean, fit, toned body you want. You can lose the inches and pounds… quickly, easily, and permanently. You can look and feel 20 years younger. You’ll go from hiding in baggy clothes…

To Wearing Revealing Clothes That Show Off Your Body

Now, since the intensity of these workouts keep your metabolism elevated for longer times, that means your body is burning fat around the clock… 24/7.

That’s why you only need 3 times a week. So, if you do a 30 minute workout on Monday, your metabolism speeds up and your body burns fat all day Tuesday and into Wednesday.

When your metabolism begins to slow down on Wednesday… you do a 30-minute workout.

This kicks it back up and your body burns fat through to Friday. By Friday your metabolism is in HIGH GEAR… so all it takes is one more workout to burn fat through the weekend!

It Really is a Shortcut to a Great body!

In weeks… you’ll surprise friends and family when they see you and can’t believe the weight you lost. Your hubby will LOVE your new body and won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

You’ll drop inches and dress sizes… your clothes will be baggy and loose, and the fat will continue to fall off until you reach your ideal weight.

You’ll be on cloud nine when you’re on your way to get new clothes and a bathing suit that you’ll be proud to show off on the beach.

The weight falls off and you SEE RESULTS in the mirror QUICKLY. You’ll look forward to showing off your new body. You’ll love it when friends and family compliment you!

Why I’m Confident This Will Get you Results

Again, it’s based on EPOC training, which scientists have said is the fastest way to lose fat.

So it’s scientifically proven to work because it increases your metabolism and makes your body burn calories all day.

See, if you keep your metabolism high… your body will constantly burn more calories during the day, even at rest. It’s based on the intensity of these workouts and how fast they increase your metabolism.

The workouts speed up your metabolism to a level that makes you burn fat 24/7 – you actually see fat falling off your body each time you look in the mirror! And it happens fast.

Unlike long, boring workouts or impossible-to-maintain diets…the workouts are short, safe, and are FUN… so you will actually DO them! This program is easy to stick to.

With EPOC you lose 1 pound of fat for every 1 you “work” off… you actually see fat fall off every time you look in the mirror! And it happens fast. Nothing is more motivating than watching yourself get thin! The fact is… you want results in the shortest amount of time. That’s exactly what I deliver.

Real, measurable results. I’ve got a file cabinet full of before and after pictures to prove it.

After all, I’ve always been a big believer in proof. When there are SO many hyped-up programs claiming they can help you get in shape… my first reaction is always:

Show me the Actual Proof!

The honest reality is… you can never get enough proof. Because results are results, right?

Well, I have more success stories than most trainers and I keep getting more from real students. This proof is important because it shows you that I get results.

Now it’s your turn. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or you want to lose 40…your metabolism becomes a fat-burning machine burning off fat no matter what you’re doing!

What Exactly Do You Get?

The main component of this program are the online workout videos showing the exercises themselves. You’ll see me do each one… so you just follow along and burn fat faster.

Videos for All skill levels!

This means this video course is perfect for anyone, no matter the skill level.These high intensity workouts FORCE your body to burn fat 24/7 because they super-charge your metabolism all day long! Each workout is specifically designed to maximize fat loss and do it FAST… using the Afterburn Effect that EPOC training provides!

Not to mention, each exercise also maximizes nitric oxide usage, so your body burns fat faster, with less fatigue and faster recovery. Not only that, but the increase in nitric oxide from these exercises help you increase blood flow, energy, libido, and strength.

And finally the low impact workout are designed to keep you safe so you KEEP at it. So many people do the wrong exercises, get hurt, and stop working out… killing all progress.

My program is better than any other because it gets you FAST results using EPOC science, and long term results because I’ll teach you my PROVEN system to stay lean and healthy.

And here’s the best part – you can be watching the videos in literally minutes from now. I’ve put it all online for INSTANT ACCESS… start watching them tonight! I’ve designed the exercises to be fun, effective, safe and efficient… so you get the best fat loss results in the least amount of time.

Again, if you want to stick with something… you need to have fun doing it. And this will be a blast so you’ll LOVE sticking with so the results come fast and furious!

You’ll never get bored and your body will be working to melt fat without taking unnecessary damage like you would with high impact exercises.

It’s How My Clients Melt Off fat and Keep it Off!

All it takes is 20 to 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. No crazy dieting or hours of exercise.

Let’s face it… these days your life is busier than ever with work, kids, family, and everything else you do. Not everybody has the time to spend 2 hours a day working out.

I know you’re not looking to change your whole life. You just want to get a great body!

So start using what REALLY works to lose fat and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER. Burn fat by using a simple method that melts away ugly fat like a blowtorch on a wax candle.

This will help you drop pounds of ugly fat and keep it off. That’s why my clients love it.

And I guarantee it will work for you too

This workout program works for both men and women, young or older. You’ll even look and feel 20 years younger. You’ll have more energy and confidence, and you’ll feel happy.

These are the same High Intensity training workouts my female clients use to lose pounds of body fat in just days. I promise… these high Intensity workouts will blast off the unwanted fat you’re holding onto. After just the first 2 weeks… you’ll see the results when you look in the mirror!

Pant sizes drop, your friends begin to notice, energy levels surge. This isn’t a dream. All it takes 3 workouts a week, about 20 minutes each time to get and keep your great body.

Look… even if you’ve tried everything else and failed… you’re going to feel a sense of relief because you’ll FINALLY realize why you haven’t lost fat with what you’ve done.

In fact, you’ll feel as if a giant weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

You’ll be Amazed at how Quick you see Results!

As you continue doing these High Intensity workouts… your body’s fat-burning ability will keep cranking up your metabolism… so you keep burning more and more body fat ALL DAY.

Imagine dropping pounds of body fat each and every week without having to starve yourself with some restrictive diet. Imagine not having to spend hours in the gym doing a ton of boring cardio. It’s going to feel great knowing you can do these fat burning workouts in 20 minutes.

You’ll be melting away the ugly belly fat so fast… you’re going to feel so proud and confident. And this is the ONLY program you’ll EVER need again to drop that unwanted fat and KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD! With my system, you’ll soon have a fired-up metabolism that melts fat from your body FAST!

This is going to be simple, fun, and exciting… but more importantly, it WORKS ! In a short time… you’ll be able to fit into clothes you miss wearing!

You’ll transform your body once and for all!

And with the “ Fat loss System… you get EVERYTHING… a complete video fat loss program with what to do, how often to do it, and more so you naturally begin to lose fat.

You can see videos of the exercises I recommend. This way, you’re never left wondering what to do. Every detail is covered and nothing is left to chance. There isn’t ANY guesswork.

If you want a guaranteed way to lose weight and keep it off forever… here’s your chance to get the lean, sexy bikini body that makes you feel happy, confident, and proud.

When you take off the fat and get the body you want… you no longer feel insecure and self-conscious when you go to the beach.

You look forward to wearing clothes that show off your body. You’ll feel sexy and attractive when you’re walking the beach in your new bathing suit. In no time, you’ll need a new wardrobe with brand new clothes.

Get the Slim, Slender, Sexy Bod You Want

This is a quick, effective, and FUN way to lose fat… one that fits your busy lifestyle! One that gives you more energy, takes the pounds off, and has you feeling GREAT!

Nothing is more motivating than watching it happen right before your eyes. I’ve successfully used this with hundreds of clients! Their results prove it.

So, if you want to keep burning calories and losing fat… increasing your metabolism is the fastest way to lose belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat, and fat from all over your body.

Whether it’s your belly, double chin, muffin top disappearing… you’ll love the new you.

Fun, Effective Way to Get Lean, toned, and sexy

It’s a great feeling getting compliments from friends and family on how good you look.

You can use these videos to make a fast and fabulous change in how you look and feel. You’ll lose unwanted fat and sculpt a lean, hot bod faster and easier than ever!

You’ll tone up your trouble spots like hips, thighs, belly, and buns. No more jiggly arms or flabby belly. Make your backside your best side and reshape your entire body!

Within days you’ll notice a smaller waistline and thinner thighs. As you’re slimming down… your confidence skyrockets. You’re happier and more positive. You’ll feel good all the time.

And when you’re happy and confident…you just feel better.

It’s the Fastest & Easiest Way to Get the Body You Want!

You know something… I’m confident this is the fastest, most effective way to burn off fat while getting the lean, slim and slender body you want! I’ve proven it with my clients.

So if you’re ready for a confident, attractive new YOU staring back in the mirror… if you’re ready to start living the life you know you want to live… and do all the exciting things you don’t do now because your weight is stopping you… this is something you can do for you.

The bottom line is, if you’re ready to drop 5, 10, 20 pounds or more… if you’re ready to tone up and get the lean, slender look… if you’re ready to look younger and feel younger… you can use this program.

In 20 minutes a day… you can get the slim, slender, hot body you’ve wanted to get.

So, let me wrap this up by saying how much I’d love to help you lose the unwanted pounds and get the body that makes you proud.

It Worked for 1,221 clients I’ve Helped

The online workout videos are for any man or woman who wants to burn off fat, gain toned muscle, and get a fit, attractive body in the shortest amount of time.

As you go through the videos… you’ll not only have fun, you’ll enjoy more fat loss in less time. These workouts are not only time efficient… they’re unique and fun. And because you only need 30 minutes… it’s simple to fit in anytime.

So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Well, how much have you already wasted on bogus shakes and powders that supplement companies keep pushing at you?

How many “new and improved” workout programs have you tried, with little to NO results to show for it?

Like I mentioned earlier, that’s one of the biggest reasons I started training clients 10 years ago. I got tired of all the pure marketing hype floating around out there for “advice”. I’ve been trying to change the BS ever since I started 10 years ago.

Fortunately, I’ve years of advanced study, training, and actual hands on experience helped me spread the truth about fat loss. And this program is based on science and what actually causes the human body to burn off fat.

That’s why this program will be the one permanent one you’ll use from now on.

Look, if you’re busy… this is the fastest, easiest, most convenient and low hassle way to get the lean, slim and slender body you want is to try my workouts videos.

Why start from square one and try to reinvent the wheel when I’ve already found an exact, step by step blueprint you can use to melt off fat. You can get your dream body without dealing with a starvation diet, without spending hours exercising.

By following some simple tips, you can literally get as lean as you want by using a simple step-by-step method that gives you noticeable results in weeks.

No matter what your body looks like now, all it takes is 3 workouts per week, about 20 minutes each to speed up your metabolism and get your body burning fat.

So, if you’re not totally happy with your body and it’s effecting how you feel about yourself… you deserve to make a change for YOU.

Whether you want to lose the muffin top, belly fat, double chin, the flabby arms, the extra cushion on the butt and enjoy the hot new attractive you… just follow the videos.

These Fat Loss Videos are the Fast and Easy way to do it

When all other fads and gimmicks failed… this will be the REAL way to lose fat quickly, easily, and permanently in those hard to lose places… and the places you REALLY want to lose it.

Like your legs, arms, belly, butt, thighs, basically anywhere you don’t want fat.

When you’re losing fat and getting the slim, slender, fit body you’ve always wanted… you feel so much better about yourself. You feel better at your job, in your relationships, your marriage, with your kids… everything improves when you feel confident and good about your body.

And not to mention the extra energy you have. Whether it’s going for a walk with the family, playing tennis, or going shopping… you have more energy and strength when you need it.

It Changes how you look and FEEL

When you look and feel great… your entire life gets better. Instead of feeling tired and run down, you’ll feel alive and full of energy.

You’ll have fun with the kids, you’ll want to do stuff with the hubby… and you’ll just feel positive and happy.

Speaking of the hubby.. don’t be surprised if he starts paying more attention to you, compliments you more, and shows you more affection.

Many of my clients tell me that the men in their lives treat them so much better when they’re in shape and feeling great. They say it makes the entire relationship improve.

When you’re happy… the people around you are more positive towards you as well.

Again, you don’t have to starve yourself with restrictive diets. No feeling deprived and miserable. No counting calories, no hours of exercise.

Invest 20 to 30 minutes a day 3 to 4 days a week and you’ll lose a ton of unwanted fat AND get the sexy body you want.

Believe me, the Rewards are Worth it!

For the amount of time you invest in this, it’s the fastest, easiest, most effective and efficient way to lose fat.

No more trying diet after diet or workout program after workout program. Even if nothing has worked for you, instead of giving up, I want you to try this.

Believe me, not only will you lose fat faster and easier than anything you’ve ever tried, it will be FUN, low impact and safe. It doesn’t involve long, boring jogging on the treadmill, or doing thousands of sit ups or crunches, running outside on pavement… none of that.

That’s why it’s my secret weapon for helping female training clients lose fat in less time. This is a tried and true way to get the lean, toned, slender body you want without hours of work.

So if you’re looking for a magic pill or other gimmicks… you won’t find it here. But if you want a proven plan that helps you drop 10, 20, even 30 or more pounds… using 20 to 30 minute work outs, these online videos will help you get the body you deserve.

By making some quick and easy changes in the way you work out… you’ll raise your metabolism so you burn calories all day long.

Whether you want to tone your arms, lift your buns or want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, this is scientifically proven to help melt fat twice as fast as any other method.

For most of my clients, it takes just a few short weeks to start feeling and seeing results in the mirror. After just the first week the scale shows results… after the second week you see the results when you look in the mirror!

With your metabolism sped up… causing your body to burn calories and excess fat… pant sizes drop, friends notice, and you feel better and more confident. With your new slim and slender waistline, your friends and family barely recognize you.

Where your stomach used to be covered with ugly fat…a flat sexy belly is showing through. You now have a tight slim waistline. You have more energy, and more confidence… because as the fat goes away, you look and feel better.

And the longer you use these proven techniques, the more results you see over time.

That’s why my personal training clients come in to see me. They like the results they keep getting.

And up until now… my personal training was only available in a private one-on-one setting. But since my ULTIMATE goal is to help more people reach their weight loss goals…I’ve designed these videos to help more people reach their fat loss goals in less time.

What’s your Happiness Worth to You?

Let me ask… what price can you put on looking better and feeling better? If you were one of my personal training clients… you’d pay $95 an hour.

If you trained with me for just 3 hours a week, that’s $285 a week and $14,820 year!

And many of my clients GLADY pay that to work with me. But you’d have to travel to Phoenix if you wanted to learn these exercises from me… and many clients do.

But that can be expensive and time consuming. Plus, it’s no longer necessary.

Since I put the videos in online format… I don’t have to be there in person. That means I can pass the savings on to you! You can start burning fat literally just minutes from now, because the program is delivered online, in digital format and video so you can watch online!

In just weeks, people are going to be stopping you and asking you what you’re doing… they’ll be complimenting you on how great you look. Again, if you were to train with me for just 3 sessions a week, that’s over $1,000 per month and over $14,000 per year.

But You’ll Pay No Where Near This Amount

You don’t have to pay the $1,000 per month. You only have to invest a tiny fraction of that AND there’s no waiting for the mail. You can start watching the videos seconds after ordering.

Now that we’ve been able to put them online for you to instantly watch… there’s no reproduction costs or mailing costs. So, we can price them so they’re more affordable. If you order now, you can get access to these videos for just $19.95.

That’s less than one hour of my personal training time… but you get to watch these forever.

You’ll look and feel sexier than ever… you’ll get a flat, firm stomach… eliminate flab forever… enjoy more energy… and boost your confidence. No more struggling with your weight, no using supplements or diets, no more feeling self conscious.

These workouts create a fat-burning effect inside your body… FORCING your body to burn fat all day long… even while you’re sleeping! You’ll melt off unwanted fat from your belly, hips, buns, and anywhere else you want to lose it!

As you’re getting in shape and losing fat, you’re dropping dress sizes quicker than ever. You’ll be shopping for the clothes you want and wearing the clothes that make you feel good. Each and every day… you’re losing unwanted weight and belly fat… so you feel sexy and confident.

There’s no other system that’s as simple, quick and safe as this to sculpt your brand new body and the flat, sexy stomach you want… without long, boring cardio.

ALL other workout programs require you to spend hours a week at a gym doing long, boring cardio. Not this.

So not only do you get more results in less time… there’s no impact that can hurt your joints or muscles. These exercises are low-impact so they’re safe on your body.

These are the same cutting-edge exercises I personally use to help my clients burn body fat FAST. I’ve seen these exercises work first hand, by training hundreds of women…

So they’re GUARANTEED to work for you.

The best part is… they’re simple to follow along with, they’re perfect for beginners, and you can start watching the videos in minutes from now online.

Imagine shopping for new clothes in a few weeks from now because your old “fat jeans” don’t fit anymore! Imagine how much better you’ll look and feel when the fat is gone. You no longer feel insecure and self-conscious. Your confidence and self esteem skyrockets.

Hundreds of my clients have done it. And you only have to invest 20 to 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 days a week. By not having to spend $75 to $100 per hour on personal training… you can spend that money on your new wardrobe, a new bathing suit, or on your family.

For a tiny, risk free investment… you’ll lose more fat in less time and you’ll keep it off for good.

Unlike the restrictive diets that help you lose 7 pounds… only to cause you to gain 15 pounds when you go off them.. and unlike dangerous diet pills or fat burners that cause you to feel jittery… this is the fastest and easiest way to lose fat from any area on your body.

If you’re ready to skyrocket your confidence… if you’re ready to turn heads on the beach… if you’re ready to get the fat loss you’ve been waiting for… it’s time to make it happen.

No more fad diets or expensive supplements. Never again suffer through hours of cardio workouts. No more starving yourself, just to lose a few pounds and then gain even more. This will be fun and convenient… so you’ll have no reason not to do it.

Since you have fun doing this, if it’s exciting and something you look forward to… AND it works to burn off fat.

And That’s How Permanent Fat Loss Happens

This program will be so fun and effective, you’ll be motivated to keep using it… so the results will keep coming and you’ll keep looking and feeling better each week.

That’s why I’m so proud of these videos because I know how it will feel when you no longer have to spend money on gimmicks. For just $19.95, you get the main videos that show you the fast, simple exercises that increase your metabolism and burn off fat.

$19.95 bucks is the price of a small cup of coffee each day for 30 days. So why not spend on something that’s gonna get you the slim and slender body that helps you look and feel better?

Not only that, but these are efficient and effective exercises that get your body burning fat all day long. That’s why these workouts are designed in short, intense sessions… to raise your metabolism so your body burns fat all day.

Just one session burns an extra 937 calories a day and boosts your metabolism by 497%… helping you lose pounds faster and easier! Get the entire Fat-Burning Workout for just $19.95!

That’s Less than 1 Hour of my Personal training!

Even better… you can get it in seconds from now, since you can download it from my site to your computer. No waiting around for the mail.

So go ahead, take action and lose weight faster and easier and keep it off forever. It’s the most affordable way to get results.

With these videos, there will be no more buying diet books or workout DVDS or expensive meal plans, no counting points or attending meetings. If you think of it in terms of getting the body you want… it comes out to just 56 cents a day!

Would you pay 56 cents a day to have a lean, fit, toned body? Now you can change your body without changing your entire lifestyle! That’s why I’m so excited about this.

No crazy dieting, no skipping out on your favorite foods. Imagine how wonderful you’ll feel.

I can give you more fat loss results than any personal trainer and more nutrition information than any nutritionist. You don’t have to worry about hours and hours of cardio, or starvation diets, or searching for the next hyped up supplement.

And you get all of my advice… my proven online workout videos that turn your body into a fat burning machine that melts off fat 24/7.

I’m going to give you the same secrets I use with clients to help them lose a ton of body fat.

ORDER NOW And Receive These 3 Gifts, Worth AT LEAST $199.95, Absolutely Free!

Free Bonus #1: Nutrition Plan and Eating Guide
($49.95 value)

Order now and you’ll also get a simple nutrition plan and eating guide to speed up your fat loss results without starving yourself. You’ll feel great when you realize you can eat all the time, and still lose fat, because now you’re eating foods that work WITH your body to burn off fat… not against it.

Stop depriving yourself of eating enough food. The truth is, you can eat MORE food, if you eat the right kinds, at the right time, in the right amounts. I‘ll show you how to eat MORE of your favorite foods, while you actually lose more weight. In fact, you can eat every 2 to 3 hours, and still burn off a ton of fat. That’s right, with certain foods you can leat all the time and still melt off unwanted fat. It’s a great feeling, believe me.

Free Bonus #2: 7 Fat burning Recipes
($49.95 value)

Order now and you’ll get 7 specific recipes that are designed for faster fat loss. These meal plans were specifically designed for quick and effective fat loss when paired with the workout plans. And trust me, these are not recipes that taste bland and you’re going to dread.

You’ll be eating delicious healthy food that will fill you up and satisfy your cravings. I’m talking REAL food, you don’t have to eat like a bird. You’ll drop pounds of fat every week without having to starve yourself! You get 7 fat burning recipes that keep the fat falling off and your taste buds happy.

Free Bonus #3: Glute Firming Workout
($49.95 value)

No doubt, most women want a nice, firm, toned, and lifted butt?

Order now and you’ll get these butt firming videos that show you the specific exercises you need in order to raise and lift your butt… getting that firm, toned butt that looks amazing in a bathing suit.

Free Bonus #4: Secret Health Tips Most Trainers Don’t Know
($49.95 value)

Finally, if you order right now, I’ll include an amazing guide that has 11 health tips that almost no one knows about… but when you use them, you’ll see faster results. This guide contains 11 tips in all, and I’ve used these same tips to help Rachel Kasang Win Miss Arizona.

These are also the same tips I used on Stacy Hyder to help her lose 80lbs.

So, if you order now… you get the most cutting-edge workouts I personally use to help clients burn off slabs of ugly body fat FAST! These exercises enhance your body’s fat-burning ability by cranking up your metabolic burn into overdrive! You’ll continue to shed pounds of fat fast.

Not only that, but you’ll get the 4 bonuses for free… the nutrition and eating guide, the 11 health tips bonus, 7 fat burner recipes bonus, and butt firming bonus video… all FREE!

“100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee…”

So go ahead, take action and start using the same fat loss exercises I share with training clients… and start melting off fat like they do.

If you give me just 20 minutes, right from the comfort of home… I promise you can use these fat loss videos to see a brand new lean YOU in the mirror in weeks.

If you don’t notice you’re losing pounds in less time… if you’re not walking the beach with confidence, turning heads as you go… if you’re not having to get a new wardrobe… if you don’t look and feel 20 years younger… let me know and you get your money back.

You can take a full 60 days to check out the videos and watch as your body gets slimmer week after week. If for ANY reason you’re not blown away by the amount of fat that melts off your stomach, thighs, arms, and everywhere else… you get your money back.

Believe me, this is the single best investment you can make in yourself if it gives you the body that helps you feel HAPPY. Because that’s what it’s about… it’s about being happy.

If losing weight permanently will make you happy… then you owe it to yourself to get this. You don’t have to wait either. You get access to these videos in seconds… since they’re online for you to watch.

Make today the day that you decide to change your life. I want you to look back on this day and realize it was the turning point where everything changed.

For 10 years now, I’ve been helping women transform their bodies AND their lives by showing them what it takes to lose weight permanently.

And now, I’ll give you the solution I discovered that has helped well over 1,221 clients to lose weight, get in shape, and feel so much better. That’s why my personal training clients come in to see me.

Look, you have an important choice to make here. A few months from now, you can either be in the same place you are right now, feeling just as depressed and frustrated. Or you can be happy and proud of your new body.

OR… you can have a body that not only looks incredible… but has you feeling incredible. Your self-esteem and confidence skyrockets when you lose this weight.

The choice is yours. The Video Training Program includes the entire system – workout videos the nutrition secrets, the health tips, the fat loss recipes, and butt firming bonus.

The total retail value of this program is over $497.Now, you can get my entire system for under $20. You get EVERYTHING – all for just 19.95 bucks.

I don’t want money to come between you losing weight and getting the body you want. After all, since this is on video, there’s no overhead for me, so I can pass on the savings to you.

Go Ahead and Take the Next Step…

Use this program as a shortcut guide to getting the lean, toned, sexy body you want. This could be YOUR turning point. That time in your life where you make a change to go after what YOU want.

If you feel that a fresh start is exactly what you need… and you feel that losing weight would do that for you… then it’s time to do something that makes you feel great. It’s time for you to experience that feeling when you truly feel happy with your body.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking “I’ll do it later.” Later may never come!

Remember, if you wait until everything is perfect before you take action, you’ll be waiting forever! You have to decide, right now, to give yourself a chance to make this a reality!

I truly believe with all my heart that the information you’ll discover in my system really has the power to help make dramatic changes in your body and life. All I’m asking for is a chance to prove I can assist you… just as I’ve helped thousands of others before.

In just a few short weeks… you can have a body that makes you feel good. And when you’re happy and confident…you just feel better. And you know something… you deserve this.

Your new body will give you that boost in happiness and confidence you need to feel great about yourself.

Every trick, every exercise, every secret to getting a firm, sexy waistline for just $19.95! And all without risking a dime. So take action now and say “hello” to the new, confident, sexy YOU.

Order now and you can be watching the videos in MINUTES.

Look, you’re standing at the crossroads. Of the two roads before you… the one on the left is the road you’ve been walking already. It’s rough, uphill, rocky, and full of frustration.

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to lose fat and look and feel the best you’ve ever felt before. Choose the right road and let me help you shed that fat, transform your body, and get the lean body you’ve always wanted.

Just hit the “Add to Cart” button now and start your journey towards fast, easy, and permanent fat loss.

Membership Value $200 Today $19.95

Your friend and trainer,

Seth Thurston

P.S. You’ll absolutely love how you look and feel. You’ll look like a totally different person…a slim and slender body… a lean, sexy waistline and flat stomach.

Weeks from now when your friends and family are complimenting your new body… you’ll be very glad you did you made this choice.

All it takes is 3 workouts per week, about 30 minutes each time to speed up your metabolism and get your body burning fat like a furnace. Click on the button and let’s get started sculpting the lean, toned, sexy body that has you feeling great!

Because you’ll be using the short-burst workouts to start melting fat like butter on a hot frying pan… your waist, buns, hips, thighs, arms, will be slimmer and more slender! Inches will automatically FALL off when you lose this fat!

In less time than you ever thought possible, you’ll get that lean, toned body and flat, firm belly.

And remember, there’s absolutely no risk for trying this out. If it’s not for you, you can get your money back quickly and easily. So save the money, time, and effort by using these simple, proven strategies that burn off unwanted, ugly body fat.

Don’t delay. Get started on your new and improved body and life right now.

Membership Value $200 Today $19.95
contact us via email with questions: [sales@betterlooktoday.com]
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