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Sandbag Strength

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"Want to discover how to skyrocket your strength and power
using sandbags?"
Are your bored with traditional
dumbbell and barbell strength workouts? Looking for something different that delivers
unflinching results?
Welcome, my friends, to the
underground world of Sandbag training!
If you're an athlete, coach, or trainer chances are you've
heard about sandbag training. And maybe you have even tried a few exercises. But there's
never been a comprehensive resource dedicated to sandbag training - until now!
World renowned strength coach, Josh Henkin,
has created the definitive manual, 100% dedicated to the art of sandbag strength, perfect
for trainers, coaches and athletes!
Expert strength coach, Charles Staley found
this resource to be invaluable: "I've seen the manual and it's top-shelf...if you
need to lean how to use sandbags, this is your one-stop source."

What can Sandbag Strength do for
you? Here's just a taste...

dramatically improve your strength &

become a faster athlete on the field

improve your balance & coordination

develop lightning quick agility and

become a superior conditioned athlete

decrease unwanted bodyfat

66 Killer Exercises, 132 Photos NEVER Seen Before!
Josh Henkin has trained hundreds of elite
athletes with versatile sandbags. But he's NEVER revealed ALL of his most closely guarded
'secret' sandbag exercises. The manual is easily organized into
categories such as drags, carries, overhead work, etc.
Here's just a few fresh and exciting
exercises you'll discover...

The 'Headlock' Squat: this one
works both your lower body AND upper body strength at the same time

Full Moon Snatch: one of the best
full body power exercises you'll ever experience

Zercher Turkish Get-Up: a perfect
strength and stability exercise that'll challenge even elite athletes

And much more...

"... a
wide variety of exercises, some of which I never would have thought of. A lot of
the variations of classic exercises take advantage of the sandbag. I think the exercises
in this book will provide many fun training sessions!"
Tyler Haas - Editor: PowerAthletesMag.com
"If you have an interest in Sandbag training,
get this manual... Tons of killer exercises and great tips!"
Mike Mahler - Strength Coach

"This manual is full of
exercises you've never seen or tried. All of Josh's recommendations have always
yielded positive results with my clients and my own training. He always seems to be way
ahead of the industry and I plan on staying plugged into whatever training advice he
...full of practical hands on tips
on how to effectively use sandbags for whatever your athletic goals might be.
Franz Snideman, RKC, CHEK
Owner Revolution Fitness Center - Revolutionlajolla.com

15 Sandbag Training
Workouts and Routines!
In addition to all the incredible exercises,
you'll actually get fifteen of Josh Henkin's proven sandbag routines and
workouts. Each of these workouts are guaranteed to give you results.

Three different POWER circuits (perfect
for any athlete who needs more power: football, basketball, soccer, etc.)

Three different COMBO workouts
(incorporating sandbags into traditional weight room training!)

Four DENSITY training workouts (using
Charles Staley's workout system to unparalleled strength gains in a short amount of time!)

training workouts (lower reps + lower rest = killer results!)

The BUSY MAN'S DENSITY training workout
(how to fit these workouts into a very busy schedule)

Cluster STRENGTH Workout (perfect for any
athlete needing more strength for sports)

Cluster SIZE Workout (if you need to get
BIG, try this workout)

well done. My company just landed a contract to train a local H.S. Wrestling Team and your
manual just solved all of my sport specific exercise prescription problems.
The photo demonstrations alone are worth the price of the manual but your programming
ideas are a valuable bonus. Thanks!"
Randy Hauer - Old School Strength and Health LLC
This is a great manual. Very thorough, good,
clear photos and an abundance of well put together programs... is a perfect
compliment to the well-rounded and would-be super-athletes training arsenal! It is worth a
lot more than the asking price!"
Steve Cotter - Strength Coach, Author
Full Kontact.com

Two Valuable
Exclusive FREE Bonuses!
When you order today, you'll receive the
following 2 FREE bonuses valued at over $549, absolutely free:
BONUS #1 - My 10 Best Top-Secret
Sandbag Workouts! ($149 value)
In addition to all the sample workout and programs in the manual, I've included ten more
of my favorite killer sandbag workouts. These are the exact programs I've used with my
private clients and have never sold to the public before.
BONUS #2 - One 4 week 100%
customized sandbag program ($300)
If you order by midnight tonight, you'll also receive a 100% fully customized sandbag
workout. I usually charge $300 for a one month program - but you'll get it for free. Just
send me your details (age, sport/goals, current workout program, etc.) and I'll create a 4
week program that'll get you results!

Half-Off Special Price!
It's taken Josh Henkin over 10 years of
training and experimentation with his elite clients to create this patented sandbag
training system. And he charges well over $100 an hour for training. He's literally put
tens of thousands of dollars of research and education into this explosive sandbag
strength manual.
But you can get this entire downloadable
manual, plus $449 in free bonuses, for only $39.95 $19.95. However you
must order today to receive this low price. It can go back up to it's regular price $39.95
at any time.
Because this information is a downloadable
manual - there's no shipping cost or overhead for us. Therefore, we're passing the savings
onto you!

INSTANTLY Download the Manual!
You can download the entire manual in PDF
format right now. No waiting for the mail. No expensive inflated shipping charges. Just
click one button and you'll download the entire manual right to your
computer so you can start the exercises right away!
*Please note, this IS NOT a physical book.
You'll be able to DOWNLOAD the entire manual and bonus workouts in PDF just a few seconds.

Click Here to Download Now via Our 100% Secure Website

P.S. Discover the world's most versatile
training tool: the sandbag! Once you start using sandbags as shown in this manual, you'll
never train without them again. Download
it right now.
P.P.S Click Here
only if you decide NOT to order the Sandbag Strength manual.

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