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[The Anxiety Annihilation Method]

The fastest and effortless way to eliminate stage fright

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Eliminate Performance Anxiety in 3 Days While you Sleep


Listen up because today, I, Dwight Dillon, stand before you…


Free of Anxiety and Carefree.


That’s right. You read that right. Anytime, anywhere, I’m ready to perform. These days?


I flip a fearlessness switch on in my brain, and BOOM. The show is on. It’s easy and effortless.


Whether it’s on a stage, in a meeting, or approaching a girl in a bar, it’s all the same for me now.


Was I always this way? F*** no!. Dude, I was a scared little sh*t.


I was nervous on stage, I was nervous in front of girls, and my voice that is usually strong came out small and weak.


Have you ever felt powerless on stage or unsure?


I’m sure you’ve done this like I have…


…gone up on stage, having spent hours memorizing your routine, and 27 seconds before going up, your mind goes blank, your hear and you think, “F***! I hope it comes out smooth?”.


Then you get up scrounge for your cheat sheet, find it, but now your palms are sweaty, your belly is fluttering, and you’re feeling unsure.


You were going to go up there completely memorized, but you take a cheat sheet and put it nearby because you decided that you don’t trust yourself right now.


In fact, you’re feeling a bit wimpy, but you figure that once you warm up, things will flow. By the way, you haven’t started yet. You wish you could feel more sure and let stressed.


Here’s the good news…


All this bullsh*t that you’ve gone through in the past isn’t your fault.




It’s not your fault that during your training, you weren’t given the proper training to prepare you for the doubt, and uncertainty that arises before every performance.


It’s not your fault that when going through the training for your particular skill, the teachers don’t teach you how to shut off the voice of doubt.


That’s where I come.


Hey, it’s Dwight Dillon.



I’m America’s Bilingual Authority on Stage Fright, and I help performers eliminate stage fright and performance anxiety.


Si, hablo español tambien.


As you read this letter, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of a seismic, life-altering event. What I’m about to share is going to change EVERYTHING for you. That, I guarantee.


So shut the door, turn off your cellphone and close that Facebook window. The next hour or so demands your undivided attention…


I’m going to show you how…


Fearlessness = Standing Ovation


Like I said before…


I had it bad! In all my years of being a trained professional trombonist, the only person who helped me shut off my brain and feel empowered to perform was me.


I took it upon myself to become fearless, because I was sick of feeling terrified and f***ing up loads as well.


Now if you’re like me, from time to time, you’ve…


-had a drink

-maybe smoked a blunt to relax


But those don’t bring long term, permanent results.


Beta-blockers, promise to zap anxiety. They work! But not permanently.


There are some great books out there, but…


-You don’t have time to read them

-They’re written in such a boring tone


No, f*** that.


A psychologist or hypnotist might be able to help, but they usually don’t understand the performer’s world, so there’s a major disconnect there.


What is the cost for you to continue down on this path? What are you going to have to suffer through if you keep living like this?


What is the cost of doing what doesn’t work?


While on a search to discovering myself during my first professional gig as a trombonist on a cruise ship, I discovered a method that is faster, drug free, and consistent.


It helped permanently free my emotions from the jail of performance anxiety.


-It’s not another pill that you take…

-It’s not another book that you read…

-And it’s certainly not a video you have to watch and takes on, with exercises…


Before I reveal more… check what one customer had to say:



“I’m listening to the AA method & what comes to mind is this would seem like it would work regardless of being on stage or simply talking to a girl or at a meeting at work.

Essentially in all scenarios you’re performing to a degree.”



The product…it’s awesome. I myself have performed stand up comedy so I know when I’m in the zone and after listening to his product I’m not only ready to perform but excited. Dwight goes deep into your “mind’s eye” and exterminates your anxiety at it’s core. I recommend this product for anyone who has been afraid to speak in front of an audience or an experienced performer who want’s to consistently bring their “A” game.
-Sean (Pasadena, CA)



What I discovered is backed up by Harvard research and the college professor in Peru who told me, “Dwight, you’re students were the most relaxed during their performance exams than all the others we saw today”.


What else will with this method do for you besides make you fearless on stage?


-Make the process effortless. You’ll just sit back and listen and it works.

-It only takes 26 minutes of your time for permanent change

-You could fall asleep while using it and it’ll still work

-Gives you permanent change

-You’ll see nervousness as a gift rather than a barrier

-You’ll be excited to go on stage

-It’ll only take 3 days for permanent empowerment

-You’ll become the boss of your emotions.

-Your focus will last longer

-You’ll become more charismatic on stage

-You’ll connect faster, and deeper with your audience

-You’ll look forward to being on stage

-Your overall confidence will grow

-You’ll stop worry about little things

-You’ll friends will think you’re fearless


I guarantee you’ll receive all these benefits by literally doing nothing.


Then when you’re on stage, you’ll automatically know what to do to own and tell the anxious monster, who always shows up, to sit down and shut up and submit to your dominance…




After teaching music at the high school and college level for 10 years, and using this method over and over again with consistent success, I customized it up for you into The Anxiety Annihilation Method.


It’s just you and me. My voice that you put directly into your ears, sit back, or lay back, relax and let me reprogram your brain. I’m literally going to talk your ear off for the most relaxing, blissful 22 minutes of your life.


“I just got though with the recording.

Anyway just a few thoughts. To me it applies to so many other things.

I was thinking that having been on stage soo much it was not really for me, but actually it applies to voice over in a big way.”
-Edwin, Scotland


So what do you get with the complete Anxiety Annihilation Method?

10 years of experience relaxing performers in a 26 minute audio file called “The Anxiety Annihilation Method”, to put in your audio device. The Performance Dominance cheat sheet. (BONUS)

Here’s where you can join the party with all the other Carefree Badass Performers TODAY: $19 (less than the price of dinner at a restaurant):


[==> Click Here To Get Instant Access To The BRAND-NEW COMPLETE Anxiety Annihilation Method, NOW!]


2 Quick Points before you get Instant Access Today:

The Anxiety Annihilation Method is completely different from every other relaxation mp3. You will never go back to feeling helpless or distraught before a show again.

Come join the party TODAY at the current rate:


[==> Click Here To Get Instant Access To The BRAND-NEW COMPLETE Anxiety Annihilation Method, NOW!]



By the time you’re reading this, it’s very likely several dozen performers

have already made their move, claimed their copy and are currently

listening and absorbing, learning these secrets and

moving way ahead of their competition..


They’re getting their unfair advantage, and so should you.



Who Is The Anxiety Annihilation Method NOT For?

It’s not for the audience.

It’s not for those who are usually the spectator or stage away from a stage or presenting in front of people at all costs.


The Anxiety Annihilation Method is intense, edgy, and empowering.

It’s not for the lazy or mediocre.

Mediocrity wants to stay the same, stay in the same place, never grow, never evolve, never take risks, never take chances, NEVER succeed.


If that’s you, do not invest in this and take one of the away from an UNSTOPPABLE Action-Taker here on Team Dillon at the current price.

It’s not for “hobbyists”. 

If you’re happy freezing up on stage instead of OWNING the stage effortlessly, this product isn’t for you


It will give you power and influence over your audience and they will love you.


Get it?


If you’re still reading this and feeling pretty good right now,

then it’s a safe bet that THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU.


It’s damn important that you take action NOW, and join us before someone else does for $19:


[==>Click Here To Get Instant Access To The BRAND-NEW COMPLETE Anxiety Annihilation Method Now!]



Any questions you might have about the product will be answered within 24-48 hours at this email address: [dwightdillonhelpdesk@gmail.com.]


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