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How To Build A Successful Business In Japan

Start Building&Growing Your Business in Japan

Winning Over The Japanese Consumer – How To Build A Successful Business In Japan

Winning Over the Japanese Consumer is an essential resource for country managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, investors, and anyone involved in building a business in Japan.

About The Author

Nick Johnston founded Wall Street Associates in Japan in 1999. It became the first international recruitment company to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification in Japan, and eleven years later was purchased by en-japan, the premium Japanese online recruitment company and rebranded as Enworld.Nick stepped down as CEO in June 2012, by which time Enworld had over 180 staff in offices in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul and Sydney.

Nick was born in 1970 and raised in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Prior to founding Wall Street Associates, he spent eight years in banking in London.

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To build a successful business in Japan, you must understand the Japanese consumer.

The book Winning Over the Japanese Consumer tells you everything you need to know to ensure that your brand will succeed in Japan. Based on interviews with CEO’s and industry leaders and including real-life case studies, this book gives examples of how to establish your products in the world’s second largest and arguable most challenging consumer market. Also drawing on the author’s business success stories as well as insights from marketing experts, this book will teach you how to make your brand a household name in Japan.

Winning Over the Japanese Consumer is an essential resources for country managers, entrepreneurs, marketers, investors and anyone involved in building a business in Japan.

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Some people say about the book:

“A great primer for making your product or service a success in Japan, one of the world’s toughest – yet most lucrative – markets. Nick has done a great job of synthesizing what it takes to succeed there, and giving guidance that will maximize investment and prevent mistake-making in the long run.” By Debbie Howard, Chairman, CarterJMRN KK and President Emeritus, American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)

“Winning Over the Japanese Consumer provides a concise overview of the key things that marketers will need to consider in order to be successful in Japan. Perfect for the executive who wants to understand what makes Japan different from other markets.” By Rochelle Kopp, Founder & Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting

“A highly practical marketing book on success in Japan. Packed with an array of interesting case studies, this book should be required reading for any marketing executive interested in succeeding in the Japanese market.” By Dr. Philip Sugai, Professor of Marketing, Doshisha Business School

“A must-read for anyone who needs to better relate to today’s Japanese consumer! With his experience and breadth of knowledge, Nick Johnston does an excellent job of demystifying and deconstructing misconceptions about the notoriously challenging Japanese market, and offers the reader up-to-date, pragmatic and no-nonsense advice to figuring out distribution and business practices in Japan. Highly valuable and recommended reading for executives back in headquarters, because the lesson of success in Japan will boost the global competitive edge of your business.” By Fabrizio Mura, Deputy General Manager, EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

“Despite all the noise about the potential of China, Japan remains the second largest economy on the planet, as well as a leading market for many fast-moving consumer brands. Japanese consumers are among the most affluent and most demanding in the world. If your company can make it in Japan, it can make it anywhere. Illustrated with great examples from Tropicana to L’Occitane and Domino’s Pizza, Nick Johnston’s book provides you with all the pragmatic tips you will need on how to successfully make it in Japan and win over the Japanese consumer!” By Dr. Dominique Turpin, The Nestle Professor, Dean & President of IMD (Switzerland)

“Getting to grips with Japan is not easy for a non-Japanese manager. But, opportunities for foreign brands in Japan are immense. After many years of little economic growth, there is great anticipation of more rapid growth in consumer spending in the coming ten years. Nick Johnston not only points to the opportunities but also, and more importantly, explains the ways to exploit them. By explaining the basis and the all-important subtleties of commercial culture, he provides an ideal guide to doing business in Japan for foreign brands. A few hours reading this book will save hundreds of hours and considerable expense for someone faced with getting to grips with Japan. Nick Johnston provides insightful practical advice and relevant examples on becoming established in a rich and potentially highly lucrative market. Whether you are already managing in Japan or are about to mebark on the adventure – read this book, it will be to your benefit.” By John Dawson, Professor Emeritus, Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling

“Books about doing business in Japan are, if not exactly ten a penny, then fairly close to it. A good many of them are penned by so-called “experts” but when it comes to the final analysis, it turns out they have been produced by people who’ve briefly lived and worked in the country (sometimes not even that) and have seized the chance to write up a formulaic prescription for “business success.” Now and again a book comes along that speaks from direct experience. Nick Johnston has produced just such a book. It is authoritative, accessible, and authentic. A must read. By Ian de Stains OBE, British Chamber of Commerce in Japan executive Director 1987-2011; author of The Business Traveller’s Handbook to Japan

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