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THIS ARTICLE IS FOR: Men and Women of all ages who want a safe and natural way to lose weight WITHOUT STARVATION DIETS OR CONSTANT GYM VISITS

Now Is The Time For Your Frustration To End...

"If You're Sick Of Struggling To Lose Weight With No Success, I'm Going To Change Your Life Today, With Weight Loss That Works!"

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Jason Webb - Sports Scientist & Owner
[JRT Sports & Fitness]

Dear Friend,

Sometimes life can make you feel like screaming, especially when it comes to weight loss. You know how it is, you struggle away starving yourself or eating dull and tasteless food, only to step on the scales and see that your weight has barely changed! It's so frustrating that it makes you think that nothing will ever work.


Today Is Your Lucky Day, Because I'm Going To Change That For You!

You see, despite all the hardships and the frustrations, there's something that motivates you. There's that burning desire that keeps you trying, and it's that desire that has brought you here to me.

How will your life be better once you finally lose that weight? Take a moment to focus on that desire...
The desire to look in the mirror and feel happy about the person staring back at you?
The desire to feel confident when interacting with other people in work and social scenarios, as you know they're not pre-judging you on your body type?
The desire to live a long and healthy life, to see your children and grandchildren grow up and start families of their own?
The desire to play with your children all day without feeling worn out?
The desire to get out and see the World, even if that means hiking, cycling, or even rock-climbing?

You see, that desire is what will keep you going. That desire will drive you forwards, and keep you strong when you see temptation before you.

Well, I have some good news for you...

Because You're Serious About Wanting To Lose Weight, I'm Very Serious About Wanting To Help You!

My name's Jason Webb, I'm from Southampton, UK, I'm a sports scientist, and I've spent over 20 years investigating and researching the best methods to help people lose weight and get in shape.

This is me at Universal Studios, Florida, in 1993. I was 21 years old...

I'd discovered alcohol a few years earlier, and had recently started a new office job, which led me to be sitting down for most of my day, and eating 4 bags of crisps (potato chips) every lunchtime.

To make matters worse, I'm a very fussy eater. I was eating chips (french fries) for dinner almost every night, as I just couldn't stand to eat fruit or vegetables.

Most of the fat went to my thighs, calves, and belly, and my muscles were getting saggy through lack of use. Something had to be done, or my health was going to seriously suffer in later life, and that's what started me on my weight loss research quest.

Luckily, I found the solution to my problems, and so...

This is me 20 years later...

Let me tell you this, I'm now 43 years old and...

I've NEVER Forced Myself To Eat Food I Hate, And I've NEVER Had A Gym Membership!

I only eat meals that I enjoy, and, apart from walking outside, I only exercise in the comfort of my own home, normally whilst watching TV.

Therefore, if the thought of starving yourself, or spending all your free time in the gym puts you off trying to lose weight, then I have the solution for you.

And, no... this isn't about swallowing a few "magic pills" every day and doing nothing else.

What I'm going to tell you about is my...

Scientifically-Based Weight Loss Program That Safely Cranks-Up Your Body's Fat Burning Rate, Without Pills Or Fad Diets, So That You Lose Weight Without The Suffering!

And, because the program you're about to hear about is NOT just another ordinary diet or exercise plan, it works to shed fat, regardless of any prior struggles you may have had losing weight, and it works equally well for both men and women.

Look: If you've tried losing weight in the past, but haven't had any long-term success, it's probably for one of the following reasons...
You tried following a "fad diet" that wasn't maintainable, and wasn't even right for your particular body composition in the first place.
You tried following a "celebrity fitness program" that was actually designed for an already lean, toned person to remain that way. It wasn't designed for burning significant amounts of fat, and it wasn't designed for your specific body.
You tried to just "cut calories" and found yourself feeling weak, lacking in energy, and unhappy all day.
You relied on generic weight loss tips from the internet or magazines, but were never able to piece them all together into something that worked.

If your past weight loss plans just made you unhappy, nobody can blame you for not sticking to them. They were badly designed, and not right for you.

As you know, when you decide to "lose weight", what you actually want to be losing is fat.

The wrong approach to losing weight can not only leave you feeling weak and tired, but it can actually damage your metabolism long-term, leaving your body in a state where it actually fights to hold on to its fat stores.

Fad diets are great gimmicks for people selling books, but the diets aren't maintainable in the long term. Sure, some people might rave about them for the first few weeks, but then progress slow down or stops altogether.

The truth is, the weight loss that people see on these fad diets is often due to muscle loss or water loss.

Just imagine for one second, by following the wrong diet, somebody could actually end up with a worse body than when they started. They would have less lean muscle on their body, but even more fat.

Sure, they might see some weight loss on the scales, but they will actually have lost muscle, one of the parts of their body that was burning the calories in the first place.

This is what causes so-called "yo-yo dieting"...

Somebody loses lots of muscle weight through a bad diet program, then, once they start eating properly again, their lack of muscle causes them to store even more calories as fat, so they quickly end up worse than when they started.

Not only will it harm your body, it will also destroy your motivation, and possibly make you give up any hope of ever getting that healthy body that you long for.

What you need to do is put a good nutritional program together with a good activity or exercise program so that the two can work together to give you maximum benefits.

Your body will be metabolising and using the maximum amount of fat possible, and you'll only be consuming the best nutrition to ensure that your body stays strong and healthy.

This Isn't About Starving The Fat Away; It's About Using The Fat In The Most Efficient Way Possible, Whilst Still Eating Filling Meals!

Before long, you'll be looking in the mirror and seeing a lean, toned, healthy person staring back at you.

If that sounds like the outcome you want, let me quickly tell you about something that I call...

Before I tell you what my program is, let me tell you what my program isn't...

Weight Loss That Works is not just an ordinary diet plan.

Weight Loss That Works is not just an ordinary exercise or workout plan.

Weight Loss That Works* is a total weight loss program that combines nutrition, exercise, and more, to make your body burn more fat, so you can get the healthy body you desire, and maintain that body for life.

WARNING! If You're Looking For Workout Routines With Glossy Photos Of Professional Fitness Models, Or You're Looking For Diet Plans Used By "Celebrities" To Tone Up For Their Next Appearance, Then This Program Is NOT For You!

If, on the other hand, you want a program that's custom-tuned to your body to burn off fat using proven scientific principles then Weight Loss That Works is for you.

You want a program that allows you to build your own meals and diet around the foods that you enjoy, without forcing you to starve yourself, don't you?

How about a program that allows you to exercise in your own home to burn off fat, even whilst watching TV? That sounds like something you could stick to, doesn't it?

And, what about a program that allows you to make subtle changes to your home environment, so that your body burns more fat, even whilst you're sleeping! Who wouldn't want that?

So, let me tell you about my program...


Jason Webb's Weight Loss That Works*

Natural Weight Loss Program

My Weight Loss That Works program is a comprehensive package that walks you through all the steps needed to maximise your body's fat burning and lose weight.

It includes the Weight Loss That Works PDF modules, together with cheat sheets, charts, and other tools to help you along your way to your dream body...

#1: Weight Loss That Works Manual - PDF

In the 5 modules that make up the Weight Loss That Works Manual, I walk you through the program and show you step-by-step how to tailor it for your particular body and lifestyle.

By the end of the modules, you'll have made vital changes that will give you the body you desire, and learnt how to monitor and adapt the program so that you can keep that body FOR LIFE!

#2: Weight Loss That Works Cheat Sheets - PDF

The second component that you get is the collection of Weight Loss That Works Cheat Sheets.

These are quick-and-simple documents that you can refer to at any time to make sure you reap the full fat-burning effects and benefits of the program.

These include...
A Weight-to-Calories chart to let you quickly discover the nutritional value of your food.

Charts of Low Glycaemic Index (Low GI), Medium GI, and High GI foods, so you can keep your carbs under control.

...and new cheat sheets are being added all the time.
You can print these sheets out and keep them somewhere for handy reference. You can even hang them on your fridge.

#3: Weight Loss That Works Coaching Newsletter

The final, and perhaps most important, component that you get with my program is access to the Weight Loss That Works Coaching Newsletter.

Here you will receive regular, up-to-date reports, research, and bonus guides to keep your weight loss progress at maximum.

If I come across any scientific breakthroughs that will help you lose weight even faster, this is where I'll let you know about them.

Let me do the research for you, so that you can just focus on your perfect body, and enjoying your life!

Due to the ongoing research involved in keeping my Weight Loss That Works program up-to-date with scientific advances, the whole package has a true retail value of $29.00.

And even that's less than you'd pay for an hour with a decent nutritionist or personal trainer.

In fact, I myself would charge $60 or more an hour for my professional services.

However, since this is the first time that I've put this program together in a digital downloadable package like this, I'm keen to get as many people using it as I can, so that they can give me feedback on their progress, and so that I can fine-tune it even further.

Therefore, I'm offering the whole package to you for much less than $29.00.

In fact, right now, you can grab the entire package including e-book modules, cheat sheets, and access to the Coaching Newsletter for just a single payment of $9.

That's it...

In addition, you can...

Try Out The Whole Program Risk-Free!

If, at any time within the next 60 days, you decide that the program isn't burning the fat off your body like you want it to, just send me an email, and you'll get a complete 100% refund. No questions asked.

That gives you 8 weeks to see the benefits of the program for yourself, or I'll give you all your money back.

To grab your package, just go ahead and click the orange "Order Now" button below.

As soon as you enter your details into the secure form, you'll be given instant access to download everything, and can set about changing your life.

Order Jason Webb's Weight Loss That Works* Program now
for only....


You can buy without any risk to yourself with my 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If, at any time within 60 days of your purchase, you decide that you are not happy with my Weight Loss That Works program, just send an email to me at jason@jrtsportsfitness.com, and I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

All items in this package are delivered digitally for immediate download. No physical products will be sent. Adobe Reader may be required to view PDF files.

I Genuinely Want You To Get The Body That You Desire!

If you follow some "gimmick" diet, or follow some "celebrity" weight loss program, you could do harm to your motivation, your self-esteem, and your body.

I don't want that to happen to you. That's why I put together my Weight Loss That Works program.

There's no need to gamble with your muscle, your body fat levels, or your metabolism. And, there's no reason to put yourself at risk by following some fad diet plan.

Simply grab your Weight Loss That Works program today, and let it go to work for you getting you your lean, toned body!

Go ahead and click the orange "Order Now" button above, and I look forward to seeing the pictures of the new you!


Jason Webb

P.S. If you have any questions about my Weight Loss That Works program before you invest your money, please feel free to drop me an email at [jason@jrtsportsfitness.com], and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

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Medical Advice: The information in this program is not intended to override personal advice from your doctor or any other medical professional. If you have not exercised for a long time, are on a special diet, or are in any way unsure about your state of health or physical fitness, consult your doctor before following any of the diet or exercise information in this program. You undertake this program at your own risk. The author and publisher of this program will not be held responsible for any ill-health or injury that occurs as a result of ignoring this advice. You only have one body, so please look after it!

*Disclaimer: The title “Weight Loss that Works” refers to the scientific methods given in this program that have been proven to work when applied correctly and used together in the right way. Actual results are based on individual effort, so no specific results can be guaranteed. However, all buyers of the program have 60 days to claim a full, 100% refund for the product if they are in any way unhappy with the results that they get from the program, or if they feel that they will not be able to make it work for them.


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