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SummerSoft Labs' Montblanc

~ Password Protection with Fractal Encryption ~

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  We, at SummerSoft Labs, have developed this new password protection method using fractal encryption.
We call it Montblanc.

Montblanc allows for using existing passwords, not requiring resetting them. You can utilize your current infrastructure as well. All you need to do is minimal programming and restructuring your database. Therefore, Montblanc is ideal for those customers who want to use their existing infrastructure to strengthen password protection.

The basic idea behind Montblanc is password transformation. That is, original passwords are hidden by transforming them, and then making it impossible or extremely hard to find original passwords from transformed passwords.

In order to prevent vital data from leakage and theft, a combination of user id and password is often used to authenticate identity of a user who is authorized to access such data.

Password is still the most popular authentication factor and protects vital data and services from unauthorized access, assuming password is only known to the system and the user who possesses this password. Once the password is obtained, a hacker who obtained it can do whatever the user can, pretending to be the authorized user.

Passwords are stored on server side in plain text or hashed format.

Lately large databases have been compromised and online banking suffered PIN and password leaks.

Passwords can be leaked/stolen from time to time. For instance, news lines like:
8 million leaked passwords connected to LinkedIn, dating website. (NOTE: LinkedIn is NOT a dating site)
Formspring springs a leak: 28 MILLION passwords reset after raid.
Yahoo! hack! leaks! 453,000! unencrypted passwords!

They are old news but similar incidents hapen very often.

Hackers obtain passwords either by:
- guessing them,
- stealing them from users, or
- stealing them from the system.

We focus on dealing with password theft from the system. This means stealing passwords that are stored in a database on the system.

Montblanc offers two types of protection:

1. Protection for user passwords stored in a database
2. Protection for DBAs' Passwords

With Montblanc, users only need to choose thier favorite files to be used as a passfile. Once they are accustomed to passfile, they would not wish to return to password.

You can try passfile authentication on our [Post Editor] page.


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