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There is NO holy grail system or strategy in Forex trading.

Learn the correct way to trade from the start...
Your success in trading is entirely up to you!

First of all, welcome to my site and congratulations on taking the first steps on your Forex journey. 

Before I get started I wanted to share with you how I got here. My name is Sean, I battled for three years trying to teach myself Forex. I learned a few lessons along the way, and finally when I had saved enough cash I went on a Forex course with two professional traders.
I now trade professionally myself, thanks to hard work, and being shown the correct way to trade.

On my journey I bought many 'systems' and 'strategies', finding myself on pages such as these, but with promises of riches, lavish holidays, super cars, luxury homes, and my favorite, some image of someone trading in their swimming pool.

First comes hard work

Then comes planning

Never quit, then comes success
So I wanted to create a product that tells Forex like it is, the truth. I'm not saying that once you are successful, those things are not achievable, but all previous 'systems' and 'strategies' I bought were so focused on what you could do with all that cash that was just going to fall into your lap. This really took my focus away from what work needed to be done first to then become successful.

I want to share with you exactly what you in for, I don't want you buy this manual, read it, and feel like you've been crooked into buying something which doesn't do what it says on the tin. See below my contents page. 

This is the contents page of my book, this is exactly what is in store for you

Sean, if you successful at forex why bother write an eBook about it?

This is a question I hear often. My personal answer is this, to be successful at Forex, you need as much practice as possible and always be learning and going over the basics. So if I am talking to like minded people and teaching, not only am I teaching you but I'm reminding myself of the basics that need to be practiced. A wise top pro trader who coached me called it 'staying in the fire'.
My Trading Manual
So I’ve created this manual for four reasons.
Firstly to tell you the truths behind becoming a Forex trader,
to point out what it takes to become successful at it.
Secondly, by using myself as an example on my journey, to save you some time by telling you how to go about your journey.
Thirdly, to give you all the tools you need, making a plan, and putting it into action. This third part is where you will be required to do some homework and hard work.
Fourthly, to 'stay in the fire' and make some extra money while writing about my biggest passion, Forex trading.

You not going to find a magic recipe in this book on how to become a successful Forex trader, but you will be shown what YOU need to LEARN AND DO to get there. In this manual, you will find all the tools you need, and the direction you need to take to become successful.

I am more focused on you succeeding than me making a sale here today, so I am telling it like it is
up-front, YOU WILL NEED TO DO SOME WORK TO SUCCEED! If you expecting to buy this book and then hey presto success, sorry it doesn't work that way. This is why I am also offering the bonus below, so we can be in contact everyday and work together.

After you have completed the steps I have laid out, you can continue with a few of my very own trading examples, a simple strategy I use, and my trading plan that I use and read everyday. Every step in this book is what I did to get where I am. So with that in mind, if you follow the steps one at a time and put in the hard work, I can’t see any reason why you can’t become a Forex trader too.

They say 95% of people who attempt to become forex traders fail, and I truly believe it’s because most are not excited or passionate about it, they just attempt it because they think it’s a quick path to fortune. 

This is what one of the 25 currency pairs I trade looks like, nice and colorful, and made to be mechanical.
There is also no up-sell here, if you purchase this manual, you will have all the tools and direction needed to become a Forex trader, the rest is up to you. The only further product or education I will recommend, is the course I did with those two professionals I spoke of. I am not affiliated to them,
I only mention them in my book because I know first hand how good they are, and they helped me on my journey. This further education is entirely up to you though.


And of course, what good would giving you a product without a bonus be. Please see below my bonus which I believe to be priceless. Talking to like minded people everyday is critical to success.

Welcome to the...

Instead of having a FAQ page, or email support at bla-bla-bla.com, I want to create an environment where we can all share our analysis, ask questions and learn together. Answering emails one by one is time consuming, and often difficult to get ones point across.

So within my manual is a contacts page, where you will find my Skype name. Send me a friend request, and you'll be added to the chat room and have access to me personally.

Here I will post my analysis, answer all your queries, talk about setups and trades. I'll be in the group chat room most days from 8am til 2pm UK time. You will have access to me immediately between those times. For those of you outside of the UK, I will read through any queries posted in the chat room while not there and answer the next day. Also, I will post links to FREE webinars held by the professional traders who taught me. I will also post any useful information that comes from my mentors, this way you get analysis and information from 3 professional traders. This information is priceless.


I fully understand that some people are out there to scam others as I too was once in your position, so I want to offer a full refund if you are not satisfied. Obviously I wouldn't want you to need to ask for a refund as I want you to succeed. This is why I have created the Forex Skype chat room, so you will have access to me personally all day. I beg you to do some more research to see if Forex trading is something you want to do. 

This manual will not give you a magic recipe for success, being successful at Forex trading takes effort and I am only interested in working with people who are serious and committed. So please only purchase this manual if this is you!!!

Please see my promise below...


So just to recap, what you get is my manual giving you the tools needed to make your Forex journey a successful one, AND lifetime access to my Skype chat room where I will be everyday, posting my analysis and trades, ready to answer any queries and help you on your journey.

My Trading Manual


Lifetime access to the Chat Room - PRICELESS


So, ready to get going?

Click below to get started Today!

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NB! This is a digital product, no hard copy will be posted.

Once payment has been processed, you will be emailed the manual in PDF format
to your email address. Please allow 1 business day for your manual to be emailed.

You will also need a Skype account which is free, so you can get in touch with me 
and join my Forex Skype chat room if you so wish.

Any queries about the product, please email support@fxtruthjourneyplan.com
Please allow 3 business days for response.
For any after purchase Forex/product support queries, please join the Skype chat room.


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