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The developer of “the sleep program”... Who has spent the last two decades wholly dedicated to helping sleep deprived people just like you get a solid eight hours of restful sleep every night reveals...

Learn How You Will Finally Get 8 Hours
Of Wonderful Totally Restful Sleep Every Night

Instantly Improve Your Health, Wealth and Life Following These Proven Methods

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Dear unfulfilled sleeper:

I’m Christopher Beresford, and though you’ll learn a little bit about me later, this is not a report about me.

In fact, what you’re reading right now is all about over coming the struggle to get to sleep at the right times, to stay asleep though the night, and to wake energized, refreshed, and at your best.

You already know the horrible feelings, associated with poor sleep

However, what you might not know is just how devastating it is to the body and beyond.

Sleep loss is at epidemic proportions and it’s a serious public safety hazard. You may already know, and either way it’s worth stating here...

drowsiness can slow reaction times as much as drunkenness

And that’s why; fatigue is the cause of 100,000 auto accidents and just under 2000 highway fatalities a year in the U.S. alone.

The sense you have when tired because of your challenges with sleep aren’t a fiction either...

Sleep Deprivation “Dumbs You Down”and is a Serious Health Risk

Consider this, a lack of sleep impairs your ability to focus and pay attention to everything you’re doing. Right now, someone, like you, is getting less benefit of their study or experience because the entire cycle of sleep is needed to create memories.

And the effects of lack of sleep may
impact non-mental areas of the body as well.

Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you as risk for

Heart disease DepressionHeart attackAnxiety Heart failure Irregular heartbeatHigh blood pressure StrokeDiabetes

What Will It Take For You To Enjoy A Restful 8-Hour Sleep ...Holiday...Every Night?

The truth is there may be one or several factors contributing to your sleepless nights:

Over thinking (or runaway thoughts throughout the night) Worries about the future and regrets about the past What you eat and when you eat it Muscle tension Environmental challenges (be it toxins or streetlights and sounds) And several more...

Even so, there’s no need to be discouraged...Discovering the root cause of your sleeplessness may not seem sexy, but at least ...

It's Easy and it Works.

And it explains why if you’ve tried other tools or solutions offering a great night’s sleep they just haven’t worked for you. You see... Imagine if the root cause of your sleeplessness were an environmental factor. How would progressive relation techniques (which can be useful for muscle tension caused sleep deprivation) or hypnosis to slow down thinking at night (useful for over thinking) have any effect?

Yes, your insomnia is a personal battle and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. And that’s the crucial flaw with most of the programs out there, the focus on only one cause, while “The Sleep Program” takes you systematically though them all.

It’s also why, your positive decision to use “The Sleep Program” comes with the powerful promise and better than no risk guarantee which you’ll read about later. For now, take a look at several of the elements in the program and notice how there are solutions to the above root causes. As you do review them closely, understand this is not new for me. As a recognized sleep expert,

I’ve been a health consultant focused on sleep for two decades.

And, remember, I had to overcome and conquer my own sleep related challenges.

With that in mind, consider results you’ll get from these...

Six Insomnia Solution & Sleep Reset Sessions

In these sessions, you will...

Uncover your specific and unique underlying causes of sleeplessness.

Reduce your stress instantly and on command.

Rejuvenate your mind and body with “substitute sleep” (even on a night when the schedule won’t allow for 8-hours of sleep).

Easily convert your bedroom into a welcoming, peaceful sleep-sanctuary.

Naturally follow a sleep schedule that embraces and nests your needs and your obligations.

Employ ancient, lost-found techniques for perfect sleep.

Now, that it’s clear to you this system is something special and has been design, in a sense, specifically for you because it’s been designed with all the causes of insomnia in mind...

Try the System and Sleep Soundly or Don’t Pay...

You’re completely protected by a Sleep Soundly Double Guarantee...

First, after you access the program, pick any of the sessions and listen up to 10 minutes.

Record and download six sessions as audio and say for those who prefer visual and those who prefer audio or simply download both.

Second, apply the program in your life over the next 60 Days and if you’re not having better sleep than at any time in your life, you can claim your 100% Money Back Guarantee (without one question asked).

While, over the past 20 years, sleep expert, Chris Beresford has handled every kind of sleep challenge,things change. So, perhaps your situation represents a new challenge and that’s why you’ll be asked one question:

With that understanding, you’ll have 60 full days to review the sleep soundly seminars and that if you’re unsure even a little about using the techniques; you have your...

You Can Even Get Sleep TONIGHT—Guaranteed...

Because you can access the program immediately after you order, you can even get sleep tonight. Now, you may wonder about the details of the investment. And before revealing the low price, consider this first.

Insomnia is linked to more accidents on the job and longer recovery times. That is, there’s a real world COST to your having issues with your sleep without even considering the quality of life aspects.

Think of it this way...

If There Were A Miracle “Pill” To Actually Fix

The Core Problems Of Your Insomnia

How Much Would the Pharmacies Charge?

And,How Much Would That Miracle Pill Be Worth To You

$500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, much more?

Of course, there really isn’t a pill that solves the core problems of insomnia and the side effects of the “sleeping aids” are often more debilitating than the impacts of sleeplessness...

...and even more, since there is no impact on the core causes, a “pill” solution is really no solution at all. It’s a new ongoing expense every time you have a bout of insomnia be it periodic or happening chronically every night. Compare that to a single, one time investment for “The Sleep Program” of only $97.

To be clear, that’s not $97 per session (which would be more than fair), that’s $97 for all six soundly sleeping sessions.

With all this incentive to get started right here, right now; you may or may not be the type of person to ask...

So What’s the Catch?

I’ve been able to personally help hundreds of clients with countless sleep and other health issues over the past two decades, any number of whom would be happy to sing my praises, it only seems right to have case studies and testimonials in this report which generated because of this high power Internet-based program.

So here’s the catch, and ultimately it’s on your honor,in your decision to enroll, you’re committing to put the program into place over the trial period and share your results. You’ll report what you discovered and how specifically it helped you transform your sleep and your life.

You’ll share how you’re now having the sweet dreams of success......and you’ll give me your permission to share your story with others. It’s that simple and easy. In exchange for your promise of a success story, you’ll get the program and all the bonuses.

And because of this, not only will you, but also the people you inspire with your success, will:

Enjoy an 8-Hour Holiday of Rest All Night, Every Night Improve your health and well being Reduce stress and solve challenge quickly and correct as they appearHave noticeable improvement in your work and productionExperience a new level of energy and intimacy in your relationships.

Remember, all the risk is on me.
Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed SO ORDER RIGHT NOW.

 Yes Chris! 

I deeply desire to put “The Sleep Program” into effect to transform my sleeping challenges once and for all.

I understand that I am receiving the following:

Full Access to “The Sleep Program” a Six Sleep Soundly Sessions helping to uncover and correct the key causes of my insomnia or period sleep challenges. Each session is a complete system in and of itself to alleviate the sleep loss from a common source and cause.

Together, they represent a system that can address the sleep needs of 99.3% of all people, just like me, who suffer from sleepless nights.

Clearly the system wouldn’t have to be half this good to be worth doing and failing to make the investment now isn’t “saving” me $97, it’s really costing me all the lost wages from sleep deprivation and the additional expense in health related costs.

Finally, I understand my investment is protected by a Double Guarantee.

If you're not convinced that Chris Beresford is the person to bring you the peace that only comes with a good night sleep, go ahead and reach out and your order will  be refunded immediately - no questions asked.


Remember, in the near future you and your story will be right here. How the positive benefits of sleep will impact the rest of your life and your key relationships can only be imagined. However, one thing is clear...you can only have sweet dreams, while asleep.

So reach that state today and never go back to a struggle getting to sleep. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side when you access the program and ultimately in dreamland...



Remember, in the near future you and your story will be right here. How the positive benefits of sleep will impact the rest of your life and your key relationships can only be imagined. However, one thing is clear...you can only have sweet dreams, while asleep. So reach that state today and never go back to a struggle getting to sleep. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side when you access the program and ultimately in dreamland...

Chris Beresford

P.S. Remember, sleep issues and physical challenges made it so I spent more time in the doctors’ and nurses’ office than in class. I had to work harder than most people to get my physical body and mental welling in top health. However, none of it would have been possible without first getting my sleep issues solved.

P.P.S. You’re just one click away from booking your next 8-Hour, Good Night’s Sleep Holiday. Go ahead and give yourself permission to get what your body desperately wants and needs.

What Are Your Excuses This Time?

"I don't have $97, "I can't afford it" (You waste this much money every month! Use a credit card... Or borrow it if you have to and let's get going to a solid eight hours of restful sleep night after night from here on out...."I'm too busy" (Too busy doing what? Counting sheep all night trying to get to sleep? "It won't work for me"

(That little voice inside your head is the very thing you must defeat to change your life and finally get that magical eight hours of restful sleep night after night. It's what's holding you back. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, because I'm taking all of the risk here.

You might just surprise yourself.) "What happens if I don't like it"(You get an absolutely instant, no quibble, no gimmicks, no questions asked, full 100% refund).

If You Still Feel Hesitant For Any Reason

I guess you just need to ask yourself which one you I'd rather have...an extra $97 in your account...Or your wonderful restful life back once again?

Don't gamble with your your health and your happiness.
Take action now.

Support: chris@fusionhealthretreat.com

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