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Confidential Report: Disillusioned Sales Recruiter Opens ‘Sales Jobs Opportunity Floodgates’ to YOU;

Announcing new record breaking secrets that will catapult your job search triumph and help you achieve your DREAM sales job you deserve in less than 30 Days. Guaranteed!"

Works in any economic conditions and it breaks every barrier. The time is now and its YOURS.

Warning: ALL The Most POWERFUL Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques That Have EVER Been Written (or Spoken) on the Subject of Sales Recruitment & How to Land Top Sales Jobs Are Included in This LARGER-THAN-LIFE Sales Job Guide Manuscript!

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Mon. 9:18 a.m.
From the Desk of Ambar Hamid

Dear Sales Job Hunter,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ambar Hamid. Chances are you haven't heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you'll be glad you finally did.

Let me begin by telling you a short story,

Back in those days of my life when I was searching for a sales job, I was always ended up feeling depressed and extremely frustrated…


Because I simply did not get the sales job I wanted. Full Stop!

I started to blame myself. I started feeding my head with negative words that I am not good enough and that I could never achieve what my friends, colleagues and others have achieved.

I began to think that maybe, just maybe, that I am a total failure and there would be no way that I could succeed and achieve my goals.

This may sound drastic to some of you, but when you get constant and repetitive rejections and no call backs from your sales job applications, it could somehow automatically trigger that unknown ‘Inner Power’ letting your mind wonder to the realms of the NO-HOPE-LAND.

The feeling was way too much for me. I was desperately in need of cash. Money was no where to be seen.

I knew that every single day I was not working was money lost to me. It could be $30, $550 or $2000 of money that I could not spend.

I knew that if I was already working I would be able to enjoy a nice salary plus colossal amount of money in commissions.

This drove me insane. I had to do something before anything worst started to happen.

I also knew that I needed to find a sales job that I would be happy with. I knew money was important but If I wasn’t happy with the job, I may end up being unemployed again.

The thought of having to go through the whole PAINFUL process is an experience that I am not willing to endure ever again.

Now 'Pause'...

Is My Story Sounds Familiar To You?

I bet that many of the senior sales people out there share the same experience I had. Those who are new in sales may experience worse.

Trying to find a sales job without a system is never easy. You need to have a proven strategy used by professional sales people when looking for a sales job.

Let me summarise some of the major issues sales people find when they are looking for a sales job:
Don't know where to begin. Where to find the sales job you want? How to write a sales resume that is attention grabbing? How can you find the right research material for your job interview? What should you do at telephone interviews? What do you have to say during face to face interviews? What sales questions can you expect at sales interviews? How can you compete with your competitors and ensure that the job is yours? Why employers won't make fast decision at your final sales interview? Where can you learn to get the sales job you want?
Do you want to know one of the secrets to overcome these problems?

If the answer is Yes then....

Lets Go Back To My Story To Find Out The Secret...


I went out looking everywhere for the answer to my problems.

I spent every single day and night reading books and articles that I could get my hands on. I crammed all the information in and took massive action.

Sadly, I still failed.

But, I did not give up.

I tried again and again using many different techniques.

Until Finally.....

A call was received. And it was from the CEO of a large Sales Recruitment company congratulating me on a Job Offer.

You bet I was ecstatic. In fact, I was ready to jump everywhere in the room.

The feeling was great. The company was the exact company I wanted to work for. I knew I could make lots of money with the company and grow as part of a team.

It felt like a dream. Only this time, it was REAL!

This happened to me many years ago. I would not be where I am today without the practical experiences I had to go through combined with intensive study to become the Master in the recruitment of Sales People.

Do You Want My Success Secrets and Learn From A Professional Sales Recruiter?

I bet you do.

But before I begin I want you to know that in the next few minutes will expose you to highly sensitive information…

… If you’re NOT interested in learning brutally effective techniques within the next few days, you should NOT read any further.

This is VERY confidential stuff and I only want people who are serious about coming with me on a ‘sales job success-party’ like no other. There’s nothing illegal or even unethical about this, but I’m about to reveal shocking success secrets which strikes to the heart of Sales Recruitment… and unlocks access to sales job opportunities you never imagined!

Please; you must understand, the ‘industry’ would NOT be at all happy with me if they knew what I was about to tell you- if they even got the slightest whiff I was about to offer you a piece of the action… because that’s considered to be reserved for, well, the ‘industry’. That’s why we have to tread carefully, as you’ll see…

I successfully gate-crashed their little party and now can empower YOU to follow in my footsteps to fast sales job success …

Watch The Unreleased Version...


Click The Video Image Above To Gain Immediate Access for Sales Job Guide Video Introduction

Follow Me as I Take a Serious, Step-by-Step, HARD Look at Sales Recruitment That You Can Profit From These Untold, Little-Known, Closely-Guarded Secrets!

Let's put it like this: Think of your sales job market as if it were a giant safe that's loaded with millions of sales jobs you want.

However, let's say there is a certain 10-digit combination that you must know in order to access all those millions of sales jobs. That means there are millions of different combinations you can play around with… but… until you know the correct 10-digit combination… you cannot get your hands on all the sales jobs.

What a bummer!

You could… and would… spend years… decades… even your entire lifetime and still not cycle through all the myriad of possible combinations. Which means your chances of dialing the one correct combination is all but a lost cause.

But; suppose somebody simply gave you the correct 10-digit combination on a piece of paper. Maybe it's: 5790453967.

There it is. No more groping around in the "dark." No more guessing. No more wasted time. Click-click-click… and the door to the safe opens and all the sales jobs is yours to enjoy!

And that's rather like what…

Sales Job Guide Can Do For You!

Oh, And Incidentally, Here Are The Most Important Things To Know About Why I'm Qualified To Help You:
I Am An Active Sales Recruiter I've Witnessed Tens of Thousands of The Best, Average and Bad Sales Candidates I've Seen A Myriad of Sales CVs I Recruit Sales People Every Single Day and I Know The Problems and Its Solutions Faced By Sales Candidates
Remember, Sales Job Guide can be used anywhere..

It can also help you find sales jobs in any industry imaginable including:

Aviation, Defence, International Sales, Pharmaceutical, Media, Telesales, IT Software or Hardware, Telecommunications, Food, FMCG, Busines Services and much more. 

Let me help YOU..

I’d like to be your personal ‘sherpa’ guiding you right to that mountain of sales jobs opportunities. Please stay tuned for a few minutes and I’ll explain everything with no holds barred. I speak from experience when I say if you want REAL security for you and yours in an increasingly uncertain world, this will be the most important information you ever uncover… information you’ve been denied until now…

Ever wonder how it is that others seem to just know how to get the sales job they want? Read on, and you'll learn,

My proven ‘Sales Recruitment Success Formula’ that will skyrocket your sales job applications and sales interviews.

How to write a brutally effective and appealing sales cover letter.

Instant Access to the crucially important cover letter samples.

Hidden secrets of a sales job description and how you can reveal its power to your advantage.

4 inside secrets for a perfect sales CV / Resume contents!

What every sales candidate must know about my CV Selection Rules.

2 elements that must be used to verify every CV before you send it out to employers for maximum response.

Deadly mistakes when creating Sales CVs, and how to fix them using my idiot proof techniques and run circles round your competition.

Learn from my CV / Resume samples and watch your job response swell up and prosper to excellence!

You will not only discover the single most important thing you can ever do before you have a telephone interview - but why it is so important and how to go about it!

How to convince your potential employers and recruiters that you are the solution to their problem.

9 Undercover research techniques for discovering what your employers REALLY want in a ‘kick ass’ sales candidate.

Where to find qualified and targeted research sources - and how to know exactly what they want from you.

What you can learn from sales interview process.

Unlock 9 powerful sales job interview techniques that will give you an "unfair" advantage over all your competitors!

A surefire way to multiply your sales job results – no matter what industry you are in.

Plenty of supercharged sales interview question samples and tips

How to close an interview.

How to search the best sales jobs without going to sales jobs sites

And much more

Here's what some customers have told us:


"I've Secured A Sales Job In 8 Days!"

"This book impressed me greatly. It is a concise well informed ,intuitive guide. After reading this book I managed to get a job in sales in less than 8 days....Really glad I purchased the Sales Job Guide. "

- Mark Thomas
Birmingham, England.

"Sales Job Guide changed my life!"

"At first I was sceptic about the claims made by Ambar Hamid, but I made the step and purchased his book. I was astonished by how easy it was to follow, thanks to the helpful suggestions and options that he provides. To say it changed my life would be an understatement; I am now working in my dream sales job after 7 years of trying!!"

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