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From Harold Hill

"What I Want For Myself I Want For Everybody"
                                            -- "Golden Rule" Jones, Toledo, OH

That's pretty much how I feel all the time. The many blessings in my life have taught me that though having goals and a plan to achieve them are necessary, the process of getting where we want to go can be a lot more pleasant -- and exciting -- if we surround ourselves with like-minded, positive people. If you're like me, you enjoy being around people who are alive on the planet. People who want what you want. People who know it is important to have more time to play. More money. More great experiences. More toys. More fun. More love. More LIFE. I am fortunate to have learned that there are many who are determined to advance their lives the way I am, AND fortunate to have become friends with a number of them through our online business success. With their help, I am now able to present The Science Money & Beach Club! I am pleased to announce that, with this group of remarkable people at its core, we now have a fun, organized, creative success community online. We are excited to be actively seeking members to share our SMB Club experience in unique and fun way.

The Science, Money & Beach Club is purposefully designed help YOU create your own lifestyle of prosperity and success in an environment of 24/7 connection to a growing group of people who are some of the most enthusiastic "go-getters" on the planet. People who are also "go-givers". People who know that one of the best benefits of success is being able to effectively help others become successful. Through our "luxury club" atmosphere, we are developing an interactive community of individuals who truly understand that success -- and the journey to it -- are to be shared and enjoyed. We are establishing benefits for a large group of people focused on the importance of becoming wealthy. Our members are empowered to scientifically acquire a large measure of financial success and create a rich life of abundance through personal application of the science of getting rich.

The Science, Money & Beach Club is about gaining and maintaining the
power to live the life you want and never settling for anything less.
Many people around the world are joining The SMB Club for the benefits of our positive, good-hearted, encouraging community. We believe that as these people get to know us, some will come to see that it would be a good thing to partner with us in online business, which we consider a current tide of opportunity for most aspiring individuals on the planet. Toward the success of that, we have both created and acquired some remarkable business opportunities that will enhance the goal lifestyle of those who join us. But, because the science we embrace is the foundation of our club, our opportunities are only available to those who become familiar with our unique presentation of the science of getting rich. Even our mission statement reflects that The SMB Club is about sharing and applying this science as a group -- for the good of both the group and of each individual in it -- as continuing proof for all that it works. Those who see what we have to offer will also see that we're onto something. Something very good.

As the outreach of our club, we're committed to sharing the vital information of the science through today's technology. We are equipped to assist individuals who truly desire to advance in life. The SMB Club is for those individuals who can see -- even if only through the window of their experience with our club -- that there is indeed a science of getting rich -- and that it can be applied by any man or woman for their own success, prosperity and abundance. Getting in the success zone and staying there can be difficult for some, and for them, we openly share how to overcome any obstacles. We are developing a community designed to encourage and celebrate those who are determined not to let anything stop them from getting what they want. We help those with sparks of desire for abundance to fan those sparks into flames. We are committed to helping those individuals who truly want more out of life -- no matter what business they are in -- to get what they need for success without fail.

Every basic for the success-minded is here in one place, as are the business opportunities we offer for those individuals who see our vision. And, looking to the future, The SMB Club is committed to building beyond the basics with the intent of using tomorrow's multimedia technology to the advantage of our members by our own innovation. We believe that the remarkable era of advances in technology the world is now entering will have a more positive impact on humanity than all the good that came from the industrial revolution. We are committed to capitalize on MANY of the available possibilities such positive impact brings with it, and to always combine high-tech with high-touch by sustaining an atmosphere of people helping people. We believe it is important to put good into the world. Since we know beyond doubt that what we give comes back to us as a natural law of the universe, we acquire, have and enjoy a life of prosperity and abundance through being creative and not competitive. And, as the science shows us we can, we do ALL we do toward our goals without worry or strife. The "big umbrella" of all we do is to help people who truly desire "the good life" to get it and live it robustly.

Yes, the SMB Club gives away our unique presentation of this science FREE online! I am pleased that because it is the foundation of our club, anyone can use our presentation of The Science Of Getting Rich free. I urge you to invest a few minutes in finding out about all we do. You will see that by joining the Science, Money & Beach Club, it becomes very likely that YOU will be someone with whom we can celebrate our mutual increase to even more abundance (at a resort beach location) not so long from now. With the Science, Money & Beach Club, we are in the business of creating abundance! Why?

We purposefully provide our members all that it is necessary to be learned in order to get rich in the new economy.
Only those who choose to apply the science are invited to go into business with us.
People who acquire a stronger awareness level through applying the science move ahead with increasing speed.
The result is no weak links in the chain, and the possibility of failure is eliminated.
SMB Club members prosper. It's that simple.

                      For many people, just having the knowledge is not enough.

Becoming a member of The SMB Club will get you into the success zone and keep you there!

And remember, we're always about adding fun to the mix. We're developing a unique community.
There are many possibilities and we're just getting started by providing knowledge and awareness.
Purposefully growing awareness will change results for ANYONE who desires a giant leap forward.
That's a fact.

We'll show you exactly how to make your monthly income become your weekly income.

We'll show you the exact way to make your annual income become your monthly income!

Who wouldn't want that?

Because of today's technology, we can provide our proven blueprint for success in very convenient ways FREE to anyone who wants it any time. It is even available by smartphone through our SMB Club app!
I have come to know from experience how great it can be to regularly interact with people who are on a similar wavelength toward common goals. I have even had the pleasure of getting to know a number of them, some from other countries around the world, meeting them in person at business functions we had in common and developing quality time together over a period of several years, which has turned into lasting friendships. There's just something special about the occasion of celebrating mutual online success among independent thinking people who have seen mutually beneficial opportunity come to fruit. To me, it is a luxury of good fortune to have relationships with such people AND to see the future of those relationships become open-ended and always growing in quality. Many are people to whom I have had the opportunity to prove by both my words AND my behavior that though they were in business for themselves, they were never BY themselves. I enjoy being a good coach for those with their eye on the prize. I like to think I have earned their respect by leading by example in all I do. I do think some of the underpinning of our success has come from the ways I initially thought up to make business functions more enjoyable, entertaining and memorable than what most people in attendance expected. I seem to have a knack for it, and I sure do have a good time with it. I believe traditional seminars and conventions serve a purpose, but I have found that there's a much better way. To relax in an atmosphere of prosperity with no worries while we are learning and sharing and enjoying life...an atmosphere of abundance where the air is full of the sweet smell of success and the presence of friendship...well, that's another thing altogether. It's like there's always some level of a party going on, which is exciting. Guess which I have in mind for everyone I know who might enjoy such a thing?

In some of my experience in online business, I have also been in some situations where I felt completely alone, as I am sure many people have. I didn't like that at all. There was no inspiration except my own aspiration. Having seen both sides of the coin, I decided that with our help, a lot more people can have a great success experience and I set about developing The SMB Club to make that even more possible for anyone. In fact, for most of us,

So, for anyone seeking success at anything online, as a dependable alternative for those who may feel any sense of being alone, confused, dispossessed or even lost in the process, there's someplace to go to get it all back on track. We provide a winning perspective. We are always in the success zone and anyone who wants to get there and stay there is invited to come join us.

One of the really exciting things for me is that there are SO MANY possibilities, our creative community will always be a work in progress. Over time, we hope to matter to a lot of people who have been inspired, lifted up or moved forward by the work we do. But, as serious as all that is, I am committed to the idea that an important part of all our work in progress is to HAVE FUN! Our initial goal is to regularly create fun experiences for our members, both online and through live beach resort location events beginning in the USA and growing outward. I do believe that my background in the entertainment industry some years ago may pay some unique dividends to our members as well.

So, at the heart of these humble and grateful beginnings, I already know beyond doubt that our efforts will be of good use to all because everything we do is developed according to the science. It is developed specifically to be used by those who will apply the science. And it is structured with all principles of operation BASED ON the science.

LIVE EVENTS - AT THE BEACH! - As a reward for the success we create - that is, as a reward for creating abundance as an ongoing way of life - some of the fun we have in mind for our members to share is to enjoy the benefit of optional participation in regular events we are specifically designing for exceptional beach experiences at a number of premier beach locations around the world. REGULAR AND WELL-PLANNED SUCCESS CELEBRATIONS! MUSIC AND DANCING AND THE OPTION OF RIDICULOUSLY LOUD SHIRTS! BEACH STYLE FUN EXPERIENCES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! AFTER HOURS FUN FOR THOSE WHO CAN HANG. After all, there's nothing better with which to reward yourself for a job well done than a great vacation. And we believe the goal for every SMB Club member should be to build wealth to the point of living a vacation lifestyle - to "find your beach", so to speak. I purposefully put the word beach in the name of the Science, Money And Beach Club as a metaphor for the goal of the fun vacation lifestyle we seek as members. I see our beach celebrations as a fitting luxury reward for making a commitment to a success journey of creating abundance. And all the possibilities that go with a goal of regular live events are exciting! I can't think of a down-side to that. Really!

I have experience in the matter. It IS fun. It is joyful to celebrate success as a group.
And to occasionally do it live and in person with those you come to know online...
There is magic in

You see, when you get down to it, I consider myself a fun kinda guy.
Because I have seen some success in this medium and have enjoyed
meeting many people in person who I first met online, time and time
again over the past decade, this question has popped into my mind:

"How can I get a large group of friends together for fun and profit and maximize both for everyone?"

Little did I realize the answer would come indirectly from a guy who's been dead for over 100 years, but here we are. Once you meet Wallace Wattles through his work we share with you - ideas that continue to positively change modern lives for the better (all this is inside our free presentation), you'll come to know what I mean about answers coming from applying the science of getting rich. (For me, the changes that began happening all around me made me feel like I was witnessing unadulterated magic. I smile a lot these days, and there are many reasons why.) Meanwhile, for those who do not yet know about that science, I always let it be known that the happiness and abundance that fills up every day for me is a direct result of the diligent application of that science in my own life. I know personally how well it works. It shows in my life that my desire to have more, do more and be more is being fulfilled purposefully. That is one of the reasons our presentation is so different from anything else. It becomes evident right away that I have made the personal commitment to both the application of the science and to clarifying its message to those who want to know about it. My desire to help others understand the concept is evident in the presentation. Because I began this journey, I now know the secret to making such positive changes in personal income and prosperity.

But, in order to make the best use of time, I share that secret openly only with those who show they are seriously willing to apply it through first getting an understanding the science. As part of the SMB Club free presentation, I've put the principles out there in a way that is easy for anyone to grasp. If any individual is willing to take the necessary steps toward an understanding of the science through our presentation, I am willing to give them my time so that I may share my success and abundance with them, and, to me, that's a fair exchange. I enjoy getting to know people who are willing to open their minds to the rich ideas the science contains. I have been blessed in many ways from coming to understand it myself, and, in the process, I have learned how to best use my time for the most benefit of those who wish to go on a success journey with us as members. The SMB Club environment allows me to effectively develop relationships in an organized, positive "you CAN have what you want" way, and I consider developing those relationships to be one of the most valuable things I do in how I use my time.

And here's the coolest part: I learned what I need to know about successfully getting from Point A to Point B EVERY TIME through actually applying the science myself. I know personally from my own experience that what we share is some of the most important knowledge you will ever get your hands on.

One of the great things about starting that process for me was all I had to do was be willing to invest a couple of hours of my time into a free audio book. And now, I have turned my version of that audio book into a cornerstone for the science aspect of our club. As a benefit for our members, we've also mixed in a number of useful Internet Age media applications to share our good news message!

So, since one of the goals of The Science, Money & Beach Club is to consistently help our members get to the point of having a lot of fun in their lives as a result of prosperity and abundance (while providing a map for the most direct route to that goal), I am glad to be investing my time online with those who will show they share with us a true desire to become rich and to help others on their journey to success.

You can show you have that desire by giving your attention to our free presentation.

Our commitment to the application of the science requires that the nature of all The SMB Club represents is for the increase of life in every way. And, amazingly, I have seen that almost every relationship in an environment of that nature becomes fruitful. The science puts each of us squarely on the same page. After that, armed with the ability to think how we want to think, it becomes then just a matter of a short time until our relationships become fruitful in bigger and bigger ways, sometimes even bigger than we imagine! It is a joy to see that happen, and I am both happy and grateful that I am now able to create more and more of that particular kind of joy! And I cannot help but want everyone to know how that feels! Again, "What I want for myself, I want for everyone."

We are about empowering all our members to become wealthy through being creative and not competitive. Because of the nature of the science in its combination with our mission statement, we know that many people who join The Science, Money & Beach Club will become prosperous and abundantly rich as a direct result of what we share in multimedia and through our worldwide events. And our commitment is to bring our good news message to the world both online and through our live celebrations at resort beach locations.

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