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[]English Stories Ages 3 to 6

Would you like to be a brilliant preschool ESL teacher
and have your pupils and their parents love you?
Read on to find out how…

It’s amazing how a young child absorbs language like a sponge. Even so, as an English teacher you still need to know how to grab your pupils’ attention so they can learn from you and create the right conditions for this language acquisition to happen. You have to be able to engage your youngsters so that they are involved in your lesson and learn just from being there and participating.

The key is to make them curious and keep them interested throughout the class. Preschoolers and young children are easily distracted and have short concentration spans, so if you don’t have plenty of variety and fun in your lesson the children will switch off, start chatting, mess about and basically pay no attention to you whatsoever!

That is bad for your self-esteem and a pretty unpleasant place to be as Kathryn Williams discovered at her first lessons:

I volunteered to teach children 3-5 years old and the first day I bombed so bad, I was afraid some of the parents may not come back. I have spent hours, days, months and money I don’t have, and I still found myself in a panic repeating ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

Right here you can find out about a fun and successful method for teaching young children English at preschool and in the first year of primary school. Read on to find out how to be a successful English teacher and get amazing results – much better than most preschool teachers.

Your pupils need to enjoy English lessons in order to be motivated to join in and learn. With games, stories and songs you’ll be well on the way to success. The games must be specific language drills, wrapped up in a game packaging. Children have to understand and use the vocabulary or short sentences to play the game, and it happens through the repetition that is an integral part of the game.

Young children are happy hearing the same stories and playing the same games over and over again. It’s funny because you’d think that once you know a story you don’t need to hear it thirty times – but the youngsters ask for the story again and again. That is excellent news for English teachers since repetition is the mother of skill.

When you tell a story the children become silent and absorbed, fascinated by the tale and the pictures, it’s like a magic spell! On the other hand because you will be telling stories in English preparation is required. First teach the main vocabulary words and phrases using language drill games. This way children understand the key words and with those plus the pictures they can understand what is happening in the story. You’ll have a chance to download some free examples further down this page so you’ll be able to try this out for yourself.

Now we’ll jump ahead to stories and why you should be using them in your teaching curriculum:
They are always a hit with the children The story brings isolated vocabulary words and short phrases into context. A story always contains more language than you can teach specifically and allows pupils to absorb word order and the structure of a language subconsciously. Because young children keep asking for the same stories that allows you to revise and consolidate the language you are teaching throughout the term and when you arrive at the end of term, your class actually remember what you taught them! The theme of a story can be a focal point for many activities and fun language games in class. A story can teach children about life, have a moral, or be a stimulus for the imagination. Using stories along with games, songs, actions, mimes, chants and crafts adds another string to your bow for varied lessons that keep reinforcing the same language but without being boring. Stories are very calming and that’s good for keeping a lid on the children’s excitement so you can always manage your class. Stories allow you to engage your pupils: Start by telling the story with children sitting passively. On subsequent readings have the children join in more and more with actions on key words, saying one of the key lines that comes up throughout the story, miming a character while the story is told, and gradually building up to acting out the whole story, and saying many of the lines.

Now you know what you need to be successful teaching English to the little ones. You need:
Variety Lots of short activities Repetition via language game drills Repetition via stories Repetition via songs Music to enliven, calm or change the atmosphere Easy crafts or colouring are handy when you need calm time as well as being creative and working on motor skills and so on. That said if you only have English class for half an hour to an hour a week keep this down to 10 minutes maximum because the children are going to learn more English through more intensive language drill games, stories and songs than they are through colouring a picture. Suitable for US and UK English since the texts are separate from the story pictures and the flash cards. Use to teach French,
Spanish or any language you like, not just English.

After teaching preschoolers myself I created a curriculum of stories with lesson plans and games (and matching songs). This teaching kit has been around now since 2007 and thousands of teachers have used it, and love it. And don’t panic – it’s really great value. The price is not likely to be a problem for you. My philosophy is to offer the best value I can, especially taking into account that wages vary from country to country. I have to charge something because this is how I make my living.

So now I’ll tell you about the curriculum which prepares for the A1 European Language Certificate but the first twenty stories are not the same order since my topics are more fun than saying “What’s your name” and learning the alphabet. Instead children learn about animals since they love pretending to be them, they jump fences on a pony and search for things that are hidden.

Of course essential language is taught and a solid foundation laid down. But the main thing is that children develop a love of learning English, and of their English teacher who makes them feel so good about learning. Over and over again teachers write to me with feedback saying how chuffed they are because now the kids love them, they are the most popular teacher in the school and how they get a buzz out of the bond they have developed with their pupils. To me, that’s the real joy of teaching. You can really feel proud when you see what you have achieved at the end of a term or a year with your pupils.

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The Curriculum – How it works

Stories are very simple and repetitive. New words are introduced gradually. Absolutely KEY is that words covered in early stories come back throughout the series. That is vital since if you do not revise
everything you teach the children won’t retain it. Revision is a huge part of your success in teaching English, and even more so with preschoolers since they aren’t exactly going to get out their vocab sheets when they get home and say; “Mum I really must go over these important words before class next week.” The first ten stories progresses gently so that it is suitable even for three year olds. Six year olds can use it too, the difference is that you’ll go faster with the older ones.

Check out what other teachers using this curriculum say about it:

I have already used stories one to three and the children loved it. They loved it so much that they learned all the lines by heart. I had not asked this of them, it was their idea and you know how hard it is to make a little kid learn the lines you want him to.

I really like the way you use patterns for the story sentences. It is the best way for the foreign children to learn English. And my pupils not only knew the patterns but they remembered them perfectly weeks later.

Mihaela Coclea, Yantai, China

The 1st story covers: Hello, how are you? I’m fine thanks and I’m hungry, plus seven animals.
The 2nd story teaches 1 to 10 and more animals, all via fun games.

Thank you. Now, GIRL!!!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVE the games!!!!

Wooooo….weeeee!!!!! I am having a ball teaching these children. Thank you for putting this resource together.

I already fell in love with my kids and they adore me; but this has taken my classes to another level.

Last week, one of my babies (age 5) hugged by legs and screamed “Iya, I love you! I am so happy!”
(yes, he said it in ENGLISH) hahahaha…..

IyaAffo, Yantai, China, August 2014

The 3rd story revises counting and introduces colours (colors US).

New words in the 4th story are from nature such as flower, grass, and pond. The story also revises things gone before and teaches: Is that you?

I never could have imagined that teaching children would be so satisfying. It’s as though you opened a new world of teaching to me. I am in awe ofyour work and your methodology.

Evelyn Kaeserteaching English in Bali

The Marching Ants in story 5th march down a path until there are none left since they have all fallen asleep, very cute. This is a major revision story and it also teaches: I’m tired and It falls asleep, plus some prepositions.

In story 6th action verbs are the order of the day with a cute cocker spaniel and Lucas. The same pair continue their walks together in story seven while the dog gets lost after chasing some ducks in a pond.

All the vocabulary in story 7th are revision and this is why the series is so successful in terms of results. Of course the curriculum relies on the teacher to deliver it well, but at least the teacher has every possible help to do so.

In story 8th a teddy bear has difficulty getting to sleep. GenevraKeywood teaching in Spain says of this story: The kids absolutely adore stories 1-10. The big favourite here is the bear with his own teddy bear, they think that’s really funny and ask for this story over and over (though by now it’s THEM telling ME the story!

Next in story 9th Hetty has tea with a lion. Children learn fruits, milk and the question: Would you like some?

The last story in this batch of ten revises all the food from story nine and numbers, and can be used for the days of the week with primary children, but preschool children are a bit young for that so use numbers instead.

To be successful in class you must prepare for the story properly and with this curriculum you have all the
tools to do that.

Every story is a complete unit with lesson plan, games and flashcards.

All the vocabulary games and language games you need are included in the lesson plans, with more in the games book (recommended addition). All vocabulary flashcards are provided in three sizes. Follow the lesson plan and be guided in how to present the first three new words, drill them, add to them, teach the short phrases and finally read the story.

Try the ideas to use during and after story time to involve pupils actively. Use the tips in the lesson plans and particularly in the games book to manage your class.

You can be a success without spending all your free time in preparation

What took me days to figure out piling over internet sites & going to the library now takes me an hour with Shelley’s program & you can quote me on that!

I just cannot even put into words what your website has meant to me! This incredible gift of pure knowledge and ideas, has saved me!

Thank you, so very tremendously, for your stories, activities and ideas for keeping this very active age of 3-5 year olds engaged. I see the looks on the
parents’ faces and the children are opening up more and more each class. You make me look so good!

All my best and with so much gratitude, Kathryn Williams, USA, March 2014

To have success, like so many other teachers, this is where to order


Super Bonus! Flashcards in Colour to Teach Vocabulary

As a bonus you will receive:

58 flashcards in 3 sizes in colour 10 stories containing 94 story illustrations in colour A4 size 10 lesson plans with games Bingo sets for each story Flashcards in black and white for colouring

Another incredible bonus, and ONLY on this page. This is a one-off offer, unique to this webpage:
(you might want to add it to favorites to find it again!)

FREE preschool games book to go along with the stories and use in conjunction with the lesson plans.

A massive book of games dedicated to ages 3 to 6.
Unique teaching toddlers report. If ever you are teaching two year olds then you need special techniques, since toddlers usually don’t do what you ask them to. This special report gives you all the techniques you need to teach your toddlers English. You probably think ten stories, 94 colour story illustrations, 58 colour flashcards, ten lesson plans, bingo sets, colouring, a games book and a special teaching toddlers report, that’s going to set me back by at least $97, which would still be less than $10 per story.

All this is downloadable in PDF and you may print whatever you like. Story pictures may be shown on screen. There are movies versions of the stories with audio if you like, as an add on – email me for details on info / AT/ teachingenglishgames.com. (The email is written like that to avoid spammers using it.)

I hope you have fun with the sample and come back for the complete set. You will make your life easier and get great joy from your teaching – keep me posted on how it goes!

Bear in mind that I do offer a 60-day guarantee so if you are not completely and totally satisfied you can ask for a refund.

I am sure you will love it, but the guarantee is there so that you can try this teaching resource out at no risk to you.

Here is your link to order the first complete set of ten stories:


May I say a big, big thank you to you for what is a truly fantastic course.

I have been teaching this course since September and have had huge positive feedback about it. I started with two groups of 5 year olds at my daughter’s kindergarten and since then have had contact from another kindergarten wishing me to teach the children there.

The material in the course is second to none, the games are absolutely fantastic as well as the wonderful stories in each unit.

Thanks Shelley. I recommend this material to anyone.

Paul Clarke, Germany

This teacher now has a waiting list!

THANKS A LOT !!!!!! You can’t imagine how wonderful are your resources.I cannot stop having new pupils in my class. For the first time in my life I have a waiting list to come to my class. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!

Faithfully, Yohana Perez, Spain

Fun and successful lessons

Your materials give me the energy and enthusiasm required to make lessons fun and successful.

Allison Stephens, Italy

The kindergarten kids are crazy about the games and stories!

I just want to write and tell you how much I have benefitted from your games and stories for 3-5 year olds. I teach English to children in a “Kindergarten” here in Germany and I have already used several of your games and stories. The kids are crazy about them.

Thankyou so much for all of your great ideas, like the pre- and post-story activities!

Beatrice Metz, Germany


If you prefer to order by phone or have questions then please email me for a phone appointment. If it is urgent my mobile in France is +33 6 83 90 15 33 (not in the middle of the night please!) My email: [info@teachingenglishgames.com]. Order by phone will not be billed by clickbank.

You can download the games and stories now and be using them tomorrow!

Yours sincerely

Shelley Ann Vernon

Teaching English Games

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