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10 Practical exercises to help you find out your passions and purposes and create the dream job or a small business. Bônus: + 8 inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs.

This book is for you who is going through some of these moments:
..you are looking for a job with more purpose ..want to be your own boss and have more free time ..want to start a small business but do not know where to start ..you are seeking a change in career and life

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Passion, where are you?

[]It sounds simple. You have a passion or hobby and want to turn it into business, live it, be your own boss. But what if we do not know our passions and motivations? It is notuncommon that pretty offen we don't recognize them.

In general, our choices are molded by standards created by others and by comfort or lack of confidence. We easily replicate them, ending up in a road that doesn't express our values and we feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled. That is when the red sign is lit up, through stress and unhappiness. There is this quote from Dick Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute?, saying:

Dream jobs are more often created rather than found, so they are rarely attainable through conventional means. Its creation requires huge self-knowledge. – Dick Bolles

This quote synthesizes what I want to say.

There isn't a way of creating the dream job or business, if you don't know WHO YOU ARE, what you're interested in and what your predominant personality trait is.

Motivated to help you in your discovery journey, I searched for exercises, reflections and techniques that could help investigate the interests, that could guide you through the self-knowledge track that could guide you to find your own answers. The exercises that you will know and take were panned from several areas, such as, coaching, career, psychology, marketing and business.

This is our second ebook series on entrepreneurship for women, the first had over 12,000 downloads and was featured on the TPM Magazine and other channels that we admire so much. I hope you will make the most of this release and come back here to tell us what you think! ;)

What you will learn
Assess the status of your current life: "What areas of your life you value? Are you satisfied with the way you have dedicated time to each?" Identify the moments of enthusiasm in your career Create a convergence between what you enjoy doing and what has value to others Identify your dominant personality Analyze your strengths Discover your personal values Identify your purpose Learn how to bring more pleasure for your life Learning from other women experience
Post-reading side effects:
Self discovery Greater clarity on life objectives Improve perception of your strengths and talents Do a self-assessment of your current state Improved self-confidence and self-esteem


Want to see a preview of the ebook? Read the first few pages here:

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1. Passion, where are you?

Introductory chapter where we talk about the importance of self discovery journey.

2. The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a cool exercise for exploring your current status, determine where you are today and what is missing in your life.

3. The Line of Life

This is a simple exercise, but powerful to help you remember your career. With that in mind it will be much easier to understand what motivates you and what puts you down in your professional life.

4. Creative Entrepreneur Mandala

The first thing we need to do to create a dream job is to find a convergence between your passions and profitability. And this exercise was created to help you in this easy task.

5. Newspaper Cover

I love this exercise especially because it helps to imagine the future, dreaming... what brand do you want to leave in the world? Let's envision together an interesting way to do it.

6. Your Personality

The reason we are not satisfied with our professional life can be precisely because we did not find a professional environment that fits who we are. In this chapter you can reflect on your predominant personality and understand what kind of work and environment suits you.

7. Analyze your strengths - SWOT

We will help you reflect on your skills, talents and strength points and how you can exploit the opportunity.

8. Discovery of Personal Values

What is important in your life? What can not miss in your business or job? These are your values ​​and they are not always clear in our minds. Let's clarify this together?

9. Find your purpose

The exercise of Purpose statement is the "glue" to other content. You will reflect and define your professional goals and business purpose. What difference do you want to do? Who do you want to help with your job? Let's define this together.

10. Putting the passion in action

Without an action plan, it will be hard to put your passion in action. More important that plan is to act. Only putting into practice and experiencing your knowledge is that you know what will work best for you. In this chapter we give several tips on how you can put your passion and talents into practice. We help you get started. Is there something more exciting than that?

And more....

In addition to the practical exercises, you also take:
+ 8 Interviews with real business women who turned their passions into business and a successful careers 10 Exercises templates ready to print (PDF)
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

[] And if I do not enjoy the ebook? If this happens we will cry. (joke), we'll understand perfectly and we will refund 100% of your money in up to 48 hours.




What people are saying...

[]I confess that this e-book has changed my life! Thanks, girls! Viviane Damasceno



[]I really enjoyed everything. For me it was very inspiring to see I was on the right track, but walking the wrong way. I'm sure that from now on I will be more assertive in my business. Leiliane, Founder estúdio 7 Design.


[]I was delighted with your knowledge and the tranquility in sharing great content! You demonstrate willing to help. You have ears open and not afraid to tell your experiences, frustrations, gains, achievements. Anyway, you won me over! And I always want to do your workshops and buy the ebooks. Flávia Leão.


[]I just read the ebook! I'm in love with you! To build something solid, firm, resistant to any storm you must have this support that you have set out to provide us with this awesome e-book! What can I say about the book? Fuel for a car that needs a lot of power to get to your destination! Marcy Ruiz ..

[]I am setting up my own business and this ebook helped me "turn my passion into business." Congratulations! You are great! Ariadna Brito


[]I met your recently, through an article in TMP Magazine, and I'm loving !!! Already printed the eBook available on the site and "devoured". Congratulations on the innovative and transformative initiative to assist us in our search for success. Rosangela Gomes.

[]I just love everything that comes from you. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing so good stuff... Andreia Souza 


About Negócio de Mulher

We are two designers and digital business specialists focused on supporting and inspiring female entrepreneurship in Brazil. We create original content and innovative workshops for those who are looking for a way of transforming their way of making a living and achieve greater fulfillment and meaning at work. Go to [www.negociodemulher.com.br]


[] Co-founder of Negócio de Mulher. Designer and Interactive Design (PUC Minas) and Business Management (ongoing by FDC) specialist. Has been working for more than 10 years with digital businesses; has already taught at PUC MG and UNI BH. Believes in entrepreneurship as a possible way for freedom and personal development.



Technical details
The ebook is saved in PDF format (digital file) and can be read at computer, tablet, smartphone. It has 74 pages. After purchase, you receive the file immediately by email. Any questions or suggestions please contact us at contact @ negociodemulher.com.br



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