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"I feel privileged to be a part of this
wonderful project. I sincerely thank all the coaches for giving generously of
themselves, and Tina Kittelty for her tireless work in putting this wonderful
resource together." David Wood, PCC {audio}

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If you're overwhelmed by coaching resources on the
net, then you've just hit the jackpot...
These Coaches are Making $30,000
to $1,400,000 each year while changing people's
lives -- Hear their stories and learn how
they did it!

Real-Life Case Study #1 -- Michael Cooper
This former consultant, with no prior experience
in coaching, went on to clock up 180 clients!
'Coop' reveals how he quadrupled his coaching
business in one month.(pages 29 to 34)

Real-Life Case Study #2 -- Judy Feld,

Executive Coach Judy Feld was the 2003 president
of the International Coach Federation.
She surpassed $75,000 in her first year of coaching
-- without struggle, and shares with us her
seven steps to creating your perfect niche.
(pages 11 to 13)

Real-Life Case Study #3 -- Ernest Oriente
Last year Ernest grossed US$1.4 million
from his coaching business. A former corporate
executive, he realised his people skills would
translate perfectly into coaching. You'll love
reading the step by step principles that show
exactly how he did it. (pages 47 to 56)

Real-Life Case Study #4 -- Bob Davies
Bob's coaching generates up to US$15,000 every
month! Find out how he can charge $1,500 for
3 x 45 minute sessions. (Pages 37 to 40)

And there's MORE...
From: David Wood
Monday, 10:17 a.m.
Dear Coach,
What's the fastest way to a build a thriving coaching
practice? Get inside the minds of people like you
who've built a hugely profitable practice from scratch
-- and learn exactly how they did it.
What's the slowest way? Stumble along for years hoping
you hit the right strategies by trial and error. So...

Why waste your valuable time and money when
we're exposing the most costly mistakes -- and
the most profitable strategies -- of real world
coaching practices that are booming?

Personally, I've always believed in the principle:
"Model someone who's already reached the goal
you want to achieve."
Living by this principle, I'm privileged to have
grown my coaching business to over $100,000 a year,
clocking up 1,400 hours of coaching in 13 countries.
And if I may, I'd like to share a fundamental truth:
Marketing "theories" and "concepts"
aren't enough.
You've got to analyze, understand, and model real
world businesses that are already thriving. You've
got to be privy to their most powerful techniques,
assets, and secrets.
But here's the trouble...
Since the coaching industry's front-runners are so
focused on actually coaching, they rarely publish
their secrets in books or newsletters. It's just
not a priority for them. And they don't want to get
sidetracked. So it's been tough to learn their secrets.
And even if someone were willing to mentor you, how
would you find them? How would you approach them?
How would you get them to reveal their secrets? How
much would it cost you? And what questions would you
ask? It becomes more and more complicated... and time-consuming!
That's why I've made it super-easy for you. As a
Professional Certified Coach, and former Chair of
the ICF Publicity Committee, I've used my contacts
to land interviews with the best coaches in the
world. And I've published them all in one easy
to read ebook.
Introducing "10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets"
I'm absolutely thrilled to be making this available
to the coaching public! And -- to tell you about the
$264 in free bonus gifts we've been able to create
for you.
You'll Learn Exactly...

How much the top coaches are actually making,
and what you can expect. (Finally

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