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Are You Still Struggling To Manifest Your Deepest Desires?

“Finally, You Can Start Attracting The Wealth And Abundance
You Deserve”

4D Technology Taps Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Releasing Blocked Energy And Immediately Unleashing Infinite Abundance Into Your Life

Even if you have...

No experience with meditation or had little results beforeNever manifested anything in your lifeThought it took skill to master a 'secret' of attracting abundance you just didn't have

Fellow Seeker Of Abundance

If you're still held back from manifesting your dreams and desires by what seems to be an unknown force then you're not alone.

So many people out there never achieve what they truly deserve because of circumstances out side of their control.

Instead they become victims of fate, helpless and unable to lift themselves from the situation they are in.

If only there was an easy way for them to break free of the shackles which bound them, they could rise up and take control of their destiny.

My name is David Dunn and I’ve been into music production for over 15 years. However I moved away from the music industry, because I felt it was no good for me physically, mentally or spiritually.

I too was dragged down by circumstance until I began the practice of meditation using life changing brainwave audios.

Now I prefer to help others using the musical skills I’ve learnt, by creating the powerful brain wave meditations available on this site.

Recently a friend came to me excitedly with a report about one of my meditation's she had tried out.

This audio was only an experiment, and I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work this well, but she was very, very excited...

Struggling To Manifest?

You see for a while, she has been struggling to manifest what she wants in her life.

Meditated and visualized daily, (often 4 times a day) yet never seemed to see results from the energy and intent she was putting outHad listened to many different audio meditations over the years, yet none seemed to really take her deep enoughWas beginning to lose hope which made her feel her like her meditation sessions were not as effective as they used to beThought she would never achieve the life she dreamt of (or even take her kids away on vacation)

As a result she was experiencing a lot of negative energy which was having an effect on her finances.

When we were chatting one day, she told me how she was overwhelmed with emotion about her current situation.

Then I remembered a session I had created with a professional hypnotist. It had been sat on my computer for a while gathering dust.

When I got home I sent the file to her with a short message

“Here, try this out... It could change things for you”

She agreed to give it a go.

The next time I saw her a few days later she was bouncing around with energy telling me how great she felt after listening to the audio.

Next thing I know she was calling me up excitedly telling me she felt ‘ace’

Then she was messaging me on FaceBook...

Then I asked another friend Brenda, what she thought of the Alpha wave music.

This was more potent than I had imagined, and it was only the beginning...

Imagine listening to soothing peaceful music while

An immediate sense of prosperity washes over you making you feel like you have already attained your desiresInstantly feeling 'energised and excited' while gaining a feeling of tranquility and inner joyRemoving doubt and negativity and flushing away those energy blockages which are keeping you held back from your dreamsGoing deeper into your meditation and visualizing your future, the wealth, the holidays, the partner of your dreams, as though it was happening now. Carrying this new found sense of abundance with you throughout the day so everyone who meets you comments on how you are positively glowing with an energy of receiving they secretly yearn for

While I knew the audio was going to be effective, I wasn’t aware of how potent it would be until she tried it.

4D - A Powerful New Method Of Meditation

Based on sacred geometry and it’s relationship with music and the universe my team and I have created a 4D meditation technology.

Sonic Harmonics meditations with a specialised alpha wave audio take you deep inside your meditation session. Then 'Energized Affirmations' are repeatedly played over the top to embed them into the conscious and subconscious mind.

All together this creates a powerful system we’ve called the 4D Manifestor.

The system allows you to release any energy blockages on a universal level which may be preventing you attracting the wealth and abundance into your life which you deserve.

Simply put, you just press play, sit back and relax as the audio works it's magic. The technology is so powerful, you don't even need to use headphones.

4D Technology Explained

To make the monumental shifts needed to change your life we combine three powerful systems to create a 4th dimension effect

Alpha Waves Tuned To The Sacred Geometry Of 432Hz

Taking you into a deep Alpha state is the key to opening your conscious mind and letting the subconscious take control. Without tuning to the sacred geometric frequency of 432Hz the Alpha Wave technology would be useless, just like trying unlock a door with the wrong key

Energized Affirmations

The power of intent is a huge influence in why things often go wrong. Our hypnotist is a trained professional and knows how to infuse her words with a strong positive energy which is carried deep into your subconscious by the Alpha wave technology

Sonic Harmonics Technology

Combining sacred geometry and music Sonic Harmonics takes you on a journey into sound like you have never experienced before. Many people report deep restorative healing from just our meditation recordings alone.

the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion

~ Albert Einstein

Enter The 'Fourth Dimension'

When all three systems are combined into one, the 4D Manifestor system is created.

The effect it has on your subconscious mind is like a warp speed journey into your past, present and future all at once, releasing emotions which are causing the blockages in your life, on a universal level.

This creates a massive shift in your life towards the abundance and prosperity you've been waiting for.

You Can Be One Of The First To Access 4D Manifestor

This is the first in a series of audios created to help release blockages in all areas of your life.

Inside the site you will get...


4D Manifestor Original 12 Minute Mediation Session

The original 4D Manifestor session - this is a short 12 minute session designed to get you motivated and charged up ready to jump into the day ahead


Enhanced 4D Videos - 2 x 12 Minute Meditation Sessions

These two hypno-fractal videos have emdedded geo-metric imagery to help you focus your mediative power. The are 2 different geometric mandalas, one is the Sri Yantra a powerful 5000 year old symbol. The other is the Flower of Life, an equally ancient symbol which contains the entire spectrum of mathematics needed for the creation of life itself. By meditating on these 2 symbols at any time you can boost the power of your meditations. Play them whenever you really need to focus your intent.


Sonic Harmonics Alpha Wave Music

15 and 30 Minute versions of the alpha wave audio backing. This unique music is designed to put you into a relaxed alpha state of mind. Now you can use this recording on it's own in your visulization sessions for a meditation which will charge you with positive energy each time you use it

Play Sample


This is a sample of one of the hypno-fractal vidoes which can be used to focus your meditations. Sound creates form and is a powerful carrier for the intent you put out. By combining sound with the visual energy of the 4D Manifestor system you have a powerful new way to meditate.

How Does 4D Manifestor Compare To
Other Abundance Meditation Systems?

There are hundreds, (probably thousands) of abundance meditation systems available today. Very few actually work, (otherwise, wouldn’t you have already heard of them working by now?)

Some of the more effective systems are expensive with prices well in excess of $100. Some even cost upwards of $200.

However 4D Manifestor will not cost you anything near this amount.

As this is a new product and I’d like to get some more feedback, I’m putting it out as a special offer for a very limited time.

(Also the bonuses which are included are only a part of this special offer and will not be available again once the offer ends)

Because of this the cost is going to be a lot less than it should be.

(It actually cost me more to hire the hypnotist and her fees were not cheap)

And I charge a lot more when creating custom brainwave audios for people.

You could always go and see a energy healing therapist who specialises in releasing the kind of blockage which stops people attracting the abundance they desire. I know from experience this type of session is not cheap. Often you need more than one session, (sometimes four or five) before you see any results.

PLUS: Look At What Else You’re Getting

Dreams Drifting With Time

Gentle rain falls outside as you melt into your favourite chair. The soft piano slowly weaves its harmonies in and out as the peaceful background music takes you on a dream filled journey. This beautiful 30 minute relaxation audio is just waiting to take you away.

Download Value $9.95

Spring Forest

The calming effect from sitting in a forest at spring time is a naturally relaxing experience. Birds gently chirp, a distant stream softly bubbles away. All around nature is beginning to come to life. You can experience the joy of spring with this 1 hour recording, all without leaving your front room.

Download Value $14.95

Tapping Into Abundance

This  guide introduces you to a powerful technique for releasing blocked energy which may be stopping you attract the abundance you desire. Download Value $19.95

Abundance Exercises and Scripts

These exercises and scripts will help you get started with the Tapping For Abundance guide. This gives you the power to instantly start removing blocked energy on an even deeper level. Download Value $9.95

Access Our Growing Community

You will also get a years FREE access to our fast growing meditation community. Share tips and stay up to date on the most effective methods coming from people who meditate daily. This is my way of welcoming you to our abundant family

Yearly value $49.95

You Wont Pay Full Price

As mentioned earlier this is a new product and I wish to gain some more feedback so I’m reducing the price. You’re gonna get both versions of the 4D Manifestor meditations plus the special alpha wave background music. The total value of this package is in excess of $64


You also get access to the bonus meditation and relaxation audios, which includes Dreams Drifting With Time and the Spring Forest recording. The total value of these 2 bonuses is $24.90

If you came to me for a custom session it would cost around $800, not including the hypnotists fees.

And specialist energy healers are not cheap either. Multiple sessions are often needed which can make costs mount up. You could easily spend 4 or 5 hundred dollars before you even felt a difference.

The value you get from a small contribution today will come back to you multiple times with the energy transfer that takes place.

Once I’ve finished this series it will only be available as part of a larger package and will cost in excess of $175. This is a fair price given the amount of time I’ve put into researching the methods and studying the sounds and frequencies needed to release this type of energy.

Right now you get instant access to a ‘pre-release’ version of the 4D Technology.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to take advantage of a special offer instead of waiting to pay more then this offer is for you.

You certainly won’t be paying $800+ for a custom session or even $400+ for specialist energy healing sessions. You won’t even pay the $200 or $100 other sites charge. Right now it’s just $49.

All I ask for in return is some feedback so I can improve my methods and deliver more fantastic audios to you in the future.

Try 4D Manifestor For 60 Days Risk Free

Finally you can experience the effect of removing negative energy and releasing wealth and abundance into your life. If after using the 4D Manifestor sessions daily you are still experiencing an energy blockage then you can ask for a full refund.

You have an entire 60 days to try 4D Manifestor for yourself. Order today - see and feel the results for yourself - guaranteed.

Why Wait?

Why spend the next 60 days struggling when you can try the 4D Manifestor system for yourself without risk?

The longer you wait the less likely it is things will change. This offer will have passed and the others who took advantage will be experiencing abundance while your life remains the same. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

You can only access 4D Manifestor here. No one else has this technology and only a select few have experienced the life changing results. You can be among the first to experience them for yourself.

Results Are Proven Within 4 Days

Remember Mariesa’s experience earlier… it gets even better… She has began manifesting like crazy with an unexpected job offer and a weekend trip away for her family. Infact here is a picture of the exact feedback she sent as write this


Look What Others Are Saying About
Sonic Harmonics Meditations

I awoke the next day, after a full eight hours sleep – a pleasure I haven’t enjoyed since my teens (I’m 35 now), I felt refreshed and fully ready to face the challenges ahead... Doctors should be prescribing this, not pills

Jon Day [Tokyo/London, journalist]

Delta Sleep Aid Isochronic worked so good that after using it for 1 month, I no longer even have to listen to it anymore because now I easily fall asleep every night. I sleep like a baby and the funny thing is I awake like an early bird before everyone else and get more work done during the day than anyone else I know. I really do feel refreshed, renewed and recharged from the inside out.

Gerald M. [United States]

my 11-year old daughter who often has nightmares and is afraid to fall asleep in darkness.  She completely fell in love with the sound track. She has been falling asleep with the music playing on her iPod clock “sleep” mode for the past month or so and she sleeps though the night, peacefully.

Inna [United States]

After a week of using the Sleep Aid I began remembering coherent sequences of dreams.  This has been very interesting to me.  I am sleeping more deeply, sleeping longer, and recalling dreams with some detail.  My next adventure will be to reach lucid dreaming.

Nik Nikkel [Denver, CO]

Here’s what you get when you order
4D Manifestor today

You will be among the first to experience the life changing 4D Manifestor technology and begin manifesting abundance and wealth into your life. You will release emotional blockages and experience a surge of positive energy creating massive change

4D Manifestor Original

Original 12 minute session – uses the 4D Manifestor technology to positively charge your subconscious mind

(Value $14.95)

4D Manifestor Hypno-Fractal Videos

Two 12 minute video sessions – includes ancient geometic symbolism designed to focus the power of your meditation into a single point of focused intent

(Value $17.95 each)

Sonic Harmonics Alpha Wave Music

Sonic Harmonics Alpha Wave Music – 15 and 30 minute versions with of the alpha wave backing music for positively charged meditation sessions

(Total Value $34.90)

60 Day Risk Free Trial

Life changing results guaranteed within 60 days or your money back

Total Value $85.75

Plus The Exclusive Bonuses

Dreams Drifting With Time

Bonus 1 – 30 minute relaxation music session (Value $9.95)

Spring Forest

Bonus 2 – Relaxing nature sounds perfect for any time of years to brighten up your day (Value $14.95)

Tapping Into Abundance

Bonus 3 – PDF guide to EFT – Tapping Into Abundance  (Value $19.95)

Spring Forest

Bonus 4 – Scripts and exercises for EFT -Tapping Into Abundance (Value $9.95)

Meditation Community

Bonus 3 – Access our fast growing community and join other people on the same path as you on your journey into abundance

(Yearly value $49)

Bonus Value $103.80

4D Manifestor Package Value $85.75

Total combined package value $207.60

Limited Time Only $49

Congratulations! Discount applied for visitors from Germany 

Current price $19.00

Change Your Life - Click The Order Button Below

You know this is the right moment to make the changes you want. You even have a full 60 day guarantee to feel energised and excited ready to receive the abundance you deserve.

Hit the buy now button and download your 4D Manifestor package in the next 5 minutes.

[Order Abundance]

[Order Abundance]

All payments are processed securely


Thank you for taking the time to read this page. I sincerely believe you see the life changing potential before you and look forward to connecting inside the members area.

~ David @ Sonic Harmonics

Six Reasons To Order 4D Manifestor Now


Be The First

You will be among the first to experience the results of this abundance infusing 4D Manifestor audio technology.


Exclusive Bonuses

You get access to the bonus relaxation audios, which won’t be a part of the final 4D Manifestor Audio offer


Join A Global Community

You will also be a joining the fast growing global Sonic Harmonics community


60 Day Abundance Guarantee

You get a full 60 day trial so there is no risk for you at all


Huge Savings

You will save a huge amount against the cost when this is released in the future as part of the 4D Manifestor Audio series


This Works For Others

You have seen the proof this works for others, there is every reason it will work for you too

Congratulations! Discount applied for visitors from Germany 

Current price $19.00

Change Your Life - Click The Order Button Below

Go ahead, hit the Buy Now button and order 4D Manifestor and begin downloading them in the next 5 minutes.


[Order Abundance]

[Order Abundance]

All payments are processed securely


DISCLAIMER: The results on this page are based on actual user feedback. We can not make any claims this will work for you as described. Everyone’s situation is different and you may have deeper emotional issues which require specialist attention before the floodgates of abundance will open for you. None of the claims on this page should be taken as medical or financial advice. You are the creator of your destiny and are responsible for all decisions you make in connection with any of the information provided on this page. If you suffer from any medical condition then seek the advice of your doctor or practitioner before you use any brain wave audio.


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