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“How-To Buy And Sell Affordable Used Cars For Massive Profit”

-by Tony Bandalos

Buying and Selling Cars For Profit Is Easier Than You Think…(but ONLY if you know the insider secrets).

And I’m about to lay it all on the table for you right now.

Why? you ask…

I’ll tell you why later. But for now, let me show you how this can potentially and radically change your financial future.

Best part, you can get started from home, without a dealers license and with as little as $500-$1,000 in seed money.

You could be a stay at home dad, a single mom, or even a college student looking for additional ways to generate a real solid income stream.

Heck, you could be a retired 75 year old grandfather looking for some fun and excitement.

Stuffing your nest-egg with an extra source of income doesn’t sound too bad right?


“Did you know that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income?”


This could very well be your ticket to start generating extra cash for investments, paying off those credit card bills,

…or even extra funds to simply and free-fully spoil yourself and your family.


Here’s my promise to you – By the time you’re done reading this letter, you’ll know that there truly is a way to successfully…


Buy and sell cars for profit (even if you’re totally new and never have attempted to flip a deal before).

Know where to constantly find motivated sellers and car deals that earn you maximum in profits EVERY-TIME. Making 50-300% ROI per deal.

Negotiate like a pro to get the best deals, Sell with ease (with hardly any selling), Best of all, how to create Win-Win deals so you and your buyer always walk away happy.

Earn an extra five-figures per year flipping affordable used cars part-time from home. The in’s and out’s about automotive auctions and the dealer game. How you can get started right now, today, for pennies on the dollar. And much more…


Before we dig deeper, see what other people, just like you are doing with the information that you’re about to get instant access to…


 Check out the results below. I just pulled out some documented testimonials that were recently sent in from my F1 students…





Of course I must say that these results are not typical and your results may vary.

I don’t know how much you can or will learn. I don’t know if you’ll even apply the strategies that are covered in the course. because of FTC laws and all, I need to state this.

But if you do follow the system, nothing more, nothing less…

You can have extraordinary results.


I Thought I Need A Dealers License, or Are Limited To The Amount of Cars That I Can Buy And Sell for Profit


All dealers once started somewhere.

…And like I said, you need not become one to make money with this.

Most dealers started flipping cars for profit in the private party market.

One at a time.

Profiting $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $5,000 on each flip.

One by one.

Then, once they decided that they wanted to expand to sell more cars and make more money, they shifted gears and went on to get their dealers license.

Don’t worry, if you want to go BIG, I also have all of the cutting-edge information that you need inside of the F1 course that you’ll soon have access to.

The down side of getting big and getting your dealers license…(unless you want to, of course)


1. You need more money – Now you need a location, a public accessible bathroom, street frontage (for maximum exposure), Bonds, Licensing fees etc…

2. You are watched and regulated like a hawk – All my friends that are dealers tell me this. If you simply want to flip some cars for a side income, stay small.

3. You’ll have more responsibility – You’ll have to keep perfect records, pay your fees, and really stay on top of things. Plus you have to cooperate if you get audited in your dealer business.

If you’re willing to take the risk, invest more capital and truly want to get big, then go for it.

We also show you the in’s and out’s of the dealer industry and how to get started at auto auctions.

Ebay Auto Magic — My new system on how to buy and sell cars on eBay to make a total killing.

***This new EAM training module will be released to you for FREE (within the F1 Autocash Formula Course) once I complete it during Mid 2015***


How You Can Make Extra Income Buying And Selling Cars From Home


From the desk of Tony Bandalos,
DATE: January 31st, 2015
Dear reader,

Most states try to regulate how many cars that YOU, a non dealer can buy and sell.

But they’re No laws stating how many cars you can own. And what if you decided to liquidate a few?…

What about car collectors like Jay Leno?

Did you know he purchased an original street legal F1 McLaren (with 2,500 miles) over 10 years ago for $800,000.

A few years later, he spotted the same car on eBay selling for $4.1 MILLION! — and it had more miles on it than his!

He later said: “I now realize this is the greatest investment I’ve ever made. In less than 10 years, I more than quintupled my money. Best of all, I have a car I really enjoy. But there are plenty of modern cars you can buy at real-world prices that are fun to own”

And you too can also do this on a smaller scale and for long term wealth preservation.

That’s if you want to get into the collector part of buying and selling cars.

Here’s one for you…

If you want to start with a collector car, go and pick yourself up a clean 1990-1997 Mazda Miata.

They are starting to appreciate and will soon be a big collector. A big investment opportunity here for you.

But I know, …You want to make money NOW.

So let’s get into the meat here.


How many cars are you allowed to buy and sell per year without a dealer’s license?  


Start off by selling the legal limit.

“What Tony?”

That’s how you do it.

The average numbers range from 5-8 cars per year per name.

That means if you report the car or “register” the vehicle under your personal name. The average is 5-8 cars LEGALLY per year.

Don’t take my word for it. Check your State or Country

This can be done WORLDWIDE too.

I have F1 members from the U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Denmark, Italy, and even in the Philippines using these strategies to make money with cars.

Yes, there are ways around flipping more than 5-8 cars per year and I cover a few more ways for you in my training.

I won’t tell you to do it like this.

But some people leave the title blank and resell it as is… No trace, no you in documents.
Many “curbstoners” do it like this.

By all means, I’m not encouraging you to operate like this and I will take no responsibility for your actions.
This is a course for educational purposes only. The strategies and tactics that you’ll learn here can make you profits VERY quickly.


You’ll be scooping  deals all-the-time and you’ll also secure yourself big profit margins when selling


But my recommendation, Do it legally.

Think about this for 5 minutes.

What If You Knew How To..


1. How to research your personal market – From your own home computer – and know what cars sell fast for the fastest turn- around in profits?

2. How to figure out what the “best buying price range is” and listing prices that people go INSANELY crazy for your deal!

3. How to get the MOST (ROI) return on investment with whatever amount you start with. Even if you’re starting with less than $500.

4. How to turn a $1,000 investment into $10,000 in 4-5 car quick car flips.

5. How to use my “PME” tactic so you NEVER lose money when buying a car to flip for profit.

6. How to use the Kelly Bluebook, the Canadian Blackbook or the Australian Redbook to gauge the market – know what to pay for a car so you don’t waste your time. This Works Worldwide. 

7. Know when to walk away or when to JUMP on a money getting deal. Believe me, they’re ALL over (if you know how and where to look for them). 

8. How to perform simple vehicle inspections to make sure you don’t buy lemon cars.

9. How to “WEED” out bad deals from good deals without wasting your precious time (doing this on a weekend) – and still make a few grand in cash profit within hours.

10. This is a CASH business (no personal checks) We take CASH, Money Orders and Certified Bank Checks only. Discover How not to get taken for. Basically, NOT getting scammed yourself.

11. How to tactfully negotiate with people – SPOT-OUT tire kickers from serious prospects and serious sellers (all over the phone) before you leave the house. Your time is very important.

12. Ad posting SECRETS – How to post TOP performing Free Ads that gets hungry buyers calling you. Plus NEW YouTube marketing tactics tested and proven to get you more sales.


If you knew all of this, don’t you think it would be pretty easy to make money?

I’m not talking about scamming people here.

All my buyers are happy because they get a “GREAT” deal.

You want to aways try to create a WIN-WIN situation when selling a car.

Or when selling anything for that matter.

And this is really EASY to do.

What if you bought and sold just 5 cars per year, (just 5).

…And I showed you how to profit at least $1,500 – $4,000 per car flip?

Please remember, these numbers are VERY conservative.

70% of the time I do OVER 100% ROI.


Was $597 Now $197]

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That Means if I invest $2,500 in a car, (I sell it for $5,000) then I make a $2,500 profit.

And this is the same exact strategy that I want to teach you so you can rinse and repeat the process on every single car deal that you do


You Invest $3,000 you make $3,000.

You invest $1,000, you sell for $2,000, you profit $1,000.

That’s the game plan here.

Do you see how quickly the profits can add up?

You’re looking at a realistic EXTRA 10,000- 30,000 per year on a micro small scale.

Being ultra conservative.

If you join me, I’ll show you how you can legally double, triple and even 4x the numbers that you see above.

Imagine that for a second.

This is FREE money – Spend it as you wish.

How long should it take you to perform a car flip?

It will should only take you 4-8 working hours to flip 1 car. You can make an easy $200.00 – $1,000 per working hour. Sound interesting?

I can honestly say that I have real members who applied my trainings and are making a real stable income today.

No strings attached.

Like I said, I have a few VIP members who started selling MORE cars than I do.

This one guy Olaf, does 5 figure months and he says it’s all from my teachings. I have this in a documented testimonial.

Check out the “quick start” game plan that I have for you below

You Can Start With $1,000 – $2,500 – Or Less… I had a 17 year old kid start with borrowed money.

He borrowed money from his step-dad, flipped a truck, paid his dad back and pocketed $1,400 on His First Car Flip. Real story.

“Here’s what it looks when getting started buying and selling cars…”


How To Turn a $1,000 Car Investment Into $10,000 With 5 Simple Car Flips or Less

There is a step-by-step formula for this and it’s not by accident.

It works.

You get the idea.


Get the car looking as clean as possible and take a few nice pictures.

Ideally 3 – 4 is all you really need. Don’t over do it. Keep it simple.

I suggest one picture of the interior from the driver’s side, and two or three of the outside of the car from the corners of the car.

You may also take a picture of the engine bay, but it’s not super crucial.

Here’s a 2004 CRV that I did a quick flip not too long ago:

Try to take pictures of the car with a nice background and proper sunlight so it just looks nice (VERY easy to do).

I got lazy here, but ideally, you would have moved the truck to a place with no wet spots on the floor.

***Updated 2015 F1 Formula 2.0 Course***

In my revised version of the F1 2.0 course.

I cover all of this with you on video and also talk about how you can now leverage YouTube & Ebay to even more qualified and hungry prospects to come and look at your vehicle.

It’s powerful, takes 2 minutes, and I do it for EVERY car I sell nowadays.

Especially in 2015.

Here are some proven numbers that I tracked myself when selling cars.

You know how when you post an ad of a car online?

You get callers right, then you get the lookers, then out of those lookers you get a few that say that the’ll call you back and they never do.

That’s normal.

I like to think of those people as goners.

It’s the normal FLAKE RATE.

Forget about them. 90% of the time they will never call you back.

Keep showing the car to people until you get a buyer.

95% of the serious people come with cash and they end up buying your vehicle that day unless they need a day to get a bank check or something.

These are the kind of people that you want to attract.

Say I get 10 calls on a car…

I would say 4-5 will come to look at it, out of those 4-5 usually I get a buyer.

Sometimes the first viewer is the buyer, which is always a good thing.

**This is if you’re posting a great ad and have a great car for sale**

Now, this is the old school way of just posting pictures.
What I want to do is teach you how to harness the power of YouTube.

When using YouTube for advertising (from my personal results) out of every 3 callers, one will come and buy your car.

That’s how much more you can weed out the tire-kickers.

But it’s very important how you position your video and what you say in your video.

Your video only has to be about 2 minutes long.

I have also had buyers compliment me on these YouTube selling videos.

It’s funny.

Standing Out is Key When Advertising Your Vehicles for Sale

Again, I break all of this down in simple format so you get it.

This is NOTHING compared to all the tactics that I reveal within the F1 2.0 “Marketing For Profits” section.

There is much MORE in the course for you to chew on.

This is how you‟ll want to start with the $1,000 game plan and roll your profits into a new deal.

I suggest keeping half of your profits as savings but that choice is clearly up to you.


Was $597 Now $197]

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How To Start Buying and Selling Cars With $2,500

When starting with $2,500 you have a better chance of getting a car that will earn you bigger profits because of your buying power.

Now you can start so shop at price ranges from $2,500 – $3,500.

I suggest buying one car in that price range.

Not two cars in the $1,000 range because you will make more money with one car.

You can buy a fairly up to date vehicle.

The year 2000 and up will be your target buy year range.

Your goal here will be to double your $2,500 investment that you start with.

And it’s very doable. I do it all the time.

My students have also achieved these numbers quite easily.

In the $2,500 buying range, you can find good deals and make great profits.

After a successful flip duplicate your success and keep your momentum going.

Save half of your profits. The money will keep doubling.

This is actually much easier to do, than to keep reading about it. The key to success here is ACTION. Just do it.

I hope you’ve learned something here. And I have more to share with you.

Consider this breaking the ice between us.

Here’s the deal…

I am willing to be your mentor. And this is for qualified guys only. If you’re here with me so far, it’s for a reason.

…And I want to help you turn that reason into a reality.


“If You Want To Earn an Extra 5 Figures Per Year in Profit Flipping Cars Part-Time, This is For You”


Listen, I’m in the process of adding more new videos to my F1 Auto cash Formula 2.0 course.

And I’ve recently closed out my program from the public.

Quite frankly, it was too much work and hassle for me. I had to turn down a lot of people left and right.

I want to really “weed out the week” here.

And I thought that raising the cost of the course and training would be a good way to accomplish this.

Frankly, if you’re starting out with less than 1,000. I don’t want to work with you.

Let’s be honest.

You need more than $500 to get started. If you invested in this course and only had $500, where would the money come from to get your first deal?

If you have a plan, then fine, let’s make it happen.

I want to make sure you at least have $1,000 in investment money to work with. Even better if you’re at $2,500.

Remember, you’re gonna be buying a car to flip. You do need some capital here.

Moving on.

Here’s The F1 Course Break-Down and Why I Charge To Coach You

I will personally guide you on video through the whole process until you successfully flipped a car.

Imagine yourself looking over my shoulder and taking notes, seeing what I see (so you can later spot them out for yourself) find deals…

listen to me talking to buyers and sellers, performing light tune-ups, performing in-depth vehicle inspections that you can easily copy.

Quickly recharging AC systems and knowing exactly what to spruce up on a deal for the most return on investment.

My goal here is to make you enough profit on your first car flip that you’ll be able to pay for the course and still have profit left over to reinvest in another deal and also treat yourself for your great accomplishment.

As they say, FREE information is NOT valued.

You’re more motivated to take action and do or follow something if you have some skin in the game.

Hey, it’s true.

If you spent $5,000 for this training, you an I know damn well that you would follow the formula and put everything that you learn from me into massive action.

Am I right?

Hence, why I prefer to sell this information rather than give it away for free.

If I gave this course away, there would be LESS success stories.
I don’t want that. I want a positive impact.

Again, it’s a win win. I make a few bucks selling this information to you and..

You make massive profit applying what you learn.

Let’s imagine you needed some counseling.

You go out to a guys office where his services are free, gives you some advice on how you need to make some changes in your life so you can get back on track.

You split, and leave his office.

How inclined are you to take action on his recommendations? …and remember, he hasn’t charged you a dime.

On the other end of that coin, you go to another psychologist and he charges you $1,000 an hour for his services.

Wouldn’t you be more inclined to listen to him and actually try to put what he suggested into action?

I thought so.

Moving on to how I can help you, shall we?


“The F1 AutoCash Formula 2.0 Course Outline. Basically, What You’re About To Get Access To”

Week 1: Getting started and creating your online accounts for market research. Building an unbreakable foundation.

Week 2: Finding deals. This is where you and I work together. You watch over my shoulders, see what I see, so you can copy what I do in your own local markets. You’ll be able to Cherry Pick deals before anybody else.

Week 3: Negotiation strategies, talking to buyers and sellers. Made up competition and story telling tactics. Real live recordings and training. See what makes people tick, how to slash asking prices in seconds.

Week 4: In-Depth vehicle inspection series. Complete video break down on vehicle inspections that you can easily copy. In 5 minutes, you’ll know if the car you’re looking at is a good deal or a lemon.

Week 5: Vehicle Spruce-Up Strategies. Home made footage on all the main spruce up techniques that I use to pull in maximum ROI (many people forget about these under-the-radar techniques and never use them to their advantage). Do this to reap windfalls in profits. Be careful. You don’t want to invest TOO much in a flip.

Week 6: My Mechanical Quick-Fix Blueprint. Quickly Recharge AC systems yourself (no special tools needed). See how to inspect AC leaks on the fly. PLUS my Top Secret HL Tactic. Do this and boost your vehicles value by $500. easily.

Week 7: Tune-Up Pro Pack. Learn to perform quick and simple tune-ups with little to no tools. Change oils and get your machine running clean. Save money on mechanics and keep more profits for yourself. Learn how to easily perform oil changes, transmission flushes plus much more.

Week 8: My Top-Secret ad formatting, posting tactics and money getting sell strategies. You don’t have to be a salesman to make money. Follow my blueprint to rake in hungry buyers for your deal. Plus my New YouTube marketing tactic video series for 2015.


 Order Now And Get These Bonuses

Bonus 1) 13 Auto Insurance Saving Tips ($47. Value)

Bonus 2) How To Get Your Dealers License Rolodex – ($47. Value)

Bonus 3) Quick Start Blueprint – Get Started & Make Money Fast ($37. Value)

Bonus 4) Complete F1 Manual and Audio Book Download ($97. Value)

Bonus 5) All Mobile Converted & Device Friendly ($47. Value)

Bonus 6) 3 Personal Ad Critiques for Your Sale Ads ($197. Value)


F1 Formula Members Area Preview

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It has been responsible for thousands of dollars in extra profits for me and my students. It works like gangbusters, and it will for you too.

Phew! That was a lot of stuff!

Now, this is an 8 week video, manual and audio course.

You get the 8 weeks that are all broken down online through an easy to follow video course.

It’s all go at your pace.

If you have no time one week, simply login later and the course will be waiting for you to move on.

You’ll get lifetime access to this training and lifetime access to the website. I’ve been helping guys make money at this since mid 2009.

All updates that I do in the future, you’ll get FREE.

When I decide to release F1 3.0, you’ll get access to it for free.

FAQ: Questions and answers:

Can I get access to the 8 week course at once Tony?

Yes. If you want full access to the course at once, simply email us and ask for full access and we can unlock the course so you can devour the lessons even faster.

Can I get this training on DVD instead?

Answer. Yes, very soon. We are working on a physical package at the moment.

The cost of the physical package will be a little more as cost of packaging and shipping will come to play.

This is for serious people who want to make some real money flipping cars.

If you think this is for you please click the button below and register.

I look forward to working with you soon.


My No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Promise To You:


Go ahead and give F1 Auto Cash Course a try right now. Download the materials, work through the videos, and see how you like it.

Next time you work on a car, if your work isn’t 100% better than it was before you got this course, let me know and I’ll refund your payment no questions asked.

And this guarantee doesn’t stop there, either.

If you’re unhappy with it for any other reason, let me know within 60 days, and I’ll arrange for a quick and easy refund. No questions asked, no arguments, nothing. I’ll just shake your hand and wish you well – and I’ll even let you keep everything you downloaded!

You have my word that if you’re not 200% satisfied and blown away with this course, you’ll get your money back.

-Tony Bandalos


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I hope you see that this stuff really works.

I only want you to register if you’re serious about this, and if you have the money and if you want to get started now making some real honest income buying and selling cars.

P.S. You have two options right now. 1. Leave this page and make no changes whatsoever in your life and get the same results day in and day out.

2. Invest in yourself and in your knowledge. Partner with me, learn from the course and apply what you learn to make an extra stream of income for yourself.

P.P.S. Please keep me posted with your results. I love getting new testimonials from members. It’s apart of the big reason why I do this.

I love helping people who want to be helped.

REMEMBER: This special price for my F1 2.0 course will not last long.

Be bold and take action right-now on this exclusive discounted offer. The next time you visit this page the price may very well be doubled if not more.

You have nothing to lose and are backed my my 100% Iron-Clad 60 day money back guarantee.

See you ‘inside!’

-Tony Bandalos

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