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Want to start earning mega-bucks like a celebrity DJ almost immediately… and compete with the higher-paid, more experienced,  and better equipped DJ’s?

           Astonishing “Insider” Specialist Training Secrets to TOTAL DJ MASTERY

Finally Revealed By the ONE DJ Expert With Music Knowledge Unmatched By Any of His Peers!

              Until now, only a handful of up-and-coming DJ’s at a time have been allowed to learn these lucrative industry secrets that practically guarantee you will always be a serious contender on the party-club scene (even from your first professional gig). 

Now, with the industry shattering release of this “career making” information, you can rocket from raw rookie to respected mega-skilled professional almost immediately!   

Best of all, you can launch your career  WITHOUT breaking the bank…

Dear Fellow Music Junkie,

                   If you've ever wanted to “CRACK THE CODE” on the secret skills that keep the top DJ’s living a life of parties, clubs, and summer fun year after year… and do it fast… then this will be the most exciting thing you ever read.

                   Here’s the story: Every good DJ knows there are just three basic things behind making it to the top -- (1) decent equipment… (2) a fiery passion for music… and (3) mastering the techniques of professional DJing.

           Some guys think that they can buy their way to the DJ booth. You've seen ‘em.  Top-of-the-line laptop, mega-buck controller, the works.  And they never figure out how to mix more than the weekly Top 10.   Shameful.

           Other guys pretend on their CDJs, mixing the American Top 40 while sucking down energy drinks from the safety of their lounge.  Still others live the DJ dream through magazines and YouTube videos.  Earning their paycheck the predictable Monday to Friday, nine-to-five route.

         Well, guess what?

The top DJ’s are keeping a nasty secret from all of you.

          Sure, they accept freebie gear and equipment, and endorse energy drinks, and occasionally “reveal” their favorite tips on scratching, beat matching and mixing.

           But here’s something the “fat cat” music executives and advertisers don't want you to know:  When you finally learn the real secrets of blending music science and “euphoric crowd-pleasing” pro-level skills…

You Can Own The Dancefloor 

Playing Miley Cyrus on any dj equipment!

Best of all… 

It’s EASY…Once You Know The Inside Specialist Training Secrets!

Here’s what we’ve got for you: You’ve probably never heard of Walt White… 

BUT the top professional DJ’s sure have. 

He has acquired a range of DJing knowledge unmatched by any of his peers from DJing in every aspect of the music industry for over 10 years.

And yes, he has worked with practically every top level DJ, and headlined at every type of event on the planet.

Learn the Top 5 Techniques to propel your DJ Career...

Global Dance Festival Red Rocks

Walt is now the Stage Operations Manager for Triad Dragons and Global Dance Music Festival at Red Rocks.  He has opened up for every major electronic music act.  

Walt is also the DJ for the Colorado Rapids MLS Professional Soccer Team. He has held residencies with most of the major clubs in Colorado and has owned and operated a successful mobile DJ company and is the founder of Global DJ Academy.

And after 12 years of full time DJing in every aspect of the industry, he has acquired a range of knowledge unmatched by any of his peers.

Walt White is not a household name like Tiesto, Calvin Harris and David Guetta. 

The reason:  He prefers to mentor the up-and-coming professional DJ.   His passion is passing on the wealth of knowledge and the skills he has gained from over 12 years full-time professional DJing.

           Don't be fooled… Walt is not some dried-up, been-there-done-that shuckster who teaches ‘cause he can't get a gig.   No way, he’s still out there honing his skills and keeping up with the hottest music being created today. 

           He knows that to have the best chance of succeeding every aspiring DJ needs to get access to the Inside Specialist Training Secrets. 

           And don't be intimidated by the depth of this information. The bottom line is, you can learn these secret skills almost immediately…

No matter what your taste in music is… No matter what your current skill-level is (in fact, it’s almost better if you’re a raw rookie beginner, because you won’t have to unlearn any of your bad habits)... And no matter what equipment you own, or if you’ve never done a live gig before.

It’s astonishingly easy… 
the secrets are simple to “get”... 
and best of all…

You Can Learn Everything Without Paying 
Thousands of Dollars!

Here’s the deal: 

Walt has taken his “insider techniques” - the exact same he teaches his students selected for his Global DJ Academy (students who perform at live gigs with him even while still learning) - along with the same equipment used by Skrillex and Deadmau5, to a studio location in Colorado with Hollywood cameras and sound equipment. 

           There, over weeks he shot the entire process from start to expert -- capturing nearly every single detail of Walt’s “professional lessons” on becoming a skilled and proficient DJ. He explains it, and you SEE it on multiple camera angles while Walt passes on his wealth of knowledge...

It’s the ONLY way to learn fast. 

Then Walt went back to the editing bay, and “condensed” those weeks of recordings into 
over 30 hours of video lessons that is already impacting the lives of the next generation of DJ.

What Walt reveals in this program will give you the confidence to play on any stage, with any equipment, in any part of the world and completely own the dancefloor.

This means you'll suddenly have adoring fans begging to see you… the skills to earn mega-bucks every single night (while everyone else is struggling to keep up and copy your latest mixes)... and you’ll finally be a celebrity, superstar DJ.

Yes, even performing alongside famous, more experienced and better equipped pros.

Here’s a taste of what you're about to learn:

Here’s a taste of what you're about to learn:
How pro DJ’s organize their set for maximum impact. Do this and the raving crowd will beg you for more! Incredible workflow secrets that help the pro’s “make it all look easy”. (Because, once you know the secrets… it really IS easy!) Instantly create your very first mix in a matter of minutes (even if you've never played two songs at the same time before). Most rookies guess, and pay dearly…

All You Need is SIX Minutes!

… Walt shows this first step to becoming a pro in under six minutes, and explains in such simple terms you will understand instantly. 

(And be able to use it immediately!)

How to match ANY tune, whatever music you’re playing… and totally avoid losing the crowd while remaining in complete control of whatever equipment you’re using (this one piece of knowledge about the gear separates the pros from the amateurs.) How to create your own mixes and become a standout original performer right in front of a juiced up audience -- hungry for what only YOU can give them! Wicked turntable techniques -- the “old-school tricks” that give you an unfair advantage over your rival digital performers. Pro-insider secrets for using the most important piece of equipment in any modern DJ setup. (Walt shows you things you can do you’ve probably never dreamed of!) The ONE skill you absolutely MUST know how to do (failing to learn this means you’ll probably never succeed as a pro DJ). Discover the extra features that these different equipment have… and which will progress your music even further, faster (Plus -- how knowing their similarities will shortcut your time from raw rookie to professional DJ) One of the most common rookie mistakes that screws up a lot of DJ’s -- and the tactics for ensuring you never fall victim to it during your performance.

And a ton more.  
There’s way too much more to explain here. 

You already know professional DJing is one of the toughest gigs in the universe to succeed at.

Well… here finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you harness your talent, keep you in regular well-paid gigs around the globe… while you use your new skills and tactics to blow everyone else off the dancefloor. Walt has been paid outrageous fees to part with his wealth of “insider information”.

It’s the KEY to reaching celebrity, superstar status.

You already know professional DJing is one of the toughest gigs in the universe to succeed at.

          Well… here finally, are the pro-level secrets that will instantly help you harness your talent, keep you in regular well-paid gigs around the globe… while you use your new skills and tactics to blow everyone else off the dancefloor. Walt has been paid outrageous fees to part with his wealth of “insider information”.

It’s the KEY to reaching celebrity, superstar status.

Want to see this amazing program for yourself?  You can… without risking a penny.

Here’s what to do now: Just click on the buy button below, to get INSTANT access to “Learn TO DJ Like A Pro”.  The price is just $47 and you can use your credit card.  Or you can make your one-off payment through PayPal if you prefer. 

Once you receive your access email you can get started immediately.

Get started NOW! Order Learn TO DJ Like A Pro today!

You do not risk a penny by ordering now.  Why?  Because you are covered by a super-generous...

Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Learn to DJ Like a Pro will make you play like a PRO
– or it’s absolutely free!

           Here’s how it works: Order the program. Watch it, use it, treat it as your own personal one-on-one instruction. If you are not completely blown away by what you’ve learned, after 60 days (plenty of time to go through everything and check out the lessons for yourself on your equipment)... then I INSIST you come and ask us for a refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No hassles, either.

           Walt has built his reputation over twelve long years.  It’s hard-earned and his knowledge alone is worth more than a small country.  He guards his reputation like a bulldog guards his home. If you're not happy, we're not happy.  The Global DJ Academy in Colorado is his home.  Stop by any time.  Walt lives for music, just like you.

            You must order right away, however. This is the FIRST TIME Walt has released a program like this to the general public.  It’s a risk for him -- if the industry becomes full of highly skilled DJ’s the bar will get raised so high, he may have to go back to doing classes with limited students in his studio.  That means this program will get pulled from the internet.

Take your performance to the next level!  Order Learn to DJ Like a Pro TODAY!

Get started NOW! Order Learn TO DJ Like A Pro today!

          Therefore, he may limit the number of people who can purchase this program… just to be on the safe side. With limited numbers it should disappear almost immediately. Walt may then decide whether to release it again. That would depend on whether other professional DJ’s he knows don’t demand he keep it out if the hands of people like yourself. Click the buy button today, while it’s on your mind.

            Remember -- you do not risk a penny. If you decide to return your purchase and ask for refund within your 60-day “check it out period”, you will have seen ALL these insider specialist training secrets for FREE. That’s how confident Walt is about the knowledge he is sharing with you. Chances are you're gonna flip over what you discover. Your life is about to change, for good.

           You've most likely spent a ton of money on music and gear already. Why not float just a few dollars more for the insider secrets of professional DJing that will increase your enjoyment of the music… and help you position yourself as one of the Top Ten DJ’s earning a boatload of money each year. This is how you earn respect, awards, and millions of dollars.

Hit the buy button now.   
Don't get left out.  
Go own the dancefloor just like the pro’s.

Take your performance to the next level!  Order LEARN TO DJ LIKE A PRO today!

With our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction, there’s absolutely no risk.  So why wait another moment to get the training and recognition that you deserve?

I understand that I am going to be happy with my purchase - or I can ask for a full refund within 60 Days and keep the entire program - 100% GUARANTEED!


Order the “Learn to DJ Like a Pro” Program Today...

Take your performance to the next level!  Order Learn to DJ Like a Pro TODAY!

Order the “Learn to DJ Like a Pro” Program Today...


We know there is nothing better than “Learn to DJ Like a Pro” and we're willing to put our money where our mouth is...

SURE, some people will just try to take advantage of us...

But we're choosing to focus on YOU and all the great people that need help with guaranteed assurance!

Because if you need our help -- we're going to make positively sure we help you!

We've put together the BEST program in the world... It simply doesn’t get better than this!

We want you to experience what ​thousands of our other clients have experienced...

So PLEASE... ​go for it and...

Take your performance to the next level!  Order Learn to DJ Like a Pro TODAY!

          P.S. DON'T forget -- We'll send you a super-cool FREE BONUS if you order right this minute. Walt has put together a series of free reports to go along with his course “Learn to DJ Like A Pro”... and he gives his views and knowledge on promoting yourself. Keeping on top of your game. 

          What equipment rules the booth. Getting your own studio set up… the bells and whistles and under $100. What gear the experts recommend. These are an awesome peek into the world of professional DJing… and they're yours free, to keep even if you change your mind about the program.

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