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Purchase YOUR copy of the Dimension Bible today, for only $19.95.As a matter of fact, purchase 2 or 3 extra copies and give them as gifts. Your friends will be thanking you for years to come.

If you have any questions about the Dimension Bible prior or after your purchase please email me at john@DimensionBible.com
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Why Should You Purchase The Dimension Bible? Gentlemen,The Proper Dimension Does Matter

Yes, that goes for the ladies also. The proper dimension, measurement or quantity is critical to completing a quality job.

We all have heard the old adage “Measure Twice and Cut Once.” Imagine for a moment you spent your entire weekend painting the bathroom, and you can see the finish line. You have to hang a mirror and towel bar and you are finally finished. You grab your tape measure and begin to install the towel bar. Your wife comes in and asks, "is this the land of the giants? Why is that hung so high?" Move it down to here she instructs you, as she exits the room. Muttering to yourself you suddenly realize if you lower it you will have to patch the wall and paint the wall again.


Ladies you are sprucing up the yard adding mulch to the flower beds. You look at your watch, realizing if you hurry you can make the night out with the girls. You turn to find 1 bag of mulch left, That’s it!! I still need 3 or 4 bags. How do they expect me to figure out how many 3 cu ft bags I need to fill and 8’ x 12’ area. Off to the home improvement store you instead of your favorite restaurant with the girls.

If only there was a better way, if only…………..

Well my friends there is; After 40 years of remodeling and building experience and having been in situations like the above ones myself, I have put together a book to save you time and money assuring you don’t a game or social engagement again.

The Dimension Bible

Why did I choose a name like that?

The Dimension Bible will become your Bible, your go to source for everything remodeling, home repair, and generally working around the house. With all the types of information you will need to complete those Honey Do home repair lists as well as major remodeling projects. Along with plenty of room for your own personal notes, The Dimension Bible will become just that, your Remodeling Bible.

What kind of information is included in the Dimension Bible?

To begin with I talk about basic or general design principles that will impact your remodeling or home repair project. With an eye towards our aging population I explain what Universal Design is and is not, and how it can make our lives easier. I then get very specific as I address kitchen design. Things you will want to consider in the design of your kitchen, what to watch out for, and the infamous work triangle, that when incorporated into your project turns and ordinary kitchen into a kitchen that just works. Here is a sample from the Dimension Bible.

“ Have you ever heard of the work triangle? The kitchen work triangle is formed by drawing a line from the front center of the refrigerator, the front center of the stove, and the front center of the sink, connecting them to form a triangle. No single leg of the triangle should be less than four feet or more than nine feet and the total of all the legs of the triangle should not exceed twenty-six feet. You will want to avoid placing any two of these items alongside each other on the same wall. Multiple work zones and multiple work triangles can be established with the addition of dishwashers, trash compactors, etc.”

Next we discuss the bathroom, bedrooms, den, and other rooms in the house, with specifics to add quality of life and visual appeal to every size home.

I then transition into what I call the meat of the book. I go from room to room, starting with the kitchen outlining critical dimensions and measurements to assure you of a kitchen that is easy to use, comfortable, and a joy to spend time in.

The information contained in the Dimension Bible is a blend of building code requirements, my own experience in remodeling thousands of homes and building well over 100 homes, as well as suggestions from the hundreds of trades people it has been my privilege to work with over the years. Here is a sample of some of the information contained in the Kitchen section of the Dimension Bible.


Kitchen continued:




GFCI countertop receptacles

Spacing so no point on the countertop is >24” from a receptacle.

Countertops ≥ 12” in length require a receptacle. Install GFI 46” AFF to center

Countertops separated by sinks and stoves considered separate countertops.

No face-up receptacles are allowed

Definition of peninsula

Long Dimension >24” and short dimension >12” measured from connecting edge

If ≥ 72” and separating rooms must also have a wall height non-GFCI receptacle installed

GFCI island receptacles

Island requires 1 receptacle no 24” rule

maximum 6” countertop overhang

No more than 12” below countertop or install in backsplash or cabinet above

GFCI peninsula receptacles

Peninsula requires 1 receptacle no 24” rule

No more than 12” below countertop 6” maximum overhang

Switches above the countertop

(between cabinets)

46” AFF to center

Measure from and set cabinets on the same finished floor surface

Light switches not above countertop

51” AFF to center

Microwave plug in receptacle

6” to center of receptacle measured from bottom of cabinet/top of microwave

10” to center of receptacle right or left from center of microwave. Don’t mount in center behind exhaust duct.

Dishwasher connection

32” long Greenfield whip / 1” AFF within center 12” of dishwasher opening

Electric stove connection

Consult manufacturer specifications

Consult manufacturer specifications

Gas stove electric receptacle 110 volt

20” AFF

4” Right or left of center in the stove space

Refrigerator receptacle

46” AFF

Centered in the refrigerator space

Garbage disposal connection

Greenfield whip

Rough length to reach bottom center of the sink where disposal mounts

Garbage disposal switch

46” AFF


46” AFF to center

After the kitchen I continue on, detailing each room in the house: bathroom, bedrooms, laundry room, etc. and then we talk about an often confusing area Stairs and Railings.


Stairs and Railings

(All dimensions shall be exclusive of carpets, rugs and runners)




Stairway width

Clear width of 36” above the handrail

Clear width at handrail not less than 31 ½” when handrail is installed on one side.

27” when handrail is installed on both sides

Stairway landing/platform

Minimum 36” x 36”

Enclosed accessible space under the stairs/platforms to be covered with a minimum ½” drywall

Stairway headroom

Minimum headroom 6’8” measured vertically from a sloped tread line or platform surface

Tread width

Minimum tread width measured from front of the previous stair nosing to the edge of the tread is 10”

All tread widths must be within 3/8” of each other

Thread nosing

Required nosing on all solid riser stairs to be not more than 1 ¼” or less than ¾”. The greatest nosing projection to the least shall not exceed 3/8”

Where treads are minimum of 11” no nosing is required

Riser height

Maximum riser height shall be 7 ¾”

All riser heights must be within 3/8” of each other

Open risers

Open risers are permitted if a 4” diameter sphere cannot pass through opening created by open riser

Estimating amounts of material accurately can be difficult, but not with the math formula section. I break it down in easy to understand everyday language, making it a snap to use. After the formulas we move into conversion tables, span charts, wire sizing, and much more, finishing up with the exterior of the house. You will use this book for years; it will truly become your remodeling and repair Bible.

Your copy of the Dimension Bible is a soft cover printed book measuring 7” x 10”. We typically use United States Postal Service Media Mail to deliver your copy of The Dimension Bible to you. Depending where you are located in the United States you can expect to receive your purchase in 3 to 8 days.

Purchase YOUR copy of the Dimension Bible today, for only $19.95. As a matter of fact, purchase 2 or 3 extra copies and give them as gifts. Your friends will be thanking you for years to come.

If you have any questions about the Dimension Bible prior or after your purchase please email me at john@DimensionBible.com

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Disclaimer and Statements

Please be aware that the majority of the information contained within this book can and will be useful in any location within the United States, a small portion of the information may not apply to all locations within the United States due to local climate conditions. It is ultimately your responsibility to check with your local building department as local building codes can and do sometimes differ from national building codes. It is also your sole responsibility to provide a safe environment in your home, or any house you perform work in. It is also your sole responsibility to employ safe work practices. Any seller of this book, and Contractor John Inc. shall bear no responsibility for any damage, or injury that may occur.

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