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Want To Be Part Of My Mastermind And Networking Community?

Here's Your Chance To Join My Brand New 'Replace Your Salary' Group

If you've always thought that life-changing information, support and encouragement was beyond your budget, you might want to think again...

You Don't NEED To Earn Five Or Six Figures Immediately From Your ONline Business.

All You Need To Do Is Replace Your Salary From Your Online Business And You're FREE!

No Strings - No Catches - No Hidden Agenda


Tony Shepherd here...

I know you’re busy so thanks for taking the time to read this.

But with what I’m about to share, your days of being ‘busy’ could end by the time you’ve read this page...

I’ll get straight to the point...


Because What I’m About To Show You Could End Your Days Of Being Overwhelmed, Frustrated And Confused About Creating An Online Business Forever…


Listen up for a minute – the reason you’re not currently working full-time online (if that’s what you want)...

... is probably because you’ve never had the support, guidance and encouragement that comes from access to a group of people who are taking the same journey as you, led by someone who’s done it themselves and helped almost 1,000 people do the same


Well I Have Good News -

Once You’ve Read This Page You Can Have Unrestricted Access To Just Such A Group Within Minutes...


And once you’ve been accepted into my secret group you’ll have all the information you need to replace your salary if that's what floats your boat.

You’ll have access to everything you need to find ways past the obstacles that have held you up for months* or even years OR how to get started if you're starting from scratch

*In fact I promise you that your first WEEK in this group will be absolutely life-changing in terms of the time you’ll save in discovering the most effective ways to generate an online income.

You'll be part of my brand new Private Facebook Group community where everyone helps each other to achieve success

Think of it as taking the express elevator to your ultimate goal while your competition are still on the bottom rung of the ladder

And ALL of it is led by me – I’ll be there answering your questions, giving advice, telling it straight, and showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to replace your salary from your online business.

And of course every member will benefit from my years of marketing experience.


If you’ve read any of my newsletters, my blog, my products or my emails you’ll know that I live what I always describe as a blessed life, enjoying the really simple things in life....

....such as spending time with my family, planting spuds, taking long holidays where I can sail, walk and look for crabs with my kids, share a bottle of wine over dinner with my wife and just generally enjoy life


And That’s EXACTLY The Kind Of Lifestyle I Want To Give To You


I don’t mean the planting spuds part of course.

I mean the freedom to choose your own lifestyle

It only cost me $2,600 to replace my salary and go full-time with my online business, and I'll show you exactly how you can do it too - in practically ANY niche you can think of


And Trust Me - Replacing Your Salary Of A Few Thousand A Month From An Online Business Is NOT Difficult

Even Though It May Seem So To You Now...


And in terms of freedom, those few thousand a month you need to quit your job is totally and utterly priceless and utterly life-changing. More than you can imagine

I know because I did exactly that.

Remember that gut-churning feeling that ruins your Sunday afternoons because you know you’re back at works the next day?


Remember the missed school plays, sports days, time with your family and time for yourself?



It’s The Greatest Gift You Could Possibly Give To Yourself And Your Loved Ones!


So think about what you earn at the moment - $3,000 a month?, $4,000 a month?

That’s the price of your freedom!

Write it down so it’s there in front of you in black and white. That figure represents the difference between the 40+ hours a week you’re probably working right now...

...and the freedom to choose your own lifestyle

Yes you really CAN work from a laptop on the beach.

I’ve done it myself (although to be honest the sun glare on the screen makes it difficult so I prefer to work in the shade with a cold beer)

It’s yours for the taking once you’re accepted into my private mastermind group

IMPORTANT: I’ll be watching member numbers closely because I want members to have as much personal attention as possible

Places will be allotted on a first come first served basis.

The other reason that it’s going to fill up very quickly is because I’m not charging $497 per month for access or anything like that.

I genuinely want to help people to enjoy the lifestyle that I enjoy, and have done for the past ten years or so – I’ve been around every single day to watch my children grow up and quite honestly not many dads can say that

So the fee you’ll be asked to pay each month for full access to this unique group is there to cover my costs (outsourcing, a techy, support and a few other things)

I think it's an unbeatable deal.


The Bad News Is That Not Everyone Who Applies Will Be Given Access.


If in the past you’ve been a serial refunder, have abused any of my support staff, shared any of my products illegally or have just generally been a nasty piece of work then don’t bother applying because you won't get in

I want to work with positive, enthusiastic people, so if you’re the kind of person who sends me emails, leaves comments on my blog, asks questions, challenges me, has worked with me in the past (or present), has left testimonials, has bought my products or has asked me to answer interesting and difficult questions about marketing...

...then you’re the kind of person I want in my group

I know for a fact that this group is going to change some people’s lives forever.

You’re going to have access to the type of information that most marketers can never dream of without paying thousands for personal coaching.

Obviously we’ll be working together as a group too, so this means that not only will you have access to me, but you’ll also have access to a peer group who are also starting to replace their salaries with their online businesses too!

I’ll supply you with a 54-page, totally unique 'Replace Your Salary' PDF to get you started (this is something I’ve never released before)and is ONLY available to group members


But The REAL Value Of This Offer Is Access To The Group...

It Will Provide The Support, Encouragement, Information, Feedback And Knowledge You Need To Go Full-Time Online If That's What You Want.


Because of how my 'Replace Your Salary' PDF is structured, no two members of the group will ever have the same business, so we’ll all be able to share actual URLs, conversion rates, income figures and more (only if you want to) without fear of competition or saturation

You’ll see what is working for me too :)

This won’t clash with any other training you’re currently taking with me or any other marketer. It's a stand-alone project designed to get you full-time online as quickly as possible.

If you’re a shy person you can just watch from the sidelines for a while, and benefit from the information but I guarantee that once you see what’s going on you’ll want to become fully involved.

You'll develop your online business at your own pace, and in your own style - I realise from my own business how important that is.


Remember All You Need To Do Is Earn Enough From A Simple Sales Funnel To Replace Your Current Salary


Don't worry if you've tried and failed before. Access to my Private Group can turn that around. I'll show you how I did it, and share my ongoing strategies and methods with you.

In my opinion true freedom comes from one simple thing – replacing your salary so that you don’t have to work any longer

It'll free up 40+ hours of your irreplaceable life that you used to spend making someone else rich

This free time gives you time to THINK and be creative about your life and your business.

It gives you time to expand your e-business and find your ideal lifestyle

And I’ll show you how you can make your business succeed when 95% of wannabes give up and quit

I’ll show you WHY they fail and how with a few simple things in place you can almost guarantee your success

I’ll show you how I do it


I'm Offering You A Way Out Of Your Current Situation That You Can Start In The Next Five Minutes!



So that's the story. I'd really like to work with you...

I’ll hand the controls over to you now....

If you’d like to get immediate access to my Replace Your Salary (RYS) Private Group, and set up a business than can literally change your life, access information I’ve never revealed before and work alongside marketers who are doing also going full-time online so you can learn together...

...and at the same time free yourself up from the whole ‘launch model’ approach to internet marketing that so many marketers think is the only way (it isn’t)...

Then use the button below and get immediate access




*You'll need a Facebook account to access my private group. Your initial charge will be £9.00 GBP (excluding VAT). You will then be charged the same amount - £9.00 GBP (excluding VAT) monthly for as long as you choose to remain a member. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Delivery of the Replace Your Salary pdf will be within 1 minute of your registration by direct download.

I’m Assuming You’re Serious About Wanting A Debt-Free And Prosperous Retirement?


Well I'm sorry but I can’t promise that and would be unethical of me to do ...

But what I AM promising you is not only a group where you have full access to me, my experience, my marketing brain and my no BS approach...

...but you also have access to a group of your peers who you can grow with and become successful with and will be your future contacts and internet marketing buddies

The reason I know so many big-name marketers on a personal level right now is that we all climbed the success ladder together.

We knew each other when were just starting out.

This is your chance to form strong bonds like this and progress together as your marketing careers develop.

It's your networking group of the future


Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?


Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain and yet do nothing to change their situation

You have my respect because you took the time to read what I have to say to you.... thank you

....you’ve already started to take action. 

And that deserves respect

I hope we’ll speak soon

With sincerity,


Tony Shepherd

Here’s my personal email address, and feel free to use it:



P.S. I’ve never offered this before so I'll be keeping a close eye on the num,ber of members. You'll be working with the group to replace your salary by building your own online business

P.P.S. The main thing that money gives you is freedom. If you don’t have financial self-sufficiency then someone else controls your freedom, your time, and in essence, your life

With your permission I’d like to see if I could help you change that....starting right now


*You'll need a Facebook account to access my private group. Your initial charge will be £9.00 GBP(excluding VAT). You will then be charged the same amount - £9.00 GBP (excluding VAT)monthly for as long as you choose to remain a member. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Delivery of the Replace Your Salary pdf will be within 1 minute of your registration by direct download.

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