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Roulette Professional v2.0

Online Roulette Playing Companion & Betting System Designer and Test Platform

Roulette Professional is the ultimate Roulette playing partner! While Roulette Professional and the power behind it has been banned from casinos, you can still dominate online casinos! After all, they will have no idea that you are running the software while playing. There is no doubt, Roulette Professional can help you win big when you play online!

Table pattern and results analyzer.

Real-time cash manager to track success.

Basic and customized betting parameters for ultimate flexibility.

Automated testing mode to perfect betting strategies.

Always-open interface that plays alongside you.

Complete play logging.

Tracks hot and cold numbers and other patterns.

Recommends betting criteria based on your specific style of play.

Recognizes and displays mathematical patterns and suggestions.

Predicts upcoming spins with superior accuracy.

Unique roulette board Interface for ease of use.

Thorough help guide complete with screenshots.

Counts occurs & non-occurs of numbers and patterns.

No more guessing what to bet on next!

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Blackjack Professional

Blackjack Betting System Designer & Automated Testing Platform

Blackjack Professional is going to save you a ton of money…more importantly, it’s going to help you make a ton of money! Let’s face it, Blackjack odds aren’t constant, and this is a critical oversight made by the masses that stream from casino doors with lighter wallets. Are you one of them? Well, those days are over!

Play blackjack manually, track your results over time.

Setup a strategy and play at 400 hands per minute.

Setup Customizable style options.

Customizable betting options.

Cash Flow Analysis.

Easy playable interface.

Flexible playing style.

Integrated Statistics.

Printable play log file.

Thorough help guide complete with screenshots.

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The Micon System

Outrageously Profitable Tournament Strategies REVEALED!

How much are winning multi-table tournament strategies worth to you?

Imagine... A poker system that would give you the unfair advantage in multi-table tournaments, the secrets of making the final tables and teach you how to finish in the money on a weekly basis.

Suppose you switch up your style of play, start using my poker strategies and make more cash from poker tournaments...

Discover the mind set you MUST have - This incredible secret reveals the one truth to winning poker tournaments.

How to TAKE ADVANTAGE loose-aggressive players - Many times you'll make the right play and it ends the wrong way with these type players. Over the years I've learned how to “cash-in” on these type players. I'll reveal my
secrets in my system.

Learn to BULLY A Table the right way! I see it all too often, people bullying the table the wrong way. I'll explain exactly how and when to bully. This one strategy if used properly will drastically improve your tournament longevity

Easy-to-understand techniques for using “pot odds”. I see it in tournament after tournament, people using pot odds the wrong way! Learn how and when to use “pot odds” the RIGHT way.

Little-known known standards of tournament play… I'll reveal my standards for all situations. These secret standards are the reason I've been winning at poker for the past 6 years!

BIG SLICK, it's the most over played hand in tournament poker… Many players have no idea how to play AK. I'll tell you exactly “how to” play this hand the right way.

99% of players DON'T know how to manage a bankroll. I'll show you a simple strategy to get MAXIMUM value from your bankroll.

Learn how to prepare for the BIG online tournaments. I'll let you in on my little-known secrets of how I get in the “winning” mindset.

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Insider Casino Secrets


There are literally hundreds of ways to invest in the market and/ or gamble in a casino. Combined, I have tried them all; the conventional, the unconventional - the ethical, the risqué - the complicated, the simple - the common and the crazy. Let's see how it all played out…

Learn how to keep from losing your shirt and start making money!

Under $300 needed in bankroll to master the roulette system.

NOT a double up roulette system - also called Martingale Progression.

A method that has been tried and tested in Casinos.

No detailed planning or clocking needed.

A proven and tested roulette system for beating the Casinos.

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Poker Nutz

Poker Nutz Online Gaming Cash Course

"What If You Could Make $2397 Every Single Day Playing Poker...... GUARANTEED! Discover The Secrets Every Poker Rounder Doesn't Want You To Know" Poker sites and a few select professional hustlers are furious that we have UNLOCKED these intensely guarded secrets……

How to get the Upper Hand on Poker Opponents by using a simple technique that will Blow Your Mind. Knowing this one secret can make the difference in you becoming a long term winner, or consistent loser.

Critical factors you MUST consider when choosing Poker Tools... and.. why using the wrong kind tool will do you more damage than good.

Find out why $500 Poker Lessons are not needed and learn to Do It Yourself, minus the months of losing money while getting your Poker legs wet.

How to quickly and easily get started creating impressive profits online from the comfort of your living room.

Discover the Ultimate Secrets about choosing the "Perfect Time of Day" to play online poker.

Never again worry about not having the right devices to Dominate Poker. Learn exactly what tools the Masters are using to anhililate the schools of Fish online.

Learn the secrets to getting a Free Poker Chip Set.

Learn the secrets to getting a Free Poker Table.

Learn how you can get paid $10 an hour or more just for playing online poker. This hourly wage is above and beyond what you are wagering. It's free money.

How to effectively set up the most insanely profitable home game in your own basement, dining room, or garage.

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HoldEm Pirate

Gaining Access to the HoldEm Pirate Is Like Having The World's Wisest Math Nerds At Your Beckoning Call...

Cut-Throat Poker Instructor Gains An INSTANT 347% Edge Over His Opponents By Using The Secret Texas HoldEm-Pirate

We're so confident that you will love the HoldEm Pirate that we'll give you a TOTALLY FREE TRIAL to prove it. Don't miss your chance to DOMINATE the Poker Tables with the most lethal online Texas HoldEm tool ever used by the Pro's.

Works with over 100 of the most popular online poker rooms like Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Pacific Poker.

Sharpens your game so tight, even the tamest fish will become blood sucking poker pirahana's after using it.

Provides a simple to read "HEADS-UP-DISPLAY" for lightning-quick reads.

ELIMINATES BAD BEATS by alerting you who is a card chasing maniac. Knowing a players style is crucial in deciding how much to bet.

Assesses the current table conditions and gives you Golden Advice even in the toughest of jams.

Eliminates the need to have a laser targeted memory. The HoldEm Pirate does it all for you.

Is 100% automated, and requires you to do nothing other then observe the golden info, and then act on it.

Gives you Insider-Access to the Underground Members Only Forum. Discuss your latest HoldEm Pirate victories, strategies, and overall questions with a like minded group of poker sharks.

Highlights crucial information such a "vpip", pre-flop raise percentage, and even displays an "aggression meter".

Enables you to customize a variety of player options to keep you 3 steps ahead of the competition.

Is 100% legal and approved by the major online poker rooms.

Pinpoints exactly which players are the super easy money

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