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Discover Why The Law Of Attraction
Hasn’t Worked For You Yet...

Hi, I’m about to share a shocking law of attraction secret with you right now, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself because the secret I’m about to share with you will change your life!

I’m about to reveal a secret even the Laziest Person can use to literally force the Universe to give you everything you’ve ever wanted.

This Universal secret will allow you to automatically attract money, your soul mate, a perfect body, happiness, success, the life style of your dreams, whatever you want - without hard work, long mind numbing visualization. And, honestly – without even trying very hard at all.

This one simple secret is the missing ingredient in the Law of Attraction. It’s the secret behind The Secret. And it’s the reason why the Law of Attraction hasn’t worked for you yet.

Applying this little know secret virtually guarantees success, while not using it actually guarantees failure. And I’m gonna prove why it works so well in just a second.

Because until you have this secret and use it in your life, the Law of Attraction will never, ever work for you.

Yet once you do have this secret and start using it, you can take off the shackles, be free and finally start living the life you were meant to live, the life you were destined for.

Because this secret delivers fast, real-life results without effort, anxiety, struggle or hard work.

So let me ask you – how would you like to quit your day job forever and spend your days doing what you love?
How would you like to make more money in a week than you used to make in a month?
How would you like to walk into your dream home and buy it with cash?
How would you like to walk into any car dealership, pick your dream car and drive it off the lot with ownership papers in hand?
How would you like to meet the love of your life - A person who’s perfect for you in every way.

The secret you’re about to discover here today is what’s going to allow you to finally get the life you really want. The life you were destined to live - To literally force the Universe to give you your dreams, no matter where you are in life right now.

And even though it might sound crazy at the moment, I insist this secret technique will work for you, just like it already has for me and countless others. And I’ll prove it.

It’s not hope or luck. It’s a powerful, proven, scientific principle based in quantum physics. It’s the missing link in the Law of Attraction - The secret behind The Secret - The Universal success formula for manifesting your true desires.

Before we go any further I have something important to tell you: If your life isn’t working out the way you’d like, know this: It’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Truth is, you have a natural ability to manifest what you want in life. All you need to know is one vital ingredient to make the law of attraction work for you. I have yet to find even one guru who knows about the secret technique.

When I stumbled upon this secret method, things turned around for me so fast I knew I had discovered something truly amazing.

The one thing I needed to turn my life around. The answer I’ve been searching for that would finally allow me to replace struggle and hardship with immediate, real-life results. And finally manifest the life of my dreams.

I want to make one thing clear: This secret is not wishful thinking. It’s not a trick. It’s not a gimmick. It’s not a game. It’s the insider secret to manifesting abundance.

It’s the missing ingredient to making your life work. And when you use this powerful scientific secret in your life, you’ll be able to literally force the Universe to give you whatever you want.

You owe it to yourself to experience the financial freedom and emotional abundance you’ve been longing for. This is your chance to finally live on your own terms.

Like I said, this isn’t guess work. It’s the secret to manifesting success and I want to give it to you right now so you can start getting immediate results just like I did.

But first, there are a few things you need to know about who I am and exactly why this secret works so incredibly well for anyone who uses it.

It’s very personal, but it’s the only way I can share the truth about this incredible secret with you.

So I’ll start at the beginning:

I’m just a regular guy who knows all about the law of attraction and how to use manifestation to get what I want in life.


Several years ago I was stuck in a dead end job I hated – straggling to make ends meet.


No matter what I did, I just couldn’t turn off the work stress and money worries racing through my head every night.


One day, out of the blue, I realized I wanted a better life…more money and more free time… but I had no idea how to do it.


I was working as a manager in the corporate world at the time.


I spent weeks searching for a way to make more money.


Then one day a friend introduced me to a group of people involved in multi-level marketing (MLM for short).


The group promoted several different MLM opportunities but the main ‘biz op’ was life insurance.


I made an immediate good impression on the leaders of the group by passing out several hundred business cards which generated quite a few leads.


Within a few short months I was insurance licensed.


I bragged to my co-workers “I’m gonna to be rich!” - They all thought I was crazy but I didn’t care…After all, I was well on my way to fame and fortune!


And to prove it, I quit my job and began working as an insurance agent slash MLM sales person for the group.


After about 8 months of busting butt cold calling by phone and in person to generate leads, I was completely broke.


Needless to say…insurance sales weren’t panning out.


But I still had the MLM businesses, right!?!


So I told 2 people who told 2 more people - but non of the mlm businesses made me any money... Guess I shoulda told 2 different people to start??? I don’t know.


Anyway…I hated cold calling but my desire to live a better life was so strong I didn’t care what I had to do to make it.


I decided to get a part-time job but it still wasn’t enough to make ends meet.


I was staying with a lady I met at the part-time job…but one night her boyfriend found out I couldn’t pay the rent…So he promptly kicked me out on my ass.


I packed up everything I could fit into my little Toyota and started drivin’.


I really had no idea what I was gonna do.


But the whole time I was driving I knew in my heart some day I would live the life I was meant to live… I had absolutely no doubt.


In the words of one of the great poets of our time…50 Cent…

I was determined to “Get rich or die tryin”


And to think…Just a few short months ago I was bragging about how I was leaving my job to become rich…now I was homeless.


Luckily, I ran into a friend. He was moving the next day and said I could stay with him and his girlfriend until I could get on my feet.


They weren’t the cleanest people… Don’t get me wrong…I thank God for them and their generosity in my extreme time of need.


But let me give you an example of their lack of cleanliness so you can get an idea of what I’m talking about:


That night I slept on their sofa and the next morning I helped them move.


Their bed didn’t have a frame so the box spring and mattress sat on the floor.


I went to pick up the mattress and there it was…A nest of roaches at the head of the mattress… under the pillows!


There were literally hundreds of roaches of all ages… Little baby ones all the way up the great big

grand daddy roaches…

…Pretty traumatic experience but I didn’t have any other housing option so I kinda acted like I didn’t see the roaches and continued to help them move.


We moved into a two story town house. I slept in an extra room on the first floor.


I still dreamed of having my perfect life style and I refused to let my dream die…


I went out and found 2 jobs to help me get back on my feet.


That was my ‘Master plan’. But just before I was to start my new jobs, the car finance company caught up with me and repossessed my car… That was just the beginning…


Now I had no way to work. I told a friend about my misfortune.


He offered me his old car under one condition:

I had to agree to work for him as a phlebotomist. He managed a lab that serviced nursing home patients.


I didn’t have any other options so I took him up on his offer.


He told me the car was sitting in a parking lot not far from where I was staying.


He left the car in the parking lot and told the finance company, “come get this piece of shit”.


The car was in such bad shape the finance company decided to just leave it there.


It had front end damage from an accident

The left headlight was smashed

The breaks were bad

The tires were bald

The transmission slipped

The passenger door wouldn’t open (if you tried to open it, it would come off in your hand!)

The widow wipers were bad

The hood was rusted

The roof leaked

The inside smelled like mildew

And a family of bugs lived in it…some kind of beetle I think.


The car was a wreck… but I was in no position to complain.


The next morning I started my new job…Here’s how my day went:


First, I slept on the floor in a spare room. The people I was staying with had cats… and the cats had flees.


As a result, I woke up every morning with about 20 new flee bites…

(I assume they were flee bits – I really didn’t know what they were)


I had to get up at 2am, drive to 3 nursing homes and draw blood from the patients before they had breakfast. They had to be NPO. So I drove 100 miles before the sun came up.


To add to my misery…

The mornings were cold, obviously dark

It was raining most mornings

The window wipers were bad so it was hard to see

My left leg was all wet because of the leaky roof

I was dead tired. I was nauseous. And my eyes were burning cuz it was 2 in the morning


Eventually I saved enough money to get my own place… It was a dump…

A one bedroom studio in a home converted into a four bedroom apartment building. The place was filthy.


I cleaned it up the best I could…but some places just can't be improved. It was like adding designer curtains to a jail cell.


It had a suspended ceiling and some nights I would be awakened by some kind of animal running

across the tiles.

(Many nights I laid in bed terrified…thinking this could be the night that deadly creature comes

crashing into my apartment in search of human flesh.)


Anyway, I continued to work for the lab in the mornings…every other week I was on call.


I got called at all times of the day and night to drive to nursing homes, draw blood from patients and

take it to the hospital.


My life sucked. But, as is usually the case with our deep desires, I couldn’t say goodbye to my dreams.


I started reading, studying and testing everything I could get my hands on about the law of attraction and manifesting.


I did everything they said to do. I visualized. I meditated. I made a vision board. Nothing worked.


After a while I became so unhappy I decided to move back home and live with my mother…a grown

man living with his mother…can you say L O S E R…anyway…back to the story…


After I moved back home I was able to land a job with a family friend.


Around that same time a friend introduced me to the mortgage business.


A friend of a friend was opening a new office and needed loan officers.


I was all over that opportunity like a starving man on a stale cracker.


Within a few days I got the job and started training immediately…but…The company went out of business within the next 30 days.


After that I managed to get a loan officer gig with another company.


I saw the income potential the mortgage business had to offer so I was all over it.


As always, I attracted bad luck like bald men attract comb-overs…


For the first 60 days every lead I got was bad. No one qualified.


Then, I started to get good leads but most fell out for a number of different reasons.


Then, after about 6 months of struggling…working 10 hour days - I finally managed to get a good number of loans in my pipeline… and most funded.


For the next few years I bounced around to different mortgage companies, got married and had some kids.


Immediately after the birth of my first son I got fired because my manager and I just didn’t see eye to eye... He thought I should eat shit whenever he dished it out…

I let him know ‘shit’ was strictly prohibited from my diet…


I was dismissed shortly after…unfortunately that wasn’t my only issue…


I had a new born son, my car was in the shop and I had no job. So my wife went back to work only a few days after giving birth. Any pride I have left was gone…


I felt lower than a snake in a limbo contest…


I stayed home with my son for a few weeks. Then I took a few temporary jobs until I managed to get a job as a debt collector making about $2000 a month.


I continued to read every Law of attraction and/or manifestation book I could find.


As my dream life still eluded me, I realized I could not get to where I wanted to be in life on only a couple grand a month.


So I got back into the mortgage biz. As usual, I had a slow start.


It took 6 months…but eventually I got back on my feet…started funding loans… and making good

money. I brought in 6 figures a year!


Life was good…until the IRS introduced me to something called the “alternative minimum tax”… Which left me owing the IRS a BUNDLE.


A tough set back but I didn’t let it stop me. One day I got an invitation in the mail for an internet business seminar.


I was always looking for new sources of sales leads so I decided to attend.

Long story short…I allowed them to scam me out of several thousand dollars…

so began my internet business career…


I decided to quit the mortgage business. I was determined to make my living online… (told you I wasn’t too bright)


…within 6 months I lost everything and was completely broke.


This was the 2nd time I lost everything – this time around was especially painful because I had a family to support


I remember looking into my son’s big brown eyes and thinking…

How am I gonna put food on the table?

How am I gonna put clothes on your back?

How am I gonna keep a roof over your head?

…I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy…


I had to make some money – FAST.


A friend told me about an insurance sales position. I was desperate so I gave it a try.


After 3 months I made only $3000 so I decided it was time to fall back on ole’ reliable….back to the mortgage biz


I took a job as a manager for a mortgage company. The job was freakin’ awful…I only lasted 2 weeks.


The second that paycheck hit my hand I was outa there faster than a fat kid goin to a cake buffet.


I hated the mortgage business but what choice did I have… I got another job as a loan officer.


Again, I had a rough start but within a few months I was back on my feet and doing ok financially.


But my life still sucked. I was stressed out, depressed and I hated my job.


In addition to reading law of attraction books, I also spent lots of time and thousands of dollars buying and testing internet business courses.


I came across some fantastic marketers who were making millions using seo.


(If you’re not familiar with internet marketing, seo is short for search engine optimization – it’s the process for getting a website listed at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.) .


I thought… since I was sooo smart, I could automate the whole seo process.

I didn’t want to do it “the hard way” like they were doing it.


So I set out to create my own seo software.


One year and 30 Grand later…I finally realized I couldn’t find the people I needed to complete the



Summer, 2007 . I didn’t know it at the time but I was about to lose everything again - for the 3rd time.


I was so sure my seo software was gonna give me the life style I dreamed of…


I only worked on mortgages part-time just to raise money as I needed it.


Which set me up for the perfect storm…


Within about a 2 week period:

1. I discovered my programmer was stringing me along – AGAIN - and was not able to complete my

seo software.

2. The economy went into the toilet and the mortgage business went with it... My loan officer job disappeared overnight

3. AND the IRS took all the money I had in the bank for back taxes.


I was broke…busted…and disgusted… AGAIN.


I needed to figure out a way to stay alive.


I borrowed money from my in laws just to keep my head above water...degrading…humiliating…but I had no choice.


Then I decided to start doing reverse mortgages. Again, I struggled before I figured out how to make money with reverse mortgages.


But within a few months I was able to make $100,000 in commissions.


Once again the mortgage business saved my life but I still hated doing mortgages.


I decided it was time to pursue an internet business. I put a plan together and started out to make my fortune on the net.


I raised $120K from friends and family to finance the venture…Within 6 months the business went belly up.


My friends and family were OBVIOUSLY upset…


I remember that dreadful conversation like it was yesterday…telling my mother-in-law I lost all the money…her crying in agony…


Here tears were devastating and demoralizing...having a samurai sword jabbed into my stomach would've been less painful.


After that… I had bill collectors calling and emailing CONSTANTLY.


If that wasn’t enough… I got so many stares at family functions I felt like a kangaroo in a dinner jacket


It was hard to live with the fact I had just lost everything AGAIN – this was the 4th time if you’re

keeping track - and this time I had the added pressure of hurting my friends and family


I became EXTREMELY depressed…suicidal even…

…but in the mirror I looked like a million bucks… green and wrinkled


On top of the $100,000 in personal debt I already had, now I had an additional $100,000 in debt from

the failed business venture on my back.


“Spine crushing pressure” is the best way to sum up what I was feeling.


Again, I turned to the mortgage business to bail me out…but I was so depressed it was hard to make sales.


I beat myself up over the failure…turned to drugs…that didn’t help…


I thought about ending it all… but I just couldn’t put my family through that kind of pain.


For years I was completely stressed out. I struggle to keep my head above water until finally the dam broke.

By the end of 2012 I was officially bankrupt – I actually had to file bankruptcy papers this time, my business was failing, my house was in foreclosure, I was going through a divorce and my mother had just lost her battle with breast cancer.

To say I was completely broken would’ve been an understatement

I had officially hit rock bottom…again.

I struggled to survive for the next few months but I continued to study the law of attraction.


Until one day I was reading yet another book on Quantum Physics as it relates to manifesting desires when a light bulb went off…


I realized why the law of attraction never worked for me. It was just one tiny secret – a simple psychological technique anyone can use.


The magic key to unlock everything I wanted. The one thing I’ve been searching for all along. The missing ingredient to the Law of Attraction. The true secret behind The Secret.

It all boiled down to a simple psychological technique that few, if any knew about.


It’s the biggest, most vital key to making manifestation work for you. It’s the one thing you need, that nobody else has ever told you about until now.

And it’s a simple psychological technique that does all the work for you, because it’s driven by the one simple law that affects everything in life.

And when you know how to get the power of this law on your side, you can build your own life, live it on your terms, find your opportunities and experience true happiness.

…All without hard work. In fact, using this one technique, virtually guarantees success. While not using it, practically guarantees failure. No matter what else you’re doing right now, or how hard you try.

It’s exactly why the Law of Attraction had never worked for you before, because this one simple technique is the only way to connect with the greatest source of power and abundance in the Universe and put that power to work for you.

I took this technique and started using it in my life. And I was shocked at how quickly things started happening.


First, I started using it on the small stuff. Then, I started using it on the big stuff and I couldn’t believe how fast everything started turning around for me. I began to experience success like never before.


The solutions, people, support and money I needed just started turning up in my life. This secret worked every time, almost without fail. Now money just keeps pouring in like a broken slot machine…dealin out jackpots at every pull of the handle…


Most experts will tell you manifesting properly is all about stuff like positive thinking, visualizing and acting as if you’ve already got what you want, right?

Yet that’s not even close to the truth. Positive thinking and visualization certainly have their place in manifesting, but their effect is minuscule compared to what really works.

It all boils down to one incredibly simple, yet absolutely vital truth. You’ve got to communicate your desires to the universe the right way.

You’re actually communicating with the Universe right now, even though you probably don’t realize it yet.

Here’s the deal: If things haven’t worked out the way you’d like, that’s proof you’re not communicating your true desires to the universe the right way.

So how do you communicate your desires to the universe?

Here’s a quick story that’ll explain everything:

Once upon a time there was a fish named Fiona. Yes, Fiona the fish.

Fiona has a burning desire to become a deep-ocean swimmer.

So she goes to amazon and finds a great book full of expert instruction, written by a champion shark deep-ocean swimmer living in the Pacific Ocean.

The shark’s workout program gives Fiona step-by-step instructions guaranteeing to transform any fish into an ocean swimming powerhouse.

But after following the shark’s program for a month, Fiona has made only minor progress toward her goal.

She has worked diligently every day, followed all the instructions to the letter, and her intense desire to achieve her goal has never wavered. Yet she has failed to reach her intended outcome.

In despair, Fiona gives up and sadly declares to herself, “I guess I’m just not cut out to be a deep-sea swimmer.”

Fiona moves on with her life but she’s can’t give up on her dreams. No matter how much she tells herself deep-sea swimming is not her “destiny,” the dream remains.

So when Fiona happens across another program a month later, written by a famous whale, she gets excited and rekindles her resolve to become a bad ass deep sea swimmer.

She thinks to herself, “I must have had the wrong book last time,” as she reads through the whale’s program.

Once again, Fiona works diligently each day, following every one of the whale’s instructions to the letter, and never doubts she will reach her goal.

After 3 months, Fiona is forced to accept she has failed again. Now she feels like a failure.

Eventually, Fiona recovers from her failure. And, over the course of the next several years, she repeats this cycle over, and over, and over again.

Each time, Fiona feels a renewed enthusiasm and sense of commitment after finding yet another deep-sea swimming instruction book or program.

And, again, each time, Fiona wholeheartedly throws herself and all her energy into her efforts only to come up short every time.

The End


Ok, I admit, that story was kinda sad…

But if you ignore Fiona’s ability to get on the internet and buy books, the other problem with this story is the fact that Fiona lives in a fish tank. She can’t even see the ocean let alone swim in it.

Obviously, Fiona’s dream of being a deep ocean swimmer has absolutely no chance of success cuz she lives in a fish tank.

That’s obvious, right?


What’s that? Oh, I can hear you loud and clear, “But I’m not a fish and I’m not trapped in a tank.”

Is that so…


Have you seen any of the star wars movies? The good guys flew around in x-wing fighters.

When I was a kid I was dying to get my hands on a toy x-wing fighter.

I did chores and saved my money. Just as I almost had enough money saved up to buy my x-wing fighter, I did something wrong - My parents were physically and verbally abusive so I’m sure it was something incredibly minor.

Anyway I did something wrong so my mom went through my belongings, found the money I was saving and took it as punishment.

I can still see her now - exiting my bedroom as she’s counting my money.

I never did get that x-wing fighter. Even worse, my subconscious decided to create a new belief because of this unfortunate incident.

What was the new belief? I-can’t-make-and-keep-money, was the new belief. This new belief affected my ability to make money and acquire wealth well into my adult years.

Even when I found a way to make money I couldn’t keep it. My successes were always temporary.

In short, this belief my subconscious created was one of hundreds of beliefs about money that formed my fish tank for financial abundance.

See, your subconscious beliefs determine your reality. It’s not what YOU believe – it’s what your SUBCONSCIOUS believes. In short, your inner world creates your outer world. That’s quantum physics.

Your subconscious is creating miscellaneous beliefs continuously your entire life. And the beliefs are not always logical. In fact, most of the time they’re not logical at all…

Left unchecked, hundreds if not thousands of these subconscious beliefs pile up over time to create fish tanks for every aspect of your life

As you can imagine, this is a huge problem.

Look: If any part of your life hasn’t worked out the way you’d like, it’s proof that part of your life is trapped in an unwanted fish tank.

Bottom line: You can have a burning desire. You can believe. You can put all your energy into it. And you can do everything right. But there’s still zero chance of success cuz you’re trapped in an unwanted fish bowl – Just like Fiona wanting to be a deep sea swimmer – it’s just, not, possible.

But what if you could destroy all your unwanted fish tanks and create the fish tanks you desire?

For example, what if you had a fish tank that contained only you and financial prosperity? How easy would it be to find prosperity? You and prosperity are the only 2 things in the tank!

Or what if you could create a fish tank that contained only you and your true soul mate who loves you exactly for who you are. How hard would it be for you to finally meet your true love?

Umm, not very… You’re both the only 2 in a tiny little fish tank.

Now I hear you saying, “Okay, this makes sense. I see how I can use this fish tank principle to create my dream life, but how do I actually do it?”

That’s a great question! And here’s the answer:

I call it the Make Your Miracle System because for the first time ever I experienced miracles. Money and abundance started rushing into my life. My whole life absolutely transformed into something completely magical.

I’m happy. I’m healthy. I’m stress free. I’m in great shape. I lost 35 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, and I eat whatever I want. I’m living the life of my dreams. I live in a beautiful home. I drive an awesome car. I have an incredible relationship with the perfect woman. I wake up in the morning feeling peace and love coursing through my body.

I know this may sound corny but I even feel a deep connection to the Universe.

Finally I’m a success. How do you know you’re a success:

When you get up in the morning and go to bed at night…

And in between you do whatever you want to do!


I don’t need to imagine what paradise is like...because I’m actually LIVING it every day of my life.


After years of failure I can finally say with total confidence...I’m living the life of my dreams...


The Make Your Miracle System is a step by step blueprint, one that takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what you need to do to make manifesting work for you, just the way you always knew it could.

It’s stuffed full of simple, practical instructions and cheat sheet techniques designed to create the fish tanks you desire, so you can supercharge your powers of manifestation.

This is the complete, step by step system that contains everything you need to draw in the success, abundance and joy you want.

Packed with cutting-edge psychological tools and stunningly powerful and practical techniques, this system helps you trigger the results you want and instantly open the flood gates to your incredible new life.

When you grab your copy of Make Your Miracle today, you’ll get 7 instruction videos along with easy to follow written instructions. Best of all, you’ll get immediate online access to the entire system so you can experience incredible results in your life in as little as 24 short hours from now.

Which brings us to the price for the Make Your Miracle Program…


If money is tight right now and you need to get this…


I want you to have it FREE …That’s just the way I am.


Unfortunately...people don’t value freebies.


So I thought I’d let it go for a hundred bucks…


But I realized a $100 price tag would put it out of reach for the people I really wanted to help


So I threw a $50 price tag up against the wall to see if that would stick...


But you know something?


50 bucks is a FORTUNE to somebody who doesn’t have it?


And I know you guys are out there...I was one of those guys


I slashed the price as low as I could possibly go without getting hammered on the maintenance costs…And arrived at...$9.95


And if that’s still too much for you...I totally understand...i’ve been there...but if you think having the ability to tap into Universal energy to manifest whatever you desire would improve your quality of life...Think outside the box…


Bring on a friend. Borrow it. Be creative….Get on the horn…find a partner


How bout a relative who could use some extra help…If there was ever a time to call in a favor...a lifeline...this is it...


Listen… don’t let a measly 10 bucks stand in the way of you and a lifetime of abundance, joy, love and freedom


Still not ready to order?


Tell you what… I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help you out…


Just to make sure nobody gets left behind because of a lack of funds…


Listen, I want you to try out the Make Your Miracle System COMPLETELY RISK FREE FOR A FULL 60 DAYS


If it doesn’t work out for you… It’s all good…


You’ll get a prompt 100% refund of your $9.95

No Questions Asked

No Hassles

No Forms To Fill Out

No Fine Print

No Problems At All!

...That way I’m taking all the risk


That’s just the way I like to do things…drama free - I’m always cool… no matter what


So no more excuses, alright?


Which brings us to your divine moment with The Order Button...


Take a good look at it... before you do anything...and listen closely.


That button is the only thing standing between you and the life you want


I know that button represents a change for you...So remember today’s date


You’ll want to remember the exact day your life changed for the better...I know…change is scary...


Can’t think too much... gotta go with your gut... So click the ‘Order Now’ button below and


I’ll see you on the other side





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