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Understanding & Applying Weight Loss Principles

Online Video Course

In short, Understanding & Applying Weight Loss Principles is an online course filled with educational videos, resources, recipes, instructions, and guidance on how your body works and how to lose body fat.

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Dr. Volek’s Video

My Blood Test Results: 6 Months On A High-Fat Diet

These are my blood tests before and after 6 months on a high fat, low carb diet.  My diet consisted largely of saturated fats (full fat dairy, uncured bacon, pork chops, beef ribeyes, fresh sausage, cheese, butter), avocado, nuts, and lots of veggies (usually with butter, blue cheese or ranch dressing, or a cream sauce on them).  My diet was roughly 65% fat, 30% protein, and 5% carbohydrate.  Now, I’m not guaranteeing this is what will happen to you, but:

There is a LARGE portion of the population out there doing the EXACT SAME THING

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How Will It Help You?

In this online course, you will learn 3 things:
How your body systems work (blood sugar, insulin, fat storage & utilization, brain chemistry, etc) How different low carb diets work in your body The EASY WAY to do it.
Specifically designed for people who’s time is their most valuable asset

Which “Ways of Eating” Will You Learn?

Ketogenic Diet (lowest carb, moderate protein, highest fat) Paleo (low carb, moderate protein, high fat) Slo-Carb Diet (high fiber carbs, moderate protein, moderate fat)
I will show you the science behind the diets that celebrities and elite athletes are now using to ditch the fat and turbocharge their performance.

You learn them all and choose which one is best for you (with help of course).  It could end up being a blend of them.

What Is The Main Thing You Will Learn?

When you understand how your body works, you will know how to handle weight fluctuations that occur over the course of your life.

When you have this knowledge


What People Are Saying…

“I finally lost the last 10 pounds, and I did it while exercising LESS!  I was always taught low-fat in gymnastics.  Now I see that the OPPOSITE is actually the truth.  High-fat is the way to go!”


“I lost 34 pounds in 3 months, while exercising very little.  Hunger and cravings completely went away, and I have more energy than ever!”


“I really liked how the videos made complex concepts very clear even to a newbie.  Very easy to understand.  It was incredible how quickly the cravings went away!”


“Losing weight was awesome, but I really love how much better I am sleeping now.  I wake up fully rested and refreshed.  I also no longer fight anxiety and feeling tired, which is a huge deal to me!”


“I started on this journey not wanting to make major changes to my lifestyle because I was afraid I wouldn’t stick with it. I chose to stay with the core concepts of higher fat and I lost 16lbs in about a 8 weeks. I was also concerned about my cholesterol levels because of family history. To my surprise, my blood markers got better!  Very pleased with the results and I’m sticking with it.”


The above results are not guaranteed for everyone.

Special Discount For People Coming From One Of My Free Classes:

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The general public pays $227 for this same course!

That’s a $40 discount!!

Why Is Losing Weight So Difficult?

There are a lot of things working against us:

Our Guidelines Are Based On Poor Science From The 1960's

The basis of our health guidelines is research done in the 1960’s that has since been shown to be full of holes.

Doctors don't really know how to lose weight

Most medical education programs do not include ANY training on nutrition.  Some programs include a day or 2 of nutrition classes, and that’s it.  Some doctors make the extra effort to include nutrition education in addition, but it is OPTIONAL and VERY RARE.

One diet says this, the other diet says this

Every fad diet seems to contradict the other.  Are carbs bad or is fat bad?  HOW DO I KNOW WHICH IS RIGHT???

Conflicting studies are always coming out

1 study shows that dairy is bad for you, another one says it’s healthy.  HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO MAKE HEADS OR TAILS OF IT??

75% of ALL STUDIES are funded by pharmaceutical companies

They are not going to strive to publish studies showing the health benefits of proper diet.  This would cut off most of their revenue.  So we would have to do research to find the unbiased 25%.

It Would Be Much Easier If Someone Just Showed You How Your Body Works, And Showed You The Resources To Do It Even If You Are Incredibly Busy

That’s What You Will Learn Here!

This eCourse was specifically designed so that busy people can integrate it into their busy lives!

First, you get training videos on how your body works:

Module 1 - The Diets: How They Work, How To Do Them

In this set of videos, you learn about the Ketogenic Diet, the Paleo Diet, and the Slow Carb Diet.  You learn how they work, how to do them, and HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST DIET FOR YOU.

Module 2 - How Hunger & Appetite Work

People fall off diets because they are constantly hungry.  NOBODY can win against the forces that control your hunger.  Learn how it works!

Module 3 - Are Fat & Cholesterol Bad For Us?

We have been taught for years to avoid fat & cholesterol because they are bad for our heart and health.  Learn what science is really showing today!

Module 4 - How You Body Processes Carbs

Learn what happens in your body when you eat carbs.  This will help you pick only the carbs that help you lose weight, and avoid the carbs that pack on the pounds!

Module 5 - Where Productivity, Focus, & Mental Energy Come From

Learn why we feel tired, sluggish, and unmotivated at times.  Also learn secrets of pharmaceutical companies.  They develop drugs that target specific brain chemicals that make us feel good.  WHAT THEY DON’T WANT US TO KNOW though is that we can do this EVEN MORE POWERFULLY by ourselves without their drugs.

Resources From The Experts

Books, videos, blogs, etc from MD’s and PhD’s.  These are the experts doing the research on the topics I am teaching.  I give you these in case you want to dig deeper on a particular subject.

Then you get the Make It Easy For Me resources:

Meal Plans & Shopping Lists

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Ketogenic, Paleo, & Slow Carb meal plans & shopping lists that you can print out and hang on your fridge.

Cooking Videos For The Non-Chef

New to cooking?  Know how to cook but need to be shown the quick, healthy recipes?  These cooking videos not only give you the recipes for shedding fat, but also show you how to do it.  These videos are quick and to the point.

"Go To" Eating Resources

I give you the foods & recipes that I use day in and day out to get the results that I want.

Easy Breakfast Shake & Recipes

These recipes make getting your day started quick, painless, and the correct way to lose weight!

Quick Lunch Recipes

Recipes that will make lunch a fat-shedding breeze!

Salad & Salad Dressing Recipes

Salads are a staple for me, but they have to be filling and satisfying.  And I am quite picky about that.  These recipes make that a breeze!

Dinner Recipes

Beef, chicken, and pork recipes that will help you shed the fat quickly and easily!

Veggie Recipes

Veggies don’t have to be boring.  These quick recipes make filling & satisfying side items.

Snack Recipes

Snacks are needed at the beginning.  Later, when your appetite resets, you won’ t need to snack near as much.  The meals you make will keep you cruising from breakfast to lunch to dinner without needing to snack much.  But here are a bunch of snacks for when you do need to.

Special Discount For People Coming From One Of My Free Classes:

[Buy Course Now - $187100% Money Back Guarantee]

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The general public pays $227 for this same course!

Special Bonuses

Bonus 1 - The #1 App I Use For Recipes & Shopping

This app is a life saver for me.  It gives you recipes and shopping ingredient lists.  It also changes the quantities of each ingredient based on how many servings you want to cook.

Bonus 2 - Awesome App - Find The Right Foods In Restaurants Near You

This awesome app lets you search on a GPS map for all the restaurants around you, then lets you search the menu for the items that fit your fat shedding way of eating.

How Do I Access The Course Material After Purchase?

After you purchase the course:

You get an email from me with login info (Username & Password)

Go to NutritionToTheEdge.com, and click "Login"

Enter your username and password to be taken to the Members Area

In the Members Area, you will be able to access all videos and resources mentioned above.

If you don’t feel that this program gave you 10 TIMES THE VALUE of the cost of the course, then return it for a full refund.  NO TIME LIMIT.



Special Discount For People Coming From One Of My Free Classes:

[Buy Course Now - $187100% Money Back Guarantee]

Heads Up: Clicking the button above will take you to Clickbank’s website to make your secure payment

By clicking the above button, you agree to our Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page

The general public pays $227 for this same course!

That’s a $40 discount!!

Understanding & Applying Weight Loss Principles

Online Video Course

The Simple System To Getting The Body You Want…

Questions?  Contact us at Support@NutritionToTheEdge.com

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