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ISBN: 1928973345
Pages: 412
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eBook Price: $5.65


[]Blue Moon by C.D. Ledbetter

Romantic Mystery/Suspense, ebook and paperback

Mary Corbett's calm, orderly existence is shattered the moment she sets foot on an old, run-down Louisiana plantation. Even though she's never been there before, she recalls details about the house that only someone who actually lived in it would know. If that weren’t bad enough, she finds that her attraction to the other curator, Jack Windom, hasn’t lessened since they last worked together. In fact, as they spend time together on the estate, she realizes she’s falling in love with him. Unfortunately for her, he’s already spoken for.

When she and Jack attend a Blue Moon Voodoo ceremony, she has a "clear-sighted vision" about the former owners, both of whom mysteriously disappeared over a hundred years ago. Even though she's never been psychic, she continues to "see" bits and pieces of their lives. Shortly thereafter, the ghostly apparition of the former mistress, Magdalene Laroussard, appears to her and begs for help. When Magdalene continues to ask for help, Mary realizes what she has tried all along to deny—that she is somehow tied to this house and to Jack. She makes up her mind to not only buy the run-down plantation and turn it into a bed and breakfast, but to also solve the mystery of what happened to Jean-Pierre and Magdalene Laroussard.

Her determination to find the key to their disappearance is fraught with danger. When she learns that members of a local Voodoo cult have vowed to protect her from harm, she can't help but wonder who's going to protect her from them.

ISBN: 1928973515
Pages: 239
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eBook Price: $5.65


[]Breaking the Chain by C.D. Ledbetter

Mystery/Suspense, ebook and paperback

Some paths are destined to cross again...

You would think that after helping a ghost find peace by solving a hundred-year-old mystery and thwarting a murderess' plans, Mary Corbett's life as an estate curator would settle back into a normal routine. Well, one can always wish...

At the moment, things couldn't be better. Not only is she married to her beloved Jack, but her dream of owning a bed and breakfast has come true, thanks to the help of her very rich, but snotty Aunt Elizavon. Now that the Blue Moon Inn is open, there's just one thing left for Mary to do—invite Sadie and Justine, the two elderly women who served as the plantation's former housekeepers, back for a visit.

What Mary doesn't know is that Sadie, the elderly Voodoo priestess who predicted the series of events that brought Mary and Jack together, is also searching for her. But Sadie's reasons are much more pressing—she's started having visions again, and this time they're worse than before.

After Sadie arrives, Mary starts having ESP flashes of her own. Why is she seeing ghosts again, and how is her life tied to the "brown man" that Sadie's so afraid of? What kind of trouble is he destined to bring, and worse yet, how does Sadie know he's going to visit the inn?

ISBN: 1932014136
Pages: 250
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[]Jingle of Coins

Romantic Suspense, ebook

The sound was unlike anything she’d ever heard. Was the slot machine broken or...

While recuperating from a devastating automobile accident, Emily Sane discovers she has the ability to walk into any casino and tell which slot machine is going to pay off. Her heightened sense of hearing—a direct result of her accident—actually allows her to detect the subtle change in pitch of the reels as they line up for the winning combination.

After testing her theory in local casinos and nearly going to jail for suspected cheating, Emily moves to Las Vegas to cash in on her talent before it disappears. On paper, her plan sounds like a winner. Move to Vegas, get a day job to cover the fact that she’s hitting jackpots in every single casino, win the million dollar jackpot, then split. In actuality, however, what she she gets is a dead neighbor on her doorstep, an attraction to a man she’s not sure she can trust, blackmail, involvement in a Secret Service investigation, and a contract put out on her life.

Emily’s determination to use her talent to win the biggest slot jackpot takes her down a path with only two possible outcomes: more money than she ever dreamed possible, or death by the hand of a professional hit man.

ISBN: 1928973973
Pages: 264
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]The Huntress by Michelle O'Leary

Romantic Sci-Fi, ebook and paperback

The Hunter:
Traumatized at a young age by the violent death of her parents, Mea Brin becomes a Hunter, part of an elite policing force of the Planetary Coalition. She is the best of the best, ruthless and predatory on a hunt and driven by the memory of violence. But then she meets Seth Terrik, an escaped convict, and Regan Freya, a child recently orphaned. The pair make an impression on Mea that she can’t ignore—she feels a deep empathy for the girl and in Terrik she sees reflections of herself. Her choices seem limited—duty demands that she capture the escapee and turn the child over to the proper authorities. But Mea is not one to allow duty to define her. She creates a new choice.

The Convict:
Seth Terrik has spent more than half of his life in prison. All that he knows or cares about is survival and the fight for freedom until a trusting girl becomes his responsibility and a seductive Hunter offers him what looks like a second chance at life. The simple rules of his existence become much more complicated as he is forced to redefine the concepts of survival and freedom. What does a hardened criminal like him know of trust or love? Is he even capable of stepping beyond instinct and into human emotion?

ISBN: 1932014055
Pages: 314
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]Angels and Ministers of Grace by Michelle O'Leary

Romantic Sci-Fi

Anya Vaedrin is a woman of extraordinary talents. A singer by trade, she has earned the nickname Angel with her voice, her white hair, and deep blue eyes—and a secret. In a time when telepaths hold positions of power and empaths are their weak discards, Anya is an explosive mix of the two talents. Able to both read emotions and cause others to feel anything she wishes, from joy to fear and pleasure to pain, Anya is a new breed that the telepaths would give anything to possess—or destroy. Pursued to the ends of human occupied space by a telepathic assassin, Anya has one last hope of safety before she must brave alien territory. Far Reach Station is known for its liberal policies towards alien species, but would they give sanctuary to one of their own when she is wanted by the Telepath Guild? Anya's prospects seem grim when she is confronted by Jason Salvatore, the surly second in command of the station. And Captain Marta Jamison makes the station a dubious refuge when it becomes clear that she has an agenda all her own.


Pages: 327
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]Sunscapes Trilogy Book 1: Last Chance

Romantic Sci-Fi

Corrupt and malign, the corporation Quasicore has dominated Del's life for ten years, using his father's debt and his brother's safety as leverage to make him do their bidding. Forced into acts that become progressively more shady and criminal, Del finally rebels when they demand of him the unthinkable—to kill. Desperate for a way out, he flees the Core, only to find himself entangled with the dazzling and dangerous Shays. Sin Shay's offer of protection seems too good to be true, and her motives are suspect. Is Sin's offer of a new life his last chance at redemption or just another version of hell? Is Shay Enterprises simply a rival of the Core or a partner in crime? The Endgame has begun, but for whom?

ISBN: 1932014098
Pages: 206
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]Stay in the Light by AJ Caywood

Romantic Sci-Fi

Alexa Bristow, a woman with an extraordinary talent, has finally escaped the scientific facility that has held her prisoner for years. Through a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself on the run and in the company of one of the galaxy's most dangerous and sought-after fugitives: ex-military Special Forces Ranger, Cade Rogan. Alexa begins to feel drawn to this ruggedly handsome fugitive, who, despite his ruthless notoriety, may not be the heartless killer he is portrayed to be.

As Alexa struggles with her newfound feelings for a man who may never know how to love, she is determined to keep her promise to find and safely deliver the evidence that would clear his name. Her journey into his dangerous and complicated life thrusts her into a world of insatiable greed, horrific military experiments, and a galactic empire bent on total domination. She must find a way to overcome such terrible odds, but her most daunting task is to melt the frozen walls of Cade Rogan's heart.

ISBN: 1928973558
Pages: 279
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eBook Price: $5.95


[]Immortal Desires by Shannon Leigh

Vampire Romance, ebook and paperback

The Maiden of Innocence
The air was shockingly crisp, and a soft breeze gently whispered through the deserted alley on the morning of Elizabeth Debonaie’s immortal birth. Levelheaded and sensible, Elizabeth felt she could handle any situation dealt forth by fate with adequate grace and adept skill. That was, until she came face to face with the tall, dark figure of a man whose striking profile spoke of overwhelming power and ageless strength. Unable to resist his devastating appearance and mysteriously dark aura, she realized too late that the man before her was not human, but the archangel of death.

The Missionary of Death
Cursed and hated by all mankind for his unholy existence, Adrien had long ago resigned himself to living his immortality in bitter seclusion and lonely isolation. But as his sharp and assessing gaze drank in the beautiful visage of the girl who unknowingly passed mere inches in front of his shrouded figure, he felt the flicker of a mortal emotion deep within him. Suddenly plagued by feelings he’d thought long dead, he knew this creature before him was his destiny. Vowing to make her his own, he laid claim to her essence, body, and immortal soul.

ISBN: 1928973078
Pages: 158
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eBook Price: $5.65


[]The Surrogate Who Cleaned Up by Karen Laven

Romance Parody

It's not easy being Dali Wright. Her career as head usher for the Gurthrie Theatre is a far cry from the directorial position she longs to hold. She knows she must further her education in order to place her well-toned rear into one of those high canvas chairs with her name emblazoned upon the back. But the truth of the matter is, Dali simply doesn't have the funds to go back to school, and as if that's not enough to bear, she is rapidly approaching her peak childbearing time. Toss in a nonexistent love life for this blonde, perfect physical specimen (except for a nose that stubbornly veers to the right) and the desperation of Dali's situation mounts. No terrific career, no boyfriend, no children—no way to live, she decides.

It is in the midst of this turmoil, Dali spies a classified ad from Blade and Daisy Dafner (a wealthy, unhappily married, but gorgeous couple) searching for a housecleaner and surrogate mother in one. Despite her best friend's arguments against the preposterous idea, Dali finds herself living and scrubbing within the lap of luxury—while at the same time watching her own lap expand. As the tale unfolds, Blade and Dali uncover an undeniable attraction for each other, while Daisy maintains her frequent "physical" appointments with Dr. Dynk.

Will Dali find the success and happiness she craves? Will Daisy and Blade continue to live a matrimonial sham? Will our heroine ever reach her dream of directing Jim Neighbors on stage? Read The Surrogate Who Cleaned Up, and you will uncover the answers to these questions and perhaps learn some handy household hints in the process!

If you love the romance genre, if you hate the romance genre—you'll love The Surrogate Who Cleaned Up.

ISBN: 1932014187
Pages: 162
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]Finding Lilies by Kelly Clark Baugher

Contemporary Romance

Growing up poor in rural Alabama, Blake Adams worked hard to make a new life for herself. After receiving a scholarship at Ole Miss, Blake meets Mississippi Senator’s son, Jackson Ellington. On a cold night under the star-riddled Southern sky, Blake allows the handsome law student to steal her heart completely. She vows to love him forever, but she soon realizes that her promise cannot be kept. Jackson’s parents are against the marriage and threaten to disinherit him. Blake painfully ends their relationship, telling him she cannot bear destroying his family.

As Blake deals with the pain of their separation, she learns that Jackson has made a terrible mistake...one that will drastically change both of their lives. After graduation, she is forced to move on with her life. After being offered an inner-city social worker position, she moves to Atlanta. While working on a troubling child abuse case, she meets level-headed detective, Antonio Mazonni. She soon finds refuge in his embrace and agrees to marry him, all the while knowing that she is only capable of loving Jackson. One night, years after their separation, Blake and Jackson are brought fatefully together again, and she must make a decision—a decision that will change her life forever.

ISBN: 1928973000
Pages: 175
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eBook Price: $6.85


[]Woman Justice by Rosalyn Wraight

Lesbian Mystery, ebook and paperback

What happens to all those characters a novelist creates? Could it be that they exist in an alternate plane? Could they be capable of returning to the writer, demanding a better, more fulfilling existence? This seems to be reality for Emily Decker, lauded mystery writer, when she is confronted by Milicent Baylor.

In her effort to get Milicent's existence past the burgeoning state, Emily writes a series of erotic stories, set in varying locales—from Alaska to Timbuktu. Each word, each sentence that Emily writes, makes Milicent stronger, more viable, more real. Emily places herself in these torrid tales and follows her character's regeneration. As Milicent grows in strength and character, Emily realizes she is falling in love with her own creation.

But all is not well in the real world...

The book opens with a police investigation into a pile of bones found in the woods. Detective Laura McCallister intends to solve the riddle. Whose bones are they? What do they have to do with Emily? What do they have to do with Milicent? How do Emily's father and housekeeper fit into this twisted scenario? Is anything as it appears to be?

Rosalyn Wraight has written more than just an engrossing novel. She has managed to weave three storylines into one seamless tale: a murder mystery, a love story, and an erotic adventure that stretches all over the globe.

ISBN: 1928973043
Pages: 173
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]The Origin of Deanna Dorak by Darlene Duncan

Lesbian Sci-Fi Mystery

Is she merely a freak of nature...or is she from another world?

Deanna Dorak suddenly finds herself alone in the world, and begins to realize that it may not even be her world. With confusing images forcing their way into her consciousness, she struggles to understand who she is and why she's here. She elicits the help of her best friend and former lover, Kate, who believes that all of Deanna's problems stem from her inability to accept her mother's death. That is until she sees the gills that have begun to form on Deanna's sides. Kate brings Deanna to Dr. Jason Alexander who vows to help her and protect her from government scientists.

Soon after, Kate's body is pulled from the river—someone broke her neck.

A frantic search for answers takes Deanna on the quest of her life. Is she the reason her friend was killed? Is Jason friend or foe...is he holding her captive for his own scientific research? Is she really from another planet, an underwater world inhabited only by women? Can she trust the detective assigned to solve Kate's murder? Can she trust her own self?

ISBN: 1928973329
Pages: 198
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]Aneesha's Prophecy by Darlene Duncan

Lesbian Sci-Fi Sequel

The daughter will return and avenge the death of her mother
and those innocents killed here today.

Dorak Deanna has come home to claim her birthright. Home, to a planet she remembers only through the implanted memories of her mother, Miktra. Home to a planet still occupied by the same Empyrean forces that forced her departure nearly thirty years ago.

The Day of Ascension is fast approaching and the Empyrean Governor of Nedamla grows more fearful of Aneesha’s Prophecy with each passing day. Especially since each day seems to bring another unexplained, violent death of at least one of this soldiers. Yet the Empyror refuses his requests for more troops, assuring him that since Aneesha’s child was killed during the invasion, there is no heir to ascend to the throne.

By accident Deanna discovers she has the ability to communicate, with at least one Nedamlan, by using only her thoughts. Is it possible that there are others among her people with this ability? Perhaps it will be the secret weapon she needs.

Even with the ability to mind-talk, how can one woman turn a population of women, known for their pacifism, into warriors? And if she and her warriors take Nedamla from the troops now occupying her, how will they maintain their freedom? The Empyror has more than enough troops to simply send another invasion force.

As if fighting the Empyre weren’t enough to worry about, Deanna has another problem–she has fallen in love.

Will Deanna fulfill Aneesha’s Prophecy? Can she return her people to a time when they were fierce warriors, asking no quarter and giving none? Will Jorsta agree to join with her?

ISBN: 1928973256
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]Life is Full of Surprises by Darlene Duncan

Lesbian Romantic Mystery

Judy and Barbara have both sworn off falling in love–that is, until they meet each other. The two women become so involved with one another they are totally unaware of how their budding relationship is affecting those around them.

Carol, who recently left Judy for another woman, decides she wants Judy back. Judy declines Carol’s offer for an encore.

Gerald, Barbara’s assistant, thinks that Judy might be after Barbara’s business. But he can’t tell Barbara his suspicions without tipping his own hand.

Martha, the woman who really is after Barbara’s business, decides that bugging Judy’s apartment is the route to finding out what she needs to know about the whole situation.

Everything is moving along nicely until Carol is murdered. An anonymous tip leads the police to the murder weapon in Barbara’s freezer.

Did Barbara kill Carol? Did Judy kill Carol and frame Barbara? Who has the most to gain from Carol’s death? Or should the question be: Who has the most to gain from Barbara’s conviction for murder?

ISBN: 1928973426
Pages: 214
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eBook Price: $4.95


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[]Gossip Column: A Hollywood Novel by Patricia Turner


Outsiders call Hollywood Tinsel Town. Insiders call it The City of Fear.

It’s 1941 and they’re known as Hollywood’s Wicked Witches—Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons—the newspaper gossip gurus who can make or break careers at will. When a rookie reporter, Cinamon Spark, sets out to take over their turf, Hollywood trembles at the prospect of a War of the Witches.

On the surface, Joshua Coleman and his wife Angel Early, two of the most celebrated stars of the day, appear to have a perfect life together, but could their marriage itself be an attempt to protect a secret? Cinamon Spark sniffs scandal and senses her big chance to scoop her opponents.

Dolores Valdez, the sultry South American beauty, believes she can elude the gossip gatherers, but a betrayal by a man of the cloth entraps her in a web. Can she outwit her adversaries and cling to her hard-fought fame...or are the Witches too shrewd to be outsmarted?

Will the stars survive the War of the Witches? Will their secrets be exposed and their reputations shredded in the ensuing bloody battle?

ISBN: 1928973477
Pages: 314
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eBook Price: $5.95


[]Reality Check by Susan Lyons

Lesbian Romantic Mystery, ebook and paperback

There are bad days, and then there are really bad days. Therapist Dace McKendrick is having one of the really bad ones.

It was tough enough helping her client Joanne deal with the news of her husband’s suicide. Then Dace’s friend Ginger calls, distraught because her lover jumped off the Lions Gate Bridge to his death. Dace had no idea Ginger was having an affair with a married man, much less Joanne's husband, lawyer Judd Nelson.

As she helps the two women cope with their feelings of guilt over Judd’s death, Dace begins to suspect that Judd was murdered. She believes that his death had something to do with a controversial sexual abuse case he was handling—and the clandestine relationship between the victim’s father and a partner in Judd’s firm.

Dace meets with the victim’s new lawyer, Jen Solero, and sparks fly. There’s an immediate attraction between the two women, but their opinions are poles apart. Dace is a soft-hearted idealist; Jen a clear-thinking cynic.

When Dace and Jen join forces to investigate Judd’s death, each provides a reality check for the other. Their investigation becomes a journey of discovery as they explore their differing values as well as their feelings for each other.

It also becomes a journey toward danger, when they attract the attention of a killer.

ISBN: 1928973124
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]Everything You Need to Know About Being a Woman Can Be Learned in the Garden by Patricia Fish

Inspirational Humor

Meet the Hillery Beach Garden Club, a group of middle-aged, suburban women…

When they hear that Dr. Ruth Wizenheimer, appearing on the Sally Jesse O'Donnell show, advises women that onion rings, tossed in horseshoe fashion, can make for fun sex play, the ladies are disgruntled. From there, the women realize that they are fed up with feminine self-help books and female advice gurus—Rosie Winfrey, Dr. Joyce Sisters, Martha Showoff—the lot of them. They decide that only those with some experience should be dispensing such advice. With their combined wisdom of 1,070 years, they are sure that they know it all and begin to compose the ultimate self-help book.

The Garden Club begins each thoughtful chapter with a story/vignette from their own ecogardens that—according to them—illustrates the chapter subject. Then they present the highlights of their chapter discussions for the reader to digest and to become—so the women assume—a more enlightened female. The women wrap up each chapter with a brief summary of their conclusions which does not—to the surprise of the reader—quite align with the chapter subject.

As readers delve into the stories of dogs, cats, flowers, squirrels, birds, and humans, they will also become immersed in the interesting little dramas and personalities of the Hillery Beach Garden Club itself. The reader will be most amused as the women attempt to bring their book to fruition against all odds.

While the stories of the ecogarden prove heartwarming and most enlightening, it is the funny and insightful discussions of the women which provide an even greater wisdom.

If your soul needs Chicken Soup, Everything You Need to Know About Being a Woman Can Be Learned in the Garden is most certainly the stock!

Pages: 278
[Read a Sample
](http://dlsijpress.com/samples/SMAF_Chap1.shtml)[Read Reviews](http://dlsijpress.com/reviews/SMAF_reviews.shtml)
eBook Price: $6.85


[]Snap Me a Future by Connie Gotsch

Romantic Suspense ebook

...a car drove by, lights intruding through the living room windows. She started to close the drapes. The beams exploded in a red roar—flying glass and pain.

“Friggin’ reporter bitch,” a man’s voice screamed. “Next time write the truth about my friends, if you’re still alive.”

Investigative reporter, Shelby McCoy, collapsed, a bullet near her spine.

Twelve years later and still terrified by the moment, Shelby has fled newspaper work and heads the Public Relations Department at an arts mall in Mesa Vista, New Mexico. But she longs to overcome her fear and return to journalism. The man she loves, Benjamin Keith Andrews, and the man who loves her, Charlie Pearson, encourage her to do just that. She takes a safe assignment covering the arts for The Mesa Vista Times.

But someone is stealing ancient pottery from area Indian ruins...

While pursuing her love of photography, Shelby stumbles up a freshly looted site and, outraged, begins to gather facts. Even after a politically powerful man in the community threatens to kill Benjamin Keith if she releases the story, she is determined to expose the truth.

With the looter’s knife to her head, can Shelby overcome her paralyzing fear? As his hostage, can she think fast enough to save herself and the man she loves? Or will another weapon shatter her life forever?

ISBN: 1928973442
Pages: 263
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]A Mouth Full of Shell by Connie Gotsch

Mainstream Fiction, ebook and paperback

Professor Betsy Craig hurls toward a crash like a jet careening out of the sky. University politics jeopardizes her job for reasons she has not created. Gossip rips apart her personal relationships. She feels as though she's bitten into life's hard-boiled egg and gotten only a mouth full of shell. To spit it back at her powerful attackers is a terrifying thought, even when the man she loves, Todd Baker, encourages her to fight. Then the mysterious Army officer, Col. John Meisters, hints at the source of her trouble, and Andrea, a very special colleague, demonstrates that a battle can be won.

Will Betsy find the courage to confront her tormenters and demand the treatment she deserves?

ISBN: 1932014179
Pages: 91
eBook Price: $5.35


[]Shallow Grave and Other Tales by EJ McFall

Mainstream Fiction

Nothing extraordinary ever happens in the small Midwestern town of Rockville. During election years, there's the occasional skirmish between liberals and conservatives. The good ladies at the Calvary Methodist Church periodically try to convince the City Council to close the wicked bars on 2nd Street. The farmers and the college professors have been known to have a heated debate or two over donuts at the Downtown Bakery. But for the most part, the writers at the Rockville Journal have precious little to report.

Until the day someone stumbled over a shallow grave…

ISBN: 1928973868
Pages: 100
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eBook Price: $5.35


[]Eternal Cafe by E. J. McFall

Mainstream Fiction

Welcome to the Eternal Cafe, the favorite gathering spot of Purgatory’s eccentrics and ne’er-do-wells. The drinks are on the house, and the intellectual stimulation is provided by some of history’s greatest philosophers.

At the bar, Sartre works on a new play for the Millennium Festival while Thoreau seeks the loan of an axe for his latest project. Papa Hemingway spends his time trying to ditch old pal F. Scott, and Oscar Wilde is terrified that his infamy may soon be forgotten. A young decadent poet offers his version of absurdist theatre, only to find that there are worse things than being exiled to Purgatory for eternity. And the enigmatic bartender has friends in high places and acquaintances down below.

At a small table at the Eternal Cafe, a burned-out social worker and a failed writer try to adjust to their new existence. For Morgan, Purgatory offers a chance to work side by side with the woman whose life inspired her to try to change the world. For Amber, the Afterlife offers a chance to hobnob with her literary heroes and to finally answer the questions that eluded her throughout her earthly life.

Ultimately, the two friends most decide it they wish to stay in Purgatory or to recycle with the new century and start new lives. Is their friendship strong enough to survive the Eternal?

ISBN: 1932014020
Pages: 242
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eBook Price: $5.95


[]Peaches and Cream by Donna Soderlun Hoffman

Mainstream Fiction

"Life isn't all peaches and cream, you know. Sometimes it's just the pits," a wise woman is believed to have said. This woman is Gigi. She is the paternal grandmother of Debra, who tells her story in Peaches and Cream. This is not the usual, childhood memories story, however. It is not a story of "rags to riches," nor one of a talented and driven young person who succeeds beyond her wildest dreams. It is the story of an average girl, one you may have known in your past, and certainly a girl you would like to know. It is does not relay events of astounding and unusual magnitude nor present a lifestyle one might aspire to but never hope to attain. It is simply a humorous and sometimes touching story of an interesting but very real-to-life family. It is a story about people you would like to know and call your friends.

ISBN: 1-928973-01-9
Pages: 125
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eBook Price: $4.95


[]Family Earth by J. Butler


Family Earth is a poignant tale of a woman's journey home. Emma Dixon struggles to come to terms with herself, and the ghosts of an abusive past. While revenge may be sweet, true reprisal arrives in healing, in letting go, in moving beyond. Travel with Emma as she rescues her wounded child. This is a story that is sure to touch the heart of your own inner child.

What would you do if you suddenly had the ability to alter the events of your past?

ISBN: 1928973116
Pages: 337
[Read a Sample](http://dlsijpress.com/samples/cdasch1.shtml)
eBook Price: $4.95


[]Chocolate Days & Shadows by Bonnie Doss

Creative Autobiography

Chocolate Days & Shadows is an autobiography, and yet…

Chocolate Days & Shadows is about you. You are the abused child, of any age, any creed, any color. You are the mentally, sexually, physically abused child. You are the battered, bruised, bewildered child. You are a victim.

Chocolate Days & Shadows is by you. Your body crawls into the skin, the very soul of an abused child of an alcoholic parent. Your eyes reflect the pain. Your gut radiates the pain. Your lungs forget to exhale. Your heart writes the story.

Chocolate Days & Shadows is for you. You are a seeker. You cry out for help and the people, places, and resources appear in your life. You climb the soul-searching ladder of the recovery process, one rung, one day at a time. You discover that the essence of healing is love. You walk hand-in-hand with the Spirit. You love yourself.

You are the gentle, loving child of our Creator.
If you are an abused child, empower.
If you know an abused child, help. 

ISBN: 1928973493
Length: 56 poems
eBook Price: $8.95


[]Ambush in a Hall of Mirrors by S. Johnson


S. Johnson has been publishing poetry since she was a child. Decades later, she has compiled a collection that includes both previously published poems and some newly inked. These poems are alive with imagery and raw emotion. These poems are confessionary; yet it is each and everyone of us at the kneeler.

Whether you are new to the world of poetry or a seasoned veteran, these verses will touch you with their ease and poignancy.

ISBN: 1932014012
Length: 67 essays
[Read a Sample](http://dlsijpress.com/samples/tsass_samples.shtml)
[Read Reviews](http://dlsijpress.com/reviews/TSASS_reviews.shtml)
eBook Price: $8.95


[]Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones by Gloria MacKay


Gloria MacKay has thrown many sticks in her life, and skipped lots of stones—or at least tried. It is hard not to, loving as she does the mist enfolded, water wrapped Pacific Northwest

As a writer and broadcaster of commentaries and articles, she broadens her base and throws as far as she can at whatever pops in her head: she skips from magic to politics; from recipes to baseball; from men, women, and children to time marching on.

Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones is a collection of her most entertaining, thought-provoking work. Unlike the stones she tries to skip at water's edge, these essays are as on the mark as a dart in a bull's eye.

As you read Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones feel free to laugh; this is how a girl throws, and Gloria MacKay wouldn't have it any other way.

ISBN: 1928973949
Pages: 28
[Read Reviews](http://dlsijpress.com/reviews/INHY_reviews.shtml)
eBook Price: $5.00


[]I Never Held You by Ellen M. DuBois


Who are we? We are professionals in the workforce or professional mothers. We are painters and singers. We are caretakers and we are movie stars. Some of us may have children; while some of us don't. The one thing that connects us all is that we are women who experienced a miscarriage that seemed, in many cases, to go unacknowledged by many. We have all felt the dismissal of our very real grief and we have all felt alone and isolated because of it. We cry our tears together. You are not alone in your struggle to get through this…

Ms. DuBois poignantly tells of her own miscarriage, outlines steps toward recovery, and provides online support resources.

ISBN: 1928973930
Pages: 184
[Read a Sample](http://dlsijpress.com/samples/TB_Chap1.shtml)
[Read Reviews](http://dlsijpress.com/reviews/TB_reviews.shtml)
eBook Price: $8.95


[]The Book: A Primer for Seekers of Higher Consciousness by Bonnie Elaine Doss

New Age, ebook and paperback

The Book exposes the arcane—the most awesome secrets known to man. From The Beginning, the serious seeker is a perpetual student of life, living in harmony with all creations and honoring the immutable laws of nature. The Key unlocks timeless wisdom through proven processes deliberately designed to develop latent abilities and awaken the sleeping consciousness. After correct training in powers of observation, The Door shall only open to seekers possessing patience, perseverance, and potentiality. Behind the door, lies The Path leading toward your Greater Self.

If you yearn for self-transformation to a higher intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level, boldly step upon the path and allow Aureole and Avatar to act as your trusted guides. They will shine further light into your life during The Journey and assist you in building a strong foundation that the winds of change cannot crack. They will show you how to adopt the laws of opposites into your everyday existence and teach you to intuitively recognize Truth.

Beware and be aware that only a chosen few take the quantum leap into esoterica, escape the material world, and enter into The Gap where all becomes seeable and viewable in its purest state. Unique, indeed, are seekers who arrive at The Destination, which is objective consciousness.

At the destination, you commit to Work.
If you correctly perform The Work...
If you possess purity of intent...
If you harm none by word or deed...
If you fearlessly fly into the unknown...
Energy is set into motion that will manifest the miraculous!


ISBN: 1928973361
Pages: 235
[Read Table of Contents](http://dlsijpress.com/samples/AGTODtoc.shtml)
eBook Price: $8.95


[]A Guide to Online Dating by Beverly Appel

Internet/Relationships, ebook and paperback

Tired of waiting for the sweetie of your life to accidentally bump into your grocery cart at Safeway®? Still expecting your soulmate to saunter into Starbucks® any morning now? There's no need to wait any longer because everything you need is right at your fingertips. A Guide To Online Dating can show you the way.

With hundreds of first-hand accounts from men and women who have gone online, A Guide To Online Dating responds to all those questions you wonder about but don't know who to ask. What do you do when your ad gets no responses? What questions should you be sure to ask your e-friend? How can you tell if you're being deceived? When do you give your e-pal your phone number or address? What about your own fantasies—how do these get in your way online? When is it right to not respond to someone's email? What if you're disappointed when you meet in person? Should you try online dating if you're married? Just how do you go from virtual to real love?

A Guide To Online Dating answers all these questions and more. The author, Beverly Appel, met her husband online. The path to their first email, however, was not a piece of chocolate cake. Often confused, bewildered, and disheartened during her online dating experience, Ms. Appel wrote this guide to help make online dating a comfortable, safe, fun, and exciting adventure. And when it is, you're much more likely to stay online and find what you're looking for!

[The Clique, women's banner exchange](http://dlsijpress.com/clique)

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