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$10k In 30 Days or Less In Real Estate WITHOUT Using My Own Money, Credit or Ever Leaving My La-Z-Boy

I will prove that ANYONE can invest in real estate from anywhere, at any time, in any situation, REGARDLESS of the market, your personal credit, with zero contacts and a negative bank balance.

I wanted to add my two cents to this thread! I am currently on day 23 of the $10k challenge and I must say this case study by far has been the best Real Estate case study I have ever seen. It hasn't been easy to follow along due to a full time job and a two year old. And now for day 23 he just gave me another reason to love this case study and my solution to working forty hours plus and trying to maintain family life.
Thanks James this is the best WSO I have ever purchased! I have spent $3k for WSO’s that don’t work due to the lack of info or it was based on theory, but with this case study I will never spend another penny on a worthless WSO. Finally! there's light at the tunnel's end!!

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Here's How It Works!

No long drawn out pitchy over-hyped messages from me. Not my style! No need in me trying to convince you. I know how warriors are - If you don't know me, you probably are not going to buy anyway, and if you do know me or have purchased any of my previous products, then I don't have to convince you anyway!

You know I ALWAYS overdeliver on value as well as the support with you every step of the way until you get the result I promise! No gimmicks here. My programs ONLY deal with what works AND what has been proven.

I don’t show you different examples of what MAY work for you. I show you real live case studies and the EXACT results achieved. As soon as you are done with the training, you will be able go out and immediately duplicate the exact same results for yourself!

So what is this all about???


That’s right! That beautiful, hot and sexy gal to the left of my profile picture, my Sisi, my high school crush, my girlfriend of 6 years, my right hand supporter, my biggest fan, the reason that I am able to do all that I do for you day in and day out…


Granted I DID actually propose 3 years ago =-)

But with our amazing and free lifestyle, we have moved over 10,000 miles.. All over the US, traveling, that we could never actually hammer down a date and time to get it done.

Probably because we had a habit of moving almost every 6 months lol

January 2013: We lived in New York.

May 2013: We moved to California

November 2013 (and current): We live on the sunny beach of North Carolina!

But we fell in love with Wilmington!

So we decided we would actually stay here through the end of summer at least.

So that gave us the opportunity to set a definite date.

I am proud to say we got married May 21st 2014!

WOW! Feels good to say

I digress


We were all set to go to the Bahamas right after and I wanted to make it great! Although all I really need is my Sisi and I will have the time of my life (insert cheesy picture of me gazing off into the sunset with hearts as my eyes - in love)


Great question!

Before I came over to the “dark side” err .. Um… Internet marketing..Before I started a $10k a month consulting business overnight… Before I mastered product creation… Even before I started writing… way before I started teaching personal development, I was a real estate investor.

Yes I even held a license! *been a LOOOOONG time expired now. I made waaaaay more investing this way than I ever did as an agent*

(Yes, I blurred my first name. I don't like it. I don't use it. Nobody calls me that. If I catch you using it.. I will hunt you down!)

And I invested the traditional way like everybody else:
Used my credit Got an investment loan
Bought a fixer for $5,000 in Indiana (I lived in California. Never seen the property)
Put $17,000 into repairs in about 3 weeks
Got it reappraised for $58,000
Got an Equity Line for 70% of value (about $40,000)
Bought 2 more
Repeat above process
Sold one for $27,000 profit
Rented other 2 out for $650 a month
My loans were only about $250 a month
Bought another
And so on.

This went on for many years and I was doing quite well.

Then the CRASH!

Short story:

A long series of events spiraled and left me losing EVERYTHING.

Just my clothes and my car.

At the time I had a brand new fully loaded Toyota Camry with Nav that I had paid cash for.. So I was ok.

Everything else… GONE!

No job. No money
Coincidentally and conveniently… no friends hmmmm...
Had to do something quick!

And HERE is where I learned how to invest in real estate with absolutely NOTHING!

I am no genius.

I did not come up with this process. I learned it out of necessity!

When you have no other option, you realize what you are TRULY capable of when you get out of those comfort zones

HOW I MADE $23,000 in 22 days from scratch!

Yes, in my beat up, battered and bruised state, I bought and sold a property for $23,000 profit in just over 3 weeks with NOTHING!

That is how I got the name “Coach Comeback”.

Sadly, I was getting good at making something great out of something that would completely destroy most!


So we (Sisi and I) had a good long talk a few days ago and we realized we were CLEARLY making more money DOING what I was teaching rather than teaching!

Don’t get me wrong.. I LOVE what I do and teaching is my passion.

But for the sake of making MORE money for my clients the options were as follows:

1. Plan a huge HIGH ticket JV Product Launch - BLEEEECHT! I know HOW to organize them, love teaching them… I DON’T DO THEM MYSELF. I always tell my students “Do as I say not as I do”. Thanks again for that gem Dad.

2. Triple your prices for everything your currently sell or become a consultant (extremely profitable and in demand at the moment. If you are interested in learning how to do that, ask me on skype).

3. Buy and sell a real estate property.

And after weighing all the options, number 3 was the clear winner!

Introducing: This Stuff Really Works 5.0 -
The $10k In 30 Days in Real Estate Challenge

Starting INSTANTLY when you JOIN TODAY I will be documenting everything you need to do, from start to finish, in order to close on a (or several) properties to earn me more than $10,000 in profit, in less than 30 days.
When you join today you will get an email at least once a day with EVERYTHING that I did and/or doing to buy and sell a property super quick!

Everything will also be posted inside the members area for you to ask questions about anything along the way.

The format will be in any form that is most conducive to get across what I did for that day. It may be an audio update, written post or a video walk-through.

YOU CANNOT Use any credit at all - Wouldn't want to, my credit has never been repaired after the crash.

YOU CANNOT Use any of your own money to buy the property or pay for repairs - I stopped doing this years ago. I NEVER invest my own money in real estate anymore.. And neither should you.

YOU CANNOT physically go look at any of the homes - It will just drive you crazy, suck up all your time... and quite frankly.. COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY!

The entire process has to be completed in less than 30 days.

If you following along with me for the next 30 days, right now, wherever you currently are, no matter what your current experience level is, No matter how much money you have…


Will you join me on my Honeymoon Challenge?
So, why not your typical $7 wso like all the rest?

Another DAMN good question! You are on fire!

Well… not to be too harsh, but after having a membership site with over 1500 members I have found that someone who buys based on price alone … meaning, they are looking for something cheap.. Don't take it seriously!

This is building a true business. The value of leaning a skill that you can turn on ANYTIME you need some extra income quickly, that works without fail, now and forever…

To learn something that will continue to pay you without ANY risk whatsoever… well, to me, that is worth far more than the pennies this will cost you to learn.

Plus, unfortunately, if you are scraping up your last nickels to get the $7, then I would rather you spend it on food… because you have to be in this for the long haul.

So a higher price is my way of weeding out the opportunity chasers looking for some push-button trick to open the floodgates of wealth FOR them!


When you join today, you will be immediately taken inside the members area where you will find a full training (7 modules) from a live class I held for my real estate consulting clients ($997) teaching the entire process from start to finish.

So you will be able to go out and start doing this on your own as soon as you see how the whole thing works.. Even BEFORE my 30 day challenge is up.

You Can Expect to Learn:
Why you should NEVER use your own money when you invest in real estate The best way to find an endless pool of properties you can get CHEAP… with ZERO COMPETITION - THIS IS KEY How to have investors fighting over your properties and have it sold in hours How to build a list of CASH investors to partner with on demand! And more...


If you have always had an interest in learning real estate, here is your chance to get a behind the scenes, REAL TIME look at the entire process for a personal hands-on experience!

Who’s with me?

Here's to making life-lasting change to everyone I meet.

P. James Holland
Coach Comeback



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