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Your Ultimate Source For Learning To Play Guitar!
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Learn to play Guitar Leads and Solos, learn how to play your Favorite Songs, learn all about Guitar Chords, how to Read Tablature, learn about Music Theory, Guitar Scales, Guitar Licks, Playing the Blues and more!!!
"The lessons described on this page will teach you how to play the guitar like you have always dreamed of playing. Picture yourself playing hot guitar leads and solos and easily playing the songs you have always wanted to play. Now it will be possible. Now you will be able to do it, guaranteed!"

Now you will become an expert in all aspects of playing the guitar. Experience the lessons that will build a solid foundation in your guitar playing and will boost your playing abilities effectively and quickly! Read on...

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in immediately improving your guitar playing then this may be the most important web site you have ever visited!

If you are like most guitar players you are constantly trying to learn, among other things, how to play guitar solos, how to play songs, trying to figure out and play chords, chord progressions or riffs or solos in a favorite song, trying to understand how to play a certain style of music, or maybe trying to emulate your favorite artist.

Many times, in your attempt to learn these things, you may be feeling around in the dark in order to get an answer. So you ask around on the Internet or read some books on guitar methods and you may get a temporary quick answer to the immediate question, for example you might learn a certain guitar riff or chord. But the next time another question comes up you may be at a loss again as to how to figure out what you want to play.

I know how you feel, I was there myself. Every guitarist was at one point!

So how do you make that leap from struggling with what you want to play to mastering
the guitar and playing what you want to play on command? How do you get to the point where you can effortlessly play solos and songs as if the music is just flowing out of your fingertips?

The quickest and best way to learn these things...to learn how to solo, how to play songs, how to play chords and more...is for someone to show you - it's that simple. And you need to be taught these things in an organized and planned way so that there is no confusion or time wasted. You need to learn these things now and you need to learn them the right way!

Guitar Soloing, Playing Songs, Playing Chords and More...these are the things that I will teach you with Guitar Lessons Pro!

With Guitar Lessons Pro you will learn the techniques and playing methods that I have learned and practiced over the past 25 years of playing guitar.

Those 25 years include a huge multitude of live gigs in all types of situations as well as years of studio recording experience.  

You will learn concepts and techniques that usually take people years to learn and figure out, but with Guitar Lessons Pro you will learn these things effectively and quickly.

Now, usually it takes years and years of gathering this information, bit by bit. Some chords from a teacher here, some scales from a book there. Some hints from an experienced friend on how to figure out a particular song. Then some ideas start to flow together and you start to get the idea of what you were trying to learn a year ago.

Then a few years later it all makes sense and you can play any style and any song you want. But those were long years. I know firsthand, I spent those years learning that way.

But you don't have to wait that long because Guitar Lessons Pro brings together all of the information, tips, techniques and secrets that you will need to start playing the guitar, playing it well, being able to figure out chords, songs, scales and solos. Guitar Lessons Pro will help you with these things quickly, much quicker than it would normally take you because Guitar Lessons Pro contains the critical information that all guitarists need to learn to make that leap to the next level of playing abilities.

The information contained in Guitar Lessons Pro is that powerful and effective, guaranteed!

But don't just take it from me, listen to these testimonials from satisfied and successful Guitar Lessons Pro customers...

Steven Sexauer of California...
"As a beginning guitar player, I was searching the web for guitar lessons and instructions and found bits and pieces of useful information but it was an ordeal trying to put all the information into something that made sense. I also looked into private lessons where I live and found them to be expensive. Then I found Guitar Lessons Pro. I decided to give it a try and I have not regretted that decision. All the instruction I need is put into a concise software program. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to take their playing to the next level in a short time frame."
Chris Morgan of Karrath, Australia says...
"Utilising your system, as well as working through deAgostinis/Gordon&Gotch Play Guitar course, which is slow going but very rewarding. Also forging through 3 books : rythm, lead, & fingerpicking guitar in the progressive series[Aussie]. I have found your Guitar Lessons Pro to be the best laid out course, easily comprehendable..."
"Very impressed with your improvements to guitarteachpro I think you are on a winner here. It just makes the information readily assimilatable. thank you very much. Keep on plucking.!!"
Bryan Zink of Tampa, FL...
"Very nice work...It's very professionally put together, and you cover a lot of ground in a little time, in a very organized and not overwhelming fashion. It's actually a good reference."
"...what I like best is the way it is a very concise, organized reference. Your mode discussion seemed good..."
Sean Seery of Killucan, Co. Westmeath, Ireland...
"I got a book with the guitar but I had to download your software to clarify what the book was trying to show me. I now only use Guitar Lessons Pro"
"Guitar Lessons Pro is idiot proof and makes learning for complete beginners easy to follow and understand. It shows how to keep a guitar in tune, has sound files to show how the various chords should sound and goes through the whole learning process from a complete beginner to advanced player. I wholeheartedly recommend Guitar Lessons Pro."
Jo Totland of Oslo Norway...
"...what's there is so great that I thought it was definitely worth buying..."
"...your software beats any website I've seen so far..."
"It is simple, doesn't use too many words to explain things, but uses the right words and pictures instead. The pictures and sound-clips are excellent."
Jorge Barrera of Lake Wales...
"Your Guitar Lessons Pro eBooks have proven invaluable to me. The ability to click on the chords and licks and hear them is so much better than having to rewind a CD or DVD. I am a self taught guitarist, and was missing a lot of theory and knowledge of guitar playing. I have bought various instructional books, DVDs and CDs, but couldn't grasp the theory part of guitar playing. Most of the books I bought would discuss theory briefly, and then assume that you understood all about guitar theory. If you didn't understand it, the rest of the book was useless. I am no dummy, but I sure felt like a dummy! I'd re-read and still couldn't make the leap."
"The eBooks series stepped me through the theory in a very methodical and easy to follow manner. I can't believe that after many disappointing attempts to learn the theory behind chords and scales in the past, I learned it so easily and quickly with your instruction. This has opened new possibilites for me in progressing my guitar playing skills."

Have you purchased some guitar books or taken guitar lessons and felt deep down inside that you are really not making the progress that you wanted? You felt something was missing. You thought that maybe you really didn't catch on in the last lesson and
now you are even further behind. You felt that your instructor or the book skipped a step in explaining a key concept and even though you can kind of play what is being taught you really don't understand it. Now you want to move on but you find it is not so easy because you don't have a solid foundation of knowledge on the previous material.

These are common issues when learning to play the guitar.

So what do you do about it?
Well, you can continue taking guitar lessons at $25 or more a shot and maybe after 2 or 3 years you might catch on...or you might become disinterested because you still can't get the hang of things.  

Or you can keep buying books, hoping that the next one will give you that insight that you haven't found yet, that elusive secret that will open everything up to you.

Or you can surf some of the web sites out there to try to pick up some tips and tricks.

What is missing in these solutions is the concept of very patiently taking the student
and, from the very beginning,  providing a solid foundation in guitar concepts and techniques.

That is what makes Guitar Lessons Pro stand out as the ultimate way to learn the guitar.

It does not miss a step in the process of teaching you...
How to play solos How to figure out and play songs How to play any and all chords How to read and play basic music notation How to apply the basics of music theory And much more... These are things that you need to learn in order to play any style of music.
With Guitar Lessons Pro you will not feel left behind...you will learn at your own pace. All of the information is there and you can review it over and over again until you feel you've got it right.

With Guitar Lessons Pro I have summarized all of the things that I learned over the 25 years that I have been playing guitar. And I have played a lot of music and many different styles of music in those 25 years. I have played in rock bands, new wave bands and jazz bands! I've played classic rock, hard rock, pop songs, punk, new wave, grunge, pop jazz, bebop, swing, country, country rock.

Well I know you may not want to spend 25 years like I did. That is why I have taken all of my knowledge and years of guitar playing experience and put it all together into an easy to use, simple format and learning progression. I remember what it was like to wonder about how to play certain things on the guitar. I remember wondering about chords and chord progressions and soloing. Then I said, ok, when I wanted to learn how to play this thing on the guitar (say, a scale) how did I eventually learn how to do it? After all the clutter from the books and the teachers, how did I finally come to understand how to do it and what it meant?

That is what Guitar Lessons Pro gives you...from your point of view of what you are trying to learn, cut through all of the B.S. and get down to the very essence of what you want to learn...a no-nonsense way to help you quickly start playing what you want to play.

If you want to play rock, pop, blues, jazz, punk, R&B, country, metal...whatever...the material in Guitar Lessons Pro will show you the basic concepts and beyond for playing guitar chords and soloing in any style of music.

Whatever musical style you are interested in...you need to know and understand the concepts that are presented in Guitar Lessons Pro.
The concepts and knowledge presented in Guitar Lessons Pro are contained in every musical style.

Here are some of the dynamic concepts and lessons included...

Learning how to play songs...

Do you want to start playing songs right now? Then you need to learn all of the open chords. This includes the major, minor and 7th chords. These chords are the foundation of your playing.

All of the different bar chords, so you can start playing even more songs and advanced songs right away. This includes the major, minor, 7th, major 7th and minor 7th chords. With bar chords and open chords you will be able to play almost any song that you come across and want to learn.

Advanced chords, like diminished, augmented, 7b5, 7b9, 7#5, 7#9, minor 7b5, etc. etc. etc. There are many many different chords that you need to learn, and learning these chords will enable you to play any song, no matter how complicated!

How to play all of the different bar chords and advanced chords all along and up and down the fretboard. You will be impressed with yourself (and others will be impressed too) when you start using the entire guitar fretboard. At this point you will be a master of chords on the fretboard!

Basic music notation and tablature to help you play songs from sheet music and from downloads off of the Internet. Also tips on how to find songs on the Internet. Armed with your new knowledge of chords and notation and the knowledge on how to find songs and sheet music, there will be no stopping you in your quest to play any and all songs.

Learning how to play guitar solos...

Do you want to start playing guitar solos right now? Then you need to start by learning the Major scale and how to apply it all along the fretboard.

Once you learn the major scale then we'll rock it up with the Pentatonic scale, which is used for rock and roll and blues, as well as other musical styles.

Ok, now you know some scales...you need to learn how to apply them. We'll teach you how to apply those scales to the various chords that you already know. Armed with the Major scale, the Pentatonic scale and the knowledge of how to apply the scales to chords, you will be able to start playing solos immediately. You will know exactly which scales to use as soon as you see or hear the chords to the song!

Now you know the scales and how to apply them, and you can play guitar solos. Then we'll kick it up a level by teaching you licks, riffs and tricks that the professionals use. This will make your playing more well rounded and will give you ideas for you to create your own style and sound.

We round it out with some discussions of music theory, modes and other advanced concepts that you need to know.

Make no mistake about it...

Guitar Lessons Pro will make you a Musical Powerhouse!!!

When you are done with these lessons there will be no stopping you from playing any and all songs or from playing guitar solos like a professional.

Greatly Improve Your Guitar Playing Now, Risk Free

With the Guitar Lessons Pro Ultimate Guitar Learning Toolkit you will receive all of the lessons described above contained within...

The Beginner and Intermediate ebooks, with a total of over 100 pages of information and lessons! Included in the lessons are sound clips, so you can hear what is being reviewed!

The Beginner and Intermediate eBooks each contain 20 lessons, for a total of 40 dynamic and all inclusive lessons that will boost your guitar playing over the top!

Also included are 3 additional bonuses...the Guitar Chord Dictionary eBook, the Licks and Tricks eBook, and the Playing the Blues, Basics and Beyond eBook!

The Licks and Tricks eBook contains 50 MUST KNOW licks and riffs that will make you sound like a professional guitar soloist!

The Guitar Chord Dictionary has over 100 chord diagrams that will have you playing many many chords all along the fretboard!

The Playing the Blues, Basics and Beyond eBook will show you how to play the basic blues, how to solo with the blues along with advanced techniques, chords and progressions that will wow your audiences and impress your musical friends!

With the Lessons eBooks, the Licks and Tricks eBook, the Guitar Chord Dictionary eBook, and the Playing the Blues, Basics and Beyond eBook there is no doubt that your guitar playing will greatly greatly improve in a short amount of time, guaranteed!!!

You can spend years and countless hours trying to figure out the "hidden mysteries" behind those songs and guitar parts that you want to play, or taking lessons and reading books with a less than favorable chance of learning what you actually set out to learn.

Or you can skip the hardship and learning curve by using Guitar Lessons Pro
and discover how your guitar playing abilities will increase dramatically in a short period of time. All with a complete and total money back guarantee. That's right, if you are not totally satisfied within 1 year of purchase you can request and receive a full refund! You can even keep the eBooks.

Now picture this...one year from now you are playing the solos you always dreamed of playing, you are playing song after song with seemingly no effort. Music is flowing out of you in a natural and powerful way. People listen to you and watch you play and they wonder how you got that good.

Now stop and look back at today. Considering that you now have improved several levels above where your playing was before, what price tag would you place on the lessons?

I guess if you took one-on-one lessons with a guitar instructor, once a week for 1 year at $25 a lesson, you would have paid roughly $1250.00. And you might (might) have learned about 1/2 of what is offered in Guitar Lessons Pro. I know about this...I took lessons for several years and I didn't even learn 1/4 of it.

Or you can buy all of the books needed to explain the all encompassing and in-depth concepts, approaches and techniques contained in Guitar Lessons Pro. That would probably be about 20 books at about $20 per book - about $400. I know this also, I bought those books, I have stacks of them, and altogether they still do not give you the full picture that is contained in Guitar Lessons Pro.

You don't have to pay that much or waste that much time. Now you can order the Guitar Lessons Pro Ultimate Guitar Learning Toolkit for only $34.95.

Do you want to start playing the songs you want to play? Do you want to start playing guitar leads and solos now? If you answered yes then...


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