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Goddess University Program

Attention ladies: If you’re ready to lose fat, feel confident, sexy and want to fit into ALL of the clothes in your closet while eating more food than you probably are, continue reading…

Discover how to flatten your tummy, reduce cellulite, look years younger while eating real foods, enjoying your favorite treats with NO calorie counting, bogus diet pills or yo-yo dieting

Get long term results with my easy to follow nutrition program. I’ll show you exactly what to eat, what to buy and give you delicious recipes that will keep you satisfied

Looking for a reliable source? That’s where I come in. My story…

A little more about where I came from and why I’m no different than you are…


This is my “before”. At my heaviest; 202 pounds. Eating cookie dough, Doritos & soda were a normal meal. Sweat pants and baggy t-shirts were my daily outfits to hide in.

Look, I’m not here to give you a crazy sales pitch and make all sorts of false claims. This isn’t hype. It’s real food and real results

Can you relate to the questions below? If so, then you are not alone.
Are you hiding behind baggy clothes? Frustrated with how your clothes fit you? Clueless as to how to eat healthy? Possibly still carrying that “baby weight”? Are you eating things like cookie dough, potato chips and soda on a frequent basis? Feeling hopeless on where to start? Do you constantly yo-yo diet? Are you enemies with your scale?
I know who you are, because I was in the same spot…

Can you relate…?
Are you embarrassed about your body? Feeling depressed, lack energy or have digestive issues? Would you rather just not leave the house than try to put on clothes that don’t fit? Are you no fun to be around because you lack confidence or you have low self esteem?
Congratulations, you NORMAL are like most women I’ve met. The good news is that you are not alone and I am here to help you. I felt fat, disgusting, embarrassed about my body and never wanted to get out of the house. I was tired, suffered severe stomach issues, anxiety, depression, very low self esteem and had no energy for life. I was a single mom, chasing kids, working 2 jobs and was ready to give up. I couldn’t imagine wearing a swimsuit, shorts or anything tight and revealing.

I gave up because “diets” made me crazy!

Physically I was still tired all of the time and my body didn’t feel healthy inside. My stomach issues persisted. My body wasn’t happy. I was stuck in the “old school” mentality of just counting calories. I still have some of my old food journals from 2009 and it’s so obvious now why I wasn’t seeing results. Even though I thought restrictive dieting was the answer, my body was still not looking or performing at its best. Not to mention, I was never consistent. I’d deprive myself on a lower calorie diet to then only binge or give up completely because counting calories was way to challenging.

My idea of eating healthy was extreme calorie restriction, low fat packaged foods, fat-free everything and I’d go days on end without eating a real fruit or vegetable. Not to mention I indulged in 1- 2 glasses of wine nightly.

After the birth of my 2 oldest children I started exercising & managed to lose some weight, but still felt miserable. I didn’t eat as healthy as I knew I should. I had my 3rd child in 2006 & then really immersed myself in everything & anything fitness, nutrition & self-improvement. That’s when things started to change!

In January 2010 I braved the camera in my bikini and started a journey that would change my life. It had forever been a dream of mine to walk on stage at a bodybuilding show as a figure athlete.

I started my education through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition a short month after I started my first contest preparation. I couldn’t believe how much food impacted not only how I felt on the inside but my energy, vitality and moods.

I started eating nutritious whole foods, removed the alcohol from my diet, ditched the excessive sugary junk and packaged foods.

Then it all clicked…

There is no magic pill, gadget, gizmo, crash diet or special exercise that will get you long lasting results.

It was like a HUGE light bulb went off in my head AND my body. WOW, I FEEL amazing. Read that last sentence again. I felt amazing!

After several competitions, I realized that food was the key to maintaining a fit and sexy physique. I looked and felt better than I had ever felt in my entire life. That, in itself, was payoff enough for me. I was hungry ( pun intended) for more knowledge and was on a hell-bent mission to help others achieve their goalsI took to the stage 3 times in 2012, again in 2013 and 2014.

Taking care of your body will have you feeling Fit, Sexy & Confident!
This program is a compilation of years worth of study and personal research paired with over 7 years of working with hundreds of clients in my studio. It will give you the tools you need to reach your best body every.
I’ve already tried all the gimmicks and made all of the mistakes…now you don’t have to.

Positivity and optimism breed positive outcomes. Negativity and pessimism will be poison to your life and your body. This program, and any program for that matter, is what you make of it. If you put in a half-assed attempt, expect those results. If you really want to see significant changes then give this program your hardest effort. Know that making lifestyle changes, losing weight, gaining muscle, ditching alcohol, eating healthfully all while learning new exercises and taking risks is going to take hard work, diligence, persistence, consistency and PATIENCE!

Through my trial and errors, paired with my education at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, I have discovered what works. This nutrition program that I’ve created, has worked wonderfully for my clients.

Over the years, after my contest dieting, I’ve continued to maintain my Goddess Body with this easy to implement lifestyle program as well.

Confident & Sexy Mom!

If I can be a Fit, Sexy & Confident mom so can you!

So, enough about me, check out my Goddess below and it’s time to create your story NOW!

Looking for some proof? Check out the Goddesses Below…

Just some of my amazing testimonials…

Carla K. 25+ Pounds Lost!

a 51 year old grandmother, wife, and nurse who’s lost a remarkable 25+ pounds!

Gina L. 20 Pounds Lost!

Age 46 , diabetes now controlled WITHOUT medicine, migraines gone and she has a new zest for life!

Jaclyn I. lost an amazing 42 pounds!!!

Jaclyn, a 35 year old, wife, mom of 2 little ones and a nurse. She has lost an amazing 42 pounds!!!

Terra G. L. 40 Pounds Lost!

Terra, a 26 year old registered nurse, wife and mom to a 1 year old. Lost an amazing 40+ pounds and looks better than before she was pregnant!

Andreina Rodriguez- 45 Pounds Gone!


Laurie Blizzard – Lost Over 30 Lbs!

Laurie Blizzard, 46 year old HOT Mamma of 2 teenagers, wife and mom! Has lost over 30 pounds in our program. She owns a business, works full time and managed to implement our easy strategies for success.

Cheri Davis – Lost Over 45 Lbs!

Cheri Davis…WOW!!! Wife, mom and works 50+ hours a week uses our proven formula and has had an amazing accomplishment! Over 45 pounds of weight loss!

Gina DeRoos…over 20 pounds GONE!

Looks like a fitness model! “I finally did this and I am so glad I did. I didn’t really realize just how much my body has changed. The picture on the left is from my first day at Venus 25 pounds heavier.

What a journey this has been, physically and emotionally. I am a new woman, a better woman, all because of you. Your program means so much to me! I’m not sure, but I think I’m pretty close to that six-pack” -Gina D., 36, lost 25 pounds and looks like a fitness model.

Kim After Only 12 Weeks

And this remarkable transformation below is Kim! Look at the amazing transformation her body made in 12 weeks!

Allison Gomes – Lost Over 10 Lbs!

Alison Gomes, 43-year-old wife & mom! Sporting the body of a SUPER FIT 20 year old! Lost 10+ pounds and is rocking a 6 pack now!

Tina Lost 45 Lbs!

Tina Soares, 32 year old mom and business owner who’s lost 45 pounds. “I can’t believe how the weight is just falling off and this is so easy. It’s not dieting; it’s just eating like we were meant to eat and enjoying treats in moderation. It’s literally just common sense once you get the basic principles down”.

Sheena Lost 20 Lbs and Got A New Goddess Body

Sheena Oback, wife and mom didn’t own a bikini at first but now she does. Sheena was ready for change. She was living off Mountain Dew and Doritos. With a challenging and stressful schedule, she resorted to junk food because it was convenient. Sheena was at a point in her life where she knew she wanted to be a positive role model for her young daughter. But, because she often put herself on the back burner (as us women tend to do) her habits were catching up to her quickly. She was tired, stressed and needed to put herself first so that she could take care of her family the right way. She lost 20 pounds and got a new Goddess Body (look at that booty!).

Kathleen Lost 18 Pounds!

“Diane, in the years since I put on this weight I’ve tried everything under the sun. Pills, laser, lipo, trainers, dvd sets, all the latest equipment and even interviewed for the biggest loser, but nothing kept me motivated to keep going or have offered me the support or camaraderie that Venus has. You have a great place there and I tell everyone about you and Venus each chance I get.Thank you”– Kathleen V., 40, off blood pressure medication and lost 18 pounds

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi there! My name is Diane Flores and I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend and, most importantly…a WOMAN who knows exactly how you feel! I am also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, Certified Pole & Fitness Trainer, previous NPC figure athlete and current NPC Bikini Competitor with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. The demands on my life are no less or more important than yours. Which means, if I can live a Fit, Sexy and Confident lifestyle, you can too and my program will show you how.

Let’s get to the point – Here’s exactly what’s inside the 12 Week Goddess Body University Fat Loss Nutrition Program

This fat loss nutrition program, motivation, recipes and guidebook will keep you focused and excited to start losing fat the easy and smart way. You will discover how to make small, but conscious adjustments that will propel you into transformation SUCCESS!

The Goddess Body University Nutrition Handbook

This is the key to your 12 week fat loss program. You will never be confused as to how to eat for fat loss again. I’ve made it simple and easy to follow. It is divided into three 4-week phases. Each phase has a slightly different nutritional focus to accelerate your fat loss, expose you to different nutrients and keep your progress continual week after week.

Other programs give you an excessive 12 weeks of meal plans that are complex and leave you overwhelmed with feeling like you have to have too many foods on hand. Keeping it simple, tasty, quick and easy is the key to success. I won’t overwhelm you!

Whether you’re just getting started with healthy eating, or a seasoned veteran, this guide will show you exactly what to eat and how much to eat. You just choose when you want to eat it!

This includes:
Done for you SIMPLE meal plans that don’t require hours of cooking Detailed grocery list for each phase broken into food categories Specific brands for all foods and products so you know EXACTLY what to get at the store
With this plan you won’t have to think at all when it comes to eating for fat loss. Everything is laid out for you in easy, simple to follow steps.

The Goddess Body University Program Guide

Getting started can be the hardest part. One of the biggest complaints I hear is the lack of motivation. Oftentimes you will purchase a new program and feel overwhelmed and lost as to what to do first. This guide will get your mind decluttered and on the right path.

This guide will give you: A getting started check list- this will ensure that you are set up for success. PLUS 5 weekly easy, actionable tips that I’ve called your “5 Easy Things Rx”. Implement these action steps weekly and they will become your new habits. These steps will lead you to making our program your new enjoyable lifestyle rather attempting to live through yet another torturous and unrealistic diet plan.

You will find tips on:
Nutrition Motivation Accountability Mindset Life hacks
By the end of this guide, you will have implemented these tips which will become lifelong habits. This will keep you living a positive, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle that is not a temporary fad diet.

Goddess Body University Fat Burning Recipes

These are my most popular and raved about recipes. There are high in protein and will keep you burning fat while not feeling deprived whatsoever! You won’t believe that you can eat some of these recipes and lose fat. Inside you will find 18 delicious recipes that correspond with your meal plans. You’ll find recipes such as:
PMS Chocolate Peanut Butter Muffins Anti-jiggle Chocolate Peanut Butter “milkshake” Goddess Body Mini-Meatloaf Muffins Protein Pancakes
This book will give you: 18 protein rich recipes that are so tasty even your family will love them. Kids love the muffin recipes! The end to struggling for ideas on how to create healthy meals – you won’t be at a loss for what to make in the kitchen. Foods that taste so sinfully delicious you won’t know you are “eating healthy”

And as if that wasn’t awesome enough. You’ll also be getting these other valuable bonus features…

Bonus #1

Goddess Body University Jump Start Guide

Don’t want to wait? Want to get started getting the health results you want immediately? Then this Jump Start guide is for you.

These 16 “baby steps” are the foundation to your fat loss goals. Implemented right away, you will notice changes almost immediately in how you feel and ultimately, how you look.

This jump start guide will get you started on your Goddess Body journey, and make sure that you are able to actually make a permanent, positive change in your fat loss journey.

With this guide, you will discover the KEY factors in maintaining a lean body. So if you want to dive right in and get going as fast as possible, make sure to read this bonus.


Goddess Body University Bulk Meal Prep Guide

One of the MAIN keys to success is being prepared. I hate constantly being in the kitchen, so bulk meal prep helps avoid that and keeps you prepared at the same time. Win-win!!

In this guide you will find a detailed breakdown on:
What foods to cook in bulk When to bulk prep What tools you should have to make it easier The order in which to cook your foods to save time and multi-task Storing your food Reheating tips
After reading this guide, you will be well prepared to cook your meals and foods in bulk. This will keep you eating clean all the time with less hassle!


Treat Meal Guide and Healthy Restaurant Dining

As you go through your Goddess Body journey, inevitably you’re going to go out to eat, but need to stay on track. Instead of struggling to pick the best clean eating options on the menu, we’ve created this guide to show you how to eat at restaurants without any issues.

While on the plan, I also highly recommend that you take 1 meal per week to indulge in your old favorite foods. I refer to this as your TM, or “treat meal”. There are multiple reasons, which I explain in this guide book, but you will be relieved to know you can “have your cake and eat it too”.

This guide will show you:
How to order at restaurants and stay on your fat blasting, lean and Goddess Body Lifestyle Key strategies to navigate through common menu pitfalls Why you should become a “food snob” immediately and not cave to worthless, empty calories How to plan a treat meal around your regular eating lifestyle Treat meal FAQ’s
By the end of this guide, instead of potentially dreading going to restaurants and feeling confused on what choices to make, you’ll look forward to it.

Ready to get the Goddess Body of your dreams with my simple to follow nutrition plan?

On Sale for $47

Get Started Today

[Click HERE now to order the Goddess Body University Nutrition Program for $47]

Please note, program is 100% online. All materials are DIGITAL and sent to you INSTANTLY in PDF format. Nothing will be physically mailed to you. Download to any computer or iPad, just not a phone. Instant download means you can start NOW!

The Goddess Body University Philosophy…

Fat loss does not need to be overly restrictive and confusing. A good, effective fat loss strategy that has you eating some of your treat foods in moderation means a lifestyle that is stress free. This is the key to long-term success in reaching your Goddess Body FOREVER.

You don’t have to torture yourself with crash diet methods to lose fat and keep it off forever. The point is to make new habits to replace old habits that will not only change your body and life, but will also stop the endless cycle of yo-yo and crash diets that don’t work.

I’ve found what really works and what does NOT work and I’m here to get you those results you so desperately want.

Let’s get you started in creating your Goddess Body in my proven, step-by-step, Goddess University Nutrition formula, so that you will look and feel Fit, Sexy and CONFIDENT in your skin once and for all!!



PS. Just know, if you have not felt successful up until this point, it’s NOT your fault!!! There are so many potions, pills and gimmicks out there that promise to deliver long lasting results that are a joke! It’s time to stop and get on board with what has been proven to work, the Goddess Body University Nutrition Program.

60-day money back guarantee

If you take these tools and implement them over the next 12 weeks and do not start to feel Fit, Sexy and Confident than before you started, we will gladly take it back no questions asked. 60-day money back guarantee.

Questions and Answers about Goddess Body University Nutrition Program

Q: “Is this a workout program?”
A: No, this program is all of the nutrition strategies you need to get started in the right direction for fat loss. If you are currently exercising, this will be a great compliment to your program.

If you want an exercise program, start with this nutrition program first and stay tuned…I will be releasing a fitness program soon that will accelerate your results.

In the meantime, I have FREE videos on my[ YouTube channel ]that you can start with to keep you on track and help you lose fat faster.

Q: “Is this a bikini contest meal plan?”
A: No. Although, preparing for a bikini contest requires the basic knowledge of “eating clean” and proper macronutrient breakdown so this would be a great program to start. Most of my bikini competitors have started with these same exact nutrition meal plans and principles. This has made their transition to bikini competitions SO much easier.

Q: “How many calories are in your meal plans?”
A: The Goddess Body University Program is calorie-count free. This basic fat loss program was created from my own personal struggles as well as seeing my clients personal struggles and frustration with trying to lose fat.

Calorie counting is NOT the whole picture. It is very easy to get caught up in it and get all stressed out, then just give up. I’m teaching you how to eat whole foods, proper macronutrients (protein, carbs, healthy fats) in the appropriate portion sizes.

None of my recipes contain calorie counts. This is a foundational program that needs to be as stress-free as possible. Stress = increased cortisol which = fat gain. Stop stressing and trust the process. You will discover how ridiculously freeing it is to “Live the Goddess Lifestyle”!!

Q: “What if I’m vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, have food allergies or any other food concerns? Will this nutrition program work for me?
A: There are suggestions for vegan and vegetarian sources of proteins, however the Goddess Body University Program is not suited specifically to those needs.

Q: “Is this nutrition program really different than every other fat loss program out there?”
A: For sure. This program is a happy medium between a Holistic approach to weight loss and real world tactics. I’m busy, you’re busy and there’s not a lot of time to be overly strict and hope for results.

I also make sure that you understand that motivation and mindset are essential to any transformation. This is done by actionable steps for you to implement weekly, along with your new nutrition habits.

Q: “How much weight will I lose?”
A: Because every woman is absolutely unique, I can’t give you an exact answer. What I can tell you, is that if you follow the program and implement the lifestyle changes, I’ve seen women lose as much as 40+ pounds in 12 weeks utilizing my Goddess Body University Nutrition Program.

Some Goddesses have no weight to lose but completely tighten, tone up and feel better than they have in their entire life. The key to remember is that this is a lifestyle change. The success stories I have here on this page are women who have done the program, continue to live the lifestyle and that should be proof in itself!

Q: “Is this program just for women?”
A: Fat loss and eating healthy aren’t exclusive to just women! Because I own a women’s lifestyle studio, you won’t see photos of men in my success stories. BUT, most of my clients have boyfriends or husbands that have dropped SIGNIFICANT amounts of weight as they’ve adapted these new eating habits. I’ve heard stories of hubbies/boyfriends losing upwards of 30 pounds in the 12 weeks that their partners have been on the program.

Q: “I’ve tried all kinds of programs (counting points, counting calories, weight loss shakes, you name it) why is this program different?”
A: How’d that work out for ya? This works because this is not a diet, and diets SUCK! The key is making it a lifestyle change. It’s WHAT you are eating and how much. Most diets are overly restrictive and want you to count every little calorie you consume. This program shifts you from calorie counting to eating foods in combinations that will give you energy, are more satiating (filling) and tasty.

You will have all of the tools that you will need to be successful through your journey. You eat REAL food, learn how to make wiser choices and STILL create opportunities to enjoy your not-so-healthy favorites in moderation. YES, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Q: “Will this online e-book program be effective?”
A: Hell yes!! Well, of course you have to implement the strategies! My online program has shown to have amazing results with my Goddesses. It’s super easy and everything is spelled out for you.

You literally just follow the directions and, with time, the fat starts melting off. It’s all about creating a healthy lifestyle that is like second nature once you establish the new eating habits.

Q: “Is Goddess University REALLY the right program for me?”
A: If any of the below statements seem to hit home for you, then YES!!
The thought of going into a dressing room to try on clothing makes you cringe because you are so uncomfortable with how your body looks. When summer approaches this means bathing suits, shorts and tank tops which stresses you out. You often make excuses to get out of going to events where you know you will have to be in a swimsuit or revealing clothing. Getting on the scale gauges your emotions for the day. If it’s too high you are upset and you think about it all day, if it’s low then you have a great day. When being intimate with your partner the lights have to be off. You are so uncomfortable with the way you look you don’t want to be seen naked. Your grocery cart contains foods that mainly come in packages. Some are fat free, low fat, gluten free, etc but you are really clueless as to if what you are consuming is “healthy”. You think you are supposed to be eating less… skipping breakfast, eating a small lunch and then binging at dinner. Eating out at restaurants always leaves you feeling guilty afterwards. Either you get confused as to what to order so you order the usual comfort foods, or you don’t eat enough for fear of what you are eating will make you gain weight. You have no energy throughout the day. After lunch time you crash and can’t seem to snap out of it. You LIVE at Starbucks to keep your energy up.
Q: “With this nutrition program will I have to eat special expensive foods?”
A: It is a simple and straightforward program that offers flexibility, yet yields serious results. You will eat real whole foods and you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen daily. We have amazing quick recipes for moms on the go, like myself.

There are no specialty-boxed foods that cost a lot of money. Almost every item can be found at your local supermarket. I offer you a complete list of brands that I use, but you are free to find comparable products that work for your budget. Many of my clients have actually noticed that they have saved a considerable amount of money by reducing their take-out frequency, processed foods, boxed foods and JUNK. Not to mention now they are eating proper portions of food.

Once you are taught how to implement these new habits with our flexible meal plans and done for you grocery list, you are much more likely to have continued success long after you complete the program.

Q: “What if it doesn’t work for me?
A: If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, well then it’s free. Trust me, I’ve seen this program work on my clients who have put in an honest effort. Literally, hundreds of pounds have been shed with this program via my clients.

This is why I offer a completely spectacular and totally no questions asked 60 day guarantee. Test it for yourself, give it time to work and if it’s not everything I’ve told you it is, I’ll give you a full refund and allow you to keep the program just for giving it an honest try.

Q: “Ok, I’m ready to quit procrastinating. How do I start the journey to my Goddess Body?”
A: Yay! You are one smart Goddess. Once you’ve made your purchase, the documents will be delivered to you via downloadable PDF format (you don’t have to wait, nothing is mailed to you!!).

So you can even read it on your computer, your tablet, or even your smart phone. Or, you can do it the old-fashioned way and print it out (my personal fave).

It’s that simple! Make the decision to take action and you’ll be that closer to the Goddess Body you deserve. The only way to overcome fears or uncertainties is to look them square in the face and let them know that YOU are in charge of your path.


Ready to get the Goddess Body of your dreams with my simple to follow nutrition plan?

On Sale for $47

Get Started Today

[Click HERE now to order the Goddess Body University Nutrition Program for $47]

If any of the above sounds like you, its now’s the time to get real! Our program was designed for REAL women. Women just like you with real fears and doubts but hell bent on achieving the body they deserve!

Aimee O. Lost 8 Lbs After 2 Weeks Of Clean Eating!

Ashley C. Lost an amazing 15 pounds and got her pre-baby body back!

Melissa O. Lost 10 Pounds and Several Pant Sizes!

Jessica C. 16 Lbs Gone! All with my nutrition program!

Dana B. – 43 years old. Lost a Whopping 35 Pounds!

It’s that simple! Make the decision to take action and you’ll be that closer to the Goddess Body you deserve. The only way to overcome fears or uncertainties is to look them square in the face and let them know that YOU are in charge of your path.

Welcome to Goddess University. The 12-week transformation program that will not only change your body, but your entire life.

Ready to get the Goddess Body of your dreams with my simple to follow nutrition plan?

On Sale for $47

Get Started Today

[Click HERE now to order the Goddess Body University Nutrition Program for $47]
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For support please email diane AT venuspolefitness.com

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