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I met so many deperate, downtrodden, persecuted people who couldn't get jobs until I discovered...

How to Get a Job  Even with a Criminal Record -

...and get hired by top employers who don't normally hire people with records


Dear Friend,

If you’ve done time (or even been arrested) – you’ve “paid your debt to society” – and you’re ready to start your life again after getting out of jail…

...you know how difficult it is to get a decent job if they do a background check!

It’s the most frustrating thing in the world. You’re trying to put your life back together… make up for the wrong that was done… and show that you’re ready to be a good citizen.

But your past just won’t let that happen

There’s NO GOOD REASON why you shouldn’t get
a fair chance to make a fresh start!

That’s why I have GREAT NEWS for you!

I want to send you a copy of my new e-book that’s all about How to Get a Job When You Have a Criminal Record.

I actually show you that there’s an EASY WAY to get a great job – despite your background!

Yes, employers will do a background check.

But don’t let that stop you. 

I have uncovered the “secret” overlooked ways to totally get around that major obstacle.

All you have to do is know HOW to conduct your job search and find the right employers.

I show you all the “tricks” you need to know, including...
Where to look for the BEST jobs – and where NOT to bother looking!The right AMOUNT of résumés to send out.The right number of PAGES for your résumé.The right WORDS to use on your résumé.How to approach RECRUITERS and get them on your side.The #1 thing to remember to SAY during INTERVIEWS.The “7-Second Rule” – and how to make it work for you, not against you.When to spend MONEY on your job search – and when not to.How to use the WEB to leverage your “online image” – and overcome background checks as much as possible.Using GOOGLE to your advantage – especially to “bury” any negative information that’s out there!Reputation Management made EASY – without spending money!How to use SOCIAL MEDIA the right way from now on!“NETWORKING” your way to the job you want!How to ask for REFERRALS and RECOMMENDATIONSWHO to reach out to – and who to avoid!How to use JOB BOARDS like Monster.com the right way – when you have to.What to do when the PHONE rings and an employer wants to TALK to you!Why the first 17 SECONDS of the conversation will “make or break” you – and how to handle it with ease.How to handle the dreaded “INCARCERATION” QUESTION!How to use recommendation letters and explanatory letters to full effect.How to use the Employer Tax Break to your advantage.

All this – AND MUCH MORE – is contained in my e-book, which is yours for just $29.95. I even give you ACTUAL TEXT to use (samples) when writing to people… plus Web links for proven-reliable resources and services… and more!

The bottom line is that YOU will stand out from the crowd and GET HIRED

…even ahead of other applicants who don’t have a criminal record!

As long as you follow the simple, logical steps in my e-book, you will get a job – faster and easier than you ever thought!

These are the “secrets” you need to know in order to GET A JOB after you get out of jail.

The fact is, the vast majority of the “unemployed” are NOT trying… BARELY trying… or making a very POOR EFFORT at trying to get a job.

With this e-book in your hands, you’ll be able to SUCCESSFULLY COMPETE in today’s job market – despite the significant disadvantage of having a criminal record!

You’ll now know how to make a plan and take action on it every day until you get hired. Do everything in this guide, consistently, and your phone will RING with opportunity!

Guaranteed. [Click here] to order your copy TODAY!

Rob Yarnek


The best thing about the materials provided is that it doesn't take weeks or months to learn and understand the concepts.  Within minutes, you'll have actionable advice that you can use right now.

You need a job now.

We can help you now.

[Get the Book!

Introductory Offer Only: Act Now!

Since demand is high, and we are offering online support via our "Community Group"  We will soon be raising the Price on this to $99.

But for the Next few days you can own these materials and Lifetime support for just $29.95

[Click Here to Order Now]

P.S.      One more thing. It’s important…

I’ve added a Special Bonus Report to supplement the information that’s already in my e-book. ACT NOW and I’ll send it to you FREE along with your e-book order.

It’s called “Top 5 Secrets to Finding Ex-Criminal Friendly Employers” – and the title is self-explanatory! It covers information you’ll never find in “ordinary” job-search books. You’ll know exactly WHO to go to for a Second Chance.

Grab this FREE BONUS when you order my e-book TODAY. You’ll be glad you did!



The Top 5 Secrets to Finding Ex-Criminal Friendly Employers.

These are tips and tricks that no one has ever seen!  The information contained in this bonus alone could should you hundreds of job leads in your area.  We could sell this miin-book For $40...$50...even $60.

But it's yours for FREE when you order today.

[Order Now]

"This is a great book for anyone with a criminal past who is in process of reentering the job market."

See what our customers had to say:

I really could have used this upon my release, I wasted three months applying at the supercenters and grocery stores, background checks killing my chances. I am now in construction, started from the bottom and am working my way up with new responsibilities everyday. Hardwork and diligence are key and part of that diligence would be preperation. This book and tips are a great way to prepare for whats coming, read it, study it and apply it!  Thank you for your passion Rob!
Francisco B. V.

This is a great book for anyone with a criminal past who is in process of reentering the job market. Informative, easy to read,  and filled with creative ideas and tips that will help those with barriers to employment land the job. I consider this a go-to book  for real world job-hunting advice for anyone with a Criminal record.
Valerie R.

As a felon of five years that was able to find meaningful employment I found this to be very informative. The information shed light on very useful tactics in regards to garnering employment as a felon. If you have been stressed about how you will better your future post conviction this is a motivator and must read. Thank you very much. A huge thank you to Rob Yarnek. Lamar L.

P.P.S  There's an adage I heard a while back, and I always held it to be true...

"Job Hunting is a Lonely Task"

It's even more so when you have a Criminal Record.  I happy to tell you I am including another Special Bonus.  YOU are no longer alone...


Special Bonus #2

When you order today, you will be invited to our exclusive online community.  You can connect with others who are in your exact situation, ask questions, trade information....or just stalk the discussions.

The bottom line is...you are no longer alone.

[Order Now]

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Only $29.95

Since this in an introductory offer, within a few days we will be raising the price to $99. 

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