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If you drink too much alcohol, then I guarantee this will be the most valuable information you will read this lifetime…

“How To Stop Drinking Easily Without Painful Withdrawals”

Natural Alcohol Detox To Help You Beat Withdrawals

Quitting Alcohol Can Be Difficult…

So I’m not going to sprinkle fairy dust on a serious issue like a drinking problem – because if you are anything like I was…

You’ve been drinking longer than you wanted and it is already out of control

And the longer you drink, the harder it can be to stop


You’ve just found a solution to control alcohol

- WITHOUT declaring yourself an ‘alcoholic’
- WITHOUT a lifelong struggle using willpower
- WITHOUT becoming some ‘ex-addicted’ loser…

And By The Way…

This isn’t religion
Or ’12 steps’
Or counselling…

You don’t need to give in to God or any ‘higher power’

You can if you want, I don’t care.

I Finally Figured Out How To Control Drinking – Forever

But if you want full control over your drinking, keep reading to see how to overcome painful withdrawals or cravings

Plus, you’ll discover how your brain can work against you

- even with mild psychological addiction

Here’s The 2 CRITICAL Reasons Most People Quitting Booze – Fail In 2 Weeks

Quitting Alcohol Without Recognizing The Pattern

I want to show you how alcohol is creating a loop in your brain – a mental trap that is causing you to repeat the same mistake, over and over again…

Like many things in life, it can be difficult to change your actions after many years of habit. And as much as society would have you think otherwise – alcohol is a drug

So when you quit any ritual in your life (especially a drug) you need a plan. Many fail to quit alcohol over and over again – because they don’t know how to plan for it…

Missing Out On Alcohol Detox

This is a crazy, but most people quitting alcohol never use alcohol detox – the first step to a full-recovery. Alcohol Detoxification is also a healthy break for anyone:

- before binge drinking
- after binge drinking
- even if you aren’t an ‘alcoholic’

Once you use Alcohol Detox during the initial phase of quitting, your chance of success more than doubles as you feel much healthier physically

Plus, as a bonus – you avoid many withdrawals…

Some Of The Most Painful And Common Withdrawals Of Quitting Alcohol:

Vomiting Paranoia Seizures
Sweats Nausea Tremors
Convulsions Anxiety Agitation
Without detox you are more likely to experience these problems

And if quitting is painful, you are more likely to go back to drinking…

What Is The Best Way To Quit Alcohol?

The best method is to deal with both your body & mind. You need to re-establish how you think of alcohol – and give your body an alcohol detox at the same time

This isn’t a long process – it takes just a week

This is great for your health and the most successful method to quit alcohol. Once you think of drinking differently, and detox denies your body of any cravings

You find yourself turning down alcohol naturally, which is a great feeling…

With less mental or physical cravings or withdrawals…

Imagine it:

- YOU having a clear mind, more energy,
- YOU having focus, motivation and clarity
- A new ability to turn down alcohol easily

No matter how difficult it seems right now – life changes when you have control

How Would This Change Your Life?

When you have total control, you can drink just two. Maybe one, or none at all… Or you can quit drinking alcohol for the rest of your life (and I recommend it)

But this is all on your own terms – because you will have control

Even people that drink regularly for years can quit permanently – any time they choose – or just cut back to a controlled number of drinks – forever!

Okay, I’m getting too excited and ahead of myself again…

Allow me to explain to you exactly what this is all about:

I have created a resource for you

This is a step-by-step course to help you quit alcohol.

It includes some of the best methods known today to control your drinking. Plus, all the knowledge and experience you need from previous people that have quit alcohol successfully…

This course gives you the confidence you need to build your health, relationships, and everything for a solid life to control alcohol, or quit alcohol completely.

How To Control Alcohol

What Is Inside “How To Control Alcohol?”

How to defuse your psychological addiction to alcohol Get the focus & motivation you need to upgrade your career or education How to sleep naturally – without drinking… What you will feel and REAL-LIFE solutions that work What you should never do when you quit alcohol (you are probably doing this) Rid the ‘feeling’ to go and buy alcohol (discover the real you) **WARNING** This course actually changes how you look at drinking alcohol

Digital Delivery

How To Control Alcohol is digitally delivered. You can start using all the material in just minutes for the limited price of just $49. That’s it! A one-time payment, with no extra fees, no shipping cost, and no ongoing payments…
[ Click Here To Add To Cart]

Order Today And You’ll Also Receive Natural Alcohol Detox – FREE!

This is a natural course to detox your body of toxins without using dangerous artificial man-made detox kits, and designed specifically to reduce cravings and eliminating withdrawals associated with alcohol.

You’ll be using special detoxifying agents, natural products, vitamins, fresh herbs and some rare homely ingredients.

What Is Inside “Natural Alcohol Detox?”

How to defuse your physical addiction to alcohol Feel FRESH as you eliminate all alcohol toxins in your body Repair and protect your liver through the detox period Gain more natural ‘happiness’ chemicals like dopamine and serotonin Avoid most cravings and depression when you quit alcohol Generate and assist blood cells to carry oxygen through your body Feel healthy and gain energy each morning when you first wake-up Kick-start your natural physical healing process Do it all Mother Nature’s way – everything is 100% natural Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee...

I want to make this easy for you… You won’t find this many places. But I’m so sure this will work for you that if you’re the slightest bit unhappy – I offer a 60 day money back guarantee (that’s over 8 weeks just to give this a go)

It isn’t difficult either: To request a refund just use our [contact page] to let me (Seb Grant) know… Hey, you can even keep ‘How To Control Alcohol’ as my way of saying ‘thanks’ just for trying us…

From: Seb Grant
Date: August, 2014

Even with all that obvious pain – I went back to alcohol again and again, and wasted more of my own ‘life’ – drinking heavily for 15 years…

I told myself a thousand times I would stop drinking. But eventually I decided to get real. I stopped ‘trying to quit’ over & over again – like so many do…

But I just couldn’t understand it…

Why couldn’t I stop drinking on my own?

It didn’t make sense to me, but at the time I knew I had a problem

Because I’d tried to quit many times – and failed…

ONLY at this point, I started looking for help – maybe just like you are now (usually when you wake up with feelings of guilt and regret)

Eventually, I ended my 15 years of heavy and pointless drinking…

I am lucky enough to enjoy a clean life, and I am in complete control

- I feel and look great
- I enjoy more confidence in my life
- I am way happier overall

But I’d still be drinking if I hadn’t learned HOW to quit alcohol…

Doesn’t it make you frustrated to NOT know why you continue drinking – when you say you don’t want to do?? This is why ‘How To Control Alcohol’ is different

This is about empowering YOU to control your life

Giving YOU control…

We both know this program will pay itself off - quickly

In fact, how long exactly will it take?

How many days of drinking does 50 bucks buy you?

A week? A few days?

If you don’t fix your habit, how much will it cost you every week?

What is worth more to you anyway?

- Your next worthless drink, that you admit you feel you need?
- Or a solution that works permanently to help you escape, without pain?

But this isn’t even about money any more… Is it? This isn’t about the sleepless nights or painful withdrawals, either – they are all just excuses.

So let’s just get real for a moment…

Can I Really Quit Alcohol Completely?

Let’s ponder the thought of never drinking alcohol ever again:

Can you actually imagine this??

- NEVER waking up with a BURSTING headache
- NEVER worrying about having too many to drive
- NEVER again making a total fool of yourself
- NEVER throwing up for no good reason
- NEVER rushing to the store – to buy more in time
- NEVER worrying about ‘drunk texting’
- NEVER wondering if you REEK like booze…
- NEVER losing your job, your career or your business
- NEVER worrying about your partner walking out on you
- NEVER having the shakes and the sweats again…
- NEVER feeling like crap every time you wake up
- NEVER having to lie about how many you’ve had to drink
- NEVER worrying about ‘running out of alcohol’ all the time
- NEVER seeing your cash going towards something killing you

What has ‘being drunk’ cost you so far in your life?

It is sad…

Alcohol changes every aspect of your life, for the worse…

But you don’t have to quit completely if that seems scary – I get that…

If you think alcohol still has benefits, you can just develop control for now

Then, next time you want to quit or take a break from drinking, you’ll be able to
[ Click Here To Add To Cart]

But It Gets Better:

I can say with confidence that when people quit alcohol this way, they end up pro-active people with good ideas – and success often follows

This means you have nothing to lose but a lifelong problem with alcohol that is, frankly, killing you, hurting everyone around you, and destroying your relationships

You spend more than you think on alcohol…

Not to mention your physical or mental health, deteriorating…

So if you give me a chance, and follow my strategy exactly?

There is no painful cravings, no sweaty withdrawals, no fighting with willpower, no sleepless nights, and you don’t have to do this cold turkey

There is also no willpower required, no prescription drugs – and no awkward group therapy! All I need now is a commitment from you now – and the rest is on me…

This is personal to me. And you have a LOT to gain when you consider the difference having control makes in your life…

[Let’s Get Started]

Talk Soon,

Seb Grant

The EASIEST Way To Stop Drinking…

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