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Does this all sound a little too familiar……?
My cake pops aren’t round, they taste horrible, they keep falling off the stick, yellow oooz comes out of them, my candy melts are lumpy, my candy melts keep seizing up on me, they look like my child made them, my pops keep cracking… Ahhh I could keep going but I’m sure you have at least one or three of these scenarios happened if you have already attempted making cake pops on your own.The truth is, cake pops may look easy to make (and when you know how to they are) however you start making them, they seem to go pear shape and its one big fail! I’ve come to know at this point of attempting cake pops more than 90% of people will never make a cake pop again, which is really sad because once you know the right technique and then continue to practice those techniques you can actually start making amazing cake pops! I opened my doors for business in 2013, Sweet Sticks here in Melbourne, Australia. Before I opened up shop though I was practising how to make cake pops for almost a year!! I searched and searched and searched online – how to make cake pops, learn to make cake pops, melting candy melts. Yes I got some great tips and advice along the way but there is absolutely nothing out there to REALLY teach you how to make perfect cake pops from start to finish. To be quite honest I went through hell trying to master the cake pop. I have no idea what kept me trying to make a perfect pop but now I’m glad I did because I truly love what I do, it has become my ultimate passion!

Meet Miranda

Miranda Piotrovska – founder and owner of Sweet Sticks and Learn How To Make Cake Pops came into this world while pregnant with her son Jacob and suffering insomnia in the early months of pregnancy. Coming across the ‘cake pop’ from an American blog she knew at that moment that’s what she wanted to be making. She was fortunate to visit London and learn from some of the best cake pop artist they have. Mixing her two passions – desserts and creativity has been a dream come true for Miranda. Her motto ‘love what you do’ is her reason for Sweet Sticks.

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During the time of ‘practicing’ I wasted hundreds of dollars in candy melts alone (The hubby would go mad if he really knew the exact amount).

What You Will Learn In Our Videos

Video 1: Equipment & ingredients
Organization plays a big part in making the perfect cake pop. Without the proper equipment or ingredients (they aren’t hard to find, or expensive, no matter where you live), you’re fighting an uphill battle that you’re destined to lose. So in Video 1, we cover the basics — all equipment and ingredients you need to make the perfect cake pop.
Video 2: The Simple Yet Perfect Cake Recipe!
It should be obvious, but the perfect cake pop starts with the perfect cake recipe. I’ll reveal the 5-ingredient recipe that blows all others away. It took me weeks of trial and error to get this part right. You’re learning it in one short, simple video that you can use each and every time to turn out perfect cake pops without fail.
Video 3: The Frosting that Makes Good Cake Pops Great!
An often-overlooked aspect of the cake pop process, the frosting either makes your cake pop “just okay” or truly puts it into another level. Again, a lot of trial and error was involved here, and you can learn from my mistakes. Don’t waste time experimenting. Try this one recipe and technique and you’re home free.
Video 4: Making, Measuring and Rolling Your Cake Balls so they Look Like they Came from a Professional Baker, not an Amateur
This is one of the steps that’s often-overlooked and it winds up making what would otherwise be a crowning achievement look like an amateurish mistake. Watch this video and you’ll understand the true techniques of the pros.
Video 5: My Personal Recipe for Melting Wilton’s Candy Melts
This is often seen as one of the hardest techniques to learn in cake pop making. In reality, if you follow the techniques and ‘recipe’ in this video, you’ll see how easy it can actually be. My ‘recipe’ will leave you with a beautiful, smooth, perfect coating consistency to dip your cake pops into.
Video 6: My Personal Recipe for Melting Merken’s Candy Melts
The most popular brand by far but probably the most difficult to melt before knowing my “Merkens recipe.” When complete, you will have beautiful, smooth, perfect coating consistency to dip your cake pops into so you can choose which is better suited for your particular style.
Video 7: The Professional’s Secrets to Dipping and Decorating (The “Icing on the Cake,” so to Speak)
This is where I show you how to truly make your cake pops stand out. Dipping and decorating are normally reserved for only the most confident or advanced cake pop makers. That will all change once you watch this video.

FREE BONUS #1 E-Book with Techniques, Recipes and More: Along with the 7 full-length video modules, you’ll also be getting my instantly downloadable e-book that includes all of the information in the videos in e-book format…perfect for referring back to again and again on your cake pop journey. FREE BONUS #2: An Exclusive Invitation to My PRIVATE Facebook Group: Want to interact with myself and other expert cake pop artists from around the world one-on-one? Now’s your chance. As part of this entire package, you’ll receive membership in an exclusive club — a forum where you can ask questions, share your successes and get ongoing tips from advanced cake pop pros and have ME for any questions you may have along your cake pop journey. FREE BONUS #3:How to Perfect the “Ice Cream Cake Pop”: Once you’ve mastered the standard cake pop technique, you can use it to make truly innovative creations like the ice cream cake pop! Just wait until you see this. It’s truly one of my favorites! SPECIAL FREE BONUS #4: EXTRA FREE BONUS: Tips & Tricks Only the Pros Know I hold nothing back in this course. So throughout all of the modules, I sprinkle in the tips and tricks I’ve learned that are normally reserved for only professional cake poppers. In a nutshell, if I know it, you’ll know it. BONUS #5: MINI DESIGN TUTORIALS: I don’t want your cake pop journey to end with me at just making the perfect pop. I want you to gain the confidence so you can make other beautiful cake pop designs. I upload weekly mini design tutorials in the secret Facebook group just for members only. And with your one off purchase you get instant access to all past videos and future ones of course!
Bonus Video How To Make Icecream Cake Pops

Because I want to reach the widest possible audience and I want everybody to know just how easy it can be to making perfect cake pops I’m offering you the entire package for a one-time investment of Just $67!


And of course, everything comes with a “You Love it or I Buy it Back From You Guarantee.” If you don’t love Learn How to Make Cake Pops for any reason, or no reason at all, simply drop me a line at [support@learnhowtomakecakepops.com] and I’ll buy the entire course back from you out of my own pocket.



I watched a few YouTube tutorials prior to taking the Learn How To Make Cake Pops course and always fell short of a perfect cake pop. After taking the course, I am now proud to take my cake pops to events and have in fact taken orders from friends and family!
Miranda taught me skills that I hadn’t seen elsewhere and I have the confidence to create exciting, fun and creative balls of tastiness!

Crystal Mandy

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the information and step by step tutorial which was fantastic to follow. I must say I have come along way with everything you have taught me and never thought I would be able to make professional cake pops! Your course was informative and most importantly relevant, plenty of information to take away and refer to as well. Thanks very much, highly recommend this to everyone.

I seized up so many candy melts (whether it was Wiltons or Merkens) along the way it wasn’t funny.

 For the life of me I would have no idea why the melts would just clump up? They would either end up being so thick or end up with big chunks of melts piled up together. Just one big disaster really! I think I was at my 50th pack of candy melts when I finally learnt my own ‘recipe & technique’ in melting candy melts. That’s a lot of money wasted! And you probably know by now, candy melts aren’t cheap!

This course has two modules dedicated to candy melts. My recipe + my technique = perfect candy melts.. ahhhhhh I still high five myself every time I melt perfect melts. Then there is the cake and frosting.. So many online tutorials get you to ‘crumble a cake and add frosting’ Yes that’s what you’re supposed to do but not the way they show you. If you do that you end up with a horrible raw cake dough texture that is simply inedible and especially unsaleable.

I also know when I started half of my pops would end up with cracks in it.. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why.  I followed everything I could find on YouTube, blog post and cake pop books  and still, time after time cracks! It was so incredibly frustrating!  I’m happy to say now that I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2 cracked in my entire bunch of orders and I show you EVERYTHING I do in my kitchen when making cake pops so you can avoid those problems too.

And what about that smooth coating of candy melts on the pop? How do people get it so perfect and smooth? For months and months I would end up with this little tick on the top or side of my pop and they would just look messy and childlike. It would annoy the hell out of me! Again… After months and months of practise I finally worked out my own technique. And now I can teach you how to avoid that. I’m seriously not joking when I said how many months I tried making cake pops and how much money I spent during that process. Trying to find decent courses was impossible where I am so I had no choice.That is the number one reason why I developed this online course. I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through. If you’ve started making cake pops than you are probably already finding out that they are much harder then they seem and have already probably wasted lots of money and time attempting to make them and have probably decided to give up and never make them again!

That’s why this course is so important.  I give you ALL my techniques, tips, tricks, recipes! No guess work. No wasting hundreds of dollars and no horrible tasting cake pops! So many people go straight into trying to make designer pops and end up failing miserably. They fail because they still don’t know the technique. For some reason people aren’t seeing the importance of this process. I can tell you now the most and I mean the super most important elements of making cake pops are:
-          Having the right cake
-          Having the right frosting
-          Making sure all your balls are the same size
-          Making sure they are perfect and round
-          Getting the temperatures right for both cake balls and candy melts
-          Melting your candy melts absolutely perfect for dipping
-          Knowing how to dip your pop for the perfect finish.
If you don’t know how to do all these, then this course is so valuable to you. Knowing the technique behind making cake pops truly is key. The best part of this course is it’s yours forever! Where ever you are in the world you can play, stop, pause and rewind over and over again until you feel confident in making perfect cake pops! So you can get to know me and my work more, these are just a few cake pops I have created in the past for clients and stylist.
Feel free to view my Instagram or Facebook page for more pictures.[]
I know buying something online can be a little daunting – but just so you know, I’m real. I’m a real person and I make cake pops for a living. This is what I do and I love every bit of it. I developed this course for 3 reasons:
1 – I’m in Melbourne and run classes here every month (for $195.00), but I want to be able to help future cake pop pros all over the world!
2 – If you’re going to make cake pops, make them well! So many failed cake pop attempts out there and that’s because there isn’t enough information on how to make a perfect cake pop.
3 – I absolutely LOVE what I do. I proud of my work, my knowledge and so happy to see how much joy my expertise has brought to other cake pop enthusiasts.

I am truly passionate about cake pops and want others to be proud of their hard efforts also. So for a one off purchase this is everything you get: No matter where you are in the world, you can have access to the entire Master Class and have it to refer back to again and again. The entire course is 7 full-length videos showing you exactly how to make cake pops like a pro, and includes…

Simone O’Dempsey

I had tried doing cake pops a few times before purchasing Miranda's online tutorials and although they turned out ok after watching the videos things became easier and the cake pops turned out better. It's all the little tips and tricks and all her trial and errors that she shares in the videos that make the job easier and a little less stressful.


Before taking your cake pop tutorial, I could never get a nice consistency of coating on my cake pops. They were all ways too lumpy.
After watching your tutorials, I found out how to properly melt the chocolate and coat the balls. They now look 100% better.The videos are very easy to understand and follow, and the pdf is excellent too.
I would recommend this course to anyone, especially beginners like me. :)

So Here’s What to Do Next…
Click the ‘Add to Cart’ Button below and within five minutes you can start learning the secrets to mastering cake pops. Remember, I either deliver on everything I’ve said here today or I’ll personally buy the entire course back from you, no questions asked. I want you to love making cake pops as much as I do! So let’s get started…

Because I want to reach the widest possible audience and I want everybody to know just how easy it can be to making perfect cake pops I’m offering you the entire package for a one-time investment of Just $67!

Miranda x
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