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Discover the Incredible Fat-Burning System Celebrities Use To Get In The Best Shape Of Their Lives In Just 3 Short Weeks...

Dear Friend,

Hi, I’m Kyle Brown, Celebrity Trainer, Host of the ESPN Radio Show The Power Hour with Kyle Brown and the creator of the Real Celebrity Fitness program. As a trainer, coach, nutritionist and author I’ve appeared in or contributed to some of the most respected health and fitness publications in the world.

I’ve been a Go To Resource for some of the World’s Leading Fortune 500 Organizations and health minded retailer Whole Foods…and I’ve even been a finalist for Personal Trainer of the Year.

But What I’m Best At And Most Well Known For Is Getting Celebrities In Incredible Shape…FAST!

“As a working mother of three, I have to say that time is my most important asset. Kyle’s fitness and nutrition plan keeps my health and fitness on the A-list so I can continue to work in Hollywood and have energy left for my family. I get results faster and better with Kyle than anyone I have worked with in the past.”

— Debbe Dunning, Actress/Mother, Heidi, the Tool Time Girl from Home Improvement

“The knowledge contained in Real Celebrity Fitness is what separates the average athlete from the champion. I strive to be the best at everything I do. I realize that in wanting to be the best, I have to be willing to sacrifice and work. Perfection, dominance, excellence, and finishing are what I look to as an end result or accomplishment for my hard work and dedication. Whether I attain these goals depends upon my own attitude and my vision as to what I want to achieve on a daily basis. I know that when I train with Kyle, the emphasis is going to be a high-intensity, get-after-it mentality that I like to call organized chaos. We have a plan, a purpose, and the goal is to push myself beyond a level that I could ever reach when training on my own. Thanks, Kyle, for always pushing me to that championship level that I expect from myself.”

— Jeff Garcia, 4-Time Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback, eighteen-year professional career

“I’ve trained with Kyle for 4 years through 4 pregnancies. Having been in the spotlight as a model, it’s essential for me to always look and feel my best and lead by example for my kids. Kyle’s system will teach you how to find balance amongst the chaos, so you can always bounce back to your best body. Also, his FIT 365 shakes tastes so good I feel like I am cheating on my diet! They keep me full and satisfied and are a perfect solution for us busy, fit moms.”

— Carmella DeCesare Garcia, Playboy Playmate of the Year 2004, model, mother of 4 amazing kids!

“As in life, martial arts and fighting are filled with numerous obstacles. The ups are great, but the downs can be devastating. Every fighter goes through these to some extent or another. Working through these downs is what builds character and discipline. Kyle’s secrets in Real Celebrity Fitness will empower you to build your self-confidence so you can conquer any obstacle.”


— Stephan “The American Psycho” Bonnar, Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) Hall of Fame Inductee

“Never give up! During my twelve-year career with the U.S. Women’s National Team, I had many roles. I was a starter, I was dubbed the “super sub,” and I was even cut from the team. It would have been easy to give up and walk away, but I chose to fight. In 1996, I was cut from the Olympic team, but instead of giving up, I worked twice as hard and eventually not only earned a spot on the roster of sixteen to represent the U.S. at the Atlanta Olympics, but also was a starter and finished the tournament as the leading scorer.

You have to always believe in yourself and learn to embrace the challenge. When things are hard, you learn to appreciate and enjoy the successes even more! The World Championship and the gold medals are cherished, but what I cherish more are the friends I made along the way and the life lessons I was able to extract from the wins as well as the challenges. Real Celebrity Fitness is all about challenging yourself to achieve your true potential.”

— Shannon Mac Millan, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist, Women’s Soccer, 1999 Women’s World Cup Champion, twelve-year career with U.S. Women’s National Team, with 176 games, 1995 Hermann Trophy Winner, Best Female Collegiate Soccer Player

“Now that I’ve hit fifty, it is not about going for the gold anymore. It’s about staying pain-free and healthy. Based on what Kyle has taught me and the principles in Real Celebrity Fitness, my workouts are fun and interesting and keep me going as a father and businessman so I can go for the gold in the rest of my life.”

— Steve Timmons, Three-Time Gold Medalist, Volleyball, USA Volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee

Why You Should Be Following The Same Approach That Celebrities Do To Get In Great Shape…

Regardless of whether you admire Celebrities or loathe them, if you want to get lean and fit in a hurry, you ‘d better learn from them.

In fact, I’d like to share with you 3 Celebrity Fat Loss Secrets that allow them to look incredible on short notice, often having to transform themselves in just a few short weeks.

These Secrets could be the difference between you getting the body of your dreams, or continuing to get less than satisfying results from your fitness and fat loss efforts…so pay close attention.
Celebrity Fat Loss Secret #1: Ordinary Programs = Ordinary Results

Plucking a workout from the latest fitness magazine or jumping on the newest fad might be fine if you want to drop a few pounds or just tone up…a little. But if you want to get photo shoot ready, look great on the Red Carpet or need to WOW people for any reason, then some run of the mill program won’t cut it.

The Female Celebrities I work with want jaw dropping results, like more curves in just the right places or flat stomachs in just a few weeks. The Male Celebrities often need washboard abs or a V-Shaped look in as little as a month.

This sort of Transformation requires a completely different type of workout program than 99% of trainers, popular magazines or fitness websites tout.
Celebrity Fat Loss Secret #2: Patience Is NOT A Virtue

The general public has been led to believe that results should come gradually and that we should settle for losing 2 pounds a week or some other meager goal.


Often, the Celebrity clients that I work with have massive amounts of money riding on their ability to look great by a certain date that’s just a few weeks away, so slow and steady just won’t get it done.

Celebrities expect immediate results because they know that not only is it possible – but with the right program it should be expected.
Celebrity Fat Loss Secret #3: Anyone Can Have The Body Of A Celebrity With The Right Approach

We’ve all been led to believe that Celebrities are different than the rest of us. That they’re ‘special.’

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve worked with Celebrities from every background imaginable…and yes, a handful could eat whatever they wanted or follow any random program and look great.

But most of them…over 90%…deal with the same challenges that you and I face:
Sluggish Metabolisms Erratic Schedules Limited Willpower

But with a precise training and nutrition protocol, all the roadblocks that stand in their way are eliminated.

“Learning how to eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle have been very important tools for me becoming successful as a young actor. I enjoy cooking healthy meals. Kyle Brown will teach you how to achieve your potential and eat delicious, healthy food the way nature intended. These concepts and tips are so important and will stay with me for my life’s journey! Dream big!”

— Kenton Duty, Actor Disney Channel’s Shake It Up! and ABC’s Lost

“Kyle’s no nonsense advice fits perfectly into my on the go lifestyle. Training with Kyle was the best decision I could have made. He got me in the best shape I’ve ever been in because of his complete package of personal training, nutrition, and his FIT 365 shakes that are delicious!”

— Estella Gardinier Star of ABC’s The Bachelor Season 4


“The partnership with my personal trainer and nutritionist Kyle gave me a whole new awareness about quality of life. In 3 months, I lost over 30 pounds of fat, gained lean muscle, and hadn’t weighed so little since high school! I look better, feel better, and have more energy! I now have a solid understanding about proper nutrition, cardio, and resistance training. Kyle has shown me that with the proper guidance, I can have the best quality of life possible.”

— Hula Ramos, Executive Producer of “The AJ Show” at CBS Radio

“Working with Kyle truly changed my life. In my industry, there are always obstacles to success including tempting foods, alcohol, and crazy work hours. I thought I knew what to eat and what was healthy and not healthy, but Kyle truly set me straight. My workouts pushed me harder than I could ever push myself and the Fit 365 shakes are perfect for my on the go lifestyle!”

—Geena “The Latina” Yuhasz, Co-Host of “Frankie and Geena” radio morning show on Channel 933 San Diego

“My wife and daughter bought me a Personal Training package with Kyle for my 68th Birthday. With Kyle’s help, I regained my vitality, reduced my daily stress, and improved my mental clarity. Kyle’s program made me feel more youthful and alive!”

— Robert Gallivan, Best-selling author, 2-sport professional athlete for the Lakers and Braves (Retired)

“Mountain unicycling takes tremendous balance, strength, and endurance. Kyle guides my fitness and food plan and helped dial in the mindset of fueling my body like a multi-million dollar racecar, as I am the engine that makes my vehicle go. His unique total body fitness plan radically improves anything physical you do, even mountain unicycling!”

— Dr. Eyal Aharoni, Behavioral Scientist and Founder of the Santa Barbara Mountain Unicycle Club

“Working out with Kyle Brown has been a transformative experience for my overall health and well-being. If he can help a 60+ year old man, used to sedentary lifestyle, he can help anyone. I have been working out with him for the past three years, now I go with my new exercise partner, my wife. Thanks, Kyle.”

— Professor Dr. Dipak K. Gupta, Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Political Science at San Diego State University, World-leading terrorism expert

“As chairman of the board, I need the executive summary when it comes to fitness. Just like in business, Kyle’s game plan is all about working smarter not harder to yield the best results. I’ve been enjoying Kyle’s 30-minute workouts for about 4 years now. He’s trained me through a double knee replacement and shown me that there are always alternatives. Also, there’s nothing more time efficient to keep fueled up than FIT 365.”

— Walter C. Zable, Executive Chairman of Cubic Corporation

“When competing at the elite level, there is no margin for error. Kyle accelerated my training beyond what I ever thought possible. He pushed me and ensured that I never reached a plateau. Standing on stage, I had the confidence of a champion.”

— Adam Berkovits Overall Champion ANPPC Mid America Muscle Classic, San Diego Novice Overall Champion

“When it comes to bodybuilding preparation, nothing is more important than precise nutrition. Kyle took the guesswork out of my program by customizing a game plan that helped me brake through all of my training barriers.”

— Danny Hidalgo Overall Champion NPC Mr. Natural Illinois


“I started working with Kyle already fit– but I wanted to take my body and my health to the next level. I desired that lean fitness model look, so I put his slogan of “making hot chicks hotter since 2001” to the test. The trifecta of fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching only Kyle provides has taken me further than I ever thought possible. His program definitely lives up to the hype, and I love his chocolate FIT 365 shakes right after my workout! Thanks Kyle!”

— Shanel, Encinitas, CA

“The quick and unique fitness advice Kyle has taught me that he shares in Real Celebrity Fitness is inspiring! I started with Kyle when I was 21, and now I lead by example with my 4 –year-old son. If I can do this as a working single mom then so can you! Thanks Kyle for everything!”

— Katie, San Diego, CA


“I started working with Kyle as a young model. I was skinny, but I didn’t have the muscle tone and development that I needed. My results from working with Kyle took my body, career, and my confidence to a whole new level that I never thought possible. By focusing on the quality of my food and my workouts and not stressing about my scale weight, I have been able to look and feel my best for over 5 years now.”

— Patricia, Las Vegas, NV

“I came to Kyle as a couch potato who was 70 pounds overweight and drank 12 Pepsi cans per day. I could barely do 3 minutes on the elliptical. In roughly six months, I transformed into a lean, marathon-running machine. I dropped the 70 pounds and ran 8 Marathons in a year!”

— Gene, Alpine, CA

“As a super busy full-time working mother of a teenager, I simply couldn’t find enough time to eat right and exercise regularly. My friend had been going to Kyle for a while, and with her amazing results she finally convinced me to come along. Within weeks, I felt both my body and energy level change. Thanks Kyle for laying the foundation and giving me the tools to live a healthy, fit lifestyle and lead by example for my son.”

— Jeanie, San Diego, CA

“Having only 5 weeks to go before my wedding, I thought it was impossible to look and feel like a celebrity on my big day. I was stressed out from work and planning my wedding at the same time. My friends finally convinced me to go to Kyle for last minute help— as I was freaked out that all eyes and cameras were going to be on me. Not only did my body make an unbelievable change, but also my confidence soared and I felt like a sexy, glamorous, and just plain happy bride. Best of all, now I have the tools to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and keep it off forever.”

— Kimberly, San Diego, CA

“I’ve been working out most of my life, but I started with Kyle to get ready for my wedding… and my honeymoon! In just three months, I got as lean and fit as I had been 20 years earlier in college! His system is amazing and I have been on the plan for 5 years now and never felt better. Kyle’s passion to help anyone he works with improve his or her quality of life is obvious. This is not some fad diet but truly a way of living a happy, fit, and healthy life.”

— Peter, La Jolla, CA

“I thought I knew it all when I started with Kyle as a high school football senior. I laughed at my friends who were doing his 30-minute workouts– thinking they couldn’t possibly do anything for me and his system would be a joke. Boy was I wrong! I got more out of Kyle’s 30-minute system then a 2-hour football practice! I have used these tools in Real Celebrity Fitness to build not only tons lean muscle but the confidence and the celebrity mindset I needed to attract the best life has to offer. Thank you Kyle for teaching my how to be confident and gracious rather than cocky and unappreciative. You rock!”

— Shane, Boston, MA

“I tore my ACL while skiing. Physical Therapy was unsuccessful at rehabilitating my knee. I was referred to Kyle for training –even though I thought I knew everything there is to know about exercise. Kyle took my training and nutrition to a whole new level — and he helped me get in the best shape of my life. Best of all, I finally skied pain-free for the first time since the accident.”

— Christy, Del Mar, CA

“As a Registered Dietitian, I was frustrated with the misinformation taught in the mainstream nutrition programs and I was ready to look the part. Kyle taught me about optimal natural health and helped me with my own weight and health struggles. 4 months later, I was down over 20 pounds and radiating health and fitness inside and out.”

— Suzanne, Del Mar, CA

“As a 14-year-old stand up comedian and musician, I was sick having of the way I looked and felt hold me back. Kyle’s coaching has helped me lose 35 pounds and become way more confident on stage and in life. Now the only thing unhealthy is my sense of humor :-)”

— Suraj, San Diego, CA

“I have always tried to workout and eat healthy but I had never gotten results that I was satisfied with. Kyle helped me choose foods that were both delicious and nutritious and fit my unpredictable lifestyle. And I can’t imagine there is a more delicious protein shake on the market than FIT 365. I enjoy one of those as a dessert. The changes Kyle suggested in my eating habits couple with some great new workout routines he gave me helped me to lose 30 pounds. And I still am eating the same way 2 1/2 years later.”

— Dan Mendelsohn, Del Mar, CA

The Real Secret: The Use Of A System That Literally Forces Your Body To Adapt And Improve Each And Every Day, No Matter What

If you’re struggling to get the body you want, if you’ve seen diminishing returns from your workouts or your diet…you need a new approach.

You need the same never-fail approach that Celebrities use to get in incredible shape when their livelihood is on the line.

Think about it…when someone has millions of dollars riding on the way they look, they will leave no stone unturned to make sure that they get the results they need.

So if you’re trying to lose weight and achieve a head turning body, why not use the best system available?

You see, I’m a realist. I know that the Celebrities I train would rather be laying by the pool than training hard and they’d rather be able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want. I get it. But since that’s not possible, I have to give them a System that works faster and better than anything else. That’s what keeps them coming back.

My livelihood depends on it.

So now, for the first time ever I’m going to pull back the curtain and give you the EXACT System I use to get Celebrities in the best shape of their lives FAST so you can finally have the same advantages that they enjoy.


Real Celebrity Fitness

Component 1: 21 Days of Fit in 30 Fat Blasting Sessions

RESULTS – Twice the Results. Half the time. Guaranteed.

Achieve your perfect body with only three 30-minute workouts a week.

These sessions will empower you with behind the scenes celebrity fitness secrets. We’ll let you in on the solution to creating and maintaining a healthy, lean, and sexy body in the most efficient and enjoyable way.

TRAINER & NUTRITIONIST – Complete solutions for guaranteed results! Kyle is both a certified personal trainer and a clinical nutritionist, enabling him to custom design a holistic program as a one-stop shop on the road to results!

MOTIVATION – No more boring workouts! Even if you walk in under heavy stress loads, you’ll leave refreshed and inspired—ready to conquer every challenge that life brings. The excitement of the session will motivate you to push yourself harder than you ever have before. Watch your confidence soar as you lose weight, gain strength, and reenergize!

TRANSFORMATION – Whether you want to knock them dead in a bikini, get that six-pack you’ve always wanted, or become a national champion, your dream is within reach. Real Celebrity Fitness will help give you the dedication and vision to transform yourself and help you to achieve the health and body you’ve always wanted. Lose body fat and stress while you gain energy and confidence. With proper direction, you’ll achieve the results you desire.

You’ll have more variety and a greater challenge than you’ve ever experienced in a gym setting. You’ll get in, get it done, and get on with your day in just 30 minutes!

These sessions are designed to mimic what celebrities go through in every aspect of life. You’ll gain motivation to take control of your life and elevate it to the next level.

Even celebrities get lazy and lose motivation. The moment that you mentally quit is when you lose your drive. Just like I do with my celebrity clientele, I’ll help you stay strong and focused the entire time you are training– with a game plan that will raise you to the next level, so you can attack any challenge that life throws at you.

What is amazing about these workouts is that we mix weight training, cardio, and core using total body activation. We focus on bursts of high-intensity, high-energy movements. You’re always moving. Your heart rate is always rocking. Your metabolism will skyrocket as your adrenalin kicks in and mentally keeps you pushing harder with a smile on your face. In only thirty minutes just three times a week, you’ll build your dream body.

These sessions will empower you with behind the scenes celebrity fitness secrets. We’ll let you in on the solution to creating and maintaining a healthy, lean, and sexy body in the most efficient and enjoyable way.
Component 2: Rockstar Fuel Plan

21 Days of Meal Planning for the Rock Star Fuel Plan – 21 days of done for your meal planning to take the guesswork out of what to eat and when to do it customized for your on-the-go lifestyle.
Grocery shopping made easy – This new way of eating will provide you a balance of nutrients to fuel your body for optimal health and performance. You will lose excess body fat, look and feel better, and have more energy!
Healthy, Quick and Easy Recipes from Chef Minh – Super morning starters, power snacks, healthy sauces and dressings, satisfying salads, amazing protein dishes, super side dishes, and drinks from Minh’s Healthy Kitchen

Our Rockstar Fuel Plan is about treating your body with respect by providing natural, delicious foods the way mother nature intended. You will lose excess body fat, look and feel better, and have more energy.

By continually monitoring your progress and modifying your program, you’ll ensure long-term success. Real Celebrity Fitness will work around your hectic schedule and guide you to eat healthy and feel satisfied no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Thinking “the diet starts tomorrow” is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, use my motto “The healthy lifestyle journey starts now!”
Component 3: Take 3 with KB

You’ve got to get your mind right to get your body tight! Each day during your 21-day habit-forming journey, you’ll download your 3-minute chat with Kyle. Each video comes with the secret tips that will empower you to look and feel your best as well as stories from working with celebrities behind closed doors. Even better, you’ll have one page cheat sheets with key points and eye-opening questions to think about to help you transform into the new you.

21 Daily Topics include:
Celebrity Mindset (Intro Video) Goal Setting Pain vs. Pleasure: How To Never Fail Again Time Management Will Power & Self-Empowerment Paleo In The 21st Century Eat Food That Looks Like You Want To Look How To Eat Out Healthy With Your On The Go Lifestyle How To Make Healthy Food Taste Amazing! Swap The Junk For Quality What Protein, Carbs, & Fat Do In The Body One Big Fat Lie Pre-workout & Post-Workout Recovery Nutrition Water Is Nature’s Energy Drink Supplement Pros & Scams Endorphins: The drug of the champions Train with a Purpose Rest & Recovery Ensures You Always Bring You’re “A-Game” Meditation, Visualization, & The Power of Breathe Feelings Versus Numbers The Fallacy of Maintenance

Component 4: Fit Score Assessment

Our comprehensive evaluation process while show you exactly what strengths and what areas of improvement you need to focus on over your 21-day game to learn how to think, eat, move, and re-energize like a celebrity. You will be retesting your “Fit Score” after you complete the 21-Day Real Celebrity Fitness® Game.

Bonus Video Library!

One of the most common reasons for people not following a program is them not knowing how to properly perform the exercises. Well, I have taken all the thinking out of it and filmed 40+ exercises so that you know exactly how to do each one and you can have me as your very own trainer along the way.

Exercises include:
Bodyweight Exercises Dumbbell ExercisesM Stability Ball Exercises Medicine Ball Exercises TRX Exercises And More!

And because you are visiting the site during our 50% OFF launch, you have the opportunity to get the full 4-component package at the special discounted investment of:
Today Only $99.95 $49.95


For less than 25% of the cost of a single training session with me you can have the entire, 21Day Real Celebrity Fitness System.

21 Workouts with even an average trainer would run you at least $1050 with no assurance of even a little progress, let alone the results that the Real Celebrity Fitness System will provide for less than 4% of the price.

Simply put, you have the opportunity to get your hands on a PROVEN Rapid Fat Loss, Body Transformation System strategically designed by a Celebrity Trainer that has worked time and time again for people who’s livelihood depend on it.
Could You Get The Results You Want Without
Real Celebrity Fitness?

Sure. You could find that 1 trainer in 100 that really knows their stuff and invest hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to have them coach you.

Or you could go through trial and error, trying one program after another until you eventually find one that works.

You could just use the Real Celebrity Fitness System.

It’s been proven with my Celebrity Clients, time and time again, when they’re careers depend on it to work…FAST!

In fact, I’m so certain that it will work for you that if it doesn’t work JUST like I’m telling you it will – it costs you NOTHING.

Not one penny.

Look, like I’ve mentioned before, my livelihood depends on my ability to get people in great shape fast, so just as I stand by my programs with my ‘in person’ clients, I’m standing by Real Celebrity Fitness and the fact that it WILL work for you.

And that’s why I offer my RISK FREE, no-questions-asked, 60-day Money-back Guarantee:

I am so confident that you will get the results you want from Real Celebrity Fitness that I’m going to give you a 60-day No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee!



If at any point over the course of the next 60 days you are not satisfied with your investment in Real Celebrity Fitness, just let me know and I’ll refund your money—all of it.

Am I that confident Real Celebrity Fitness is going to work?

Yes – I’m CERTAIN it will work for you.

I’m giving you a full eight weeks to evaluate the entire system and if you don’t believe Real Celebrity Fitness is the best fat loss system you’ve ever come across, you pay nothing.

I’ve taken away all the guesswork and I’m giving you the EXACT Blueprint I use to get Celebrities into Camera-Ready Shape.

It works for them…and it will work for you.

With Real Celebrity Fitness I’ve basically compiled my life’s work into a single, foolproof System that has been responsible for hundreds of my own ‘in person’ clients looking incredible and I’m giving it to you so you can finally enjoy the same head turning results they do.
Today Only $99.95 $49.95

Got Questions? I Have Answers…

Q: Who is Kyle Brown, and why should I believe him?

A: I’m a pretty average guy – except that I spend my days transforming celebrities using fit and healthy lifestyle secrets to create life-long results.

You deserve to look and feel as good as any A-lister with the greatest health and fitness secrets of all time. And with Real Celebrity Fitness, I’m going to give you the secret recipe to transform the way you look, think, and feel in just 21 days!

Don’t believe what you read in the magazines or see on TV! I have what celebs pay for– not what they get paid to endorse. Celebrities hire me because I get them the results they are looking for… and fast! With Real Celebrity Fitness, I have simplified it so that you, too, can achieve the same results. I coach these celebs—now let me coach you!

Q: Celebrities have plenty of time to workout and I don’t. How can you be so sure it will work for me?

A: The Celebrities I work with don’t spend much time at all training. Usually their schedule just doesn’t leave time for more than 90minutes of training each week between everything they’ve packed into their insane schedules.

And to be perfectly honest, most of them don’t want to workout at all, so they’re only interested in doing the absolute minimum that will give them the result they want.

So if you’re willing to put in 90 minutes per week you can get the EXACT same results the celebrities I train do.

Q: I don’t have a Personal Chef, fancy equipment or someone to hold my hand through every workout. How can I expect to get in incredible shape?

A: I don’t have any of those things either but used this exact system to get in the best shape of my life just like you will

Most of my Celebrity clients don’t have their own personal chef. The equipment we use is very simple – the magic is in what we do with it. And I’m going to be coaching you through every step of the process for your entire 21-day program…for a fraction of the financial investment those Celebrities make.
Today Only $99.95 $49.95


Q: Does the Real Celebrity Fitness System just contain a bunch of old, ‘rehashed’ information I can find on the Internet?

A: Not a chance – Real Celebrity Fitness is based on over 13 years of my own personal research and hands-on trial and error with my Celebrity Clients and in my own personal transformation. I’ve invested over 10,000 hours perfecting this System and it’s the reason that my training schedule is completely booked with Celebrities.

This is a precise system that has been developed to elicit an incredible amount of change in just 21 days. It’s truly a One-Of-A-Kind Formula for Fat Loss.

Q: Is this System appropriate for beginners?

A: Short answer: Yes! Real Celebrity Fitness is appropriate for literally anyone from complete training novice to someone who’d been training for years and wants to get in incredible shape fast.

Q: What happens if this program somehow doesn’t work for me?

A: Then it’s FREE. I’m completely convinced you’ll be thrilled with the power of the Real Celebrity Fitness System and the results you’ll get. However, if it falls short of your best expectations for any reason, then you get back every penny you paid – no questions asked.

I’m making it just that simple because I want you to be able to get started with the Real Celebrity Fitness System today with zero risk, knowing you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Today Only $99.95 $49.95

Do You Want To Have The Body Of A Celebrity?

If so, you’ve finally found your answer.

So if you’re ready to start turning heads and have the body you’ve always dreamed about, click here right now to order the proven training system that can give it to you faster than you ever thought possible.


I can’t wait to hear about your success!

Your Friend & Coach,

Kyle Brown


P.S. Remember, you have my 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. I am giving you the best of both worlds: the opportunity to enjoy the incredible results that my Celebrity Clients experience AND the knowledge that it is completely RISK FREE. Grab it Risk-Free Today!
Today Only $99.95 $49.95



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ClickBank is the retailer of this product. CLICKBANK¨ is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of this product or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of this product.

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