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Dream Job, Fat Salary, Full Benefits Package...
And A Free World Tour Waiting For YOU!

You`ll Never Get Stuck In A 9-to-5 Lifeless Program...
And You`ll Never Have A Boss Order You Around!





You want to be a painter and make a living, too?

You want to be a writer and never worry about rent money again?

You just want to explore the world and find out who you really are, while keeping the job of your dreams?


Who says you can`t?

The ones who tell you to get a “real job”?

The ones who tell you to “grow up”?

The ones who think adulthood means “fun time over”?

You know life is much more than that!

Life doesn`t happen in a cubicle. Life doesn`t happen after 5 pm. And life doesn`t happen in your home town.

Life happens every minute of every hour, anywhere you go… and you`re there to enjoy it to the fullest.

Work AND fun. Learn AND play. Make a living AND make a difference.


Live your dream.

Cliche? Only for the ones who stopped trying.

But take it from a person who`s tried and succeeded:

There is nothing… NOTHING more fulfilling… than living the life you`ve dreamed of!

And if you`re like me and you think your soul is what matters most… more than an 8-figure bank account or a “real” job … then keep reading.


This is your story.

Right now, you`re taking your first step.

And this one is the hardest, because it takes courage.

The courage to stop living the life others want you to live… and start following your dreams. 

And I`ll show you how to do it in just a second.

But first…


Let me introduce myself properly:

My name is Daniel, I`m 34 and I`ve been a flight attendant for the past 10 years. The most beautiful years of my life.

I`ve traveled to 16 countries on 4 continents (for free!)…

I`ve met extraordinary people down the road and made friends for life. I`ve chosen my family.

That`s me in the photo below.


New York, USA


Why do I covered my face?

The airline company I work for asked me to cover my face. Just in case I end up a superstar, like my colleague here:


Yeah, we like to have our fun.

In fact… we like to have A LOT of fun!

But flight attendant life isn`t all about traveling and partying.

It`s much more than that.

It`s fulfilling and amazing on all levels, both professionally and personally.

Just take a look at the 7 perks of flight attending:

Perk #1:  You choose your own lifestyle

Flight attending allows you to choose your own lifestyle… and change it whenever you please.

Why get stuck in a rut when you can adapt your lifestyle to your needs and wants?

Whether you want to party every second you`ve got off work or take the time to experience different cultures (visit museums, go to concerts and festivals, or have a taste of the local cuisine)… it`s your choice.

You`ve got hotel parties every night and also free tickets to the opera, ballet, concerts… and even the Olympics! Experience them all or follow your interests. You`re free to do whatever you please.


Abu Dhabi, UAE



Perk #2: Enjoy the ultimate flexibility

NO other job allows you this much flexibility. Not even freelancing!

And here`s why:

1. You`re not stuck to your computer. Once you`re off work… you`re free to do whatever you want and not give it another thought until your next flight.
2. The more experience you earn, the more flexibility you get. Simply doing your job brings you more benefits:

Maximum days off (up to 17 per month – that means you`ve got over two weeks OFF) The freedom to choose which routes to fly or when to take time off work and enjoy visiting Europe, for example…

Seen the Colosseum 3 times and it`s still impressive


Perk #3: You`ve got time to follow other passions

As I said earlier, you can take up to 17 days off work every month.

Write, paint, garden, design clothes, hold motivational conferences around the world, get to know different cultures, take photographs, make street art…

Whatever it is you want to do… now you`ll have the time, the money, and the inspiration.


Canoeing in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam                              Horseback riding around Dallas, USA


Perk #4: No need to worry about “adult life” responsibilities

Flight attending guarantees you a lucrative benefits package:

health and life insurance credit union membership employee stock options 401(k) retirement plan
So you get all the benefits of a “serious job”… and enjoy your life uncaged by the routine of a 9-to-5.

And you`ll never ever have to ask yourself “where am I going to get rent money this time?” ever again!

Perk #5: Free ticket around the world

Seriously, who doesn`t want to travel and explore the unknown?

But usually, there are two major impediments: time and money.

For a flight attendant, these two impediments are eliminated…

You travel for free (even when you travel for your own pleasure, on a holiday… the company pays for your tickets… wherever you want to go!) You`ve got enough time off to take a full world tour and back

Lovely afternoon in Bangkok, Thailand


Perk #6: Feel loved and supported even at your lowest

Once you`re crew, there will be NO place in the world where you won`t find a warm bed, a friend in need, a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh for hours on end with…

In my ten years as a flight attendant, I`ve witnessed humanity at its highest point:

… Helping a colleague go through her mother`s death, raising money for a single dad to raise his twins, and even adopting 13 kittens found under a bridge in Paris.

Now that`s family. And I hope you`ll be part of it soon.

You`re going to love it! And that`s not even the best part…

Here`s what you`re going to love most:

Perk #7: Become the best version of yourself

Explore yourself and the world. Discover who you are and who you want to be. Now is the time to enjoy your freedom and feed your mind and soul.

Experiences. Friends. Cultures. Love. Lust. Fun. Education. Humanity.


"Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose", San Francisco, USA



At the end of the day, you won`t be smiling about that Excel document you edited…

You`ll be smiling thinking of the people you`ve met, the places you`ve been to, and the stories you`ve heard or shared…

And there`s only one job in the world to offer you all this: Flight attending.


Now here`s the catch…

This job is hard to get.  And I mean HARD!

No, you don`t have to be a rocket scientist or look like a model.

Anyone can become a flight attendant…but only  if they can top the killing competition.

When I applied, there were 10,000 other people competing for the same position.

And it`s no surprise everyone wants to be a flight attendant.

The problem is… only one gets the job in the end.


I nailed it. How did I do it?

I had help from the inside.

A friend of mine was already a flight attendant and she told me everything I needed to know to pass every step of the way.

Thanks to her, I`m living my dream.


Thanks to me, you`ll be living YOUR dream.

You see, I strongly believe in karma.

I believe every good deed comes back to you in some form.

So I decided to return the help I got from my friend and help others in return.

This is my Thank you for the amazing experiences I`ve had so far.


Here`s what I`ve got for you

For the past two years, I`ve been working on my Flight Attendant`s Bible. 

It`s a guide that compounds all my experience so far:

From the moment I put together my resume to make sure I get called for the interviews… to all the tricks I`ve learned in 10 years of flying…


Here`s exactly what I`m going to show you:


Things you need to know before you consider applying:

How to stay away from scams. There a lot of scam-sites out there that promise flight attendant jobs, but never deliver. Instead, they claim outrageous fees for services you`ll never receive (I`ll show you which websites to trust, so you don`t waste any time or money). Which airlines give you best shots of getting hired. By now, I know exactly which companies hire more (and offer amazing benefits, as well!) … and I`ll show you what you need to do to get a spot on their crew. Step by step. Where to apply to take a tour around the world for free. I`ll show you which airline companies have the most international flights, so you can see the world as part of your job (and you`ll actually get to SEE amazing countries, not airports) Where to test your flight attendant aptitudes before you apply. I`ll show you the test that will instantly tell you how ready you are for this adventure (and don`t worry: no matter the results… by the time I`m done with you… you`ll be the superstar candidate every company dreams of! And that`s a promise!) 
How to write the perfect resume:

9 crucial tips for an outstanding flight attendant resume. Follow them and you`ll outrank your competition, even if you`ve got NO work experience. (I got these tips from an inside person, too, and I was called by a major company three days later!) The 7 criteria of the perfect resume photo. Remember: your photo is the FIRST thing they look at! Show them exactly what they want to see and you`ll end up on top of the resume pile. The common mistake that instantly gets your resume thrown in the trash bin. You`d be shocked how many candidates make this mistake! I`ll show you how to avoid this tricky issue… and look indispensible even to the harshest employer! The mandatory request no airline company will ever overlook. Ask yourself this: is it worth losing the job of your dreams for missing a crucial detail? How to tweak your previous work experience (or NO job experience!) to make yourself look like the perfect candidate. 6 of my friends are now flight attendants thanks to this tip alone! The one thing 90% of candidates lie about in their CVs… and make a fool out of themselves at the interviews. I`ll show you how to be completely honest… and nail it at the interviews (prepare to impress them!)
How to prepare for the 3 interviews:

The 3 things every interviewer wants to know. I`ll show you what to say and how to say it… while staying true to yourself the entire time! What to wear to make an outstanding impression. Don`t listen to those advising you to wear “an office outfit”… I`ll show you exactly what makes recruiters nod their head in approval and push you to the top of the list. This one`s for girls: The hair-do every recruiter wants to see you wearing on the first interview. It may seem insignificant, but this little detail will set you apart from your competition with absolutely NO effort from your part... What bag to wear to your interview… and what to pack in it. NO ONE will ever tell you how important this detail is… and what recruiters read into it (but you`ll find everything you need to know in Flight Attendant's Bible, including the 6 crucial items you need to have in your handbag) How to train your brain into the “flight attendant mindset”. This is something you usually learn after you get the job, during the trainings… but just apply this quick trick at your first interview and the job is yours! The psychology behind the interview – step by step. Once you know what they want to see from you… you`ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand… 25 tips to follow before, during and after the interview. They apply to all 3 interviews… and will make you look like the perfect candidate even to your competitors! (I`ve tested all these tips myself, so they`re guaranteed to work… no matter what airline company you apply to) All the commonly asked questions and the right answers. This is actually a cheatsheet with all the questions my friends and I received during our interviews… and the answers that got us the job (DO NOT MISS THIS SECTION! You will not find anything like it anywhere else) What they`re really looking for at your prescreening test. You`ll be totally surprised when you see this one… but trust me… it can put you on the short list in less than 10 seconds) The most common mistake candidates do at their first interview... and blow their chances of getting their dream job. You will do it, too, if you don`t take my advice (and it would be a real shame to waste this opportunity and regret it for the rest of your life) The 5 words every recruiter wants to hear during the interviews. It shows you`ve got what it takes to be a flight attendant, so don`t forget to throw them in the conversation…

+ Real-life simulations of interview Q&A and exercises (both individual and team exercises).

This way, you`ll know exactly what to say, how to act… and even the tiny little gestures that have “Winner” written all over them…

Now, most flight attendant “guides” on the Internet stop here.

You got the job, hurray!

But no one tells you how to KEEP the job. Now, you`ve got an inside source you can trust.

I`ll show you…

How to prepare for the training:

3 major preparations you need to get done QUICKLY. Take these simple steps and you`ll be way ahead of everyone from Day 1. The hardest part of the training… and how to overcome it effortlessly (it`s only hard for those who aren`t prepared… but I`ll show you the inside secrets that makes this process easy peasy, lemon squeezy) The so-called “horror series” of every flight attending course that freaks out all trainees… and how to handle it without flinching a muscle.  (It only seems horror for the untrained eye… once you know the secret behind it, it`s easy as pie!) The 6 crucial things you`ll learn in FA trainings… that will make you not only the best flight attendant… but also the best version of yourself (your relationships, your attitude and your perspective on life will improve without even realizing it!) How to organize your schedule to enjoy every minute of the day. I`ll lay out the ready-made perfect daily program for you… and all you need to do is adapt it to your spontaneous needs and wants. It`s that simple! The one thing that makes you stand out during the training… that your colleagues will appreciate and admire (you`ll earn respect and friendship… and instantly become the go-to person everyone wants around) The 7 most interesting things you`ll learn during the training period. These are the best conversation starters wherever you go…
How to prepare for your first flight:

What the airline company expects from you before the first flight. Make sure you follow these steps and you`ll make an amazing impression from your first day on the job… How to overcome the unusual sensations you`ll experience during your first flight… and be in a great mood all throughout the day (I wish someone had told me these tips before I got on the plane…)
How to keep yourself healthy and energetic all day long:

7 tips to keep your health at tip-top levels… even when you`ve worked all day and partied all night! (I`ve been using them for 6 years now and I haven`t had a sick day since) 9 types of foods to include in your meals to keep yourself in shape… and keep your energy levels high at all times (I`ll show you a full eating program that`s almost too easy to follow… and absolutely delicious!) The golden rule of working out when you`re a flight attendant. Ignore this rule and you`ll put your health in danger without even knowing! 7 tips to get over time zone… even if you travel to 5 different continents in one week. Enjoy every second of your travels, without experiencing that nasty jet lag that rips you off wonderful adventures… 9 basic milestones in your everyday program… and how to do them like a pro (even if it`s your first day on the job!) How to score high at every performance review… and propel yourself to senior flight attendant (you`ll benefit from SO many advantages, you`ll feel like you`re constantly on vacation!) 18 reasons for getting fired on the spot… and how to stay away from them at all times (even when you`re having a “bad day at the office”) 2 common challenges every flight attendant has to deal with… and how to turn them into career opportunities (I`ll show you how to stand out even during difficult situations… and do it effortlessly!) 20 mini duties you`ll have to perform… and how to exceed expectations and get instant popularity points (it only takes you a couple extra minutes, but you`ll shine like a star!)
How to deal with passengers:

How to treat passengers from different cultures. Warning: One tiny gesture can be extremely offending to people of other cultures… but I`ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes… and even master other cultures like a native! Five techniques to calm down even the most nervous passengers. Use these methods and you`ll be the most sought-after flight attendant in the company.
And last, but not least…

How to live your dream all throughout your life:

11 amazing jobs you can hit when flight attending doesn`t do it for you anymore. Why go through the pain of starting from scratch… when you can do what you love… without even working for it?

Bottom line:

When you`re done with the Flight Attendant`s Bible, you can be sure that…

Your CV will make the recruiters frame it and hang it in their office … You`ll make an outstanding impression on all three interviews… You`ll top even the fiercest competition, because you`ll know exactly what they`re looking for… You`ll be the first to get the “Golden Call” to let you know you got the job… You`ll find the training a piece of cake (even when your colleagues can barely handle it)… You`ll enjoy every single flight, because you`ll know ALL the inside secrets that make the job easy-peasy… … And you`ll be living your dream while getting paid to see the world!

So now you`re probably wondering what you need to do to get The Flight Attendant`s Bible.

Rest assured, I won`t ask you to sell your soul or watch a Justin Bieber video for days on end…

And I won`t rob you of your rent money, either.

In fact, here`s my second word of warning:

Watch out for scammers!

There are a lot of people on the Internet holding “webinars” or selling special “courses”…

Of course they cost from $200 up.

Worst part: it won`t even get you the job. Why? Because those guys don`t have the experience.

Most of them didn`t even go through the selection process.

And those who did and got the job… they`re not willing to tell you all their inside secrets.

All they give you is the obvious Flight Attendant 101 speech you can very well see all over the Internet.

But I`m here for you.

Ok, I`m also hoping to score some karma points here…

But I really do want to help you get this dream job and escape the 9 to 5 hellhole.

I, for one, twitch just at the thought of being stuck in an office 8 hours a day… 

If you find this unbearable, too… then this is definitely for you!

So here`s my offer:

If you don`t get this job and see your dream come true after I`m done with you... please come at my place and throw eggs at my door.

And if you do get the job… come for some coffee and scones. I`d LOVE to meet you.

But on a more serious note…

I`ve put a whole lot of time and effort into The Flight Attendant`s Bible.

I`ve laid every trade secret on paper (I actually know people who`d kill me for this).

But I`m damn proud of the result.

And not to brag or anything… it`s worth more than the anemic “courses” I`ve seen so far.

But I`m not going to charge you accordingly.

Because you`re making your first and I want to give you a friendly push.

So here`s my special Early Bird discount:

Normally, I`d sell this for $97. At least my colleague from marketing strongly advised me to.

So Bret, if you`re reading this, just know that your advice is important to me, but this time…

I`m going to give The Flight Attendant Bible for just $37.

[>> Click here to order now <<]

All I want is to cover the investment I`ve made so far. That`s enough for me.

I had my fair share of benefits as a flight attendant in the past 10 years…

Free traveling for me and my whole family + one yearly free trip for one of my friends Full benefits package: health insurance, dental, 401k Flexible program that allowed me to follow my passions AND keep this awesome job Great pay that gets even better with time Up to 17 days off work… every month!

Now it`s your time to enjoy your life to the fullest.

And you can start RIGHT NOW if you order The Flight Attendant`s Bible now.

You win $60 and your dream job… and I win the satisfaction of helping you follow your dream.

… Oh, and those karma points I`ve been nagging you about all along.

You tell me: how much of a WIN-WIN is that?

Now all you need to do is press the order button and you`ll have The Flight Attendant`s Bible in less than 2 minutes.


Get The Flight Attendant`s Bible Now

So how do you know FOR SURE it`s worth the money?

I get it. Skepticism. I have it, too. Especially on the Internet.

And especially when you see photos of a faceless guy (again, sorry, but it`s my airline company`s policy).

So why not try it for free until you decide if it`s worth it or not?

Remember I told you to come egg my door if you don`t get the job?

Better yet, don`t pay me if you don`t get it (and egg my door only if you really feel the need to).

I`m giving you my 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Here`s how it works:

You`ve got 90 days to go through The Flight Attendant`s Bible.

Just know yourself out on this button:



Then you can read it, rate it, show it to your friends, apply for the job and see the results yourself... do whatever you please.

If you`re not satisfied… if you`re bored… if you don`t like the font or whatever it is that bugs you…

I`ll send you the money ASAP!

No hard feelings, at least you gave it a try.

And yes, my invitation to have coffee with me is still open.

(Or if you insist on egging my door… Fine.)

Still wondering what to do?

I`ll make it simple for you. Here are your options right now:

Option #1: Get a “real job”

The rent won`t pay itself, right? And there`s only so much you can live in your parent`s basement…

And so it starts. The “adulthood”. The rut. The responsibilities. The boss. The talks by the water cooler.

Life passes you by, as you measure it in salaries, bank credits, season finales… and the two-week holiday you long for every year.

If that makes your skin crawl, maybe this is better for you:

Option #2: Struggle for your dream

Try to make a living off your passion.

Try to sell your art or teach the less fortunate how to read and write…

Live with your parents till you`re 36. Or with three other friends in a studio (been there, done that. Not as fun as it may sound)…

Save every penny for rent, bills and food.

Constantly blame society for your never ending struggle.

End up hating your passion and yourself, for not “making it big”.

My advice: Don`t go there.

You`ve got a better way right under your nose. Take it:

Option #3: Be part of THAT 1%. The ones who live their dream.

There aren`t many people out there who can travel the world for free… have a relaxing, fulfilling job… AND follow their passion without compromising.

But you can be one of those lucky bastards.

I am one. And now it`s your turn to join me.

Click [here] to get a copy of The Flight Attendant`s Bible and get the job everyone wants.  

Don`t miss this chance!

Right now, you`re one button away from getting your dream job.

Think you got a better opportunity than this?

In this economy? I doubt it…

But remember: to make sure you don`t waste a cent, I`m giving you The Flight Attendant`s Bible for a 90-day trial.

Give it an honest try, what have you got to lose?

There`s a button below. Click it and start your adventure today:


Let the fun begin!

PS: Why sit and watch someone else live the life you wanted?

Why shouldn`t you be the one to travel around the globe, party like a rockstar, get access to cultures you`ve always wanted to know firsthand… and have the time to follow your passions? 

And as a little bonus: You`ll have the BEST stories to share with your friends, I guarantee it! You`ll be the life of every party, dinner or date!

Just [give it a try]! You don`t risk a thing.

You`re covered by my 90 Day Money Back Guarantee… so feel free to go crazy with it (I mean the button below, of course)



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