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Looking For Natural Healing Alternatives?

Discover solutions to Everyday Problems with a natural approach

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, Irritants and addictive prescription medications

Many of us are looking for alternative measures to treating the whole person, not just the disease or ailment. Natural healing treatments can pinpoint and correct the source of imbalance in the body that manifests as symptoms, ailments, disease or personal challenges. Western medicine is amazing for putting us back together following an accident or surgery to save our lives however mild ailment are at times best treated with natural healing alternative methods. Many times doctors reach for a prescription pad to mask pain and aliments, before thinking about what natural alternatives can assist the body to heal itself. The human body is an amazing tool, that is programmed to self heal. Unfortunately due to our lifestyles and “quick fix” mindsets we have forgotten how nature can assist us to heal ourselves.

There are still cultures today that use natural methods for cleaning, healing and living. These cultures have limited diseases that we find in our Western life. They use plant based products and ingredients that don’t require a Chemistry degree to understand and these cultures continue to live a natural healing lifestyle.

Lets Get Real For A Moment……..

Now lets put all our cards on the table here… You can’t continue to live a healthy and fulfilled life using poisons and harm chemicals in your day to day life… right? RIGHT! Take a moment to think about how your life will look in 5 years, 10 years or even 20 years if you continue to expose yourself to toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals through personal care products, household cleaning chemicals, diet and medicine… .Taking care of your body, your vessel, is the most important thing you can do for yourself!

Your Body Is The Space In Which You Exist
Don’t Abuse It and Live In A Toxic State Of Disease!
Do you worry about the harmful affects on your mind, body and spirit from taking addictive prescription medications? Do you suffer from irritations and allergies by using harmful cleaning and household chemicals? Forgot what it was like to use personal products that are from a natural source? Are you concerned for the environment and your families health by using chemicals in your person household products and personal care products? Wouldn’t you rather use natural products to heal your body than popping a pill that is only masking the ailment and not addressing the cause of the problem? Fearful of what impact over the years your lifestyle has had on your health? Are you sick of media campaigns that try to promote harmful chemicals to make you better? And worse, trying to convince you it is safe! Are you living years beyond your biological age? Are you ready to make changes for the better? Feel like your journey is one step forward and two steps back with Western Medicine? Are you ready to feel healthy by living and eating a health way? What patterns are you repeating that is not making your soul happy? Is your life what you want it to be? Are you ready to move past your barriers???
Stop Wishing You Were One Of The Healthy Ones…….

From Today You Too Can Live A Healthy Life

Let me tell you, Like You, I know what it is like to feel sick, feel unhealthy and feel desperate to find a solution that does not come from popping a pill. I know what it is like to have skin irritations, acne, dull skin, and being sick of not being able to read the ingredients on personal household products without having a science degree in Chemistry. I often wonder how my ancestors treated simple personal health problems in a healthy and natural way.

I wanted to become more accountable for my health and be in control of how I could address the cause of the problem and not just mask the problem.

The great news is, you can reclaim your Health back and I have done the hard work for you.

I know…….
Which household cleaners and person care products are toxic Best home remedies for that will make you look and feel AMAZING The secret methods to a good nights sleep What fruits and vegetable are great for detoxing the liver from harmful prescription medications The best fruit juice for constipation.. and it isn’t Prune Juice Why changing your home environment will help you detox your life That I use all the strategies in my book EVERYDAY The information is also useful for young children, adolescents and adults of all ages The best pure essential oils to balance your life and heal yourself The most effective exercises for you How growing your own fruits, herbs and vegetables can increase your health How to get your mind, body and spirit working as one
“Sounds To Good To Be True Right?”

What would you give to have chemicals eliminated from your home? How great would it feel to take back control of your health and treat yourself using natural methods? What if I said you could heal yourself and treat many aliments using natural products that you can grow yourself or get at the supermarket? What price would you put on that?

After trying and testing many products, listening to “experts” tell me information that was wrong and searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I took control and formulated a list of natural ingredients and products that I felt comfortable using. I now use natural products in my house and use natural products for treating ailments.

So… What were these revolutionary steps I took that you know will help you too? Let me tell you, a lot of money and tears where expelled to finally discover how natural products not only work, but treat the cause and symptoms.

It comes down to this! Do you want to live a life using natural healing alternative methods or use products that may be detrimental to your health? I know which one I would use! Everything you need is in my book, but because I know what it is like to be concerned about my health and wellbeing, I am giving away FREE information products that will help you on your road to recovery and to give you the knowledge to help yourself! Why? Because not just one system works! That is why in my book, there are loads of tips and uses for many and similar ailments.

So why trust me? Well, simple… I use all the methods in this book because the health and wellbeing of myself and the ones I love is important to me. I am also a qualified and certified Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist. I have done the research for both of us and have test and measured all the products and taken all the advice and filtered the “crap” and kept the “information GOLD”. I have formulated a calculated risk assessment in order to help you get real results. If I can do it, you can do it. We are both worth it! RIGHT!!!!

In This Book You Will Discover…..
Top tips on the best household healers and cleaner, best vitamins for your health, best aromatherapy oils, best exercises for your health, best stress relievers, best ways to combat insomnia and how to get a great nights sleep, reasons to grow organic foods, and so much more Home Remedies for some of the most common personal ailments like acne, back ache, asthma, eczema, constipation, cold and flu, stress, body odor, infections, cramps, PMS, thrush, warts and 100’s more The secret methods of healing your doctor won’t tell you Why thousands of people never fully recover from illnesses, but why you will What I know that will have your mind, body and spirit working together to heal your body, mind and spirit Your doctor holds all the answers to your medical problem right? WRONG! Facts on what is best for you is in scattered through the book WARNING – Long term pharmaceutical medication could be doing more harm than good to your body. Could natural painkillers help? Are you sick of not being able to understand the ingredients in personal care products and household cleaners? Wouldn’t you rather use natural ingredients? The sneaky natural cleaning tips that the media never tell you about Give me one minute and I can tell you the two simple ingredients that will change the way you clean around your house; and it natural and safe The quick and easy ways to get sufficient nutrients into your body without having to take supplements… Because your eating healthy…right? The number one way to stimulate the body to release its own natural pain killers
What price would you put on your health?

Congratulations on reclaiming your life! Ultimate Guide to Natural Healing Alternatives, is a book that will transform your way of thinking about your health and get your power back to live a natural healthy way. You cannot put a price on your health, none of us can. I live by the motto, “your health is everything”. You are now ready to take the steps necessary to reclaim your health and get on with your life. I am privileged to help you on this journey as I have too, been there!

Grab These FREE BONUSES And Instantly Have Everything You Need To Live A Healthy Lifestyle! Plus Keep Reading To Discover How You Too Can Benefit From My Knowledge!

One Of The Greatest Collections Ever Put Together Of Tools To Heal Your Mind, Body And Spirit Using Natural Healing Alternative Methods That You Can Grab, Right Now, For Literally Peanuts!

So What Do You Get For Your Money??

Ultimate Guide To Natural Healing Alternatives

#1 – eBook: Supplements For Health

47 Page eBook on The Health Benefits of Taking Vitamins and Medications For The Whole Family

Valued At $69

#2 – eBook: Helping You Take Care Of Yourself: Home Remedies

41 page eBook On Home Remedies. Your A-Z Guide

Valued At $57

#3 – eBook: A New Better You

30 Page eBook On Everything You Need To Know In Order To Build or Sustain A Better Life For You

Valued At $49

#4 – eBook: Raw Food Diet

44 Page eBook To Compliment Everything You Need To Know About Eating A Raw Food Diet

Valued At $47

#5 – eBook: Arthritis Pain and Relief

45 Page eBook To Compliment Everything You Need To Know About Pain And Pain Relief

Valued At $59

$37 is all you pay for the Ultimate Guide To Natural Healing Alternatives ebook as well as the BONUS material

That almost $300 Worth Of Tools To Help You On Your Self Healing Journey

Table of Contents



Yes!I am ready to learn how to heal myself using Natural Healing Alternative Methods!

I understand that by placing my secure order today, I will be getting instant access to this powerful Ebook and BONUS material.

I am ready to have to have immediate access to the Ultimate Guide and Tips for living a healthy life.

I know this Ebook is 100% legitimate, 100% legal, and

100% what I need right now.

You have made it a very easy decision with your 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I am ready to start now, so am clicking the secure order button below NOW.

Save Your Pocket, Reclaim Your Life Now For

Limited Offer Of Only

Congratulations on taking a giant step towards taking back your life, through mind and body approaches.

You are now one step closer to reclaiming back your life and a day nearer to fulfilling your goals, dreams and desires.

Warm Regards and Best Wishes,

Carollyn Darby and Paul Reid

PS.. If you are able to give us a testimonial on how you found the book and bonus material and how it impacted positively in your life, we have an added bonus for you worth $100 that we teach our clients to help them achieve success… in areas of their lives.

PSS.. You are going to love the extra bonus.. It is life changing!

PSSS.. Join our Facebook Page “Natural Healing Alternative” for more helpful tips on living a healthy lifestyle. Also, join our “Sciatica and Back” Facebook Page for a more natural healing approach. We look forward to engaging with you!

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